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Starbucks Holiday Celebration in NYC {Win Tickets for You + a Guest!}

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Starbucks Holiday Preview Celebration

WINNER UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone that entered. I SERIOUSLY wish I had enough tickets to give to everyone – all of your comments were so sweet! Limited space is a factor as always though, and to keep things fair we used to select the 10 winners, who are listed at the bottom of this post. We will also be notifying the winners via email. So excited to have you join in the holiday fun tomorrow! :)


[Original Post] Things have been extra busy around here lately due to a special holiday event HWTM is styling for Starbucks this Tuesday in NYC… and I’m thrilled to be able to extend an invitation to the event to 10 of our readers… plus a guest for each! Yay :)

If you’re in the NYC area and would like to take part in a merry evening of cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, holiday decorating ideas, cake pops and more THIS Tuesday, November 8th from 6-9pm, please post a comment below to let us know you’d like to attend. I know… we had you at “cake pops”, right? ;) The party will be hosted near Gramercy Park in Manhattan. The exact location will be disclosed directly to the ticket winners.

Please enter below by 4pm EST Monday, November 7th. Just post a comment letting us know you’d like to attend! The TEN winners will be drawn randomly and announced both here and on Facebook at 6pm EST on Monday. Good luck!! :)


TICKET WINNERS: (chosen via by comment #)
49 – Jacin
8 – Arlene Fernandez
14 – Courtney
89 – Allie Nicole
2 – Jeanell
– Courtney Blake
93 – Vicki
31 – Leanna Weller Smith
58 – Aleah
81 – Stacy Brennan

Congrats, ladies! We will be in touch via email later this evening with more info for you. :)


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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

113 responses to “Starbucks Holiday Celebration in NYC {Win Tickets for You + a Guest!}”

  1. Anna Osgoodby says:

    I would absolutely LOVEEEE to go to this and live in NYC :)

  2. shelley says:

    yes! yes!

    Pick me! Pick me!

    I’d love to be there!!!!

  3. Hostess with the Mostess and Starbucks in the same place?? It can’t get any better than that!!! I would love {LOVE} to attend this event. :)

  4. Annette says:

    Wow! What an exciting opportunity, would I love to attend? Absolutely!!!

  5. Christine says:

    Sounds like so much fun! Would love to go!

  6. Heather says:

    this sounds AMAZING. i would LOOOVE to go!!!

  7. Courtney says:

    Hi- Oh boy I would just LOVE to finally meet you and join in on the fun!
    I live in NYC too:)

  8. ariel serber says:

    This looks great! Would love to attend!

  9. shelley says:

    I would love to attend! What fun!

  10. Eric says:

    I think it would be awesome to go! I love the Starbucks holiday drinks! Peppermint Mocha FTW!

  11. Frieda says:

    I would love to attend!

  12. Paige Corbin says:

    Would love to attend, I live in Gramercy and LOVE hwtm!!

  13. Bonnie Parker says:

    This would be TOO fun! My husband and I would love to go!

  14. Martha Felix says:


  15. Oh my goodness this would be a dream to attend!!! I want to go so bad!!!

  16. michycupcake says:

    I would love to attend! So so so exciting

  17. elisha says:

    I would love to go!

  18. Alicia says:

    Sounds amazing!!

  19. How exciting, I would love to go :-) I live in NYC!

  20. Jeanell says:

    I want to go to this cocktail party! It sounds like so much fun! I absolutely adore your website and go on it all the time to get party ideas and new recipes to try out! Love it!

  21. melissa says:

    Such a fan and I would love to attend!

  22. Tania Knapp says:

    Take me to NYC!!!

  23. Janet says:

    I’d love to attend.

  24. Sue Laabs says:

    what a great pre Christmas event!!

  25. Nora says:

    Would love to be able to come join the fun!

  26. Andrea Scatuccio says:

    Wow! Would be so thrilled to finally meet you! <3

  27. I would love to attend!How exciting!

  28. Um…. Starbucks, cake pops, HWTM, NYC???? Who WOULDN’T want to go???

  29. Kathryn says:

    I would love to go. This sounds like a blast!!

