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Fairytale Forest Baby Shower {Operation Shower Event – Part 1}

fairytale forest operation shower event recap

Once upon a time, just shy of a year ago, there was a sparkly, magical baby shower in San Clemente, CA for more than 70 expectant military moms…

I had the honor of designing the party theme and paper collection for this Operation Shower “Fairytale Forest” event, but it took a village of generous and talented vendors, sponsors, & volunteers to bring it to life!

For some reason I seem to have the hardest time getting around to posting about the personal projects I especially love, because I dream about finding a giant chunk of time to sit down and explain the story in perfect detail and get everything “just right”.

Well… I’ve finally accepted that there’s always, always, always something else ready to fill that elusive chunk of time – and usually little ones yelling in the background even when I do find it! – so I’m going to finally share this near-and-dear project with you guys today in the way I love best anyways… PICTURES! And lots of ’em. ;)  These images were beautifully captured by Maria Healey Photography, and here are a few of my favorite creative details to keep an eye out for while you browse them:

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Boatloads of giant crepe paper flowers handmade by Tania Fischer
– Mom & Baby Deer “Forest” Centerpiece with wooden deer cut-outs by Ten23 Designs
– Manzanita “Tree” Centerpiece with paper leaves, moss balls, pink blooms, & itty-bitty gold pacifiers
– DIY butterfly chandeliers hanging overhead + giant wood deer & bear cutouts from Happen
– Stunning floral arrangements by Heavenly Blooms + chairs decorated with faux petals & paper flowers
– Sparkly sequin linens from La Tavola + glittery green frames for themed 4×6 signs

fairytale forest operation shower event recap

*Special shout-out to event emcee Holly Robinson Peete!* She was so warm, gracious, funny, and genuinely engaged…. I don’t think there could’ve been a better fit for a host!

fairytale forest operation shower event recap

fairytale forest operation shower event recap

fairytale forest operation shower event recap

fairytale forest operation shower event recap (more…)

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A Wacky & Wild Animal Birthday Party!

Wild Child Birthday Party - animals wearing party hats

My youngest daughter turned 4 in December… her birthday is on the 16th, which basically means right smack in the middle of the craziest time of year for almost everyone I know, including myself. ;) We decided to have a small, playdate style get-together with her 3 preschool besties and their big sisters (and her own big sis, of course!). Since Rylie loves animals, acting silly, and anything girlie, we hosted a Wacky Wild Animal Party filled with bright colors, sparkly pom poms, and cute animals wearing party hats!

My birthday is 2 days before Rylie’s, so my mom (aka Grandma) got an extra-awesome gift/activity for the party to treat us both! A trainer from Wild Wonders  – an animal education facility just outside San Diego – brought over of the coolest little “party crashers” you ever did see… scroll down for a closer peek! ;)

Party Animal Birthday Banner and Chinchilla

Wild Child Birthday Kids Table and Balloons

I designed some funky party animal plates for the birthday table that featured a rhino, elephant, fox, and bunny. Why is it so fun to give animals party hats and cheeky glasses?!

Party Animal Plates

I often make my own party plates (see the tutorial here), but this is the first time I used the plastic plates from Michaels. These were a little more time consuming since you have to hand-cut the paper designs – the plate edges are slightly rounded so you can’t use a paper cutter – but the quality of the plates is good and overall they worked well!

Colorful beads and mini plastic animal figurines made for a fun bracelet and necklace making activity… (more…)

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Vibrant & Girly Fishing Birthday Party {Row with Beau}

girly fishing birthday party

Let’s row, row, Row with Beau! Loriann of Wife Of The Party, celebrated her adorable daughter’s third birthday with a Girly Fishing-Inspired Birthday Party featuring a vibrant color palette & boatloads of whimsical florals and treats! She brought a fabulous team of vendors on board, like Auntie Apple who made the cutest little fishy cookies you ever did see and Paper Crew with their simply sweet printed signs. Scroll on down to see all the BEAU-tiful party details and ideas below!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Pink and blue origami boat place cards + playful watercolor stripe table linens
  • Greenery tablescape canopy with hanging hooks, fishing poles & dreamy floating candles
  • Whimsical floral arrangements (in assorted white vases) from Shawna Yamamoto
  • Super cute mini boat photobooth, pink “3” pinata and a Build Your Own “Banana BEAU-t” sundae station
  • Colorful brushstroke cake from Merengue Bakery + white boats with flowers and hanging fish cookies

girly fishing birthday party

girly fishing birthday party

girly fishing birthday party (more…)

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Favorite Things GALentine’s Day Party + “Blessing Bags”

GALentine's Day Party - Girlfriends Valentine's Day

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible women at BASH 2016 (a party/event planning + blogging conference), one of whom was Chandice Probst from Gluten Free Frenzy. Chandice immediately told me all about this fun idea she had that mixed a “Favorite Things” inspired Valentine’s Day party with an easy way to give back to those who could really use some extra love, and I immediately knew this was a girl after my own heart!

