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Kentucky Derby® Party DIY: Wine Glass “Fascinators”

Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

It’s THAT time of year again already! And I’m excited to kick off a series of Kentucky Derby® DIY Tutorials today with this fun little project that’s actually a follow up to one of last year’s ideas too… (the Southern Belle Stemware, where we used felt and feathers to turn wine glass bases into ladies hats).

Since the theme of my newest collaboration with 14 Hands Wine is “Derby Style”, it made sense to draw inspiration from Derby fashion again, but I also wanted to come up with something new… so the result is these chic little Wine Glass “Fascinators” for the ladies (+ super easy printable paper ties for the guys!).

This is definitely a “wow factor for your party” project that isn’t hard, BUT the elements are small, so it does require a bit of patience. It’s also very versatile; as long as you have the key materials on hand – in whatever styles/colors match your party – you can switch up the details as much as you like, and have fun channeling your inner fashion designer!


Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

You’ll Need:

– Felted Wool Balls for the base of the “fascinator” (I used the 20mm size)
– Small artificial flowers
– Decorative netting and/or tulle
– Feathers
– Tools: hot glue gun, scissors, 3D glue dots (not pictured above)


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Monster High Birthday Party – (Freaky Fab) FREE Printables!

Monster High Party Printables by HWTM - Free Printables

Hi, there! These Monster High Party Printables – which I designed for a recent MH-inspired Freaky Fab Fun Birthday Party – are all about the funky silhouettes and patterned paper! The dolls have a lot of personality on their own, so these designs are meant to help accentuate that fun “freaky fabulous” style and attitude. Enjoy!

P.S. Make sure to visit my other Monster High Party Posts for lots of ideas on how to utilize these free printables. You can find them here: Part 1: Activities | Part 2: Dessert Table | Part 3: Drink Station.


•  •  •  •  •  4 X 6  S I G N S  •  •  •  •  •


•  •  •  •  •  F A N G E D  L I P S  –  S I L H O U E T T E S  •  •  •  •  •

Silhouettes-Lips (more…)

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Monster High Birthday Party – Part 3: Haunted Drink Station


I love the look of the Monster High Haunted Vandala Doubloons Doll with all her sea-inspired details and translucent accessories, and thought she’d be the PERFECT inspiration for this Monster High Birthday Party Drink Station!

The colors of Vandala’s outfit are slightly different from the main Monster High colors, which I used throughout the rest of this party (as posted in Part 1 and Part 2), but are still in the same general realm, so I used a mix of printables and accent elements to blend the 2 looks and color palettes together. Scroll down to take a closer peek at the details!

CREATIVE DETAILS to look out for:

  • Pink Pirate Ghost Punch served in a glass barrel drink dispenser adorned with “Detention Chains”
  • Translucent cups embellished with plastic lacing to mimic the look of funky laces
  • SEA-SATIONAL straws with DIY drink markers: fangtabulous lips & freaky fish!
  • Haunted Sea Foam” bubble garlands made from translucent plastic balls

Monster High Vandala Doubloons Doll

Vandala is the daughter of a pirate ghost and is adorned with pink chains… which is why the idea for pink “Pirate Ghost Punch” came to be. I designed a little scroll banner sign/label for the drink and used the doll’s arms as the “holder”!

Pink Pirate Ghost Punch - Monster High Party

The glass barrel drink dispenser was embellished with twine, craft gems, and metal chains – which I found in the jewelry aisle at my local craft store. The printable paper anchor is a nod to the anchor details in Vandala’s outfit. I also dug through my Halloween storage bins to find a lacy spiderweb linen to set the dispenser on. (You can always find black lace by the yard at your local fabric store too.)

Next up are the “SEA-SATIONAL” sipping straws! I really had some fun with these: (more…)

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Pink, Gold & GLAM Safari Birthday Party

safari party

ROAR! Juli Smigelsky of Tabletop Treats really let loose celebrating her daughter Quinn’s 5th birthday this year. She designed this Pink, Gold & GLAM Safari Party with the perfect amount of glitter, animals and WILD fun! The stylish safari printables from A Party Studio – combined with rustic textures and fiercely creative treats – are sure to have you feeling like a PARTY ANIMAL!

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

  • Pink ruffle dessert table backdrop + burlap detailing & wooden crate risers
  • “Watering Hole” drink station + “Feeding Station” utensil packs
  • Glittery lion paw print cookies from The Last Course Bakery + gold glitter elephant cake topper
  • Safari hats and scavenger hunt + safari passport coloring book activity

safari party

safari party


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Monster High Party Ideas – Part 2: Freaky Fab Fun Dessert Table (+ MH Sweepstakes!)

Monster High Birthday Party Centerpiece Idea

If you’re looking for ways to make your Monster High Birthday Party MONSTROUSLY creative & sweet, you’ve come to the right place!

