Submission Guidelines


Tips For Getting Featured:

Photography Matters: Due to the visual nature of our website, events with high quality photography and beautiful detail shots that showcase the creative ideas well are much more likely to be featured.

Photo Requirements: We require unwatermarked photos that are a minimum of 800 pixels in width. High resolution photos are ideal in order to give us the ability to zoom in on and highlight those special details.

Timeliness Matters: If your party is tied into a specific holiday or season, please submit it well in advance of the holiday or as early in the season as possible, as featured party spots are typically filled 1-2 months in advance.

Do you require exclusivity? No. However, please keep in mind that other outlets you are submitting to may require exclusivity, and plan your submission accordingly.

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Selection Process Details:

If we are not able to feature your party, please know that this does NOT mean that we didn’t like it or think it was fantastic! Not being able to feature all of the amazing submissions that come our way is one of the LEAST fun aspects of the job for us, but it’s a reality we must accept based on the ratio of submissions we receive to the number of open spots we have, which is just one per weekday. When we decline a party, it’s most often due to one of the following reasons:

– We’ve recently featured or committed to featuring other parties with a similar look/theme.
– The event is not relevant for the time of year (such as a pool party in the winter).
– The quality of photography is not in line with our editorial standards.
– We are already fully booked up 3 months out, in which case we may ask you to resubmit at a later date.


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