Let’s see… an excuse to get the girls together (with french fries and chocolate) PLUS a bit of that pay-it-forward magic that lasts far beyond the party? Yes, please!

So, she promised to send in pics after her party, and I promised to share the story, in hopes that others might find this idea inspiring too and add a similar “Blessing Bags” type of activity to one of their parties. What do you think? ;) Chandice explains all about the Blessing Bags (which were given to local homeless people) in her party details below, so I encourage you to scroll down and check it out. There’s lots of fun eye candy to take in along the way!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • “Fries Before Guys” French Fry Station with add-your-own toppings
  • Simple & sweet Valentine’s Day dessert station with open-frame pink heart backdrop
  • Blessing Bags table/station (with the cutest little helper you ever!)
  • “Kiss Kards” station for making your own sweetheart cards

Valentine's Day Party - Blessing Bags Station

Pink and Red Valentine's Day Dessert Station

Fries Before Guys - French Fry Bar (more…)

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Sparkly & Chic “Twinkle Sprinkle” Baby Shower

twinkle sprinkle baby shower

For her sister with baby #2 on the way, Jenny Raulli of Bloom Designs hosted a “sprinkle” rather than a full-on shower because Nicole wasn’t sure about even having one! I love what Jenny wrote about it, though: “I am a huge believer that every baby should be celebrated. Plus, I’m always looking for a reason to host a party!”

Now there’s a girl after my own heart. ;)

Nicole’s all-white-with-pops-of-metallic “Twinkle Sprinkle” Baby Shower is dusted with shimmery stars, sweet treats and whimsically worded signs that play off the classic lullaby.

And, if you’re wondering what her first baby shower was like, I shared it back in 2013! Check it out here.

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Gold star painted macarons from Sweet and Saucy + “Little Star” cookies from Bambella
  • All white peony and garden rose centerpieces and custom silver script star-studded place cards
  • “How we wonder who you are” baby name suggestions and Wishes for Mommy-to-be activity
  • Metallic “TWINKLE” and star shaped balloons + gold star garlands
  • White ruffle table linen and napkins with gold Chivari chairs and matching chargers

twinkle sprinkle baby shower

twinkle sprinkle baby shower

twinkle sprinkle baby shower

twinkle sprinkle baby shower (more…)

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Festive Mardi Gras Party Balloons (DIY Tutorial)

DIY Mardi Gras Balloon Decorations

I’m so excited to share this fun balloon DIY with you… especially since Fat Tuesday is exactly one week from TODAY! These Mardi Gras Balloons are playful and festive – just like anything Mardi-related should be – but they’re also surprisingly quick and simple to create.

My initial idea was to focus on a bouquet of gold “paint-dipped” balloons with colorful feather tassels, but I couldn’t resist the idea of getting some Mardi Gras masks in there too… so I ended up with 2 versions of balloons: one with printable masks and one with the “gold-dipped” effect + glittery gold words. I think the design variety makes the balloon bunch feel even more festive, and they ALL have the feather tassels to help tie everything together. ;)

Read on to see the full DIY and download the printable Mardi Gras masks!

DIY Mardi Gras Mask Balloons

Materials for DIY Mardi Gras Balloons (more…)

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Football Pop Art Party Ideas + Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks

Pop Art Football Party Ideas

Just like many of you out there, football season is a big deal in our household! And as much as I love dreaming up creative football party inspiration and hosting game day get-togethers at home, I’ll admit that things can start to feel a bit redundant sometimes. I mean, there are only so many ways to recreate “football laces” on your food and cover everything in grass green and yard lines, right?

SO…. for my final Coca-Cola and NABISCO Home Bowl post, I thought it would be fun to try out something totally different. Instead of the standard green, white, and brown football party palette, this one’s filled with bright, bold colors that POP!

It’s also filled with playful Pop Art Inspired Football Ideas – including free printables, an easy tutorial for DIY drink coasters, and a tasty recipe for Baked Parmesan Zucchini Sticks that are so YUMMY you’ll forget you’re eating veggies. ;)

Free Printables - Football Pop Art Sign & Sauce Labels

The zucchini sticks are rolled in a mixture of crushed TRISCUIT Crackers, cheese, and garlic before baking, and served with a trio of dipping sauces that I dubbed Red Zone, Blitz, and Regulation Ranch, which I will further explain below!

DIY Tile Coasters Tutorial - Pop Art Football Design

Read on for full details on how to recreate everything pictured above, starting with the zucchini recipe…




Makes approximately 36 sticks
Prep time: 15 mins | Cook time: 20 minutes


  • 2 eggs
  • 20 TRISCUIT Crackers
  • 3 medium zucchini
  • ½ c. fresh shredded Parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 2 Tbsp chopped fresh parsley leaves
  • salt, to taste (optional)

Parmesan Zucchini Sticks Recipe - Ingredients


1. Preheat oven to 425º and prepare a baking sheet with aluminum foil.

2. Cut each zucchini into sticks by first cutting them in half lengthwise, then cutting each half 2 more times, lengthwise. You should now have 6 long, skinny sticks. Cut each of those in half to create short sticks.

