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ROARING Good Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Are you ready to have a ROARING good time?! Good, because this adorable DINOSAUR themed birthday party that Tania of Turtle Crafty Girl threw for her son is exactly that – not to mention overflowing with wonderfully creative Dino-themed details!

From giant hanging Dino Eggs crafted from yarn and glue to personalized goodie bags stamped with colorful dinosaur silhouettes, Tania really knocked this theme out of the park with all the fun DIY elements! I’m also loving the creative themed treats and activities for the kids – from the Dinosaur Egg Hunt and “Dino Dig” to the Sweetivores Dessert Table and Active Volcano Punch (so fun!).

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaur Birthday Party

P.S. Love this party? Check out even more images from this prehistorically cool bash in the full Dinosaur Party album!


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Tania

“I put together a Roaring 3rd Dinosaur Birthday Party for my son and his friends. I had so much fun making all the stuff for the party including cake, cupcakes, personalized goody bags, party hats, dinosaur egg string balls, signs, banners, food labels, bunting and other decorations.

There was tons for the Sweetivores at the party.
– Jello cups(Dinosaur Swamp Jelly)
– Cupcakes(Chocosaurus cupcakes)
– Dino Cakes
– Marshmallows (Raptor’s marshmallows)
– Candyfloss (in mini candy bottles from IKEA and decorated with the Dinosaur labels and added a burlap fabric with ribbon to decorate it.)
– Chocolate and Vanilla Milk (Volcanic Milk) – used StarbuckS bottles.
– Chocolate Covered Oreos (Oreosaurus in Chocolate Lava)
– Popcorn Cones
–  Chocolate fountain (Chocolate Lava) with fruit kababs.

I decided to take things simple with the cake. It was a Chocolate Devil cake with dinosaur toppers ready to ROAR…Added a cake banner made from printed paper.

– Different Sauces as Dino Dip
– Jurassic Garden for Broccoli
– Celery & Carrots with Dip in clear glasses,
– Dino Bones for Pretzels in Bowl,
– Trex Eggs for Deviled Eggs,
– Brachiosaurus Potato Bites
– Allosaurus Rolls for Chicken
– Turkey Rolls
– Indian Samosas (Stegosaurus Spikey Samosas)

– Active Volcano Punch

Each kid got a paper Dinosaur Kirigami. They could choose from Triceratops, Raptor, Trex or Stegosaurus

1) Burlap Banner for dessert table and paper banner for food table. The burlap banner is pinned on the backdrop that is made from foam and covered with a printed fabric. Would you believe me if I tell you that I used a shower curtain as my fabric!!!

2) Dinosaur eggs (string balls) at the entrance. There is a tutorial on these eggs here.

3) Dinosaur cutout painted with chalkpaint with welcome message on it.

4) Framed the prints of 4 Dinosaurs and hung these on both sides of the dessert table.

5) Party Hats: I bought ready made hats from Walmart and decorated them with printed paper and pom poms.

6) Goodie Bags: This was my favorite project I undertook for this party – a personalized goodie bag with a dinosaur for each kid. Here is the tutorial on it.

7) Dinosaur Name printables from A-Z

8) For each kid, there were cupcakes with the bright tissue pom pom topper. The tutorial for topper can be found here.

9) For the Trex dinosaur topper, I followed the tutorial here. For Pterandon and Stegosaurus, I used the pictures here to make the toppers.

10) Along with the printed food labels, I also added the signs to indicate if it was a Sweetivore Dino Diet or Carnivore/Herbivore Diet. These signs are made from photo frame(IKEA) with chalk paper in it.

11) Popcorn cones: I made these popcorn cones from thick cardstock paper and decorated with tiny dinos and sparkles.

1) Dinosaur pins for each kid

2) Activity/Craft table

3) Dino Dig: I filled my son’s toy bins with play sand and lots of dinosaur skeletons. Got few shovels and stage was set for a fun Dino Dig.

4) Dinosaur Egg Hunt
: My son and I made these eggs from soil flour salt mixture, with a tiny dinosaur baby hiding in between the egg.  Kids had as much fun breaking each egg to find these dinos, as they had hunting for these. Here is the tutorial I followed for the eggs.

5) Erupting Volcano
: Made this volcano from flour/salt/water mixture over a plastic bowls. The topmost bowl had baking soda. Each kid got a chance to pour magic mixture(vinegar) in the volcano and watch it erupt.

6) Photo Booth
: I got some props for the photo booth. There was dino masks, dino noses, dino tail for the kids to use.

7) And finally Dinosaur Pinata”




Invites: The Green Grass Grows
– Invites Printed by: CatPrint.com
– Cupcake Liners & Straw Slip Printables: The Celebration Shoppe
Birthday Boy Dinosaur Shirt: Dress Me
– Birthday Boy Dinosaur Hat: Stell and Livi (I added the pom pom & frill)
– Paper Dinosaur Kirigami Printables: Easy Cut Pop Up
– Striped Straws: Isa Kay Boutique

– Dinosaur Pin Buttond from Wacky Buttons
– Photography: Mickie from Winters Photography
– Everything Else: made with LOVE by Kabir’s Mom


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this tablescape is perfect… darling!

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Erin Pearson SAYS:

these custom invitations are awesome and affordable

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Absolutely adorable! Love all the custom preparations and the color scheme is such a great pick for a dino party!

Reply January 20, 2012 at 12:50 pm

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so funny!!

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this is a great blog thank you so much!

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Set To Celebrate SAYS:

Start to finish, this was a wonderfully done party. It was creative, interesting and your attention to detail is impeccable. Loved the Dino Egg Hunt and the Volcano! Bravo and a big Roarrrr!

Reply July 11, 2012 at 9:57 am

nicole SAYS:

does anyone know the name of the font used on the dinosaur names A to Z banner? thanks

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may i know from were did u get the Dinosaur names A-Z printable??

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Did you ever find where the printable can be found? I'm looking for it. Thanks!

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Kaviya Reddy SAYS:

Elnaz Davarparast : Nooooooo i did not :(

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Hi there, where did you get the Dinosaur printables from? I am having a dinosaur themed party for my son, and I would love to get those.

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