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DIY Tutorial: “Paint by Party” Cookies {Rainbow Party}

paint by party rainbow cookies

As promised in our Rainbow Unicorn Party post, here are the step by step instructions to create your own “Paint by Party” cookies! As Jessica suggests, these could take on any form — they would be super cute as baby carriages or colorful POPsicles for a baby shower, jungle animals or Princess wands for a kid’s birthday party, or even holiday themed cookies like Christmas trees or Easter eggs! Let your creativity run wild! See all the details on how to get this for your next party below…



by Jessica Kirkland

“Paint-by-Party” Cookies are my new favorite customized party favor that doubles as a party activity too. I loved using them for the Rainbow Unicorn Party I hosted for my daughter’s 5th birthday.

These “Paint-by-Party Cookies” by Flourish Sweet Shop (FSS) were designed for party guests to paint using a customized paint palette of colors comprised of edible food colorings. Flourish Sweet Shop’s original “Paint-by-Party” cookies feature one cookie with an image to paint as well as the paint palette embedded in the overall design.

For the Rainbow Unicorn Party, I worked with Lisa to create two different cookies; one cookie to be painted and a separate cookie acting as the paint palette. I drew the rainbow cloud design and emailed it to FSS who then created the black line art image for the cookie design. FSS then created a heart-shaped paint palette containing the coordinating edible paint colors.

paint by party rainbow cookies

The design of the cookies was perfect. Party guests simply dipped a small paintbrush in water to activate each paint color and then they had fun socializing while painting. The cookies were dry by the time Ella’s party guests were ready to leave and were packaged in cellophane bags as party favors.

paint by party rainbow cookies

paint by party rainbow cookies

paint by party rainbow cookies

paint by party rainbow cookies

Lisa, owner of Flourish Sweet Shop, surprised me with an extra adorable detail. I had originally shared with her my desire to include a heart in the overall finished design of the cookie to tie in the heart shown on the unicorn on the invitation. That’s when Lisa made the brilliant suggestion of making the paint palette cookie into the shape of a heart AND to also include mini-sized sparkly sugar heart cookies for party guests to glue on to the finished cookie using icing.

paint by party rainbow cookies

The “Paint-by-Party” cookies turned out even more adorable than I could’ve imagined. I was so surprised at how perfectly the edible paint colors matched the party scheme. Ella’s request to be able to paint rainbows at her party was met in such a creative, memorable way; for her as well as her guests.

paint by party rainbow cookies

Flourish Sweet Shop can easily whip up a custom design to match the theme of your party and include the edible paint palette to match. There are so many things you can do with these cookies by changing themes, colors, designs and even shapes. And these aren’t just for kids’ birthday parties either. I can see adults having fun with these at wedding and baby showers too!

TIP: Rinse the paint brush off between each color so as not to mix them and then dab your paintbrush on a paper towel to make sure it is clean.

Thanks so much Jessica! See more of her crafty DIYS, as well as photos of her adorable family and baking adventures, on her blog, Pen N’ Paper Flowers.



Paint-By-Party Cookies Inspiration: Flourish Sweet Shop

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