3. Use a food processor to finely crush TRISCUIT Crackers into crumbs.

Crushed Triscuits - Zucchini Topping

3. Mix cracker crumbs, Parmesan cheese, and garlic powder in a medium bowl. Stir until well combined.

Parmesan-Garlic and Crushed Triscuits Topping

4. Beat eggs in a separate bowl. Dip a zucchini stick in the eggs, then roll it in the crumb mixture. Repeat with all of the sticks.

Dipping and Rolling the Zucchini Sticks

5. Place the crumb-covered zucchini sticks on your prepared baking sheet, then POP into a 425º oven for approximately 20 minutes. (Bake time may vary depending on the size of your sticks and desired crispiness.)

Parmesan Zucchini Sticks Baking

6. Lightly season with salt (to taste), then serve with playful dipping sauces and ice cold Coca-Cola!

I chose 3 super easy and popular sauces, but gave them playful game day inspired names to make the presentation more fun for the occasion:

  • Blitz (ketchup + mayo + hot sauce)
  • Red Zone (marinara sauce)
  • Regulation Ranch (ranch dressing)

Game Day Dipping Sauce Idea - Blitz

You can download my 8×10 “Hungry for the Win” sign and  Pop Art Dipping Sauce Labels for free! I also made some blank labels in case you want to change up the types of sauces. The blank labels are intended for handwriting, unless you’re comfortable with digital design programs, in which case the (free) font I used here is called Adventure.

Game Day Dipping Sauce Ideas - Red Zone and Regulation Ranch

Enjoy! And now let’s move onto the drinks… or actually to what goes UNDER the drinks in this case. ;)


DIY Football Pop Art Tile Coasters - Tutorial


You’ll Need:

  • 4″ square white ceramic tiles
  • Printable Football Pop Art Squares (4 designs per sheet)
  • Foam brush
  • Decoupage glue
  • Craft felt, cut into 4″ squares
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun


1. Brush the top of a tile with decoupage glue, then center one of the square football pop art designs on top. You should still be able to see a little bit of the tile all the way around the edge.

DIY Tile Coasters - Step 1

2. Generously coat the entire top of the paper design and coaster with decoupage glue. Make sure to get the edges and go all the way over the white tile border as well. You want to seal the paper design to the tile. Let dry for 20 minutes, then apply a 2nd coat.

DIY Tile Coasters - Step 2

3. After your 2nd coat is dry, it’s time to add the felt base. Turn the tile upside down and hot glue the felt to the bottom of the coaster…. and you’re DONE!

DIY Tile Coasters - Step 3

Easy, right? ;) Now it’s time to bring out the frosty beverages and have fun with these at your game day party! Speaking of game day parties, check out more of my recent #HomeBowlHero football party ideas here, here, and here.


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Coca-Cola and NABISCO for this post. As always, the content and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make it possible for us to keep the creative content coming!

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Glamorous Pink “Tiaras & Tutus” Baby Shower

tiaras and tutus baby shower

I have a soft spot for glitzy baby showers with spectacular crafted elements (i.e. tutu embellished chairbacks and floral centerpieces!), so of course I had to share this Pink “Tiaras & Tutus” Baby Shower with you! As owner of Distinct Event Planning Lucretia started dreaming up her own shower, while her besties rounded out all the pretty-in-pink details. From the glam invitations by Alternative Hitches to the bold baby bottle decorations, see all the “princess perfect” ideas from Lucretia and her amazing tutu-clad squad below!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Jumbo baby bottle centerpieces with custom crafted princess crown and tutu embellishments
  • Silver sequin table linens, pink chargers & yellow satin napkins with mini crown napkin rings
  • Pretty pink tulle tutu for mommy-to-be + (moving!) professional ballerina performance
  • Crystal tiara-topped cupcakes + dipped and drizzled princess pretzels

tiaras and tutus baby shower

tiaras and tutus baby shower

tiaras and tutus baby shower

tiaras and tutus baby shower (more…)

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Football Referee-Inspired Pudding Pops | #HomeBowlHero

Football Referee Inspired OREO Pudding Pops

Earlier this month, I shared a couple savory recipes for game day that were geared especially for all the bacon lovers out there, so now it’s time to talk about something SWEET. And let’s also make it nice and chocolate-y while we’re at it, shall we?!

