Witch Themed Toil & Trouble Halloween Snack Table

Witch themed Halloween table with salty snacks

Toil & Trouble Snack Table with skull decor and cauldron filled with popcorn

Hi everyone, it’s Jessica from Pen N’ Paperflowers, here to share with you a Toil & Trouble witch-themed table I designed for Halloween!  You won’t find many “treats” on this festive table…it’s all “tricked” out with salty snacks to balance out the sugary sweets this holiday season ushers in.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Simple grab-and-go salty snacks – no sweets.
– Apothecary jars labeled with wickedly-clever concoctions & terrifying tinctures (Download the FREE printables)
– Vintage wire whisk, antique book and candelabra used for decor accents
– DIY Tissue Paper Water Bottle Wraps (see tutorial here)
– Bewitching Black Magic DIY Book Cover (tutorial here)

Witch themed Halloween Table with apothecary jars displayed

Witch themed Halloween snack table with DIY tissue paper water bottle wraps (more…)

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FAB FIND: Spinning Leaf Chocolate Cookie Molds

spinning leaf chocolate cookie molds for halloween

Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate covered Oreos®, right? I’m sure you’ve seen them included in the mix of amazing desserts at so many of the parties and dessert tables covered in polka dots and cute colors!

If you’re intimidated to try making them at home, there’s a super easy (and extra adorable) way to make them with Spinning Leaf custom designed Cookie Molds, specifically made for covering Double Stuf Oreos. Using some of their Halloween cookie molds, I created some super cute… and spooky, ghoulishous treats – just in time for the holiday lurking around the corner!

spider cookies spinning leaf (more…)

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Charming Rustic + Shabby Chic Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Cake

Looking for a bridal shower that manages to marry all-things-feminine with some simple natural charm? You will be swept off your feet with this gorgeous Rustic meets Shabby Chic Bridal Shower brilliantly styled by Bre Kirkland! Knowing the bride-to-be is classy and cute, Bre set out to blend the two characteristics and incorporated things like beautiful floral arrangements and soft patterned papers tied with bits of burlap, sweetly kissed with pearls.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • DIY Paper Party Decor used throughout the shower
  • Delicate pink cupcakes displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™
  • Strips of burlap with pearls on the floral centerpieces
  • Feathers and Lace to keep things sweet and feminine
  • Custom-made monogram lollipops and suckers to match the occasion perfectly
  • Pearls used in all aspects of the bridal shower decor
  • “Can of Dates” Activity/Keepsake for the bride-to-be

Bridal Shower Decor

Dessert Table and Shower Decor (more…)

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DIY Tutorial: Clever Denim Pocket Banner

Denim Pocket Banner

Jessica from Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio & Design here… I love creating clever party decor for events that are smart, budget-friendly and versatile enough to continue to be used after the confetti and cupcakes are all gone.

So today I’m here to share with you a DIY Denim Pocket Banner I created for my daughter’s “Pocket Full of Posies” third birthday party. Not only is it simple and budget-friendly, but it’s also adorable and easily adaptable for a variety of occasions!

Finished banner (more…)

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{Charming} Pocket Full of Posies Birthday Party

pocket full of posies party - handmade aprons for girls

pocket full of posies party theme, invitations, and jean pocket garland

{by HWTM Contributor, Jessica Kirkland of Pen N’ Paperflowers}

I’ve been wanting to share this “Pocket Full of Posies” birthday party for some time now.  I’m hoping the charming little details will inspire you; like the denim pocket banners, the paper maché flowers and the handmade vintage-style aprons that went into making my daughter’s third birthday extra special.  I knew I wanted a “vintage-meets-fresh” vibe with some denim thrown in there to keep the party a little more organic versus…”fluffy”?

colorful flower cupcakes with flower cupcake toppers

Although I kept the party itself relatively simple, there were two key elements that really made the day extra special and tied everything together beautifully; the homemade aprons and the paper maché flowers. The aprons I envisioned were brought to life by Made by Morgan. She did such an incredible job of catching my vision, listening to all of my specific requests and sweetly, magically, bringing everything to fruition. The gorgeous paper maché flowers you see throughout the party were created by Maisey’s Daiseys Little Shop. She does amazing work and I LOVED using them as cupcake toppers, accent pieces for the rods of The Pastry Pedestal™, birthday cake decor and incorporating them into the backdrop.

