Making the Most of Your DIY Photo Props (+ Lego Police Party & Donut Party)

DIY wooden truck photo booth prop

Hello fellow party enthusiasts! Rachel here from RV Parties. As the mother of four small children, it seems like I’m always planning the next birthday party! To save myself time and money, I’m always brainstorming ways to get multiple uses out of items — whether it’s using the same color scheme at multiple parties to reuse decor, or in today’s case — modifying a large photo prop to be used at two very different parties: a Lego Police Party and a Donut Party!

I love the way large plywood photo props look at parties. They add so much character, and in the age of selfies, everyone wants a picture with them! Undertaking the process of cutting out photo props and painting them is huge, so I decided if I was going to make a large photo prop, I needed to figure out a way to get a second use out of it… (more…)

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Parties in a Pinch: Hosting a Party Outside the Home

british futball themed birthday party

Hi there! Rachel here, from RV Parties, with the latest installment of Parties in a Pinch! Today’s topic is… How to Host a Party Outside Your Home! When choosing a venue for your party, there are so many things to consider. For for my son’s 2nd birthday party (which had a Royal Little Prince theme), our house just wasn’t going to work. We had a few too many guests and it was way too hot to let kids play outside.

While I much prefer hosting parties at home — you have unlimited time to set up and access to all the items in your home to decorate — I’ve discovered a few quick tips for those times when the party’s somewhere else that have become real lifesavers!

royal british prince birthday party

indoor soccer field party venue

red and blue boys birthday party

Prepare as much in advance as you can.

For the weeks leading up to the party, I spent most of my time organizing decorations and getting everything as assembled as possible. Don’t wait until the event to hot glue wrappers on water bottles or iron tablecloths… if it’s possible to do it ahead of time, then do it! I tried to keep all my items sorted — a separate box full of items for the dessert table, table settings, the entrance tables, activities… the easier it was to find things, the quicker it made our set up.


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Parties in Pinch: Where to Save and Splurge {+ Awesome Minecraft Party}

Minecraft Party Ideas

Hi, there! Rachel here, from RV Parties, with the latest installment of Parties in a Pinch: Where to Save and Splurge. If only we had unlimited budgets when party planning… but alas, in most cases there’s a cap to what we can spend. I’m here today to share a few tips for hosting a party that makes a big impact – by wisely choosing where to save and where to splurge.

This Video Game Party was hosted by Jenn of Peanut Butter and Jenny Photography. Her kiddo is outgrowing her penchant for an outrageous themed party – he really just wants to be a tween and hang out with his friends! A video game party was a perfect compromise – she still pulled off a styled, impressive party that he loved.

Minecraft Party Creeper Juice

SAVE… on Decor!

Jenn put together a great backdrop that made a huge impact – using items she found at her local party store! The crepe paper wall, banner and balloons fill a large space for cheap, but still give her party a custom look by using colors in her pallete. The Minecraft characters (Steve, Creeper and Enderman) were all found at Target and the kids had a blast playing with them.

Mincraft Party Decorations

She set her table using paper plates and plastic flatware on a crisp white tablecloth. Her centerpiece was various video game consoles and controllers. Such an affordable and easy way to have a beautiful and coordinated table.

The bottle wrappers and signs are an Instant Download from Etsy – another quick and cheap way to decorate for your event. (more…)

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Parties in a Pinch: Homemade vs. Store-bought vs. Custom

homemade vs. store-bought vs professionally custom made

Hello again! Rachel here from RV Parties with the latest installment of Parties in a Pinch. Today we’re looking at my favorite thing: SUGAR. Really, no party is complete without it!

When planning a party, every hostess has a limited amount of time and money. Savvy decisions must be made about where to spend them to make the biggest impact. We’re going to look at a few different treats today and compare how much time and money each option takes homemade, store-bought or custom ordered. Prices for all items are estimates for a dozen.


homemade versus bought cupcakes


Option #1: Homemade – $3 to 5

Homemade cupcakes are a great economical option, and if you are handy with a piping bag, you’re in pretty good shape. You should budget at least an hour and a half to bake and frost the cupcakes, plus more time if you are planning on doing any more extensive decorating. I’m terrible at frosting cupcakes and they always sink in the middle when I bake them, so I leave this one to the pros!

Best for: The budget-savvy hostess who is skilled with a piping bag and has extra time to bake.

Option #2: Store-bought – $6 to 8

Many grocery stores sell cupcakes at prices much more reasonable than the cupcake shops that have popped up everywhere. While they’ll probably do a better job frosting than the average person, it may be a struggle finding ones that match the theme. Your best bet may be to find some plain white ones to dress up!

Best for: The less crafty hostess who needs cupcakes quickly and doesn’t mind if they don’t match perfectly.

Option #3: Custom – $36 to 48

Chances are, there’s an adorable cupcakery just a few miles from you. If so, it’s likely you can walk in and find something that fits your color theme quickly. You can also place an order to get something in your exact colors and theme.

Best for: The hostess who needs treats that are perfectly coordinated to the party and doesn’t mind paying for them. 

Any way you get cupcakes, you can always dress them up with cupcake wrappers and toppers. Our Etsy shop sells a wide variety of printable decor and we love to have custom made fondant toppers made to match our theme!


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{New Series} Parties in a Pinch: First Birthday

parties in a pinch: quick and easy first birthday party

{Quick Note from HWTM} We are thrilled to have Rachel Scott from RV Parties here today as our newest guest contributor, kicking off an exciting new series — Parties in a Pinch! It’s easy to feel a lot of pressure to put together a Pinterest-perfect event and then become overwhelmed by the planning process. Rachel’s advice will equip you with some tips and tricks to help you pull off a special, memorable party — in a pinch! Take it away, Rachel…

One of my favorite sayings is: It can be good, cheap or fast, but it can’t be all three. This can definitely be applied to party planning!

This series will highlight how to throw a party that’s GOOD and either fast or cheap. (If you figure out how to throw party that’s all 3 — let me know!) First up? A good party that’s FAST. (For the sake of this post, we’re going to assume that a good party is one that has a bit of the wow-factor and makes the guest of honor feel celebrated.)

first birthday party decor and signs

My baby turned one a few days after we moved cross country. As a party planner, I couldn’t bear to miss the chance to celebrate him, but our house was in shambles and there wasn’t time to put together a huge bash like I normally would. The most important thing? Celebrating this sweet boy and a full year with him. And the other most important thing — getting a few pictures so that he’ll know he’s loved when he’s big enough to care!

Make sure to read below for some tips on how you too can put together a fast, memorable party.

simple and quick birthday party kids tablescape

first birthday smash cupcake display


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