01 Nov

Clever “Over the Rainbow” Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

 rainbow Wizard of Oz party

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to this amazing Rainbow Wizard of Oz Birthday by Alexis of Adella and Co.! Alexis went “Over the Rainbow” to find inspiration for her daughter’s party…lions, tigers and everything from the land of Oz – including Dorothy herself – made an appearance! No place like home? Just tap your ruby red party favors ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Glittered invitation with Dorothy and Toto + an Emerald City inspired welcome sign
– “Scarecrow Stuffing” (French Fries), “Yellow Brick” Twinkies, Glinda’s Pretzel Wands & more
– Rainbow flower arrangements, gingham linens and ruby jewel confetti
– Yellow Brick Road entry way with the Wicked Witches’ Legs!
– White picket fence shaped cupcake wrappers

Rainbow Oz flower centerpiece

rainbow Wizard of Oz invitation

rainbow kids table

Wizard of Oz emerald city sign

Wicked witch red shoes

Wizard of Oz desserts

poppy seed muffins

red ruby slipper favors

dorothy outfit


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Alexis

Our daughter, Adella, requested that this year we host a “Dorothy” party to celebrate her 4th birthday! I spent many nights diligently working away, hoping to create a party that was as magical and memorable as her favorite movie. In my research I came across Gwynn Wasson Designs and contacted her about creating a custom party pack: I hoped to incorporate a little bit of Kansas and a whole lot of Oz! She was more than willing to work with my requests and came up with the perfect design.

I used haystacks for risers, and gingham touches to represent Kansas; as well as bright paper fans and colorful flowers for OZ. Our backyard “rainbow” (plastic table cloths) was a huge hit with the kids; it gave a feeling of being transported to the other side of the rainbow, while providing additional shade during the hot summer day.

We kept the food rather simple, and wanted to utilize classic american foods within the “Wizard of Oz” theme. Twinkies served as “Yellow bricks”, chocolate dipped pretzels became “Glinda’s Wands”, and animal crackers represented the famous line “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”. The children were served “Toto on a bun” and “Scarecrow stuffing” for lunch.

Each guest was given a pair of ruby slippers upon arrival, and the girls got to take home a lovely basket filled with “lollipop guild” treats, hair clips, a lipgloss, etc. The girls even had a surprise visit from Dorothy herself: she entertained them with reading the story of her adventures in Oz, singing songs, playing games and face painting.



– Printables: Gwynn Wasson Designs
– Ruby Slippers: Target
– Cake & Cupcakes: Albertsons Bakery
– Baskets: The Lucky Clover Trading Company
– Paper Fans: Party City
– Haystacks, Tin Cans, & Lawn Flowers: Shinoda Design Center
– Macarons: Katella Bakery
– Plates & Napkins: Shindigz

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