colorful flower cupcakes on the pastry pedestal

If you want to fill your creative pockets with inspiration, keep reading for the rest of the  party details… (more…)

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“The Little Engine That Could” Birthday Party

The Little Engine That Could Dessert Table

“I think I can”…actually, I KNOW I can… share some adorable birthday inspiration with you today created by Stefanie of The Petite Soiree! Climb aboard for all of the sweet details of  “The Little Engine that Could” birthday party she created for her son…

Inspired by her son’s love of all things related to trains as well as her desire to derail the “I can’t” comments he’d begun to adapt, Stefanie knew “The Little Engine that Could” theme was the perfect choice. She was able to use the party as an educational opportunity for keeping him on track for positive thinking and reinforcing his self-esteem, all while surrounding him with his favorite thing: Trains! That’s one brilliant mom, don’t you think? ;)

the little engine that could party decoration and cupcake toppers

Keep chugging along, full steam ahead for all of the adorable images and celebration details that are just “choo” cute.  Some of my favorite details include the railroad gum favors, cups of  chocolate coal, and custom train artwork hung behind the dessert table. (more…)

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DIY {No-Bake} “Pretty-in-a Pinch” Mini Cake

TomBoy Cake inspired by Miette

{DIY Tutorial by HWTM Blog Contributor, Jessica Kirkland of Pen N’ Paperflowers}

If you are looking for the BEST idea ever for a quick, charming cake…you are going to absolutely love me after I share this DIY with you.  For those of you who don’t like to bake…you are going to love me even more.

Remember the Fabulous Find I shared with you last week featuring the Miette baking book? Well it was the adorable “Tomboy” layer cake on the book’s cover that immediately caught my eye and I vowed to make the cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Lucky for me, (yes, I said lucky), I ended up catching a cold two days prior to the party and seriously considered canceling because I had no energy and felt pretty miserable. Desperate to still pull things together, I had to get resourceful. 

Normally, I enjoy baking everything from scratch. Considering my circumstances though, I knew there would be very little chance of Ella even having a cake at all if I insisted on going that route. Remembering the other DIY cake I shared with you some time back, I was inspired to head back to the bakery at my local grocery store.  Here’s where the lucky part comes into play.  I discovered I could purchase an un-iced chocolate cake from the bakery. (And it was already pre-sliced into four layers – I only needed three). Are you kidding me?  So I did the unthinkable. For a little over $5 bucks, I purchased the un-iced cake and a tub of pre-made buttercream frosting *gasp* – and was out the door.

What you'll need

KEEP READING for the final results and step-by-step instructions. Trust me when I say…this was easy as pie cake. (more…)

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FAB Find: Miette {charming pastry recipes}

Miette Book Cover

If you love baking, cookbooks, or even just looking at gorgeous photography of petite pastries, then you will absolutely adore the ridiculously charming baking book, Miette!

And if you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, then you may have even had the privilege of walking through the doors of one of the four locations of  Miette, dubbed “San Francisco’s most charming pastry shop“.  Miette is the french word for “crumb” (love it even more now?) and as quoted from the Miette website, “aptly describes the scale of our petite pastries and minimal decoration.

Miette cookbook spread

If you are like me and live on the complete opposite side of the country though, then the release of Miette’s baking book is a true gift. Opening the book makes you feel as if you’ve walked into the doors of the dreamy patisserie since the photography includes actual images of the shop itself.

The pages are filled with delicious recipes and equally scrumptious photos of cakes, cookies, macarons, tarts and more that are sure to inspire you to put on your apron. (Or perhaps even prompt you to embark on a frantic search to hunt down the gorgeous wallpaper adorning the walls of the shop…which unfortunately…as I found out…is no longer in print).  This would make a most beautiful addition to your collection of cookbooks as well as a lovely gift for a friend.   (more…)

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Fabulous Find: “Bedazzled” Bonbons

Glitter Bedazzled Bon Bons

You are SO going to LOVE these DAZZLING chocolate morsels from Bedazzle My Bonbons! Don’t be fooled…these are not foil-wrapped chocolates. Oh no…these glittery confections are completely edible!