From simple themed treats to creative backdrop ideas, you’ll find lots of (very doable!) inspiration in this “Freaky Fab Fun” Dessert Table, which I recently designed for Mattel® as part of their #TRUBestBirthday Program. The Monster High dolls – specifically Draculaura, River Styxx, and Getting Ghostly Twyla served as such great inspiration for the details of the table, and also did a monsterific job holding up little signs and banners for some of the treats. ;)

Speaking of the signs and banners – stayed tuned for the FREE PRINTABLES from this theme, which are coming soon too! I’ll update this post with a link once they’re live.



After you check out the dessert table details… make sure to enter the Monster High Sweeptakes at the bottom of this post too. The winner will receive a Monster High Scooter, $100 Toys”R”Us Gift Card, AND $100 Hostess INK Gift Card.

It’s a 1 DAY ONLY sweeps, so the winner will be announced tomorrow (4/23)! The announcement will come during a Twitter Party that I’m co-hosting with @Mattel tomorrow at 2pm EST. Would love for you to join us! The winner will be contacted via email after the Twitter party as well.


The theme of the my Monster High party was “Freaky. Fab. Fun.”, so I brought played this up on the dessert table by literally spelling it out. ;) I glittered paper mache letters for “FAB” in the center of the table, then designed paper talk bubbles to print and cut for “Freaky” and “Fun”. DIY paper chains garlands hung above the table and really gave it a fun vibe:

Monster High Theme Dessert Table

Most of the treats on the table were store bought or “semi DIY”, meaning that you buy a ready to go dessert from the grocery store, then doctor it up a bit to customize it for your theme, like the cupcakes below, for example. I ordered plain pink and blue cupcakes from my local grocery store, then added Monster High Icing Decorations and large pink heart sprinkles that I had leftover from Valentine’s Day:

Monster High Cupcakes

Incorporating the dolls into your treat displays is a great way to instantly theme up the dessert table! I placed the Getting Ghostly Twyla (below) and Draculaura dolls on plates of rock candy sticks and designed little paper banners for them to hold:

monster-high-dessert-table_4 (more…)

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Monster High Party Ideas – Part 1: “Ghoul Time” Photo Booth & Activities!


For the next few days, I’ll be sharing LOTS of Monster High Party Inspiration with you, and things are about to get freakishly FUN around here! This “Freaky. Fab. Fun.” theme, which I designed for Mattel® as part of the #TRUBestBirthday campaign, has been so much fun to work on with all its bright colors and funky accessories… what’s not to love about celebrating with your Best Ghoul Friends, right? ;) And speaking of bright and funky things… how cute is the Monster High Marisol Coxi Doll pictured above!


Right now my house is covered in fabric scraps, wax lips (adorned with fangs, of course!) and hot pink and blue “Detention Chains”… aka those DIY paper chains we all used to make as kids. Before we move onto the Monster High themed desserts and party decor inspiration though, I’m excited to kick things off today with some “Ghoul Time” Activities! More specifically: a Ghoulish Glam Station, DIY Freaky Fab Photo Booth, and Purse Coloring + Nail Art activities.

Make sure to come back often throughout the next 3 days too, though, because Parts 2-5 AND a Birthday Sweepstakes are coming soon too! Here we go…

•  •  •  •  •  G H O U L I S H  G L A M  B E A U T Y  S T A T I O N  •  •  •  •  •


Greet your Monster High guests with a Ghoulishly Glam Beauty Station! Getting all dolled up (pun intended) is always a treat for the girls and makes for super fun after-party pics for parents too.

Have the girls pick their favorite Monster High doll or color for inspiration on their look (check out the Frankie Doll inspired design above!), then let them have fun playing with Monster High Hairfitti OR getting glammed up by a stylist. You can also do a little of both, like we did here. P.S. The “stylist” can always be a hired vendor or an extra fashionable family friend. ;)


A few bold hair streaks and light, yet brightly colored makeup will go a long way. I especially loved the addition of little hearts and “stitches” that were painted on some of the girls:


High contrast, bright yellow hair streaks look super cute too!


And of course, pink lips and some little white fangs are instantly reminiscent of Draculaura. (You can find the Vinyl Collection Draculaura Figure right here.)

monster-high-party-ideas_6 (more…)

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Barbie Birthday Party: Styled Play Area & DIY Photo Booth

Barbie Birthday Party Play Area

As much as I love a beautifully styled table and cleverly themed food & drinks, when it comes to kids parties, the most important thing to think about first (for the sake of everyone!) is how to keep the little ones happily entertained throughout the party.

