Kids Birthday 11.21.13

Joyful Bubbles & Brunch 2nd Birthday Party

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pink and yellow balloons and a dessert brunch table at a backyard bubble parrty

These pictures have me bubbling over with joy, feeling all warm and bubbly inside… you get the picture. ;) In a nutshell, this party is seriously cute. AND approachable! Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events is at it again for baby Scarlett; she brought a simple theme to life in such a fun way for this Bubbles & Brunch 2nd Birthday Party. I absolutely adore the balloon topped cupcakes and the backyard setting… and look at how happy the sweet birthday girl looks! Is there really anything better?

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Fabulous “Pop On In” Balloon Door “wreath”
  • Round (bubble inspired) Snacks: grapes, donut holes, Danish Pancakes, Bagels & more
  • Darling DIY Balloon Cupcake Toppers &  Felt Hat for the Birthday Girl
  • Every little one’s dream:  a Homemade Bubble Pit!

backyard birthday brunch venue with pink and white balloons

funfetti cupcakes with small white balloon toppers

children playing in a bubble pit and customized water bottles with paper straws

pop on over birthday brunch cupcakes

powdered sugar covered danish pancakes for brunch

brunch ideas for a bubble birthday party

sparkling drinks in a bucket of ice at a brunch birthday party

blowing bubbles at a little girl's birthday party

kids playing in a pit of bubbles and other fun birthday activities

girl's birthday party felt hat and party favors

singing happy birthday at a bubble themed birthday brunch


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Janice

Some of you may remember Scarlett’s first birthday party that was featured on HWTM last year! We are back with a just-as-fun party this year for her second birthday! Since Scarlett and her dad Brett are both super into bubbles, mom Terra and I thought a brunch and bubbles birthday party would be the way to go! The tag line was Pop On Over for Bubbles and Brunch — Scarlett is Turning Two!

Parents Terra and Brett love to host their friends and family at their home. Luckily the weather was mild this year and we were able to spread out all over the yard. The backyard was filled with anything and everything related to bubbles. We had a bubble machine, 3 different bubble stations with varying sized wands, a “bubble pit” — aka a pool filled with bubbles (OK they were really clear beach balls, you got me) and a bubble wrap popping station for the kids to jump on. We also had a coloring station with sheets of bubble designs to color.

In addition to brunch appropriate finger food, we included a wide assortment of bubble shaped foods, like grapes, blueberries, donut holes, and Danish pancakes — which look like pancake holes (check your local Trader Joe’s). We DIYed the balloon cupcake toppers for an extra “pop” on the table. For the adults we offered some bubbly drinks to accompany a variety of juices, including peach, pear, and orange. We used paper lanterns and balloons to continue with the bubble theme in the decor.

Guests left the party with their own bottle of bubbles, a wand, a rubber ducky for bubble bath fun at home, and a few pieces of double bubble gum.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring Scarlett’s party!

    • Brittany W. says:

      Janice, what a lovely party! And love the theme! I was thinking about doing something similar for my daughters second bday, and particularly LOVE your “bubble pit” with the clear beach balls! I thankfully found a site that carries them in varied sizes, but was curious…do you happen to remember how many you bought to fill up that kiddie pool? I know it’s a random question, but as I’m getting ready to order, I honestly can’t quite figure out how many to purchase, without purchasing TOO many/spending too much but also making sure I get enough! Thanks so much!

    • Jessica says:

    • Jessica says:

  2. check out @GoslingPhoto’s great work on @HWTM_Jenn for Scarlett’s birthday!

  3. Joyful Bubbles & Brunch 2nd Birthday Party #weddings

  4. Joyful Bubbles & Brunch 2nd Birthday Party #weddings

  5. The coordinating invitation that I designed for this party can be seen here in my Etsy shop, and all the printable items shown above are available by request. Thanks for featuring my designs and this fabulous party!

  6. Did you see the Bubbles & Brunch party I helped with? with @GoslingPhoto

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  8. Joyful Bubbles & Brunch 2nd Birthday Party

  9. yo says:

    where did you get the beach balls. Any one can answer

  10. T says:

    I am wondering the same thing, about the beach balls! Please!

  11. Diana Castro says:

    I’m planning same theme for my dayghters second birthday. Where do you get the
    Beach balls? Thanks!

  12. Katy Lennox says:

    Where did you get the Beach Balls? Thanks!

  13. Where did you buy your clear balls?

  14. Jessica B says:

    I’d also really love to know where the beach balls were purchased as I’m planning a similar party…

  15. Heather says:

    Any answer yet on where to find the balls? Such a cute idea!

  16. Joyce Motley Ashlock says:

    At Such a cute idea!

  17. April Ashlock says:

    Where did you find clear beach balls?

  18. April Ashlock says:

    Weird that this posted here…but anyway…I am going to need the the cheap version of this!

  19. tiara johnson says:

    I’m not sure if you’ve answered this, as it won’t let me view the other comments, but where did you get the clear beach balls? thanks!!

  20. Jessica says:

  21. buy me brunch font | Buy Online Store says:

    […] pit, balloon-topped cupcakes, doughnuts, blueberries, pink balloons, felt hats, paper straws . Click here Printable butterfly brunch invitation | elli blog, Our free printable butterfly brunch invitation […]

  22. Allison says:

    This is so awesome – I have a very similar idea for my daughter’s 1st birthday party coming up. I have been searching high and low for clear beach balls like the ones you used in the baby pool – any recommendations you can provide would be welcome! What size beach balls did you use? Looks like 6″ to me. Anyway – beautiful party, great inspiration!!

  23. Elizabeth 'lisa' Tsay says:

    Did anyone find out where to get the clear beach balls and how many to buy?

  24. Tiffany says:

    Where did you get the clear beach balls for the ball pit? The links above don’t work.

  25. Christy Mraz says:

    How many beach balls (approx) did you need to fill the pool?

  26. kyndal says:

    Love this idea! I am not sure how many balls to order. Do you remember around how many you used?

  27. Jill says:

    I’d like to see comments 16-30 to see if anyone answered re: where to buy the beach balls, but we can’t get them to loan on any browser on a Mac or PC. I’m posting this to see if it will show them to me.

  28. […] also love the creative idea from Bellweather Events at HWTM in which she filled a kiddie pool with clear “bubbly” beach balls for some fun that’s decidedly less soapy. In fact, be sure to use clear balloons everywhere […]

  29. Ashleigh Miodowski says:

    No one seems to have got an answer for where to buy various clear beach balls I found beachballs.Com but smallest size is 12 inches. Can someone enlightened me where to search? Thank you!

    • jenn s. says:

      We haven’t had any luck finding them either… they used to be available at – and if you do a google search for 6″ clear beach ball they actually come up at in the image results (and it says 6-inch in the image description), but when you click to go there, you get taken to an “out of stock” page. :(

  30. Where did you get the clear beach balls?! I love it!!

  31. Melinda Todd says:

    Cute! Where did you get those clear little balls?