Halloween Cupcakes: Spider Web Frosting Tutorial

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spider frosting cupcake tutorial on hwtm

In our Ghouls Night Collection for a Girlie Halloween Cocktail Party we featured these easy & chic Spider Web Cupcakes, and now we’re going to show you how to make them! Impress your friends with these super simple and budget friendly sweet treats… just in time for Halloween. ;)

death by chocolate spider web cupcakes




– Chocolate Cupcakes
– Vanilla Frosting
– Chocolate Morsels
– Piping Bag
– Fine Frosting Tip
– Scissors
– Bamboo Skewer
– Small Microwave Safe Bowl
– Spoon
– Butter Knife


frosted vanilla cupcakes

1. Using your butter knife, frost a cupcake with the vanilla frosting.

2. Pour the chocolate chip morsels in the microwave safe bowl and microwave in 30 second increments. Stir the morsels with your spoon in between each 30 second increment. Keep heating until completely melted.

3. Cut the tip of your icing bag off and place your fine frosting tip in the bag aligning it with the hole. Using your spoon, fill the piping bag with the melted morsels.

4. Gently squeeze out the chocolate onto the cupcake frosting in rings.

spider cupcakes tutorial

5. Gently drag the bamboo skewer rom the center of the rings to the outside. Do this all the way around the cupcakes to create the web effect.

spider cupcakes tutorial

spider web cupcake tutorial

halloween cupcakes



– The chocolate will harden quickly so make sure to work fast and don’t be afraid to reheat the chocolate once it starts to harden. Do not reheat the chocolate in the piping bag.

– Clean your fine frosting tip and microwavable bowl right after. The chocolate will harden and it becomes difficult to get it off.


Happy Halloween! (View the Ghouls Night Party here & purchase the collection in our shop click here!)

hwtm ghouls night halloween party


Tutorial and Photography by Team HWTM


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