A great compliment – and contrast to – traditional planned crafts and games, is a designated play area that serves as a go-to space for kids to enjoy at any time during the party. I set up a play area at our recent Colorful Barbie Birthday Party, and a little playful styling went a long way as far as making that area feel like a party in itself! Check it out…

Barbie Malibu Dream House

Pictured above: my youngest daughter having fun with the Barbie Malibu House :)

barbie party photo booth & play area (more…)

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“Derby Style” Inspired Kentucky Derby® Party Ideas


In celebration of their new – and super tasty! – Kentucky Derby® Red Blend, which debuted earlier this year, 14 Hands Winery asked me to come up with some ideas for a “Derby Style” Inspired Viewing Party this year. Fun direction for a theme, right?! I thought so too. :)

Style is such a big part of the Kentucky Derby® experience in general, and there are lots of directions you can go with it as far as colors and patterns. I used the wine label as inspiration for the color palette, and decided to stick with versatile & classic patterns like bold stripes, checks, & a floral pattern… featuring roses, of course! I also designed a “Derby girl” silhouette and little wine glass “fascinators” to represent the ladies, alongside neck tie and bow tie elements for the guys. Last but not least, pops of gold and a hint of glitter to add class and fun!

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

– Wine glasses embellished with DIY Derby Fascinators and printable Neck Ties
– Bourbon-based wine cocktail dubbed the “Twin Spires Sangaree”
– Gold Derby Decals (made from horse stickers & gold spray paint) adorning wood stands & jars
– “Run for the Rose Chips” & Salsa + Mint Julep Fruit Salad
– Neck tie garlands, fabric bow ties, and painted mason jar “Race Horse” table centerpiece
– “Hold Your Horses” napkin toppers + lots more FREE Derby Style Printables (recently updated to work for 2016!)


Before we get too far into the decor, let’s talk about this new Kentucky Derby® Red Blend real quick. It has a core of darker fruit flavors, lots of depth and complexity, and is a great way to enjoy a taste of the Derby at home. As 14 Hands winemaker Keith Kenison explains, “Our goal when crafting this unique wine was to capture the fun yet sophisticated essence of the Kentucky Derby.

Most importantly, it tastes REALLY GOOD! My parents – who really enjoy wine and can be on the “pickier” side about it, shall we say – came to visit while I was working on this project…  After tasting the Derby blend, my dad immediately asked me where he could buy a whole case. Definitely a good sign. ;) By the way – it’s available in most major grocery stores. You can use this online tool to check availability near you.

•  •  •  •  •  T H E  P A R T Y  I D E A S  •  •  •  •  •

And now, onto the creative inspiration! Scroll down for a few more images that will give you a general feel for the theme, followed by organized sections for  the following: Food + Table , Drinks + Desserts, and Accent Decor + Printables.

Instead of doing a full set table like last year’s theme, I decided to just come up with a fun centerpiece for the table and set the food up on a styled buffet. I’m really happy with how this centerpiece turned out! (DIY tutorial coming soon.)


I’m kind of on a kick with silhouettes right now… so I thought it would be fun to design a “Derby girl” graphic for the party’s printable paper collection, and then also bring similar silhouettes to life in 3D form! I ordered 2 wood cut outs of the silhouette graphic from Ten23 Designs, then used paper for the “outfits” to keep things quick and very budget friendly.


This Neck Tie Garland is one of my favorite elements from the theme, and could easily translate to other themes too! (DIY Tutorial coming soon.) I used gold horse silhouette stickers to give the neck ties some Derby flair:

kentucky-derby-party-ideas-14-hands-wine_5 (more…)

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FREE Kentucky Derby® Party Printables – Derby Style {Updated for 2016}

kentucky derby free party printables

**Note: These printables have been updated to reflect proper dates & info for 2016 (Kentucky Derby 142) when you download them. Enjoy!**

Original post: Our latest {free!} Derby printables are here! Find links to download new Kentucky Derby® Derby Style Party theme below, courtesy of 14 Hands Winery. Inspired by the stylish ladies & gents who attend the Derby and by the new Kentucky Derby® Red Blend, I set out to design a collection that was modern & preppy, yet anything but pretentious. Cheers to trying new wines, winning horses, and free stuff of course! ;)

All the printables below are set up on 8.5×11 templates for easy home printing. Download the high resolution PDFs and click here for inspiration when putting together your party, including food + drink, centerpiece, and decor ideas!

8x10-AB-2 (more…)

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DIY Tutorial: Barbie Birthday Party Centerpiece Idea

Barbie Birthday Party Centerpiece Idea

Planning a Barbie themed birthday party? Here’s a fun idea… This Barbie “Birthday Cake” Centerpiece is simple and stylish, and packs a big punch in the decor department! It’s also super versatile; you can easily switch up the patterned paper and colors to customize the look however you’d like. :)

This centerpiece is from the Colorful Barbie Birthday Party that I recently designed for Mattel®. Check out the full party out here. I chose the Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll as my “cake topper” for this design because her outfit perfectly matched the Free Printables that I designed for the party, which made things super easy! 

