Wonderlandia Dessert Table and Candy Station

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alice in wonderland dessert table

I’m not sure if it’s just me or if most of the creative/blogging world is like this, but I always seem to get to my own stuff last, because there’s always something else that needs priority attention: client work, party submissions from others, inbox, toddler, baby, husband, life in general… you get the picture. :)

Anyways, here is one such example: the dessert station from the HWTM Wonderlandia event we hosted last August has been on my editiorial calendar since… last August. *wince* I literally have been drag-and-dropping it on down the Google calendar straight through from last summer to April 2012. Yikes! I did upload the dessert table album after the event, but with all the amazing treats from some seriously talented vendors – not to mention lots of sparkle and a bright pink & metallic gold winged pig – I’m thinking this one deserves its own post to highlight all the fun details. So, the Google-calendar-dragging stops today – hooray! At least for this ONE item. ;) Here we go:

wonderland donut tower with fondant peonies

wonderland mad hatter marshmallow pops and cookies

wonderland eat me cookies

alice in wonderland cake

alice in wonderland candy station

alice in wonderland candy bags

wonderland pink and orange candy

wonderland white rabbit and skeleton key cookies

alice in wonderland cake and cupcakes

alice in wonderland lollipop display

wonderland hard candy station

wonderland fondant flower cupcakes

alice in wonderland desserts



I did a lot of HomeGoods shopping for this event – then painted everything to match the party. The “flying pig” was one of my favorite finds! He started out off-white but was hot pink with gold wings by the time we were done with him – much better, don’t you think?! ;) And then of course every Wonderlandia needs a White Rabbit! I found a neutral/stone colored bunny statue that was given several coats of glossy white.

  • A whimsical chair-shaped garden plant holder from our Royal Wedding shoot last year was also painted pink and used to hold a lollipop display. A couple other wire garden shelves (also from HomeGoods) were spray painted metallic gold and used to hold candy and favor bags.
  • For the backdrop, 3 acrylic bead curtain rods from ShopWildThings.com added the perfect dose of sparkle!
  • The Table Linens were from La Tavola: “Crinkle” table cloth in Fuschia and “Topaz” runner in Kelly Green
  • Most of the treats were displayed on trays, vases, and tier stands that we painted metallic gold and/or embellished with faux diamond ribbon. The zebra print plates that the royal icing cookies were displayed on were purchased at Social Couture.

I sent Stevi from Hey There, Cupcake! some of the graphic elements from the invitations & paper details, and she interpreted it into a ridiculously cool design! I just about fell over when I saw it and it still makes me just as happy today. With bold black and white striped tiers, gorgeous fondant flowers and metallic gold skeleton keys, it was the perfect mix of mod-glam-punk!

Bees Knees Creative brought the skeleton keys and rabbits from the stationery elements to life in spectacular detail – the patterned rabbits looked just like they did on the invites! – and Allyson Jane whipped up truly adorable stopwatch, flamingo, tea cup, and “eat me” sugar cookies and covered them in edible shimmer!

The Marshmallow Studio whipped up some adorable shimmery “Mad Hatter” marshmallow pops! We displayed them in embellished vases filled with styrofoam covered by moss.

Two Sugar Babies created some gorgeous & vibrant fondant flowers for the cupcakes and fondant peonies for the donut tower. The peonies were attached to the donuts with diamond diamante pins, which are only $3 for a pack of 100 at Save-on-Crafts.com. (Special thanks to Paige Kepner and Jessica Wilcox for making this tower look so pretty despite all the wind!)

Tons of pink, red, and orange candy from CandyWarehouse.com filled the apothecary jars. I created labels for each of the jars and displayed them on an inexpensive old wooden bookshelf from Target that I’ve had for years. We spray painted it gold for the party to help bring it back to life. :)  I also ordered a bunch of whirly pops from Candy Warehouse – both in the colors of the party and in high-contrast black & white for a pop of that same “mod punk” vibe from the cake. They were displayed in floral foam and moss filled vases that were embellished with faux diamond ribbon.

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8 responses to “Wonderlandia Dessert Table and Candy Station”

  1. I love the cake but I’m in love with the flowers on the cake. They look too perfect!

  2. lis says:

    What!? You made us wait this long for the fabulousness of this party?! Where to begin….First off I am super in love with these colors. Your printables are gorgeous. I love that you have an eye to see something from HomeGoods and recreate it to go fantastically with your party. The desserts are amazing in every way. How fun!! Great job….again!!!!

    • jenn s. says:

      Thanks, Lis! I always love customizing HomeGoods stuff – although I really think the cashier thought I might have been a crazy person with all the random items I brought through the checkout at once for this particular event… winged garden pig, rabbit statue, wooden flamingos, giant antique wall clock, tons of mismatched china… pretty much every single thing got a “paint makeover” of course, but I’m pretty sure the cashier was unaware of my “vision” ;)

  3. laura~eye candy event details says:

    hey jenn – as ALWAYS you did a FABULOUS job on this! I am such a big fan of your work & really enjoy when I get to see YOURS on your blog – so refreshing! I have always loved your ‘style’ & you did not disappoint on this! And THANK YOU for admitting this is 8 mos. overdue – makes me not feel as bad. My daughter’s 8th b-day party has STILL not been posted (and it’s my fav ever!) and I am doing her 9th b-day party on Sunday! How crazy is that. {sigh} That’s life for ya – right there with ya! =)

    • jenn s. says:

      Thanks, Laura! And you actually made me laugh out loud about your daughter’s birthday party comment! Maybe you can set a goal to post them both before she’s 10 ;) I actually have several other parties & DIY posts that are well over a year “past due” too… so definitely don’t think you’re alone! Good luck with the party this weekend. I’m sure it will be amazing as always :)

  4. Kelly says:

    Wow – can’t get over that amazing cake and the detail on the gorgeous cookies!

  5. Dee says:

    Hi i love what you did with the candy station. Can you share with me how many pounds of candy you used for the big jar of gumballs?

  6. bobbleheads says:

    Very very beautiful