These Layered OREO Pudding Pops were inspired by the bold stripes on football referee jerseys. They’re fun to make and simple enough for the kids to help with too! You might notice that the stripes aren’t perfect… and that’s okay, because neither are we. ;) These treats are all about scoring big on taste while giving a playful nod to the most popular sport in America, with their high contrast stripes & vibrant penalty-flag-yellow sticks. Read on for all the tasty details…

Game Day Referee Pudding Pops + Football Printables

P.S. This recipe is part of my current partnership with the Coca-Cola and NABISCO Home Bowl. Look for the Home Bowl in your local grocery store, or visit them online here for TONS of creative, game day party ideas! You can also enter for your chance to win one of two $400 Home Bowl Hero Prize Packs that I’ll be giving away soon! (Full contest details here.) (more…)

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Football Referee Beverage Tub + Helmet Bottle Toppers

DIY Football Referee Beverage Tub + Bottles with Mini Helmets

If you’re looking for a fun way to deck out your game day drink station, I’ve got just the thing! This Football Referee-Inspired Beverage Bucket is super easy to create using removable white and yellow duct tape, which means no mess or waiting for paint to dry PLUS your party tub stays in tact for future (non game day) use too. Win-win!

And since this fun DIY is part of my partnership with the Coca-Cola and NABISCO Home Bowl this year, I couldn’t resist filling the tub with Coca-Cola bottles that came to play. ;) Get full details on these mini bottle helmets – that can double as a door prize game! – plus instructions for the beverage bucket below.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our $400 Home Bowl Prize Pack Giveaway that’s going on right now too! I’ll be picking 2 winners next week. More info on the #HomeBowlHeroContest can be found here.

Coca-Cola Bottles with Mini Football Helmets (more…)

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{Game Day} Peanut Butter & Chocolate “Pigskin” Pies

Game Day Dessert Recipe - Football Hand Pies

If you love cute food – and SWEETS – as much as I do, then this one’s for you, my friend! These game day inspired Peanut Butter & Chocolate “Pigskin” Pies are sure to be a hit with fans of all ages at your next game day get-together. I filled them with chopped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups here, but you can really use any type of pie filling that you (or the party guest of honor) especially loves!

The “secret weapon” in this recipe is a tinted egg wash that makes the perfectly baked pie crusts turn a darker shade of brown. It also makes the (untinted pie crust) “football laces” pop!  Click here for the full recipe over on (more…)

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GIVEAWAY: Party Box by Eden Celebrations {$295 value!}

Star Wars Party in a Box - Eden Celebrations

As someone that eats, sleeps, and dreams parties, I often find myself asking people the following question: “What would make your life easier/more fun when it comes to planning parties?”

The answer is almost always along the lines of “someone to make it easier for me!” or “someone to put it together for me!”. This is one of the reasons I’m super excited to tell you about this fun Party Box Giveaway and introduce you to the company that’s bringing it your way…

Lily Ng founded Eden Celebrations with the goal of minimizing some of the stress that comes with tracking down all those pretty little details that really do bring a beautiful party together. Their “party boxes” are well thought out, curated collections of chic party supplies that arrive all packaged up and ready to go in a beautiful keepsake box. For their customers, that means way less time spent shopping/surfing around and more time spent doing other things… like celebrating! ;)

And for one lucky HWTM reader, it also means a very nice boost to the party budget, because Lily is giving away a Party Box in the winner’s choice of theme! Enter to win at the bottom of this post. And ALL readers will also receive 10% off with the discount code HWTM10.

There are currently 4 signature themes, 2 of which are especially versatile (Pink Ombre and Tuxedo) and could be used for anything from baby and bridal showers to birthdays parties of all ages. And of course, Valentine’s Day is coming up quick!

Pink Ombre Party in a Box - Eden Celebrations

Pink Ombre Party in a Box - Eden Celebrations

Next up is a closer peek at the Tuxedo Party Box… which is actually my personal fav! The chic black, gold, and white combo serves as a great foundation for so. many. themes… just add bubbly for a champagne inspired bridal shower or glittery gold animals for a glam safari first birthday! See? Sky’s the limit! ;) (more…)

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Gorgeous Boho Chic Baby Shower (with a hint of Glam!)


The weather may be cold outside on this mid-January day, but we’re bringing you a sweet dose of sunshine with this stunning Boho Chic Baby Shower! Jeanette Quintero of Candy Crush Shop styled the gorgeous, waterside event with the help & expertise of Petite Pomme Design. I am especially loving all of the custom made decor, like the beautiful floral invitation & chalkboard signs, yarn dream catchers & looms, plus so SO much more. Scroll through to see all of the stunning details and check out a video of the event here!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Beautiful waterfront venue & teepee lounge area + sequin tablecloths topped with gold animals
  • Wooden photo board with eucalyptus wreath alongside a carnation-studded photo booth netting
  • Feather & flower decorated cake pops, teepee cookies & flower adorned naked cake
  • “Adventure Awaits” plant calligraphy & floral crown for mom + custom baby moccasins
  • Fabulous yarn and feather bedecked “Baby Luca” dessert table backdrop




baby-shower-photo-board (more…)

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DIY “Football Pass Play” Inspired Balloon Backdrop

DIY Football Diagram Balloon Backdrop Tutorial

During a recent football party brainstorming session, my husband and I came up with this fun idea for creating a giant Football Play Inspired Wall Backdrop made out of mylar balloon X’s and O’s!