Dreamed up by Sasha Vincent, the owner and creative force behind Bedazzle My Bonbons, you may have already noticed these adorable creations popping up all around the event industry. In addition to adding sparkle and buzz to all kinds of celebrations, they can also be found glitzing the pages of publications like Martha Stewart Weddings and grabbing screen time on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, sTORIbook Weddings, & more.

Bedazzled Bon Bons on Pastry Pedestal

Fabulously displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™ (pictured above & below) – or simply used as accent elements on a cake or cupcake, the glitz and glam of these gorgeous bonbons will leave any chocolate loving diva weak in the knees…check it out: (more…)

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Charming Honey & Bee Birthday Party

Dessert Table

“Bee” prepared to be wowed by the BEE-utiful details of this charming Honey & Bee themed 2nd birthday party styled by Liz Archard from The Papered Nest!  The yellow, white and gray color palette of this super sweet party works wonderfully to convey the delightful innocence of a two-year old while adding an enchanting vintage vibe.

Liz was certainly a busy little bee preparing for this party. She used an abundant amount of handmade decorations including gorgeous homemade paper rosettes, decorative paper fans, hand-dyed doilies, DIY wooden cupcake stands and more. (Don’t miss the patterned cake pop sticks too…LOVE them!)

Beverage Station

Party Invitation and Envelope - Party Cupcake

KEEP READINGhoney…You’ll be buzzing for weeks when you see all of the bee-licious details Liz used to transform her yard into a stunning paradise for any bee lover. Warning: You may experience a breakout of hives from all of the sticky-sweet charm. (more…)

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Adorable Pretty in Pink 1st Birthday Party

Birthday Girl

This gorgeous “Pretty in Pink” first birthday party hosted and styled by Jamielyn of  I {heart} Nap Time certainly “takes the cake” when it comes to all things pink and feminine! Inspired by her adorable daughter’s love of pink, pearls, bows and all things girly, Jamielyn created a magical celebration all girly-girls out there dream of… Everything from the beautiful, pink confections to the pretty pink party decor will leave you feeling like a little princess.

Get ready to be wowed by the pink ruffled dessert table backdrop, not to mention all the fabulous upcycled party elements! Who knew a rusty old chandelier could be transformed into a ridiculously cute pink cake and cupcake centerpiece fit for a princess?!

Birthday Girl, Beverages and Dessert Table

Birthday Cookies

READ ON for lots more sparkling-sweet images and details, including the DIY projects Jamielyn has graciously shared with us… (more…)

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The Princess & The Pea Birthday Party

princess and the pea birthday party

Genevieve Le Bel of Superchick Studios went all out with this adorable PRINCESS & THE PEA themed birthday party for her equally adorable daughter, Sophie! The funky, fun color palette exudes an air of “sassy royalty” fit for a REAL princess.  I absolutely adore the headboards used as backdrops behind the food table as well as the fabulous craft station she created.

Stacks of  real mattresses were the perfect party element to tie in the Princess and the Pea theme. Not only did the mattresses make for a fabulous party focal point as guests arrived but they also provided a fantastic party activity since jumping on them was not only allowed, but encouraged! How fun is that?!

princess and the pea themed cupcakes

Party Details and the Birthday Girl

KEEP READING to see how Genevieve was able to tie super cute elements into every pea-sized detail of this party, including creative food items and the bottles of Princess Detective Peas given as party favors… (more…)

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Kitschy & Charming “Little Man” 1st Birthday

Invitation and Party Details

Kitschy never looked so CUTE thanks to Cristina Prusz of Le Partie Sugar! Inspired by the birthday boy himself, Cristina selected a party theme to celebrate her son’s first birthday that was not only adorable but very personalized… Cristina’s now one-year old son, Hudson, weighs-in at a whopping 26 lbs and stands at 34 inches tall! You won’t ever find her little guy dressed in the typical baby onesie. Oh no. It’s all cardigans and button-ups for this little man! ;)

Moustache water bottle clips

I absolutely adore the fantastic mustache water bottle clip-ons and the brilliantly unique, hand-made place card holders made from men’s shirt cuffs! Since the party was held on a rooftop in L.A., the interactive Homemade Hot Cocoa Bar kept guests warm and cozy while they hammed it up in front of the photo booth using clever kitschy photo props. The “Dapper Little Gingerbread Men” cookie favors and playful customized t-shirts for the little ones were perfect gifts for sending home with guests.

