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Favorite Detail: “Jackson Pollock” Painted Cookies

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favorite detail jackson pollock cookies

Krisha of Jacks and Kate crafted an eclectic art studio for her son’s paint party with talent from the master artist himself: Jackson created and named his edible artwork! The “Jackson Pollock” Painted Canvas Cookies (colorful paint splatters on on a white frosted canvas!) stole the show, especially on their adorable individual mini art easels!

Click on the album image (below) to check out the full Paint Party!

favorite detail album paint party

POSTED BY:alyssaHi, I’m Alyssa, and I love seeing all the inspiration on HWTM! Aside for my obvious love of design, parties, and blogging, here are a few random things about me… 1.

3 responses to “Favorite Detail: “Jackson Pollock” Painted Cookies”

  1. We are having an art party for miss 3 this year. This post will need to be repinned to remind me to try out these easel biscuits, they look amazing!!

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