I used the small 7″ mylar balloons and 8-player teams for this diagram to keep the design reasonably sized for a house party, but am already thinking it would be pretty darn cool to recreate this on a HUGE scale for a large event using the 16″ balloon letters too!

This backdrop would work well as a themed photo booth or behind a football party food/drink table, and the key elements are nice and simple: black fabric (I used an inexpensive shower curtain from Target), small letter balloons, and white label tape used to “draw” the “route” arrows & divider line. The diagram is flanked with two 18″ mylar football balloons filled with Balloon Time helium, who I partnered with to bring you this fun DIY!

Read on for full details and instructions below…

Football Party Backdrop made from mini mylar balloons

Balloon Time tank and 18" mylar football balloons (more…)

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Glittery “California Wildlife” Inspired Girls Birthday

california wildlife party

Eagles and deer and bears and… GLITTER! With Lucinda & Juliet of The COOP, there’s no limit to their creative party ideas and executions. For Vivi’s 6th birthday party, they went WILD and designed a Glittery “California Wildlife” Inspired Birthday filled with bold patterns, sparkly animal & glam decorations.

The sparkly elephant and owl figurines, DIY animal stamped favor bags and charming handmade ribbon details will surely thrill an animal-lovin’ lady in your life!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Mini succulents in gold glitter trim pots + sparkly berry baskets and vases with bright pink florals
  • Fondant bear paw print cupcake toppers and a party theme matching cake from Blue Cupcake
  • Geometric plates and napkins on white furry table runners with gold glittered animal figurines
  • Cute and custom blue chevron water bottle wrappers with a “V” for Vivi design
  • Multicolor ribbon garland chairbacks and snack table backdrop + textured burlap party banners

california wildlife party

california wildlife party

california wildlife party

california wildlife party (more…)

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Coke-Soaked Bacon Recipes for Game Day + $400 “Home Bowl” Prize Pack Giveaway

Coke Soaked Bacon

***Please note that the contest portion of this post closed on 1/26/16. Scroll to the bottom for winner info!***

When it comes to celebrating the big game, the first thing most people think of is the football, of course, but a very close second is…. THE FOOD! And I’m guessing that order may even be in reverse for a few hungry souls. ;) That’s why I’m excited to be teaming up with the Coca-Cola & NABISCO Home Bowl this year to bring you some tasty recipe ideas for your game day menu!

BTW – if you’re not familiar with the Home Bowl yet, it’s a lineup of tasty game day party food & drinks that can be found at retailers nationwide right now. You can learn more about it here.

Bring on the BACON (appetizers!)
Bacon is always a crowd-pleaser in our circle, so we’ve utilized it quite a bit for various parties, including marinating it in Coca-Cola for a super tasty & slightly-caramelized twist!

And even though this Coke-Soaked Bacon is great on its own, Sonny & I thought it would be fun to incorporate it into a couple of our favorite bacon-y appetizers for game day this year. It added the perfect, subtle kick of sweetness to a Bacon Ranch Cheddar Football Cheese Ball and Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Coke-Soaked Bacon Recipes

The results were super delicious! Both my parents and my little ones gobbled both of these dishes up, and when loved ones of all ages like the same thing, you know what that means…. SCORE! ;)

Read on for details on both recipes AND a #HomeBowlHeroContest where TWO lucky winners will receive “Home Bowl” Party Prize Packs worth $400! (more…)

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Chic & Creative Chemistry-Inspired Bridal Shower

chemistry themed bridal shower cake
With nearly a decade of sharing creative parties here at HWTM, we’ve seen our fair share of awesome chemistry-inspired birthday parties, but this is the first time a Chemistry Inspired Bridal Shower popped in my inbox, and I was instantly smitten!

This beautiful and outside-the-box celebration (for bride-to-be Adrienne) was hosted by loved ones and features clever decorative elements and lots of playful DIY decor, including the banner, guest games, table numbers, and more. The shower was sent in by Alaina Lewis – one of Adrienne’s friends and Maids of Honor that contributed to the shower, who explains that, “Though neither the bride nor groom are chemists professionally, they’re both self-declared nerds and the theme was a hit!” And from the looks of these images and all the happy guests, I’d venture to say that those positive results are conclusive! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • A “Concoct Your Own Bath Salts” favor station + keepsake serving tray “guest book”
  • Erlenmeyer flask drinking glasses with blue stripey straws
  • Test tube table centerpieces + periodic table inspired banners and table decor
  • A clever DNA-inspired tier cake + glittery “Perfect Chemistry” topper!

chemistry themed wedding table cards

DIY bath salts buffet - bridal shower favors

chemistry themed bridal shower favors - bath salts (more…)

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“Sprinkle Dot Fun” Rainbow Birthday Blast