KEEP READING to discover more of the boyish charm party elements like necktie napkins,  fondant mustache cupcake toppers, whimsical table centerpieces, homemade marshmallows and more… (more…)

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{DIY} Rustic + Vintage Grapevine Wreath with Charming Paper Doily Flowers

tea stained doily wreath tutorial with berries

Over the years, I have found grapevine wreaths to be one of the most versatile home decorating elements with their ability to easily transition from season to season. It’s become almost a staple decorating item in my home.

Watch how easy it is to transform a bare wreath into a year-round decor item for your home using tea-stained paper doily flowers as your focal point! If you are like me and are drawn to all things vintage, see this simple tea-staining tutorial to prep your paper doilies. Otherwise, plain white doilies will work just as well.

diy doily wreath tutorial

Keep reading for the how-to in creating this simple year-round wreath… (more…)

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Olde Fashioned Rustic Popcorn Bar

I was flattered when Jenn asked me to share the Rustic Popcorn Bar I created for a Family Reunion party over the summer.  If you are looking for something super simple to throw together for your next event…look no further.  Order yourself some popcorn seasonings from Kernel Season’s and pre-order fresh, already-popped bags of popcorn from your local grocery store.  A-MAIZE-ingly easy!!

Rustic Popcorn Bar Elements

Spruce up some salt shakers with some cute labels and offer a few candies and nuts to sprinkle in the popcorn; You’ve got an instant interactive popcorn bar with very little prep work.  Although this particular popcorn bar has a rustic vibe, the concept works for any season.

You’d butter keep reading for all of the details. You just might be inspired to be the POPular mom in the neighborhood and host a movie night for the kids. Or better yet, how about hosting a “girls-night-in” movie night with your girlfriends. (more…)

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{Holiday Warmth} A Beautiful, French-Vintage Inspired Dessert Table

vintage winter dessert table jars and cupcakes

Although the holiday season is supposed to be a time of peace, we often find ourselves far from it with a multitude of things to cross off our shopping and to-do lists. I {Jessica from Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio & Design} set out to create a “peaceful” dessert table that would be reflective of my hopes for “Unlocking the Warmth of the Holiday Season”.

I wanted this table to convey a sense of home, tranquility and a quiet place of refuge – all while showcasing the rich traditions reflective of the season. Incorporating french-vintage elements and using “key” decor to play off of the idea of “unlocking” the holiday warmth theme, added the magical touch I was wishing for!

vintage winter wonderland dessert table

A soft, creamy white color palette was brought to life through the use of tea-stained paper doiliesivory yarn, lace doily ribbons and shredded vintage paper.  The unique handmade french-vintage design elements from Cloth & Patina were an integral part of the the decor.

Custom Designed cookies and petit fours from Bee’s Knees Creative were gorgeous accents to the white chocolate key-adorned cupcakes displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™.  White Hot Chocolate served in doily-wrapped shot glasses proved to be such a simple, beautiful presentation.

vintage winter dessert table cupcake display on pastry pedestals

french vintage dessert labels

Keep reading for more lovely images below…Perhaps you’ll find your your heart rate and blood pressure lowered after all of the hustle and bustle you may be recuperating from – or unfortunately gearing up for! This color palette and theme is classic & neutral – which means it’d be gorgeous any time of the year for a bridal shower, baby shower or even an anniversary celebration. (more…)

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Fabulous Find: Castle Key Bottle Opener

I absolutely love when a product is beautiful, functional, well-made and unique. This gorgeous Castle Key from Anthropologie is all of those things. It’s also VERY affordable at just $12, which makes it even more desirable!

I happened upon it when I was styling a shoot where vintage keys were a key element to the overall design. I purchased it specifically as a prop for the shoot and I can tell you that although it’s a bottle opener, you will not find this hidden in any of my kitchen drawers. It’s on display in my kitchen as we speak as part of my island centerpiece.

This gorgeous gem just might be exactly what you’ve been looking for as you’ve been on the hunt for that perfect holiday gift. It’d also be so appropriate as a hostess gift, stocking stuffer, housewarming gift, or celebratory gift.

