A Crafty & Creative Ladybug Birthday Party

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ladybug birthday bash dessert table with a 3 tier cake

This bright and colorful Ladybug Birthday Party by Shannon is full of adorable ladybug treats and so many crafty DIY details… just check out those fabulous hanging paper plate “lanterns” for starters! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Cute picnic-inspired treats and drinks including “Ladybug Bites” and “Bug Juice”
  • Black ladybug spotted WALLS – so clever!
  • “Baby Bug Grub” favors packaged up in baby food jars
  • personalized garland with pictures of the birthday girl at each of her first 12 months
  • ladybug spotted shoes, sunflower cupcakes, & more…

ladybug birthday juice labels and mason jars with red stripe straws

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party

ladybug birthday party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Shannon

Since we often refer to our daughter as Gwynnie Bug, we felt it naturally appropriate to throw our daughter a Ladybug Bash first birthday party!

All of the decoration were homemade by me- I made the welcome sign, Happy Birthday banner, month-by-month picture timeline, highchair banner, planter centerpieces, and black ladybug “spots” for the wall using my Cricut. I also made the fabric flower balls seen in the white vases, and the paper plate balls seen hanging above the food and beverage tables. The water bottle labels, bug juice labels, and drink flags were made on my computer using Word. For the cake plates I bought white plates, vases, and teacups at a thrift store, spray painted them to coordinate with the party, and then glued them together.

I made all of the homemade treats! This was very time-consuming, but incredibly rewarding! Plus, it saved me a ton of money! For lunch, we ate “picnic” themed foods.

For favors, guests were asked to fill a goody bag with their favorite treats and candy. The “Baby Buggies” took home “Baby Bug Grub,” which was baby snacks and cereal put into baby food jars.

We purchased hundreds of ladybugs and scattered them throughout the backyard, as well as housed some in a homemade ladybug house, (constructed by The Hubby). The older children were given bug catcher kits (from The Dollar Store!) and searched for ladybugs around the yard to take home and release in their own gardens! I also made a brochure which explained how to properly care for and release the ladybugs. Our Baby Buggies played in a ladybug tent, and all children could also color on ladybug coloring sheets as well.

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14 responses to “A Crafty & Creative Ladybug Birthday Party”

  1. Mindy says:

    I’m impressed with all the decorated food!

  2. When a person hears a ladybug themed party, it doesn’t sound like it could be that exciting but when I saw all of decorations, food, play area, having real lady bugs, I was blown away. I love the red room w the black spots. This party exceeded everything I was imaging before I clicked the link. I love it!

  3. SO adorable! I wish I had a little girl…or even had a neice!

  4. Wow, what an incredibly cute party. I love the Ladybug Bites, the banner, and how all the colors worked so well together. I used the same bug catching kits for my daughter’s class last year for their last day of school. I made dirt dessert in them and then they got to keep the kits to take home for the summer. They loved eating the gummy worms with the tweezers. :)

  5. bonnieroylance says:

    WOW, what detail. If you are ever looking for more Ladybug Party Supplies, we would love to help. Our store is http://www.LadybugGiftStore.com

  6. Patricia says:

    Hi. Just wonderful everything you did! I was wondering how did you do the ladybug crackers?

  7. Tina Crawford says:

    We are having a ladybug party for our little one and love everything you did. How did you do the paper plate balls? We are trying to figure it out bit thought maybe you had instructions. Thanks.

  8. L. Price says:

    How do you make the paper plate “balls”?

  9. Karen Jeffers says:

    How did you make the ladybug bites?

  10. Kim says:

    I was curious how good of quality the bug kits were from the dollartree. I am tempted to get them instead of putting together kits(which was my plan). I know that nets can be really poorly put made. How were these nets?

  11. Allie says:

    I’m planning a lady bug themed party for my Lilly bugs first birthday. I would love to know how u made the lady bug bites!

  12. Melissa Nurse says:

    My son wants a chocolate cake with ladybugs for his birthday and I have been looking for inspiration to make the ladybugs to decorate the top…hiw did u make them? Looks like red smarties with melted chocolate for spots?