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Favorite Detail: Watermelon Pirate Ship

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watermelon pirate ship party favorite detail

What a creative way to display delicious treasure! This is pure inspiration for a Pirate Party – a pirate ship carved out of a watermelon, courtesy of HWTM member gtosetti! {Click on the album image below to check out the full party.}

What’s your favorite way to see a watermelon creatively carved?

POSTED BY:alyssaHi, I’m Alyssa, and I love seeing all the inspiration on HWTM! Aside for my obvious love of design, parties, and blogging, here are a few random things about me… 1.

4 responses to “Favorite Detail: Watermelon Pirate Ship”

  1. Kelly says:

    Love this pirate ship watermelon idea! It actually looks like something I might be able to handle too :)

  2. The pirate ship looks great and will encourage the children to eat some healthy fruit.

  3. Love the decorations, especially the watermelon ship!

  4. Phuk Siew says:

    ( ผูกเสี่ยวขอขอบคุณข้่อมูลจ่ะ / Thanks 4 Sharing by PhukSiew ).