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DIY Tutorial: Embossed Monogram Note Cards

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monogram notecards

Here’s a little secret of mine: I LOVE personalized stationery! Surprising, right? ;) So naturally I’m really excited to share this super cute {and easy!} DIY Tutorial: Embossed Monogram Note Cards by Rux of Lush Prints! These embossed note cards are a great way to get crafty & creative, all the while looking super fancy & expensive.



by: Rux Isai of Lush Prints


Monogram Notecard DIY Tutorial

Rubber Stamp
Heat Tool
Embossing Powder {for superfine details}
Embossing Pad
– Paint Brush
Note Cards & Envelopes
– Plate


Expected Time for 5 note cards: 15-30 minutes

Monogram Notecard DIY Tutorial

1. Lightly tap your rubber stamp with your embossing ink pad

Monogram Notecard DIY Tutorial

2. Gently press your stamp onto your note card.

Monogram Notecard DIY Tutorial

3. Place your note card on the plate and generously pour your embossing powder to cover the surface of the fresh embossing ink. Allow to sit for 10 second or so.

Monogram Notecard DIY Tutorial

4. Slowly pour off the excess powered directly onto your plate. Remove any remaining powder with your brush. Be careful not to remove powder off your artwork, if you do simply repeat step 3.

Monogram Notecard DIY Tutorial

5. Hold your heat tool directly above your artwork. Patiently wait for the powder to liquify (it is really neat to watch this happen).

Monogram Notecard DIY Tutorial

6. Voila! You are done!


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3 responses to “DIY Tutorial: Embossed Monogram Note Cards”

  1. Julia says:

    Wow, this is so cool! Next time I go to the craft store, I need to get some embossing supplies!