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GAME ON! Girl vs. Boy Gender Reveal Party

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Baby Gender Reveal Party Sign and Buttons

As some of you may know, we (HWTM Blog Contributor, Jessica Wilcox, of Modern Moments Designs) are expecting our fourth child. We already have three amazing boys ranging from two to seven years old. When we found out we were expecting, I immediately started planning a gender reveal party. This is going to be our last child, and I wanted to have fun sharing the good news with all of our friends and family!

Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to come up with some fun ideas! I also had a ton of help from many vendors who were kind enough to donate incredible products that made our party super special. I wanted to stick with your traditional pink and blue color scheme, but I also wanted to make it fun and competitive too. A “Girl versus Boy” theme arose and the planning began…

Baby Gender Reveal Dessert Table - Pink & Blue

Baby Gender Reveal t-shirts and party guests

Our guests were encouraged to pick a team, either “pink” or “blue” and show their support by dressing in their team’s color. We also had a hanging chalkboard up so each guest could cast their vote. I cut out little women and men with my vinyl cutter and had each guest place one on the board.

I also created little tag that our guest could write baby name suggestions on and leave in the mail boxes. We already have a name selected, but it was fun to see what people wrote. We even had matching buttons that the guests could wear to show their support. These buttons were a huge hit and were kindly donated by Bettijo of Paging Super Mom.

Baby Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Bettijo also sent me the link to a DIY Surprise Lantern, which we ended up using and it was so much fun. I made a pink and a blue one. My husband and I pulled the string on the lantern, which was going to rain confetti in the baby’s gender, but the first time each of our strings broke. Not to worry, this little blunder only added to the excitement! Then we pulled out the bottom of the lanterns instead and all the confetti fell out… this was a super fun (and easy) way to reveal our baby’s gender!

Baby Gender Reveal Dessert Table and Confetti Lanterns

I do have one SMALL confession to make. We sort of cheated. My husband and I had planned on finding out the baby’s gender the morning of the big reveal and then sharing the news with our family and friends that evening. I’m too type A and not very patient and we actually ended up finding out about three weeks prior to the party!

This really made the planning a lot easier. We were able to have the cake done in layers of pink ombre. The cake pops, which were kindly donated by Pam of Cake Ball Love were all filled with pink champagne cake. Even the cookies that were donated by Liz of The Cookie Chew were filled with a yummy pink center.

One of my favorite aspects of this party was the cute black and white boxes that were donated by BlumeBox, which happens to be a local Portland company! I went down to their offices and Andrea and Whitney really hooked me up with some amazing BlumeBoxes. They now carry an insert for their square boxes that you can insert suckers, cake pops, or anything else you can think of to put on a stick. These boxes were both decorative and functional and really made a huge statement. To my surprise, they are super affordable and if you take care of them, they are even reusable!

Pink and Blue Baby Gender Reveal Party Cake Pops and Cupcakes

All the food was done in shades of pink or teal blue. I just had your traditional sweet treats such as cake, donuts, cookies, cupcakes, macarons, candy, cake pops, and more…

I tried to carry the theme throughout the party. We even had shirts made for our family with “Team Wilcox” on the front and then each of our boys had “Big Brother” and then their birth order as their number. I’m hoping they can wear these shirts to the hospital when our little one is born.

Overall, the party was super fun and it was a memorable way for people to find out the gender of our baby. A special thanks to all of my family and friends who attended and all of the generous donations were received! I definitely recommend throwing a gender party to reveal your baby’s gender… Scroll down to see what we are having!

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POSTED BY:Jessica W.JESSICA WILCOX of Modern Moments admits to being kept awake by new creative ideas.

57 responses to “GAME ON! Girl vs. Boy Gender Reveal Party”

  1. Emily says:

    You ruined the reveal when you mentioned the cake!

  2. ashleyrose says:

    What a cute idea! I love that you used the Tablevogue white table cloth as well :-)

  3. bells-bakery says:

    We always play boys against girls on games night and this has given me so many ideas,thanks a bunch :)

  4. Jessica, you did such a fabulous job on this party! I really love the shirts that you had made… I can tell the competitive spirit at the party was SUPER fun. And how exciting that you’re getting a girl!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

  5. Nikki P says:

    Fun, fun, fun! I adopted my fun so I missed out on this (shower happened AFTER he was a month old) but I am TOTALLY hoping to plan one of these for a friend :)

  6. Very cute.. Im loving this!

  7. I planned a gender reveal party for a friend last July and it was soooo fun I guess I need to hope for another friend to need one to use some of your ideas. Too fun.

  8. Sarah says:

    I can’t wait for us to have our first baby. I hadn’t even thought of doing a reveal party, I love it!

  9. I loved the entire party ideas… Amazing….i just want to know where did you buy the backdrop..

    • Jessica Wilcox-Modern Moments Designs says:

      The backdrop is a piece of foam core and then I had my own print done at my local print shop. I secured it with double-sided tape and that was it! Super easy!! I also sell this design in my shop!

    • Jennifer Moewis says:

      Thanks a lot

  10. Kimberly says:

    Totally love the party!!! I am so excited that you posted the party!!! I just have a question. How did you make the background drop. It looks great!! The whole party is great.

  11. Jamie@VTMamateurs says:

    Congratulations…and how adorable! I love the idea of getting all the guests to show their team spirit! We were just looking for gender reveal ideas:

  12. Terra Heck says:

    Congrats on finding out the gender, a girl! I wish you and the baby all the best. I’ve never heard of a gender reveal party. Sounds like a lot of fun and the decorations you did up look wonderful.