  30. lia says:

    PLEASE pick me, i live in nyc!!

  31. vinna katz says:

    I would absolutely love to attend! Sounds like fun!

  32. Allison says:

    This would be amazing opportunity meet you and see HWTM at it’s best! Would love to be able to attend the event. =)

  33. Rachel says:

    I’d like to attend! I live in NYC.

  34. Sara Lane says:

    pick me. pick me:) I would love to go!

  35. donna says:

    would love to attend .. live in nyc :)

  36. maria villalobos says:

    I would love to attend!!! Please pick me!!!

  37. Sharon says:

    I would be thrilled to attend this event! I love Starbucks — especially red cup season! — and read Hostess with the Mostess every day. I live and work in New York and this sounds like an amazing opportunity.

  38. Kristi Hofsess says:

    Would be so great to go! So cool!

  39. Danielle says:

    I would love to go! I live a few blocks away from Gramercy. :)

  40. nancy pfeifer says:

    Ohhhh I’d love to go!!!! Pick me….ha! :)

  41. Christina says:

    This would be awesome! Me, please!

  42. Love seeing all the posts of your parties, would be an amazing experience to actually attend one of your styled events!

  43. Melinda says:

    I love your page! I would love to join you in NYC!

  44. It would be awesome!!!!

  45. rethafernandez says:

    Oooh oooh oooh me! What a fun event, would love to attend!

  46. stephanie w says:

    can i enter to win for my sister-in-law who lives in nyc? she is the most incredible hostess and deserves a night out!

  47. Christina says:

    Sounds like a fabulous time!

  48. Jennifer Freeman says:

    Two of my favs in the same place at the same time? Sounds like a perfect way to kick off my holiday season! I would LOVE to attend!

  49. Amanda says:

    This sounds wonderful! I would love to go!!

  50. Alyssa says:

    I would love to attend!! I live in Hoboken so I’m super close :) I also have off on Tuesday so it’s even better!

  51. Jasmine says:

    I would love to go and get some inspiration, as well as be in the company of creative and like-minded people.

  52. chris says:

    sounds like a fun event! i’d love to go!

  53. I’m actually back east for a week and in the NY area, so I’d love to attend!! Thanks for the fun giveaway :)

  54. taryn says:

    I would love to go!
    I just had my first ‘red cup’ drink from Starbucks this weekend!

  55. Nicole says:

    That sounds amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to attend the event =)

  56. Ally says:

    NYC at Christmas time would be a dream come true… especially with a Starbucks warm bev. in hand!

  57. Gen says:

    I would really love to go!

  58. Krystn says:

    I love Starbucks, I love this site, and I would LOVE to attend this event!! :D

  59. Erin OBrien says:

    Would love to go! Just reading about this now, but I live in NY and am free tomorrow night! =)

  60. I would love to attend! This would be the ultimate Starbucks coffee break!

  61. Mariam DeLand says:

    I would be THRILLED to attend! I love NYC. I love Starbucks. I love Christmas! I love HOSTESSBLOG!

  62. Aleah says:

    Yay! So excited to have you on the east coast for an event! I love your work and would love to come! XO

  63. Danielle @ Belleza e Luce says:

    This is going to be a wonderful night! I would love to be part of it.

  64. Jeanmarie says:

    What a fun way to celebrate my daughter’s new job at the American Museum of Natural History which she is starting today!! Sugar Free Caramel Lattes, to offset the Cake Pops!!

  65. Mary says:

    I would loveeeee to attend!!!

  66. Kay says:

    Im a christmas freak! I must attend

  67. amanda k says:

    LOVE Starbucks! This would be so fun!!

  68. JesKorn says:

    I would loooove to attend! Just so happens I’ll be in NYC this week, what perfect timing :)

  69. Lauren Schilling says:

    I will be in NYC for the week and would love to attend!

  70. Michelle K says:

    Please consider this my entry into the contest. :) Thanks much!!! Starbuck’s is my life LOL.