You could also unlock the magic of the holidays by adding some pretty ribbon to this oversized lovely and introduce it to your children as “Santa’s Key”.  How else is he supposed to deliver the presents to all of the homes out there who don’t have chimneys? *wink* Make it a tradition to hang the key outside of the front door on Christmas Eve so Old St. Nick can easily leave behind the much anticipated presents for your sleeping little ones. (more…)

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Darling “Glitzy Bookworm” Birthday Party

Bookworm Centerpiece

If you know a little diva who adores books then you’ll absolutely want to dive right into the pages details of this adorable bookworm themed birthday celebration created by Jeannette of J. At Your Service!  It’s filled with all the glitz and glam of a true girly-girl celebration, while catering to any book lover’s cravings to get lost in the chapters of a delightful story birthday party.

Jeanette chose a fun, vibrant color scheme to coordinate with all of the bling and sparkle sprinkled throughout every detail of her daughter’s birthday party. You’ll want to study and bookmark all the super cute party details – including adorable pinwheels made from book pages, custom bookmark favors, glammed-out-in-glitter caramel apples and ridiculously clever edible rice krispy bookworms!

glitzy bookworm party decorations

Decorated Bookshelf

Keep on READING to pore over all of the fantastic ideas… (more…)

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A Modern & Inviting Fall Harvest Party

Modern Thanksgiving Harvest Party Ideas

Get ready to FEAST your eyes on a truly stunning Fall Harvest Party, beautifully orchestrated by Anders Ruff Custom Designs and absolutely overflowing with fabulous inspiration for Thanksgiving celebrations and beyond!  The natural color palette was inspired by the bountiful items actually on display here – from artichokes, wheat bundles, and bosc pears, to green apples, ivory pumpkins, acorns and pine cones….

The cider and wine bar will leaf you in awe, and you’ll fall head-over heels for the clever use of legumes to line the dessert trays, the simple coffee filter and burlap chair decor, the super-easy fabric plate chargers, and the fabulous utilization of sugar cane place card holders!

And if the gingersnap bundt cakes, baked pears with riesling honey glaze, pecan pies with honey tartlets, and spiced pumpkin pie mousse with gingersnap crust aren’t enough inspiration to leave you feeling absolutely stuffed, don’t worry, because it doesn’t stop there!

Keep reading for more lovely photos & details…you’ll be grateful for all the FALL-tastic tips, tricks, & DIY ideas from Anders Ruff! (more…)

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Fabulous Finds: Giant French Pastry Tip

Keeping with the cupcake theme from last week’s Fabulous Find, (and in response to the many inquiries about the frosting technique used in the Cuisipro Cupcake Corer post), this week’s Fabulous Find is this gorgeous Giant French Pastry Tip!

This, my friends, is the pastry tip you’ll need to achieve this gorgeous and super simple frosting finish for your mini and regular sized cupcakes.  You’ll Fall in love with the results this pastry tip produces and you may even be asked what professional bakery you purchased your cupcakes from. *wink*

Regular and Mini Sized Cupcakes (more…)

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Fabulous Finds: Cupcake Corer by Cuisipro

Cuisipro Cupcake Corer

{ By Jessica Kirkland }
Ready to take your cupcakes to a fabulous new level? Then you’ll want to get yourself this easy-to-use Cuisipro Cupcake Corer and add a surprise center filling to your cupcakes for your next celebration!

Not only is this a piece of (cup)cake to use…it’s actually a lot of fun too. My three year old had a blast helping me core out the centers of these Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Once you’ve removed the cupcake cores, add a fun filling, top with frosting and you are ready to win rave reviews at your next event. Check it out…

Push, Twist and Remove Cupcake Core (more…)

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Darling Pink Flower Party with Rustic Charm

Birthday Cake displayed on small wooden stool

Get ready to fall head-over-heels in love with the sweet details of this oh-so-pretty Pink Flower Party created by the talented Kori of Paper & Pigtails!

Inspired by her daughter’s love of nature and everything pink, a flower/garden party was the perfect choice to celebrate Charlotte’s 4th birthday.  The use of burlap elements in contrast to the soft, subtle color palette was just the right touch for adding a tiny bit of rustic charm to this girly nature party…

The creative DIY flowers that Kori made with her daughter – using crepe paper, fabric, and cupcake liners – really brought a magical feel to the party decor. Beautiful rosettes and gorgeous fabric flowers adorned everything from the table runners to the centerpieces. One of my favorite elements is definitely Brunch Table though… not only is it pretty to look at, it’s filled with a variety of scrumptious breakfast treats including scones, mini muffins, cinnamon rolls and adorable “waffle flowers” that Kori creatively displayed on The Pastry Pedestal™!