  13. Ashley Sand says:

    This is a really creative way to do a baby shower! Loved the theme and the food just looks so mouth-watering.

  14. Joey says:

    So cuteeee all of these desserts!!!! The theme is so fun and cute!!!And the colors, pink and blue is so adorable!!!

  15. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 4 post on Mar. 06, 2012. Thanks again.

  16. says:

    I love this idea–what a fun way to celebrate. Very cute way to personalize it for everyone.

  17. Tabitha says:

    Did you make the shirts yourself? I love them. We’re having our fourth in May and would love to get these for my 3!

  18. liz says:

    This is such a creative idea! Very cool!

  19. Bonkers! I love it! Congratulations!

  20. Miranda says:

    Gender reveals are always such fun! Love that you used lanterns filled with confetti to reveal. I also love the family shirts you guys had made. Congrats on your new baby girl!

  21. Nilda says:

    this is awesome–what did you give out for your favors?!

  22. Amanda says:

    Where was the cast your vote sign from? I love it and would like to use it for my gender reveal party!

  23. Jamie says:

    Great idea for a party! We have 1 child, planning no more. I also wanted to experience every bit of joy from my one opportunity, so we decided to wait until the birth to find out baby’s gender. I think that if I’d seen this, I would have been tempted to do it differently, though! :-)

  24. Alissa Perry says:


  25. Aleshia says:

    I was wondering where you purchased the cups at the one next to the juice and the striped straws? Can’t seem to find them and I wouldn’t even know the name. I searched old fashion milk shake cups, parfait cups, etc. Thank you

  26. Cynthia Castro says:

    These are all great ideas…thanks for sharing.

  27. We plan to have a party in Sept….here is the daddy to be on mother's day.

  28. Fantastic blog post – love all these ideas.

  29. smetz says:

    where did you get the gender pins?

  30. R says:

    Amazing blog post! Love it all!

    (ahem… “Whose* team are you on?”)

  31. Courtney Odle Mills says:

    Where did you get the boy and girl cut outs?

  32. Courtney says:

    Your party was super cute. I love everything about it. Where can I get the boy vs girls chart and cut outs?

  33. Ashley McKinney says:

    I love this idea. My husband and I have three boys ranging from 2 to 6 and we are wanting to have one more. Congrats on the little girl.

  34. nicoladixon says:

    Hello I have just had a gender reveal party and thought I would share how I make it a success – I purchased an ebook off and too be honest I was a bit dubious about it but it was a fabulous resource with so much info all in one place, it made the day easier. thanks thought I’d share

  35. Where did you get the girl & boy cut outs

  36. Shay Shae says:

    I so hope this is how my fairy tale ends! My husband and I have 3 boys ranging from 2-6, we are now expecting our fourth! Hoping for team pink! Where did you get the family shirts made?

  37. Lynda Van Durme says:

    Our daughter who is expecting twins, recently had a baby gender reveal cake party. When each guest arrived they were asked to guess what gender the babies would be. If they chose boy and girl they would receive a set of pink beads and blue beads to wear at the party. If they chose two girls they would receive a set of pink beads (etc.) After the cutting of the two Blue interior frosted cakes the guests wearing two blue beads received prizes. Fun was had by all sharing this precious moment with my daughter and son-in-law. My husband video taped the party and posted it to YouTube. Take a look .

  38. Mia says:

    I love your party. Great job. I especially love your banner. Did you make it or have it made?

  39. Kaelia says:

    I really like the banner in the first picture. Did you make it or did you have it made?

  40. Tiana says:

    Where can I find the link to your store to purchase the banner

  41. Pam Dunn says:

    I am hosting the reveal party for my first grandchild!! Everyone is wearing their team or pink. I also bought (inexpensive) tiaras, beads, rings for team pink. The guys are getting mustaches on a stick. I needed something else for team blue and didn’t want to spend a bunch of money. My husband collects ties, so he will loosely tie some of his ties (free!). He also has lots of caps and hats! I think it will be cute for pictures. We are doing the cake reveal. HE OR SHE? OPEN TO SEE!
    So excited!!

  42. Amy says:

    Where can I get that black cast your vote board ASAP!

  43. CHRISTINA says:


  44. Glow Sticks says:

    Congrats on finding out the gender, a girl! I wish you and the baby all the best. I’ve never heard of a gender reveal party. Sounds like a lot of fun and the decorations you did up look wonderful.

  45. Tj says:

    Your gender reveal was AWESOME, I am doing mines next month, I know where you got all the graphic design stuff, but I really like the the female/male tags where did you get those from?

  46. datomblin says:

    any printables of your mini 4×6 signs?

  47. Shelby Northcott says:

    Oh my gosh these ideas are incredible I love this so much its so cute

  48. Carolee says:

    Everything looks so awesome! I was just wondering, where would I be able to find/buy the “cravings” sign? I’d love to do this for my party — thanks!

  49. stephanie says:

    absolutely the cutest gender reveal party decor ive seen thus far! I know this is a few years too late but you have definitely inspired me to make my very first reveal as special as this one turned out to be! I have just one question, the little “menu holder” that you listed the cravings….where was that purchased from? I love this chic idea to list the cravings while it looks exactly like a mini menu. <3

  50. Ahmet Bulut says:

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  51. What an idea i like this, new mothers should put more inputs, i had a wonderful moment in reading this information..PATRICIA :(SOUTH AFRICA).

  52. ARIEL says:

    Where did you get the cake stands from??