Barbie Rainbow Hair Doll

As far as the DIY materials go, here’s what you’ll need for this project: (more…)

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Colorful & Modern Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

Barbie Birthday Party Ideas - by HWTM

As a mom of 3 and 5 year old girls, I was thrilled when Mattel® recently asked me to design a “Super Style” inspired Barbie Birthday Party filled with creative DIY ideas …and so were my girls, of course! ;)

This project is part of the #TRUBestBirthday campaign, and features Barbie® toys and products that can all be found at Toys”R”Us. This was my first time designing a Barbie theme, but I’m definitely not one to shy away from a good excuse for glittery fun and DIY! So, I set out to come up with a fresh, Barbie-inspired look that felt happy and fashion-forward – incorporating bright pops of yellow and aqua with the traditional pink, black, and white Barbie colors. I just wanted it to feel like pure girlie FUN…

Barbie Birthday Party Beauty Station

As always, paper designs played a huge role in the look of the party. You can download the new Colorful Barbie Birthday Collection that I designed for this party right here… and for FREE. :)

Because there is LOTS of info to convey within this one post, I’m going to do my best to be SUPER organized with the ideas so that they really live up to their purpose of serving as helpful inspiration! I’m dividing this post into sections by idea and am going to let the images do a lot of the talking. I’ll keep the tips as streamlined as possible – however, please feel free to ask questions in the comments section. I will also be co-hosting a #TRUBestBirthday Twitter party this Thursday, April 23rd at 2pm EST and can answer questions then as well!

Here’s how the post is divided up, in order:

1. General Look & Feel (intro images)
2. Beauty Bar
3. Kids Table
4. STYLE Station
5. Photo Booth
6. Fashion Designer Activity
7. Dessert Table
8. Play Time
9. Party Favors
10. Sweepstakes Entry

Barbie Birthday Photo Booth

DIY Barbie Birthday Centerpiece

DIY Light Up Marquee Letters

Barbie Birthday Place Settings (more…)

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Colorful Barbie STYLE Birthday Party – Free Printables!

Barbie Banner

Come on Barbie, let’s go party, ah, ah, ah, ya…. ;)

If you’re in the midst of planning a Barbie Birthday Party, this post should come in extra handy! I designed this paper party collection in conjunction with my new Colorful Barbie Birthday Party theme for Mattel. You can download these printables for free by clicking on the links at the bottom of the post. And be sure to check the full Barbie party post out right here for LOTS of ideas on how to utilize this collection. Enjoy!

•  •  •  •  •  P L A T E  L I N E R S  •  •  •  •  •

Barbie Plate Liners by HWTM

Tip: I used the above “plate liner” designs on the underside of clear plastic plates for the kids table. Check out my DIY tutorial on how to make custom plates like these right here. (more…)

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Sweet & Whimsical Hot Air Balloon First Birthday {Korean Dol}

hot air balloon birthday party

I’m totally over the clouds for this Sweet & Whimsical Hot Air Balloon First Birthday by the talented Jennifer Yun of May Details Studio and Coffee and Milk Events! From adorable DIY hot air balloons hanging overhead to a playful, themed Doljabi game, clever luggage cupcake stands, and a custom cake topper featuring the birthday boy’s smiling face, I’m loving every last detail…

P.S. ‘Hot Air Balloon’ is such a versatile party theme; find hot air balloon themed baby shower and bridal shower inspiration in the archives!

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

  • Fluffy “white cloud” dessert table with paper cloud silhouettes & handmade hot air balloons
  • Patterned paper pinwheels, heart-topped donuts and polka dot party hats
  • Up, up, and away cupcakes + candy bar wrappers personalized with the birthday boy’s face!
  • “Thank you for soaring on by” favor bags + customized Doljabi game raffle tickets

hot air balloon birthday party

hot air balloon birthday party

hot air balloon birthday party (more…)

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Fabulous Fiesta Inspired Baby Shower {Gender Neutral}

fiesta baby shower

OH, BABY! These little ones will be cha-cha-chaing into the world after such a fabulously fun Mexican Fiesta Baby Shower! When graphic designer friends Ashley and Sam announced they were both expecting within a few weeks of each other, their friends decided that a gender-neutral, joint couples shower was in order.

Taking inspiration from the love of typography and Mexican-inspired tattoos that both moms-to-be have, you’ll have to see how Allison Rinaldi Event Design and friends fired up this baby shower celebration in STYLE (think jalapeños and virgin margaritas!).

