Hi, there!  I’m Jenn Sbranti, Creative Director and Founder of Hostess with the Mostess®. I’m a graphic designer, event stylist, and certified sweet tooth with a passion for thoughtful & unexpected party details. I live in Northern California with my husband Sonny, and our 2 young daughters, Macy & Rylie. For my more formal bio, jump down to the very bottom of this page.

Before founding HWTM, I worked as a graphic/web designer, but I’ve always had a “thing” for parties – party decor in particular – which came in quite handy to my college roommates… *wink*. My mom had this same entertaining “thing”, so you could probably say that it runs in the family. Even as a young child I remember my parents hosting big parties with festive atmospheres where everyone seemed to be having such a great time… (might have had a little something to do with the cocktails, but of course I didn’t know about that back then!)

To me, event design is very similar to graphic design though. Whether you’re designing a website or styling an event, it’s all about color, composition, a smart, functional layout, and – plain and simple – creating some eye candy! (continued below)

The Idea for HWTM
A few years after graduating from college, it seemed like my friends suddenly started getting engaged and having kids left and right, and I happily jumped at the chance to play hostess at bridal showers, baby showers, and bachelorette parties.

As a graphic designer that was pretty much glued to the computer all day for work anyways, the first place I automatically turned to for party inspiration was the good ol’ world wide web, but I was quickly frustrated by the lack of imagery and creative content that my search results were turning up. (I can’t really blame Google though… keep in mind that this was back in 2003-2005, when the blogging phenomenon was still in its infancy.) Anyhow, my searches for things like “bridal shower ideas” or “modern centerpieces” just kept taking me to ecommerce sites or web pages that were basically black html text on a white background, with little or no imagery – not exactly what you’d call inspiring! Also, the products & ideas that I was finding seemed to be all hearts and doves and baby carriages… you know – the stereotypical stuff. Sigh…

So, to make a long story short, I just started coming up with my own party themes – things that weren’t necessarily “baby” or “bridal” – but rather just cool “anytime” party themes with a few creative twists to tailor them to the specific occasion. After all, these parties were for adult guests… did they really need to eat from paper plates adorned with teddy bears or take home a heart-shaped votive candle?!

And then something interesting happened… after these parties & showers, I started getting lots of questions from guests that wanted to know where I bought such-and-such, how to make the centerpieces, where to get dessert recipes, etc… so I started thinking how nice it would be to have all the answers in one spot that I could just direct people to online for quick reference. Luckily, I happened to have a web design background, as well as an internet-saavy husband that introduced me to this thing called a “blog” that I could get up and running right away while I continued to build the website… and thus, the idea for Hostess with the Mostess® was born!

Oh ya – the other great thing was that the domain for hostesswiththemostess.com was actually available…. In 2005. What?!! Ya, suffice to say we took that as a sign from above, took a leap of faith on starting a new company, and and ran with it…. and here we are today!

Last but not least, thank you so much for your support of HWTM. We are so grateful to our readers for your loyalty, kind messages, and continued support.  We hope to keep inspiring you for many years to come!


Jennifer Sbranti is the Founder of Hostess with the Mostess® (HWTM), a hip and modern party planning resource. HWTM brings creative entertaining ideas to light through an inspirational “how-to” website – www.HWTM.com – and popular daily blog authored by Sbranti.

Having hosted countless celebrations herself, ranging from special occasion showers and everyday get-togethers to large events, Sbranti now shares her contemporary style and no-fuss approach to entertaining with others. Her ideas have been featured in media outlets such as People, InStyle Weddings, Life&Style, Pregnancy, and Extra! TV, and she is a featured contributor for several well-respected online communities, including iVillage.com, BHG.com, and Parents.com.

Sbranti resides in San Diego with her husband Sonny and their 2 young daughters, Macy and Rylie.

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