I am no stranger to the amazing parties that happen at LA-based party space the COOP, so when co-owner Lucinda sent over this “Sprinkle Dot Fun” Rainbow Birthday Blast, I knew it was going to be something really special — and boy, did she not disappoint! This party is absolutely exploding with DOTTED desserts and POPS of colorful confetti. It’s so hard to pick a favorite detail, but the candy dot marshmallows (handmade by Lucinda!) and the mini balloon drink stirrers are not to be missed. :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Custom krazy straws & dipped rice krispie place settings + beautiful pink & purple floral centerpieces
  • Easy stick-on rainbow dots & clear balloon ‘bubble’ backdrop + sewn streamers of rainbow dots
  • Circle cut tissue paper covered bottles (topped with doughnuts), party hats & champagne flutes
  • Rainbow confetti topped cakes + amazing candy filled, meringue topped ice cream cones
  • Sugar rimmed kid-friendly martinis + large inflatable doughnut & confetti popper photo booth






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A Giving-Inspired Holiday Dinner Party | #GladtoGive

Free Printable Holiday Giving Quote (Anne Frank)

‘Tis the season for so many wonderful things, but GIVING is definitely at the top of the list! And whether it’s bringing joy to loved ones via special celebrations and thoughtful gifts, or donating time and resources to those that are in need, a desire to give is at the heart of all of these things.

That’s why I’m so happy be partnering with Glad® this month to help spread the word about their wonderful #GladtoGive initiative, which is all about inspiring the efforts of giving, as well as encouraging the sharing of that extra holiday food instead of wasting it!

And here’s a cool tidbit: when you share a picture of your holiday meal or leftovers with the hashtag #GladtoGive, Glad will donate $1 to Free The Children to provide a meal for those less fortunate. Imagine how many meals a simple social media share can provide when LOTS of people get involved!

Holiday Party Leftover Containers

And speaking of coming together… if you’re hosting a a holiday get-together, asking your guests to bring a small donation is another great way to give back. Last week, Sonny and I hosted a holiday dinner party with a few good friends and asked each family to bring a gently worn or new coat to donate to One Warm Coat.

I’ll explain a little more about that below, but first let’s talk PARTY details for a bit while we’re on the subject, since this is HWTM after all! ;)

Holiday Party Guests

As I mentioned earlier, this was a small dinner party with a few good friends (3 other couples and their kids). The best thing about smaller get-togethers is that you get that really good conversation time with everyone, instead of trying to jump around for a few minutes between a zillion people. One of the families even brought their brand new 8-week-old puppy over! He was definitely the most popular guest of the night. ;)

•  •  •  •  •    T H E   T A B L E S C A P E   •  •  •  •  •

I was inspired by the giving theme to go with a “presents” sort of look for the table. I found the cutest rolls of gift wrap by Sugar Paper at Target and used those as a jumping off point for the table design… starting with cutting strips of paper to create a “gift wrapped” look for the chairs!

Holiday Party Chair Decorating Idea - Gift Inspired

Wrapping paper was also used as the “table runner” and layered on top of black and white striped fabric from Ikea. I used the printables from my Red & Gold Holiday Glitz collection as napkin rings, which you can download below for free!

Red and Gold Holiday Table (more…)

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GAME ON! 5 Easy & Creative Ideas for Game Night

DIY Game Night Ideas for Parties or Family Game Night

This post is sponsored by Coca-Cola. Visit them on Pinterest for more creative ideas like these!

Game nights are fun by nature, but even MORE so with a little creative twist! And even the simplest ideas can pack a big, colorful punch. Speaking of which… life seems to be extra crazy busy for everyone these days, myself included, so I’m really trying to seek out more of those fun details that can be pulled off in a pinch. Each of these Game Night Ideas are simple and budget-friendly enough to work for anything from a big party with friends to a laid-back family game night at home with your closest loved ones.

Read on for the (easy!) project details and free printables below. Enjoy!

DIY Mini Coke Can Dice Shakerss (more…)

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Classic + Modern Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Centerpiece - Red, Yellow, White Flowers

Winnie the Pooh was one of my FAVORITE characters growing up, so I was thrilled when Disney Baby asked me to come up with some creative ideas for hosting a Winnie the Pooh BABY SHOWER! What a sweet-as-honey theme for celebrating with mom-to-be, right? ;)


Since Winnie has been around for quite a while, (Did you know he was inspired by a REAL bear from the early 1900’s?!), his look has changed a bit through the years. The current day Winnie sports a bright red t-shirt and modern look, while “Classic Pooh” has softer colors and a more vintage vibe. I really love the look of the both styles, as well as the woodsy feel of the famous “100 Acre Wood”, so my goal was to design a baby shower that encompassed all of these different elements in some way.

You’ll find lots of fun DIY ideas below, from painted-bath-toys-turned-table-figurines to “HUNNY Pot” parfaits with sugar bees and a playful Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake. I also incorporated some sweet Winnie the Pooh toys & nursery items from into the decor, which is one of my favorite ways to play up any theme at a baby shower because the items double as thoughtful gifts for mom when the party is over!

There’s a lot to take in here, so I’m breaking this post into “party sections” to help keep it organized for you. And speaking of sections, don’t miss the very last one with links to download all the FREE PRINTABLES from this theme. Enjoy! P.S. The free printables are available in a pink/yellow colorway now too!


