15 May

Homemade “Kissing Booth” {DIY Photo Booth}

Homemade Kissing Booth {DIY Photo Booth}

We’ve definitely seen homemade photo booths with all different themes around here (most recently Willy Wonka & Toy Story) but this is the first time we’ve received an actual Kissing Booth!

Mary from A Silly Whim enjoyed the photo booth at her wedding so much that she wanted to try making one herself – and she did a fantastic job of bringing this one to life! This concept could of course be translated to any theme you like – ticket booth for a carnival party, lemonade stand for a summer birthday bash, and so on…

PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Homemade props & and a breakdown of how they were made
– Instant photos {great favor idea!}
– Funny photo booth props on sticks

Homemade Kissing Booth {DIY Photo Booth}

Homemade Kissing Booth {DIY Photo Booth}

Homemade Kissing Booth {DIY Photo Booth}

Homemade Kissing Booth {DIY Photo Booth}



PARTY DETAILS, as told by Mary

Back in 2009, my husband and I had a photo booth at our wedding and ever since then I really wanted to make my own DIY photo booth (I even asked for a Polaroid camera for my birthday). So, I Valentine’s Day with my idea for a photo booth and came up with the ‘Kissing Booth’ concept.

I am not a carpenter or an artist, so the fact that I made this booth was quite an accomplishment! I actually went to three different stores before I finally got over my intimidation and found a very helpful salesperson to assist me. I was intimated because I wasn’t exactly sure what to ask for (type of wood, exact dimensions… I had no clue), so I just explained to the salesman what I wanted to build and how I pictured it to look and he helped me figure out what I needed.  He even cut the wood to size which was very helpful since I didn’t even own a saw (did I mention that I am not a carpenter?)! Plus, I needed him to cut the pieces small enough to fit into my car (a minor detail I didn’t consider in advance). Although I didn’t have a saw, my husband did have an old drill buried in our shed that I used to screw all the pieces together.  It may not have been perfectly level or straight, but it looked cute!

The props I also made myself by googling “lip template” or “mouth cutout” and printing them at home on card stock. I then cut them out and taped them to the sticks.



– Lumber : local lumberyard and hardware store called M&S Building Supply (less than $20)
– Paint: Orchard Supply & Hardware
– Wood Letters: Beverly’s



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kelly SAYS:

This is too cute! What kind of wood was used?? And do you know the dimensions??? I love this idea : )

Reply May 15, 2012 at 10:28 am

Stacie O. SAYS:

What kind of camera is that? Does it print the pic also?

Reply September 25, 2012 at 5:50 pm

Susan Victoria Bain SAYS:

i love this! what were you dimensions? i really want to make one for my daughters 2nd bday im planning in march!!!

Reply January 16, 2014 at 8:05 pm

Remi Zagari SAYS:

Thats pretty awesome!

Reply November 5, 2014 at 10:36 pm

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