  71. JesKorn says:

    I would love to attend! Your blog is my favorite & conveniently enough I’ll be in NYC for work this week :)

  72. shiraspetner says:

    Hi Hostess with the Mostess! I would love to attend the party and meet you guys!!!

  73. LindsayG says:


    I’d love to attend and see what Startbucks and Hostess has planned!

  74. Hannah Agatston says:

    I’d love to go to this event! I live in NYC and am free tomorrow :)

  75. Karla DeVries says:

    I would love to go!

  76. Tricia Patch says:

    This sounds great, I’d love to go! I’m an RA at a university in NYC and could use some holiday ideas to spruce up the building for my residents!

  77. andrea says:

    oh, how fun! would love to join the festivities!

  78. Barb Bamber says:

    I’d love to attend… congratulations on being chosen by Starbucks to style this event! Can’t wait to see the photos!

  79. Jene says:

    I’d LOVE to join you in the Big Apple! Pah-lease, make my day!!! <3

  80. Ali mcnulty says:

    sounds like an amazing night! Would love to attend!

  81. Morgan says:

    I’d love to attend! My Dad is in town tomorrow and it would be a great holiday surprise!

  82. Sherry says:

    I would love to go! I love all your party ideas and I am in the NYC area. Good luck! I am sure it will be a big hit :)

  83. Stacy Brennan says:

    Would be thrilled to attend! Just a short train ride away! Styling by HWTM for Starbucks…. fantastic way to get into the Holiday Spirits!

  84. marshall says:

    sounds exciting! i’d love to go

  85. ccowick100 says:

    ***Would absolutely LOVE to go!***

  86. Mira says:

    It sounds wonderful! I’d love to be there :)

  87. Michele.Torsiello says:

    Would love to attend!

  88. sara says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me come

  89. Susan Rodriguez says:

    Would love to attend this event….how exciting!

  90. Farrah says:

    Sounds great! Would love to go!

  91. Dense Paterak says:

    Oh how I would love to visit NYC this time of the year.

  92. Allie Nicole says:

    I would love to go! I am a student going to school at St. John’s in NYC and the two highlights of my day are getting my morning Starbucks and reading your blog. :)

  93. Jena says:

    I would love to attend something this fun!

  94. Vicki says:

    I WANNA GO I WANNA GO!!!! :)

  95. Jill Hampton says:

    I would love to win these tickets! I would treat a bff of mine! Jill

  96. alyson says:

    meet you in person??? that would be awesome!!

  97. Dee G. says:

    It’s my birthday week and this could be a fun kick off to a new year in my life. I mean it’s coffee. My true love lmao!

  98. Amitis says:

    I would love to go! As a designer, it seems like a dream event to attend :)

  99. Amitis says:

    I would love to go. As a designer, it seems like a great event to attend :)

  100. Courtney Blake says:

    I’ve followed your blog and have been inspired all of your work! Having the potential to meet you and attend one of your events is exciting! I would love to be a part of this Starbucks Party!

    Please! Please! Please!

  101. Nicole says:

    I would LOVE to go! Sounds amazing!!

  102. Nicole Johnson says:

    Fantastic! 2 of my favorites … HWTM & Starbucks! I hope I win!!!

  103. Oh please let me win! I am going to go pack now, just in case
    {kidding, a little}.

  104. TT says:

    I’d love to go!!!

  105. Michele homa says:

    Sounds like a great mother-daughter night out!

  106. Kendra Parish says:

    This would be an amazing event to attend!!

  107. Frances says:

    Yoo hoo! Pick me please bc i LOVE hostess blog .. and i live in chelsea so its a hop and a skip away from Gramarcy park :)

  108. Crystal says:

    Yes! This looks amazing!

  109. Ashley says:

    I would love to win! What a great event!

  110. Ashley says:

    Oppsl I don’t live in NYC. You can cancel my comment. So sorry.

  111. Sharon says:

    Congrats to all the winners! If anyone is unable to make it, I’ll gladly go instead (I entered the contest)… Just letting you know!

  112. alyssa - fashion fitness foodie says:

    aw bummer :( if anyone doesn’t respond I would love to go!!