1.Overall Look & Feel (Images 1-7)
2. Tablescape
3. Dessert Table
4. Accent Decor & Diaper Cake
5. Party Favors
6. Free Printables!

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Dessert Table from HWTM

DIY Winnie the Pooh Gold Figure Decoration

Modern Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower Table + Free Printable Winnie Plate Liners

Mom to BEE Chair with gold sequin chair cover and free printable BEE banner (more…)

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Homemade Holiday Gift Idea: Sugar Plum Fairy Jars

DIY Sugar Plum Fairy Gift Jars and Favor Jars

I’m so excited to share this new project with you! I was recently asked to come up with a creative homemade gift idea for Ball’s 25 Days of Making & Giving campaign.

The pretty color of their Purple Heritage Collection Jars instantly make me think of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker Ballet, so I ran with that idea and designed this sparkly Sugar Plum Fairy Treat Jar. You can fill it with any sort of fun treat – from a favorite homemade recipe to colorful store-bought treats, like the purple, lavender and silver chocolates shown here.

And because my head always goes into party mode when I’m designing for some reason *wink* – I also created a smaller & simpler version of this project that would be perfect for party favors at a ballerina birthday! Read on for details on both projects + the free printables below.


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Charming Enchanted Four-est Tea Party Birthday

DIY toadstool stools for an enchanted forest birthday party

You may remember Misha Perritt of A Lovely Design from this Glittery Minnie Mouse Party, we featured not too long ago. Well, she’s back with some serious woodland style for her daughter’s Enchanted Four-est Tea Party Birthday, and we couldn’t be more delighted!

This charming party is bursting with shimmering golden acorns, bright floral printed details, plus soft moss and green velvet to add some lushness. Top it all off with adorable mini lace crowns and toadstool “thrones” and these little guests become Queens of the forest for a day! :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Hanging Fir branches + pink & green floral arrangements and fabric buntings
  • Natural wooden pedestal centerpiece flanked by gold & moss topiaries & golden animal topped jars
  • Birch bark painted cake + golden pearl topped cupcakes, chocolate berries & flower shaped tea sandwiches
  • Bright & beautiful custom-made paper decor & invitation + custom printed animal pillows

woodland forest tea party birthday

enchanted forest birthday party invitation

woodland forest tree birthday cake

enchanted forest birthday party decoration ideas


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Romantic & Neutral Beach House Wedding

beach house wedding

Sweet, soft colors and a subtle coastal theme make for one classy affair! Zoom Theory beautifully captured this Romantic & Neutral Beach House Wedding that has fantastic inspiration for the budget, DIY and elegant style bride! With fancied up paper decorations, a custom matching wedding cake, dreamy florals from Petals and Hedges and a gorgeous venue on the beach, I think I’m in LOVE! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Neutral floral centerpieces in rustic wood vases, silver mercury glass votives & simple framed table numbers
  • Wine cork displayed place cards and jarred sugar scrub favors with jute bows
  • Soft gray “Eat, Drink & Be Married” cocktail napkins + Custom “Evan and Blake” wedding cake
  • Blush pink bridesmaid dresses, white bridal flower crown, and sweet pink peony and lambs ear bouquets

beach house wedding

beach house wedding

beach house wedding (more…)

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DIY Penguin & Polar Bear Party Balloons

DIY Penguin Balloons and Polar Bear Balloons Tutorial

Animals have always been one of my favorite types of party inspirations, but having kids has definitely given me a LOT more excuses to use them!

So… for my very first collaboration with Balloon Time, and given the fact that it’s December right now, I thought it would be fun to dream up some wintery balloon fun for all the pint-sized party animals out there. ;) And judging from the look on both of my daughters’ faces when they walked in and saw me working on this project, I’d say this one is kid-approved!

These DIY Penguin & Polar Bear Balloons would be such a fun accent for any winter themed birthday party or playdate, and the added bonus is that they’re super easy too! The animal faces are made from printables, so there’s no need for fancy art skills to recreate them – just cut, tape, and done! Read on for full details below…

Party Animal Balloon Materials


DIY Penguin Party Balloons (more…)

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Modern & Magical Harry Potter Birthday Party

harry potter party

Muggles and magic and much more… it’s what you’ll find in this Modern & Magical Harry Potter Birthday Party crafted by Juliet and Lucinda of The COOP. A visit from Hedwig, Hogwarts inspired cupcakes and favor bags with a Harry silhouette are some of the brilliant wizardry that Bebe Jacobs captured from the day.

There are so many fun silhouette DIY aspects to the decor – golden snitches, Harry’s glasses, lightning bolts, etc. – which I LOVE (No Amortentia potion here! Ha!). When recreating a classic story, silhouettes are a great way to create recognition while reimagining it with your own creative flair, and Juliet and Lucinda did a *CHARMing* job! 

