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Creepy & Kid-Friendly Zombie Apocalypse Party

zombie brain cookies

Protect your brain! Myles’ 8th birthday is all about ZOMBIES! {Talented} Mommy, Sunny Duran of Sunny by Design kept it not too gross or scary, but totally cool. In just two weeks, she attacked this Creepy & Kid-Friendly Zombie Apocalypse Party with creative ideas for a deathly dessert table, favors (for survival!) and party activities in this popular theme… that might just be perfect for Halloween. 

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Deadly Dirt Cups, Funny Bones and Brain Cake Pops
– Survial Kits, Zombie Hands & Wooden Planks
– Camo Face Paint , Zombie Brain Toss (Hot Potato!) & Nerf Gun Games
– Coffin Brownies, Green Skeleton Pops & Oreo Eyeballs

zombie apocalypse party

survival kit

zombie juice

coffin brownies

funny bones

rip dirt cups


zombie eyeballs

brain cheesecake

zombie party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Sunny

For my sons 8th birthday he decided on a zombie theme.  He is obsessed with hunting zombies and pretending there is a zombie apocalypse so this didn’t really surprise me. However he specifically told me not to make it too scary or gross.  So I went for a creepy zombie vibe with no blood or body parts involved. I focused on the zombies hands reaching through wooden planks and reaching out of the dirt. He didn’t decide on his theme until 2 weeks before his party date so I was a little pressed for time.  Because of this I created all the printables (Sunny by Design) and the desserts myself the week before the party.

We have a rustic kitchen table that I love so I knew this would be the perfect spot to have our Zombie dessert table with Deadly dirt cups, Funny Bones, Brains cupcakes,  Coffin Brownies, Chocolate skeleton pops, Franken Smore pops, Zombie Oreo Eyeballs, and Brainy Strawberry Cheesecake(in a jar).  The kids drank zombie juice (limeade and 7up) with eyeball ice cubes.  I designed survival treat bags that they filled with items to help them survive the apocalypse, like Zombie bait  (candy shaped like fingers and eyeballs), Zombie distractions (bubbles and glow sticks), and a disguise (glow in the dark, Dracula teeth).

I painted their faces with camo and the kids ran around outside with nerf guns chasing zombies most of the time.  I got them to come in once to play a game of toss the zombie brains where they threw around a ziploc bag filled with green jelly beans, similar to hot potato.  The boys had a blast and made sure every zombie within a two block radius of our house was exterminated.



– Cupcake toppers, banner, cake topper, food labels, drink wrappers, treat bags: Sunny by Design 
– Desserts, Photography: Sunny Duran
– Supplies : Michael’s, Walmart, Dollar Store

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My Zombie Party is on Hostess with the Mostess today!!!! So, so happy. http://t.co/bgDrWOJoeF

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