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The Look For Less: RUFFLES Trend!

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pink and black crepe paper ruffles table

Tonya Coleman here from Soireé Event Design! I am so excited to be the newest Guest Contributor at HWTM and share my very first post – “Look for Less!” Today I’ll be sharing my tips on how you can have a fabulous high-end looking table for less. Yes…it IS possible and I’ll show you how.

This post is all about the current event trend: RUFFLES! Yes…Ruffles are all the rage right now. We see it in fashion, interior design and now in event decor with ruffled cakes, ruffled tablecloths, ruffled dessert table backdrops and more! Here, I incorporated ruffles on two tablescape designs at two completely different price points {see breakdown below}. One is the high-end designer table and the other is my “budget chic” table.

hot pink ruffle table skirt

The HIGH-END DESIGNER TABLE features a gorgeous lamour ruffled table skirt for $58, along with a fabulous ruffled table lamp for $90 and ruffled chargers for $35.

For the “BUDGET CHIC” table, I got creative with crepe paper STREAMERS – of all things! – to pull off the ruffle-look for less. I must say that I NEVER use streamers in event decor…in fact, it is one of my Top 5 “No-No’s” in event styling! BUT seeing how chic these ruffled streamers are from Oh Goodie Designs..I am a BELIEVER! Aren’t they just FABULOUS?!

pink and black ruffle party streamers table

The color selections and combos that Oh Goodie Designs offers are endless… For $25 you receive 100 feet of ruffled steamers – so you can really get creative in how you use them. Here I created a table trim and dressed up a $20 lamp. I saved so much money with using these ruffled streamers that I could still use the ruffled chargers shown on the designer table – not to mention that there was so much leftover ruffled streamers, that I could have trimmed 2 more tables and lamps! Now that’s getting more bang for your buck! ;)

Check out the cost comparison between the two tables:

pink white ruffle tablescape


Ruffled tableskirt: $58
Ruffled lamp: $90
Ruffled chargers: $35
TOTAL: $183

pink and black ruffled wedding or bridal shower tablescape


Ruffled streamers: $25
Lamp: $20
Ruffled chargers: $35
TOTAL: $80*
Bring the total down to $57 if you swap out the fancy ruffle chargers for these silver acrylic chargers with a beaded edge.

So next time you see a gorgeous event photo on your favorite blog or magazine and think, “That must have cost a fortune – I can never afford that look!” THINK AGAIN! With a little imagination and creative re-purposing, you too can have that designer look…for less!

For more tips, tricks and insider secrets to achieving a high end look for less, visit my blog, “A Girlfriends Guide to Party Planning“.

Vendor Credit
POSTED BY:tonyaTONYA COLEMAN is a busy mother of 4 that ”LOVE LOVE LOVES” design & events! She has more than 10 years of experience in the entertainment business with a very successful graphic design studio & has been designing events for the past 5 years.

23 responses to “The Look For Less: RUFFLES Trend!”

  1. Sharon says:

    What a clever way to use streamers… I hate streamers, but now you’ve enlightened me, thank you…Ruffles.. here we come!!

  2. Monica Gordon says:

    This is such a lovely display. It is nice to know that you can have a classy event and not go broke. (although i would probably keep adding designs with all the extra money Tonya could save me). I have followed Soiree’s events over the years and each new design or event I see becomes my new favorite!!!

  3. Pink & Black is such a chic color combination and with ruffles is just WOW. Those ruffled streamers are awesome, I sooo have to go check out her shop. Thanks for the tips!!

  4. Jenn T. says:

    What a great idea! So pretty yet so inexpensive :)

  5. Kelly Forrest says:

    I am so not a ruffle girl but I absolutely LOVE that hot pink table skirt. And I’m not a pink girl either!!! Great blog!!!

  6. Kennie says:

    I always love your wonderful designs as well as your brilliance. Both designs are wonderful,but I love the ruffled table skirt on the high end design the most. Can’t wait to see more of your wonderful designs.

  7. Kelly Forrest says:

    Sorry, my last comment got cut-off….my computer’s going a little wacky

    I am so not a ruffle girl but I absolutely LOVE that hot pink table skirt. And I’m not a pink girl either!!! But…the “budget” table not only gives the same effect, it looks more practical for having chairs around it. Can’t imagine my legs tucked under that pink table skirt. Great blog and love the alternatives you provide!!! So creative!

  8. Crystal L. Bass says:

    Wow! Tonya, what you’ve done here is fabulous. Sometimes less is more and I prefer your budget chic design over the high end design! Keep up the great work!

  9. Shayna Pettiford says:

    I love both your designs Tonya! The ruffles are both elegant and fun. Looking forward to seeing what else you will be doing on this blog!!!

  10. Love, love LOVE! The ruffled table skirt. And the ruffled streamers are genius. Both the designs look so simple and refined. Great job!

  11. The Gourmet Pop says:

    You did an amazing job Tonya! Simple, yet elegant. LOVE!

  12. Asha Boggs says:

    Love it!! I am totally a pink girl but am so not a fan of ruffles. I think they can make things look tacky sometimes. You made both tables look so elegant and fun! It’s awesome you can do it without breaking the bank too! You’re so creative! I can’t wait to see what other ideas and designs you come up with!

  13. Sharon McZeal says:

    Love your creativity!!! Your designs are always Fabulous!!!! Can’t wait for your next blog.

  14. LOVE! You know I am a huge believer that you can obtain a high end look on a budget. I love your use of the streamers! You are so right …the hottest trends in table design are ruffles as well as using lamps! GIrl you rock! Can’t wait to see what your amazing brain comes up with next!

  15. Patty Barlow says:

    Who would have thought ruffles could brighten a table. You always see plain white table cloths with fresh flowers or candles. This is such a fabulous idea that is also cost sufficient. Thank you for sharing and I look forward seeing your next project.

    • Chi says:

      I love finding a great idea — these chargers and ruffles are very classy and chic — love it

  16. Serena Martinez says:

    Only a true Event Stylist can take old school decor, like streamers, and make it look FAB! Great idea!

  17. kevincrockett says:

    Great Job Tonya, beautifully done.

  18. Rachel says:

    I want to know the other 4 “no-nos”. :) Beautiful tables.

    • Hi Rachel! I was wondering who would ask that!!!! LOL!!! Stay tuned….I’m going to reveal my Top 5 “No-No’s” on my blog next week! Be sure to follow the blog so you won’t miss it!

  19. THANKS everyone! What an honor to be a part of the HWTM team! I am so excited to bring you monthly Looks for Less! Stay tuned or next month’s post! It is SWEET!

  20. Andrea Blackstone says:

    I am not a big ruffle fan either, but you minimized in the right places, and made the design pop in the others. Keep up the great work. P.S. I love the tabel skirt.