Announcement: April 18, 2016


Thank you so much for your interest in submitting your work for a feature on HWTM.

I am currently focused on an intensive redesign of our website + several offline projects (+ 2 little ones and a long distance move to Northern California!), and have decided to keep Featured Party Submissions closed indefinitely in order to work more efficiently and retain at least some sense of sanity in the process. ;)

For those of you that checked in earlier this year, you probably know that I’d initially hoped that submissions would reopen in March. However, after reassessing how much work still needs to be done, I’m adjusting that to a more realistic timeline of early summer.

As antsy as I am to get back to sharing all the amazing and inspiring work dreamed up my fellow party-loving creatives, the timing really needs to be right this time. And as one of the world’s most impatient people when it comes to my own projects, this is a very hard, (yet character-building?) life lesson in patience. ;) On the bright side…the all-knowing “they” say good things come to those who wait, right? Let’s hope so!! #silverlining

The new site will launch within the next couple months, and will feature larger images, search improvements, streamlined content, simplified navigation and a mobile-friendly format (hooray!!!), among other things. In the meantime, all of our past features and inspirational content will be accessible as usual.

Thank you so much for understanding and for your support throughout the (nearly TEN!!!) years of the HWTM blog. After doing things the same way for so long, and also taking into consideration the recent and significant changes in technology and blogging, I’m oh-SO-ready to bring a fresh face to the way we share inspirational content too.

Jenn Sbranti
HWTM Founder & Hostess-in-Chief