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

  • Giant gold letter balloons, gold glitter tablecloth, and colorful papel picado garland
  • Fun & unique activities like a temporary tattoo station and “Baby’s First Typeface” craft
  • Custom piñata and party hashtag napkins + adorable hand-crafted mini piñatas
  • Gold animal figurine topped cupcakes and floating candles in lime-filled vases

fiesta baby shower

fiesta baby shower

fiesta baby shower

fiesta baby shower (more…)

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Rustic & Burly Lumberjack Bash {Triplet First Birthday Party}

lumberjack first birthday

Triplet boys means there’s LOTS of manliness in the house! So, when Joseph, Anthony, and Christopher turned one, Bruna Sanches of Simply Lace Photography and Kathie Barone of Southern Charm Vintage Rentals helped parents Anna and Frank throw a Rustic & Burly Lumberjack Bash that sure is incredibly handsome. Clever details like a 3D cardboard moose head, silly photo booth props (including a stack of pancakes with butter!) from Love Lettering by Doris Wai, flannel & wood textures, and a trio of grizzly stump birthday cakes made for a playful and personality-filled afternoon that ended with the cutest smash cake photo session ever. Scroll down to check out all the fun… you’ll be so PLAID you did! ;)

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

  • “Burly Baked Goods” aka plaid shirt, saw, eggs & bacon, and more manly cookies from The Cocoa Cakery
  • Mini log cabin with “forrest berry” gumballs, 3D moose head, and pinecone garland
  • Lumber lager & apple “ale” in mason jars with wood grain straws + “Axing for trouble” red wagon photo booth
  • Vintage plaid thermos vases, wood stump birthday cakes with cutout toppers, & pine tree favors

lumberjack first birthday

lumberjack first birthday

lumberjack first birthday

lumberjack first birthday (more…)

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Bright & Colorful Country Chic Birthday Bash

country chic birthday

Feeling freshly inspired from this year’s BASH Conference, Wendy of Moments by Wendy Larrauri styled her best party yet! For her client’s 25th birthday, Wendy created a Colorful Country Chic Bash that’s radiating with creativity. From wood palettes and hay bales to vibrant centerpieces and metallic balloons, I’m loving this playful mix of rustic elements and colorful-chic!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Creative palette-constructed sweets display + rustic photo booth with gold letter balloons
– Yellow and orange paper fan backdrop and white cake stands embellished with bright ribbons
– Minty lemonade + yellow daisy mason jar cups with pink chevron straws & crafted flower detailing
– Mini apple pies, cupcakes, and naked layered cake topped with juicy fresh fruits
– Pink table linens, yellow chairs and orange floral arrangement risers

country chic birthday

country chic birthday

country chic birthday (more…)

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Woodsy How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party

how to train your dragon dessert table

With the popularity of the How to Train Your Dragon series, it’s no wonder that awesome themed parties have followed suit! And I totally get it… I don’t mind at all when my girls want to watch these movies for the zillionth time. ;)

Zoila Lopez of Squared Party Printables and her son were so taken with the series’ 2nd movie that they switched gears on the first birthday plan in order to make room for the dragons! In this Woodsy How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party, Zoila played up texture and natural elements to create a rugged, Viking-approved atmosphere. From cool viking helmet cupcakes to baby dragon egg party favors, this celebration is sure to put a toothless grin on your face ;).

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Swedish fish filled mini baskets, dragon eye lollipops & beautiful HTTYD themed cookies
  • Burlap & vintage ship table runners with dragon toy centerpieces + vintage ‘diary’ style printables
  • Fondant shield & viking helmet topped cupcakes + a chocolate rock, viking candle & toothless topped cake
  • DIY hammered nail dragon eggs, viking helmets & blow up dragon party favors

viking helmet cupcakes

how to train your dragon birthday party tablescape

how to train your dragon cookies


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Sweet & Girly Mooshka Dolls Inspired Birthday Party

lifesized mooshka dolls photo booth

For her daughter, Ashlee’s, birthday, Jo-Anne Wong of Party Doll Manila faced a challenge I’m sure we are all familiar with — choosing a theme. But once she settled on a dollhouse inspired Mooshka Dolls Birthday Party, boy, did she run with it! ;) There are so many sweet and girlie inspired details to be found here — from giant dolls and garden inspired decor to fun activities like felt doll dress-up and ceramic cupcake painting. The result looks like a dreamy dollhouse come to life – and definitely exemplifies the Mooshka catchphrase: “Sweet and huggable, oh so lovable!” :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Lifesized Mooshka dolls & an amazing Mooshka doll topped dollhouse birthday cake
  • 3D paper dollhouse invitation + a dollhouse-flanked sweets table with Mooshka cookie pops
  • Tented ballroom ceiling with swagged fabric, bunting, tissue poms & pinwheels
  • Jewelry making, a felt Mooshka doll dress-up station, cupcake painting & white picket fenced photo booth

3d popup dollhouse birthday party invitation

mooshka doll themed birthday party entrance

pink doll themed party table decor

mooshka dollhouse birthday cake


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CHEER-ful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Party

mickey and minnie birthday party

Mickey, Minnie, and the gang are all ready to celebrate… in STYLE! Veronica Spencer of Oh Rosie Day crafted up a storm for her daughter’s super cute & CHEER-ful Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2nd Birthday. Transforming her entire kitchen area with polka dot tissue poms and incredibly detailed snack + dessert displays (how awesome are the Mickey-inspired table covers?!), I think it’s safe to say she deserves three cheers… and I totally agree a nap and a massage should be thrown in too! ;)