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Custom Blue Cupcake toppers: lightning bolt, book of spells, Gryffindor scarf & sorting hat!
  • Smoking cauldrons and piles of spell books + dark hydrangeas and blood red coxcomb florals
  • Creative(!) DIY golden snitch straw embellishments made with gold glitter and white feathers
  • Harry Potter glasses and candied black marshmallows with gold lightning bolt toppers

harry potter party

harry potter party

harry potter party (more…)

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Dreamcatcher Inspired “Be Brave Little One” Baby Shower

brave baby shower

There’s nothing more exciting than planning a baby shower for a family member, especially when it’s for your own sister! Jamie Forsythe of Sweet Jelly Parties designed a Dreamcatcher Inspired “Be Brave Little One” Baby Shower to celebrate Baby Graysen’s Native American family history and the theme of her nursery.

A creative dreamcatcher mobile from Hippie by Viki and custom tee pee – later added to the nursery! – are just a couple of the many *dreamy* details that pulled together this party in the park, planned from 8 states away!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Playful painted terra cotta pot filled succulents, arrow props & a dream catcher mobile
  • Beautiful tee pee (handmade by grandma!) with tambourines, drums & rain sticks for the kids to play music
  • Bead wrapped mason jars + chevron straws and feather charms
  • Ombre pink tribal cake, pink watercolor “Dream Big” sign and “Baby Graysen” custom napkins
  • Tee pee trail mix and “Treats For The Tribe” printed baggies
  • Dreamcatcher, tee pee, patterned onesie and “Be Brave” cookies from Sweets by Gigi

brave baby shower

brave baby shower

brave baby shower

brave baby shower

brave baby shower (more…)

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7 Steps To Throwing A Favorite Things Holiday Party

favorite things holiday party

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone (can you believe it?!), it’s time to start the Christmas countdown! Krista O’Byrne of Hoopla Events is definitely getting us in the holiday spirit today with her 7 Steps To Throwing A Favorite Things Holiday Party. Take a peek at her tips and ideas for a fun, festive, and plaid-bedecked get together that will make you fall *deerly* in love with the most wonderful time of the year! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– White frosted cake with greenery accents, wood slice stand and a yarn figurine reindeer topper
– Plaid Christmas tree shaped cookies, antler cupcake toppers & holiday red macaron cookies
– “Hello, Deer” stationary + modern antler design invitation with matching gift labels
– Red and black plaid custom pillows & signature cranberry margaritas rimmed in gold sugar

favorite things holiday party

favorite things holiday party

favorite things holiday party (more…)

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“Snowy” Coca-Cola Cake + Sweet Penguin & Polar Bear Topper

Easy Coca-Cola Cake with Polar Bear Penguin Cake Topper

If you’re looking for a cute – and totally doable – way to whip up a little extra holiday magic for your loved ones, I’ve got just the thing! Inspired by the adorable penguin & polar bear Coca-Cola commercials from a while back, I thought it would be fun to make a playful “snowy” cake for the holidays and top it with penguins and polar bears that were getting along swimmingly. We’re talking holiday magic, after all!

One of the best things about this cake, though, is how EASY it is to make. I used a Coca-Cola cake recipe that only requires 5 ingredients, then covered it in “snowy peaks” of store-bought vanilla frosting. This is one of my favorite ways to frost a buttercream cake, and you don’t have to be a dessert pro – AT ALL – to make it look good. Plus, it requires you to be extra generous with the frosting, which is always a bonus in my book!

Read on for full details on… 1) the cake recipe, 2) the frosting technique, 3) the cake topper, and 4) a coordinating “snowy fun” tablescape design, should you want to extend this look beyond the cake plate. Oh ya… there are free printables too!

P.S. I’ve been working on creative content for Coca-Cola quite a bit this year, but this is the first time I’ve tried out their mini cans. They made such a fun addition to the matching party table! Why is everything so cute when it’s mini sized? ;)

Coca-Cola Cake + Mini Cans (more…)

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Dreamy Mint & Metallic Hot Cocoa Stand Party

christmas hot cocoa stand party

Fair warning: you’re going to want to grab some fluffy blankets & get toasty warm with a mug of luxuriously rich hot cocoa before scrolling through these gorgeous images. Tara Berger of One Stylish Party styled this Dreamy Mint & Metallic Hot Cocoa Stand Party for a very lucky group of kids. Set up in a Christmas tree farm (is there a more perfect place?!), Tara also supplied an entire BED for the kids to get cozy, jump around on and just be kids! What a lovely way to ring in the holiday season with some serious joy ;).

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Watercolored ‘Falala’ mugs & coordinating ‘magic of Christmas’ typographic sign
– Blush rose studded magnolia leaf garland + gold ‘Merry & Bright’ banner on the bed
– Clever DIY store-bought donut hole tree & frosted tree cookies + silver snowflake decorated Christmas trees
– Hot cocoa toppings bar with homemade vanilla marshmallows, coconut & white chocolate

christmas party typography signs

kids snowy holiday photoshoot

christmas tree party dessert ideas

outdoor bed kids party setup (more…)

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