Creative Puss in Boots Birthday Party

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puss in boots party

Are you ready for an adventure? Amber planned this super creative Puss in Boots Party for her son’s 5th birthday! Pint-sized guests equipped with custom black capes and masks, engaged in sword fights, ate Spanish style bites and sought after magic bean favors!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Custom crafted capes paired with swords and masks as party favors!
  • Coco Leche: chocolate milk glasses rimmed with edible gold glitter
  • Edible Golden Eggs (pineapple sprinkled in edible gold glitter!)
  • Dessert table with beanstalk licorice, cloud meringue cookies & magic bean jelly beans

puss in boots beanstalk party

puss in boots party food table

puss in boots agua

puss in boots party food

puss in boots party sweets

rimmed chocolate milk glasses

puss in boots cake

puss in boots cape

puss in boots party favors


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Amber

This Puss in Boots 5th birthday party was a dream for Callum and his friends. Because the theme is not common, creativity was key! We went with a very spanish theme for the food table and main decor. The chili bar, grilled chicken swords, quesadillas and magic bean cups were fun enough for the kids and sophisticated enough to please the adults, too. The golden eggs (pineapple sprinkled in edible gold glitter) were a major hit! A little something for everyone…

For drinks, I wanted to offer something a bit healthier than juice or soda, so I made a flavored water with raspberries and limes. In the custom Puss in Boots Hat adorned cups, the kids didn’t know the difference. I did, however, indulge them just a bit with dessert. Since my son doesn’t prefer plain milk, we went with little shots of chocolate milk lined in edible gold glitter.

For the desserts, I wanted a much lighter look with more of a nod to the Jack in the Beanstalk part of the story. The bar was covered in twinkly, fluffy clouds to go with the beanstalk cake. The dessert bar featured cloud meringue cookies, beanstalks, beanpoles, magic beans, paw print cookies and of course, the cake!

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of planning this party was creating the party favors. I love a great take-home favor that isn’t “trinket trash.” With the help of Callums grandma, we custom made each cape that was paired with a black mask and a sword, of course. The kids went crazy for them and wore them during the party. It totally set the mood. The adorable parting gift was a little package containing a magic bean. A small pot, bag of dirt and individual message bean were included with instructions of how to plant their seed. It turned out so cute! This party was such a blast! The kids had the best time and are still talking about it!!

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6 responses to “Creative Puss in Boots Birthday Party”

  1. Lina Kim says:

    Awesome in so many ways! Great job mama!

  2. Lina Kim says:

    Awesome in so many ways! Great job mama!

  3. Margie Macias-Chenart says:

    Wow…very NICE! My son loves puss n boots too, and I'm planning his bday party. Where did you buy the capes with the boots on the back of it? they're awesome :)

  4. Margie Macias-Chenart says:

    Wow…great Job! very NICE. My son loves puss n boots and planning his bday party. The capes with the boots on the back of it are very unique, where did you purchase them?