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

  • Mickey topiary planters + Minnie birthday girl dress from Inspired by JAKL
  • “Mouseketools” for Figaro’s Fruit Platter + Goofy’s Goldfish, Pluto’s Pretzels & more!
  • Personalized DIY Mickey Mouse favor bags & and toddler sippy cups
  • Mickey trouser inspired table covers + Minnie-inspired polka dot details everywhere

mickey and minnie birthday party

mickey and minnie birthday party topiary

mickey and minnie birthday party (more…)

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Modern Black & White Baby Shower-ish Celebration

black and white baby shower celebration

What’s black, white, and beautifully chic all over? This Modern Black & White Baby Shower-ish Celebration styled by the talented Christina Christian of Something Chic! I used “ish” in the title because this is actually a first birthday celebration for clothing line Sammy & Nat, brought to life in the form of a shower for Lexi and Chase. The serene vibe of this classic and mostly monochromatic affair feels like such a refreshing change of pace to me right now! (I’m currently designing themes for 5 and 11 year old girls myself.) Don’t get me wrong… you know I love buckets of color and all things covered in glitter around here, but today I’m feeling quite head-over-heels for this timeless & sophisticated look.

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

  • Jumbo white balloons + fabulous polka dot tissue tassels dessert table backdrop
  • Pom Pom clothesline chair garland + mini clothespins on the place settings & favors
  • Heart graphic balloons, black satin ribbon bows, & birch paper straws with “baby” flags
  • Polka dot & onesie fondant toppers adorning cupcakes in striped baking cups

black and white baby shower celebration

black and white baby shower celebration

black and white baby shower celebration

black and white


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Creative Octonauts {& Sea Creatures!} Birthday Party

diy octonauts cake toppers

Get ready to climb aboard the most ADORABLE little submarine for an underwater party adventure! Chrissy Trujillo of Our Tru Life & Vitalic Photo got down to some serious creative business for her son’s Octonauts Inspired Birthday Party. Armed with her Illustrator skills, Chrissy whipped up some spot-on printables that perfectly coordinated with the clever, deep-sea-inspired decor.

I am so impressed by her attention to detail too — just check out those clay cake toppers that she molded herself!! In my experience, guests often feel bad biting into the intricately done fondant versions anyways, so this is such a smart and long-lasting idea for an after-party keepsake. :)

PARTY DETAILS to look out for:

  • Adorable homemade treats like candy sushi, sand dollar cookies & orange slice sailboats
  • Fisherman’s net backdrop with ‘caught’ photos of the birthday boy & a DIY wave photo booth backdrop
  • Candy shark tooth necklaces, pearl filled macaron ‘clamshells’ & Octonauts character cake pops
  • Fun activities like cookie decorating, pin the eye patch on Kwazii & a search for buried treasure
  • Sailboat place settings with mini buntings + clever paper bubble “4” wall decal

octonauts birthday party dessert table

under the sea photo booth ideas

sailboat themed tablescape place settings


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Kitchen Inspired Pink & Green Bridal Shower {On A Budget!}

pink kitchen bridal shower

Once upon a time, just a couple weeks ago in fact, an adorable lady – who also happens to be part of the HWTM family – married her longtime sweetheart! And even though she’s still a young twenty-something, I really do mean longtime sweetheart… Alyssa and Paul have been dating since they were 14! I’m excited to share the details of her recent Kitchen Inspired Bridal Shower with you today, which was dreamed up and hosted by her (very proud) momma. You can definitely feel the love in these pics – from the obvious good time being had by all to the foodie-themed details inspired by one of Alyssa’s other passions. ;)

P.S. Excited to share details from the wedding soon too! In the meantime though, I’ll leave you with a sneak peek in the form of the cutest altar selfie pic ever!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Cookie recipe-in-a-jar favors adorned with mini kitchen whisks
  • Bridal Bingo + m&m markers in paper bags with rhinestone clothespins
  • Sentimental “Recipe for Love” book with a family recipe from each guest
  • Lemon and lime infused water + fruit puree mimosa bar

pink kitchen bridal shower

pink kitchen bridal shower

pink kitchen bridal shower (more…)

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Audrey-Inspired Breakfast at Chandler’s Birthday Party

breakfast at tiffany's birthday party invitation

Throw on your chicest sunglasses & brightest lipstick, this is one party you’ll want to get glammed up for! Jessica Zylicz of Twisted Sister’s Catering & Events created this Audrey-Inspired Breakfast at Chandler’s Birthday Party for a fashionable little girl with a larger than life personality! To put a modern twist on the traditional Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme, Jessica added in some classic black & white stripes & pops of bright fuchsia — always good options in my book ;). Keep reading to see why the birthday girl was also the prettiest girl on her special day…

