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Football Game Day Dog Biscuits Recipe

Earlier this year, I had a great time dreaming up ideas for a Pet-friendly TAILgate Party for Petco filled with everything from pet-inspired activities to take-home doggy bags! And now that the NFL season is officially in full swing, we thought it would be fun to come up with even more fun ways to celebrate game day with our 4-legged friends… but tailored specifically to FOOTBALL this time. ;)

So, first up are these cute and easy, Game Day Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. They retain the traditional “dog bone” biscuit shape, but become reminiscent of little footballs with a quick decorating trick. (I also made sure that the peanut butter I used did not contain Xylitol, to be extra safe.) In addition to serving as fun game day treats for your own pet, these would also make for a super thoughtful gift for your fellow pet-AND-football-loving friends!

I used this Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits Recipe from Petco for the base, then piped “football laces” onto each treat using a simple cream cheese based icing, which I’ll further explain below. Here’s a closer look at the process of creating them…

Once you’ve mixed up your biscuit ingredients from the recipe to create the dough, here’s what happens next:

Homemade Dog Biscuits Step 1

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chalkboard fondant Paris cake

Even though Christina D’Angelo of Pearls and Spice was inspired by “Paris in Springtime” when she created this charming Vintage-Chic Paris Dessert Table, I think you’ll agree that the beautiful desserts and table styling displayed here can be appreciated any time of year!

In addition to the great use of chalkboard accents, (which is always a plus in my book!), one of the first things that struck me about these photos were the incredibly detailed and realistic flowers on the cakes… can you believe those are made out of sugar?! And I love that she included such a great mix of flower sizes and styles to create those beautiful, cascading clusters. Bon travail, Christina!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Open vintage frame backdrop adorned with prints of photos taken on Paris streets
– Incredibly realistic, handcrafted sugar flowers on each cake
– Pretty mini pastries like flower-topped mousse cups, lemon tarts and French macarons… of course!
– Hand-painted, chalkboard-style center tier on the tallest cake + chalkboard Patisserie menu

Vintage Paris Dessert Table - Chalkboard, Yellow, Blue

Chalkboard Patisserie Sign

Paris style dessert table pastries

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Peanut Butter & Chocolate Alphabet Cookie Bars Tutorial

We’re usually saying something when we bake cookies, right?  …whether it’s “I love you“, “I’m thinking of you“, or “I was just in the mood for something sweet…wanna join me?“. So, for a fun twist on this concept during back to school week this year, I thought it would be cute to literally S-P-E-L-L out some messages for my little one (who just started Kindergarten) and some of her playdate friends using cookies. ;)

So, I made these PB+C Alphabet Cookies Bars with the Krusteaz Double Peanut Butter cookie mix, a schmear of creamy peanut butter, chocolate frosting, and these small Alphabet Cookie Cutters that I found on Amazon. You can whip up your favorite chocolate frosting recipe to use in the middle OR make life super easy by using store-bought chocolate frosting…which is the route that I chose. #embraceshortcuts right?!

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Snickerdoodle Cookie Cup Sundaes

We’ve had a crazy round of heatwaves in San Diego this month, so when it came time for my latest Baker’s Dozen recipe for Krusteaz, it felt like a good time to whip something up that was both sweet AND cool. So between that and my current affinity for mini desserts (they look cute + make it easy to justify eating more than one!), these yummy Mini Snickerdoodle Caramel Sundaes came to be… and then proceeded to disappear quickly after, if you know what I mean. ;)

You can find the full, print-friendly recipe over on the Krusteaz site, but I also wanted to share a visual tutorial for the cookie cups, because they’re surprisingly easy to make and just might be your new favorite thing! I mean, just think of all the fun things you can spoon into these tasty little gems!

Snickerdoodle Cookie Cups - Big and Small

I used a mini muffin tin for this recipe/tutorial, but tested out a regular size muffin tin too. (Simply double the amount of dough per cup for a regular muffin tin.)

You want your cookie cups to bake up evenly, which means being extra precise with the dough. I’m usually an eyeball-it sort of girl for regular cookies, but I actually used a measuring spoon for these… just make sure the scoop is level, then run your finger around the inside edge to quickly scoop it out.

DIY Cookie Cups - Rolling Dough

Next, roll the Tbsp of dough into a ball, then coat it with the cinnamon-sugar mix included in the cookie mix box:

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I’m excited to share one of my favorite new “party tricks” with you today! This fun and quick little decor idea stemmed from a combo of my obsession with color blocked/paint-dipped things + my extreme impatience at waiting for paint to dry (or waiting for anything, for that matter… I’m definitely an “instant gratification” sort […]



This post is sponsored by California Milk Advisory Board. This is the time of year when I find myself wanting to soak up every last drop of summer… Does anyone else think the season is flying by way too fast?! It feels like a good time to take a deep breath and just chill out […]



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