Sunny & Sweet Farm Animals Birthday Party

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red barn topped farm birthday cake

There’s nothin’ like a good old fashioned day on the farm! For her animal-loving daughter’s birthday, Kate Petronis of And Everything Sweet planned this Sunny & Sweet Farm Animals Birthday Party! This party was definitely not short on the animals, from round chicken cake pops and farm animal party circles, to animal cookies in a grass field and a baby ducks & bunnies petting zoo! So much rowdy fun for the kids! :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Dessert table with country style patterns, rustic burlap & a large wooden wagon wheel
  • Chocolate covered strawberry ‘carrots’ in a bed of chocolate ‘dirt’ + wrapped utensil ‘carrots’
  • Mini barn painting activity + a chicken egg hunt game with eggs filled with chocolate & mini prizes
  • Chocolate covered Oreo animals & tractors + tractor cookies & chocolate pop party favors
  • Birthday cake with a cow print bottom layer, pigs’ mud puddle, duck pond & a red barn topper with horse

red gingham farm birthday party dessert table

chicken egg hunt party game

farm chicken cake pops and farm animal chocolate covered Oreos

watering hole farm party drinks

farm animal cookies in a grass field

country farm animal dessert ideas

chocolate covered strawberry carrots in chocolate dirt

farm birthday party tablescape

farm birthday party dessert ideas

wooden barn painting activity

birthday party baby animals petting zoo

farm tractor cookies & chocolate pops


PARTY DETAILS as told by Kate

This party was for my sweet Olivia’s 5th birthday. She has a BIG love for animals, so we thought it only appropriate to celebrate her big day with a farm themed party! We had a petting zoo with baby bunnies and baby ducks which was a huge hit!! For a craft, I had the children paint their own wooden barns. These also later served as “housing” for their plastic farm animals they found in the “farm animal dig.”

The children also did a chicken egg hunt to find the farmer’s “lost eggs.” I filled white plastic eggs with candy and other trinkets. Each child was given an egg carton which held 6 eggs. I told them that the chicken laid some of her eggs but the wind scattered them all over the yard. If they helped the farmer by finding the eggs, they could keep them. Oh how they loved this game!! ;)

The dessert table was created by myself with some help from Amanda’s Parties To Go and her fabulous farm collection. I also got some help on the dessert table from an amazing cookie artist, Decorated Desserts, who can be found on Etsy.

Vendor Credit
POSTED BY:Dayna GoldmanHi, I’m Dayna, the newest team member here at Hostess with the Mostess, where, as the Editorial & Design Assistant, I have been introduced to this amazing world of events for the first time.

9 responses to “Sunny & Sweet Farm Animals Birthday Party”

  1. Chantelle Ames Doll says:

    Great party – I am totally in love with the carrot strawberry patch!

  2. Kristina says:

    Where are those wooden barns from?! Would love to do that!

  3. Kristina Geonnotti Wengert says:

    Where so you find those wooden barns?!

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  5. mandi says:

    Were you able to find the little egg cartons for sale or did you have to save them from buying eggs at the store?

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  7. Heaven Avery says:

    We are doing a barnyard/piggy party for my son’s birthday and I love the chicken egg hunt! Where were you able to find the plastic eggs at?