Keep reading for all of the delightful details and photos blooming with inspiration! You will not want to miss the hand-painted cake pops or the other stunning components of the dessert table.

P.S. Sticking with the use of burlap and replacing the soft pink color palette with a selection of rich colors reflective of Autumn makes this theme versatile for any Fall celebrations you have coming up too. Enjoy!! (more…)

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Monster Fest! A Colorful, Modern Kids Party

Monster Fest Kids Halloween Party

You’re not only going to FREAK OUT over at the fabulous details of this MONSTER FEST themed celebration created by Stephanie of Spaceships and Laserbeams (for under $100 total!) but you might just find yourself green with envy! This theme could work for both Halloween or birthday parties and is truly is like no other monster-themed party I’ve come across…. the brilliant colors, the bold graphics, the “eyeball” catching details, and the oh-so-clever use of budget-friendly brown paper bags used as serving vessels.  Yes…brown. paper. bags. WHAT?!

I especially love the ghoulishly gorgeous backdrop created for the playful dessert buffet – which is oozing with monstrous amounts of creative cakes and citrus-based delights sure to please even the most savage appetite.

Monster Fest Kids Halloween Party

BEWARE as you read on for more of the party details…you’ll more than likely be inspired to throw your own wickedly cute Monster Fest!! (more…)

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Lovely & Modern “Curious George” Birthday

Curious George Birthday Party

You’re going to GO BANANAS over this adorable Curious George Birthday Party hosted by Elizabeth of Party In Style by elle! The gorgeous red and yellow color palette set a cheerful tone for her daughter’s second birthday party while creating a display of eye candy yummy enough for any adult to “ooh! ooh! and ahh! ahh!” over. *wink*

I love how Elizabeth was able to tie in some special party elements from a recent visit with family in Puerto Rico, including some traditional syrop de piragua for the snow cone machine.  Her background in fashion design is apparent throughout the party details and seamless integration of fabric, texture and pattern. Don’t be fooled by all of the monkey business going on in this 2nd birthday party either… the color combo and creative details pictured here would be lovely for a fun wedding shower or baby shower too!

Curious George Birthday Party

Curious George Birthday Party

CURIOUS about more details from this ridiculously cute party? Then don’t monkey around… read on to be inspired by the simple, creative DIY’s and lots more beautiful imagery! (more…)

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Western-Themed Toy Story Dessert Table

Toy Story Kindergarten Dessert Table

Reach for the sky!” You’ll absolutely surrender to the adorable details of this Western-Themed Toy Story Dessert Table created by Fara of Little Things Creations! Inspired to create something memorable for her daughter’s western-themed Kindergarten graduation, Fara managed to whip up some party magic using recycled boxes, tin cans and baskets as the primary source for vessels and dessert displays.

Red and blue burlap and yellow roping added bright splashes of kid-friendly primary colors to the decor while still maintaining the western vibe, and the paper sunflowers that Fara created added some nice height to the dessert table and were darling focal points!

Toy Story Cupcakes and diy Paper Sunflowers

Keep reading for more playful images & party details, including links to the DIY brown paper popcorn cones Fara created, inspired by HWTM. With Fall just around the corner, a lot of the party elements shown here would be perfect for Fall Festivals and any other upcoming celebrations you may be planning! (more…)

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Darling Woodland Owl Baby Shower {Girl}

Cake and Florals

Whooo could ask for a more adorable Owl Woodland Themed Baby Shower than this one?  The amount of time, effort and creative talent put into this celebration isn’t for the birds. *wink*  So whooo is responsible for all of the gorgeous florals, beautiful banners and every detail attended to?

Dessert Table details

Marci of Entwined Design Florals is the lucky mom-to-be whooo’s Woodland Owl themed baby shower was inspired completely by her nursery decor. The invitation was even created based off of the hand-painted mural in the baby’s room. Marci enlisted help from April of Events Inspired by Love, and they both collaborated on achieving the woodland-vibe baby shower Marci was hoping for.  Amanda Bevington Modern Photography captured all of the gorgeous details including the use of real Grapewood Branches, Succulents, Crespedia and seven shades of one of my very favorite flowers: Ranunculus.