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Pearl necklace cookies & bowtie topped cupcakes + bubblegum ‘pearl’ necklace making
  • Glittering tablecloths & huge polka dotted balloons + a chic, black & white drink bar & kids’ table
  • Mini brunch bites like berry pancake stacks, chicken & waffle skewers & diamond topped doughnut “rings”
  • Pearl & fringe adorned birthday cake + thoughtful DIY shadowbox photo booth keepsakes

little girl birthday photoshoot

breakfast at tiffany's brunch food ideas

girly birthday party activities and games


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Bright & Quirky Gold Unicorn Baby Shower

pink and gold baby shower dessert table

Janelle Siegrist of Lee Mae Marie surprised her friends, Brooke & TJ of Brooke Courtney Photography, with some added sweetness (aka that AWESOME dessert table!) at their bright – and fabulously outside-the-box – Gold Unicorn Baby Shower. I instantly fell in love with the pics from this colorful co-ed bash, which was a group effort by loved ones. Quirky accents like spray-painted unicorns,  retro candies and giant gold “O BABY” balloons add such a fun vibe! Plus, who wouldn’t love this friendly reminder…”Be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn.” ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Gold unicorn topped pink ombre cake + a DIY gold unicorn mount & mini unicorn figurines throughout
  • DIY painted floral centerpieces & glittered candelabras filled with succulents (genius!)
  • Beautifully hand-lettered candy labels + gold dusted cake pops & colorful macarons
  • Fun, gender neutral shower games that everyone can take part in!
  • Rainbow confetti sprinkled table runner & upside down umbrellas from the ceiling

unicorn themed baby shower ideas

DIY rainbow confetti table runner

rainbow baby shower drink, snack and candy ideas


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Glitzy, Magical & Neon Garden Party {Joint Birthday}

Magical Garden Kids Birthday Party

Forget joint birthdays, this one is a triple-take! For Jack, Cecilia, and Calvin, their blowout birthday bash was bursting with color, sparkle, and birthday MAGIC. Juliet and Lucinda of The COOP worked their party talents once again, crafting together a Glitzy, Magical & Neon Garden Party with enough charm, creativity, and energy for Peter Pan and The Lost Boys! (Anyone else feel the classic storybook magic?) The pictures alone make me want to jump out of my seat and follow all the fun-loving advice on their DIY positive quote plates, so off we go…

 PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Colorful cakes “dipped” in rock candy + glittery gold star toppers
  • Handmade watercolor “Happy Birthday” backdrop + colorful ripped fabric garland
  • Archery range, sparkly gold fringe pinata, & painted teepee play tent
  • Positive quote plates + 3D glittered birthday name centerpieces with neon feathers
  • Multicolor pinwheels display on the tree + bright jumbo balloons with colorful tassels

gold glittered letters - party centerpiece

glittered feather party hat and sparkly cake

magical feathers and teepee birthday

DIY Paper Pinwheels - party decoration (more…)

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Girly Viking Dragon Academy Birthday Party

girly dragon viking birthday party

Want to learn how to train your dragon in STYLE? Well… head on over to Jessica’s fabulous “Academy for Dragon Defending”! Taking inspiration from the birthday girl’s favorite movie, How to Train Your Dragon 2, Tali Burress from A Party Studio designed this awesome Girly Viking Dragon Academy Birthday Party, arming it with tons of clever activities, a big dose of sparkle, and plenty of crafty details. From “Dragon Racing” and a Balloon Archery Tournament to scarfing down adorable viking themed treats, this playful celebration looks like good times all around!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Dragon Nest Photo Station + Dragon Races with awesome DIY pool noodle “dragons”
  • Beserker Burgers, Hooligan Hot Dogs, “Dragon Scales” (Doritos), and “Dragon Eggs” (grapes)
  • Adorable mini fondant viking girls + colorful viking helmet & arrow cookies
  • Painted mason jars & wood frames + ripped burlap dessert table garland
  • “Storm the Castle” Bouncy House + paper viking helmets for all the guests

girly dragon viking birthday party

girly dragon viking birthday party

girly dragon viking birthday party (more…)

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Colorful Spring & Geometric Inspired Drink Station

Geometric Party Drink Station + Spring Birds

When I was recently hired by Seagram’s Escapes to be part of their Keep it Colorful campaign for spring, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to dream up something fun and unexpected!

Spring party themes almost always have lots of flowers and whimsical, garden-style details, so I decided to try out a very modern and geometric spring look this time around, incorporating cute bird elements as a playful nod to the season. Speaking of cute birds, download a free printable of the “Birds of a feather CHEERS together” Drink Sign below!