But whooo am I to keep you waiting? You’ll have a hoot checking out the rest of these amazing baby shower details…trust me!! (more…)

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Sprinkled with Love: A Modern Baby Shower

Modern Baby Sprinkle - Sprinkled with Love

Modern Baby Sprinkle - Sprinkled with Love

I’m so excited to be “sprinkling” a bit of inspiration on you today with this “SPRINKLED WITH LOVE” baby shower hosted by Seanny of My Creative Vision! With Seanny’s best friend Kim expecting a second child, and she wanted to steer clear of the traditional baby shower themes and decided to go with a fun, modern vibe based on the trend of hosting a baby “sprinkle” vs. a baby “shower” for expectant moms who’ve already been blessed with having children.

Modern Baby Sprinkle - Sprinkled with Love

I love that Seanny took the concept of a baby “sprinkle” literally and built an entire shower theme around it. Every detail of the shower was sprinkled with sprinkles. The invitations included confetti sprinkles, the dessert table backdrop was created to mimic sprinkles and all of the desserts were sprinkled with candy toppings – cupcakes, ice cream, donuts, cookies and even the rims of the beverage glasses.

The theme is clever, modern and versatile for any party you may be preparing to host. Keep reading for all of the fabulous details sprinkled throughout this fabulous baby shower.  (more…)

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Hello Yellow! A Summer Birthday Party

Hello, cuteness…and hello, SUMMER!! This adorable “Hello YELLOW” birthday party hosted by Kirsten Gentry of Kojo Designs is sure to arouse feelings of summer fun in the sun. There are just so many cute details to gush over starting with the fact that this party was created in honor of SIX different children with birthdays within six weeks of each other!! What a great idea to combine them into one GIANT birthday party using a theme fitting for any child…or adult for that matter.

party details

I just love the idea of hosting a party inspired primarily on a single color selection. The creative options are essentially endless and it certainly makes finding coordinating party decor and selecting sweet treats, candies and food items a cinch!  Some of my favorite design elements in this party include the hand-tied swag created using strips of fabric, the assortment of hanging jars, the lemonade station as well as the simple cupcake toppers created with a swatch of fabric tied to a toothpick.

And since there were SIX birthday honorees, all six moms of the children jumped in to create some fabulous diy elements that truly made this celebration personalized. (homemade matching dresses for the girls, matching bowties for the boys and homemade favor bags).  More gorgeous images follow so be sure to keep reading for more information on all of the incredibly cute party elements as told by Kirsten. I’m certain you’ll be inspired to center your next party theme around your favorite color.


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Modern Pink Tea Party Baby Shower

Sip” back and enjoy this absolutely lovely Modern Pink Tea Party Baby Shower hosted by Abby Capalbo of TRUE Event. The mix of contrasting pinks and brilliant white is not only stunning, but also manages to convey both the sweetness and the excitement of a new baby girl on the way!

Modern Pink Tea Party Baby Shower

The mirrors hung as a backdrop behind the interactive tea bar are genius! Not only are they gorgeous, they also serve to separate the beautiful dessert table located in the background. Absolutely LOVE that idea! The Harney and Sons tea tins used to display flower arrangements – along with splashes of milk glass and paper garlands from Luna Bazaar – give this baby shower the perfect combination of sugar and spice and everything nice…just what modern little girls are made of! *wink*

Modern Pink Tea Party Baby Shower

Read on for the rest of the shower details…I guarantee your inspiration teacup will be overflowing as you pour over the remaining beautiful imagery.


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Colorful “It’s a BOY!” Baby Shower

Colorful Boy Baby Shower

If you weren’t already getting excited about summer…the fun color palette used in this BOY BABY SHOWER will certainly get you ready to dig your toes into the sand. Nikki Hart from Sweet Harts used colors reflective of a surfer color scheme to create the design elements of this adorable baby shower.

Custom Invitations and Shower Details

The details explode with color from custom made party printables and brightly colored sweet treats. Aside from the adorable onesie sugar cookies, Nikki created the entire line up of colorful food choices including jellotinis, pudding shots, a sorbet punch and so much more.

Keep reading for all of the COLORFUL details…


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