I have a slight obsession with the combo of pink, orange, and green/mint right now, and just happened to stumble on the perfect backdrop element in those exact colors…. in the form of a geometric print shower curtain from Target! There are also plenty of pink and orange hued Seagram’s Escapes flavors that fit this palette perfectly, so I went with Wild Berries, Peach Fuzzy Navel, and Jamaican Me Happy… which definitely lives up to its name! ;)

Geometric Styled Drink Station - Pink Orange Mint


I love to approach styled drink stations as a combo of decoration and function – meaning they pull double duty as a focal point or “centerpiece” for your party, just like a styled dessert station would. And instead of trying to pile every drink option under the sun onto one styled table, which can get crowded very fast, you can make your life easier by narrowing the focus to a signature drink station. Everyday essentials like soda cans, water, and even extra cups can easily be stored in a nearby cooler, fridge, and/or bar cart to which your guests have easy access.

This signature drink station features colorful bottles of Seagrams Escapes, which can be enjoyed on their own OR combined with the the juices and liquors on the table. Guests can pick and choose from all the options on the table to whip up their own unique cocktail! I went with Peach Juice and Raspberry Lemonade for the juice mixers here. See bottom of the post for suggested cocktail recipe combinations.

geometric party drinks + color-blocked bird


The color blocked bird and birdhouses pictured above started out as a plain cement bird (from the garden section at Target) and unfinished wooden birdhouses from Michaels. I loved their clean & modern silhouettes, and thought they’d fit into the theme nicely… once decked out with a little paint, of course. ;) I also spray painted a little plate holder stand silver and used it to hold the party straws. (more…)

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A Girlie & Glam, Train Themed Birthday Party

Girlie Train Birthday Party - Outfit, Cupcakes, Railroad Sign

Choo, Choo! Next stop: GIRLIE & GLAM! Krista O’Bryne of Hoopla Events loaded up on some seriously sweet cargo to put together this playful & glamorous Girlie Train Birthday Party for her daughter, Kamryn. From shiny pink engineer caps and “chugga chugga” water to a pink fondant train and “Baggage Claim” favor station, there is A LOT to see here… so get your tickets ready and enjoy all the fun pictures, which were beautifully captured by Lauren Oliver Photography!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • “The Kamryn Express” cotton candy + incredibly detailed custom train cookies
  • Pink birthday girl tutu + matching custom tee & chunky beaded necklace
  • Giant pink train photo backdrop + mustache, railroad crossing, & conductor hat props
  • Clever pink polka dot “Box Car” lunches, served in the “Dining Car”
  • “Thank Choo” favor gable boxes + pink striped engineer hats & navy bandanas

girlie train party dessert table

girlie train party photo booth

girlie train birthday party table, drinks, and chairs (more…)

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{Cute & Clever} Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

very hungry caterpillar cake

I’m so happy that Amy McEntee of Eat Raise Love. sent over this adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar Party that she styled for TWO birthday girls, because it’s full of cute & clever ideas inspired by the classic children’s book! A couple of my personal favorites: DIY play dough caterpillar party favors + the most insanely awesome “fruit caterpillar” you ever did see! I mean, seriously –  what a fun & appropriate food idea for this theme. Couldn’t you just eat it all up?! ;)

 PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • The colorful dot pattern from the book adorning the cake, favor tags & birthday girl tees
  • Giant fruit caterpillar “garnished” with famous excerpts from the book
  • Play dough caterpillar favors + red apple keepsake drink cups for the kids
  • Special table filled all of the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s favorite sweet and savory treats!

2nd birthday party invitation

hungry caterpillar crafts

hungry caterpillar party ideas (more…)

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Yay ONE! Chic & Vibrant Pineapple First Birthday

pineapple first birthday party theme

Vibrant flowers, lots of sparkle, and a generous dose of metallic…. PINEAPPLES! I mean, between that and a darling birthday girl, what’s not to love about this playful and glam “Yay One!” First Birthday Party, right?!

Tastefully styled by Reina of Sweet Details Events and beautifully captured by Katie & Jolie of Pixilated Photobooth, this is one of those submissions that just instantly made me feel happy when I opened it. And with the weather heating up already, I could see this look working beautifully for all sorts of summer celebrations.

P.S. I love how mom was highlighted here too… from both her creative work (she designed all the party stationery) to including her in some of the styled shots with her little ones. :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Fabulous ombre vegan smash cake with golden pineapple cookie topper
  • DIY gold lace crown for the birthday girl + a vibrant fresh floral crown for mom
  • Gold pineapple ribbon “napkin rings” + glittery gold pineapple in the table centerpiece
  • Stunning giant floral “V” for Vivienne + clever thumb print pineapple “guestbook”

pink and gold pineapple cake

chalkboard first birthday sign

pink and gold pineapple first birthday theme (more…)

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