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Christmas 11.4.11

SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Purple & Grey Holiday Entertaining Collection

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Purple and Grey Inspiration Board & Giveaway

Winner Update: This Giveaway is now closed. I wish all of you loyal readers could receive this fabulous purple and grey entertaining pack but unfortunately we could only choose one random winner. Can I get a drum roll please?!….The special reader is…Commenter #887, Cristina, who said, “My favorite color palette is actually grey and purple! I want those to be my wedding colors. I hope I win!” Congratulations Cristina! We hope you enjoy your winnings and that you can even incorporate some of these great items in your wedding!


We have SUCH A FUN GIVEAWAY to share with you today! This gorgeous round up of stylish Purple & Grey Entertaining items comes courtesy of Dotcoms for Moms, a fabulous website that curates the best of the web to help save the rest of us time while searching for resources & products online. All of the recommendations by Dotcoms for Moms are “handpicked by moms for the modern mom looking for sites and products with style, design, taste and within budget.” Learn more about them right here.

And if the items in this Giveaway are any indication, I’d say they’ve definitely got some great style going on! A lucky HWTM reader is going to win everything featured here – from a beautiful Marimekko Pitcher and a fabulous set of Reindeer Dessert Plates to sparkly Graphite Ball Ornaments, a gorgeous Feather Wreath, and more. Total value is over $350! (Scroll down for the full list of items.)

Purple and Gray Inspiration Board & Giveaway

Purple and Gray Inspiration Board & Giveaway



Reindeer Dessert Plates (set of four) $32.00
Elio Purple Vase $19.95
Gray Glassware (set of 4) $40.00
Artificial Purple Xmas Tree $49.95
Set of 3 Starburst Ornaments $5.95
Gray Ceramic Platter $24.95
Feather Wreath $19.00
Set of 2 Bubble Glass Ornaments $21.90
Marimekko Sukat Makkaralla Lilac Pitcher $89.00
Set of 3 Graphite Ball Ornaments $3.95
Amethyst Appetizer Plate (Set of 4) $11.68
Mercury Glass Pillar Holder $39.00


At Dotcoms for Moms, we believe:
– Moms want to live affordably and stylish
– Moms want to discover great new things
– Moms deserve 100% honest reviews
– The Internet should be less hard and more fun!



Please chime in below and tell us what favorite color palettes you have for the Holidays other than the traditional red and green.  Our Dotcoms for Moms fav this year is purple and grey. We can’t wait throw a holiday get together with this color palette!

Giveaway ends Thursday, November 10th at midnight PST. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced here after they’ve been notified via email and accepted the prize. Good luck!

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901 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Purple & Grey Holiday Entertaining Collection”

  1. Janine says:

    I love the purple and grey, but my favorite color palette for the Holidays is black, white and silver. It so elegant and timeless, and it goes with everything. I throw color into the mix by wrapping my presents in coordinating bright colors or making bright colored arrangements in vases. This keeps it from becoming too “goth,” as my mother-in-law says!

  2. Oh my I am in love with the purple and gray!!!

    I love to do silver, gold and white on my christmas tree!

  3. Jamais Vu says:

    My nontraditional colors are blue and white. Sometimes some silver added too.

  4. Lauren says:

    I really like purple and silver. Or gold and silver.

  5. Deanne says:

    Gold and silver, because it reminds me of my grandmother’s lovely antique tree ornaments.

  6. Virginia says:

    We decorate our house and tree with black, red and silver. Most of our ornaments on the tree are from our childhood, to remind us of the times we’ve spent with our families growing up.

  7. donnaoneil says:

    I always decorate my tree in purple and silver.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I am using hot pink and silver! I know that’s a little untraditional but it’s something definitely new :)

  9. Marki Williams says:

    I love white and silver frost. Just keeping it streamlined, comfy, cozy, classy is my favorite. =)

  10. Jordan says:

    I love bright red and pale blue or turquoise!

  11. Kim W. says:

    Silver and baby blue!

  12. Erin Herrenbruck says:

    Love all that is shown here, but we do love the black, white, and silver. It’s so classic and looks wonderful at a dinner party!

  13. Vanessa Webb says:

    I love ice blue and white during the holiday season :)

  14. paola batiz says:

    Hi, I always love to decorate with non-traditional Christmas colors. My favorite has been Silver and Blue. It gives off a “cold” “shimmery” type of feeling to the house. It reminds me of a white christmas, where families and friends come together even more from being stuck inside the home!! This seasons trends: sequins! royal blue and silver sequins will give great life to your home!! :)

  15. courtney kerry says:

    I love all colors but I am in love with all the glitter golds!!

  16. Buccinator says:

    I love the purple and gray, but my favorite Christmas colors are icy blue and silver. I love how they look so classic and elegant but still remind you of the holidays!

  17. Genevieve says:

    Loving the Purple and grey palette! Another one of my color palettes for Christmas decor is the turquoise with a tint of pinks. <3

  18. Kristen says:

    I love red, purple and chartreuse together – its such an unexpected holiday color combination that still manages to look festive and fun!

  19. Anna says:

    I LOVE woodland themed holiday decor. Gold, brown, & grassy green. I’m also a big fan of owls & love that I can use them in my decorating with this theme. Love the purple & gray too!! I could do multiple trees in my house:)

  20. trissarenteria says:

    I absolutely adore this color scheme of deep purple and grey.
    I normally switch every year up but my favorite non traditional colors to use are Red, White and Silver, it adds a timeless and vintage touch to everything.

  21. Brittani says:

    Our norm is navy and silver, but I’m loving the purple and gray! Purple is my favorite color – why didn’t I think of it before?!

  22. Vivian says:

    I love white, silver, and turquoise. :)
    This purple and grey is fab as well.

  23. amanda b. says:

    Turquoise and silver. I live in the South where there is rarely any snow and these colors make it feel so frosty!

  24. Mitra H says:

    Very very light blue and silver. But I also absolutely love lavender and matte silver too.

  25. kathrynburgess says:

    I love white and silver, with accents of red thrown in! Purple and grey would be a great change for this year, though!

  26. sandy says:

    I love the purple and silver! Anything with a liitle sparkle is gorgeous at the holidays! I also love turqouise and red together for holiday decorating!

  27. Tricia Lynch says:

    Purple is actually my favorite color, so over the last few years I have been collecting ornaments in varying shades of purple and decorate my tree with those and white twinkle lights. I love the look.

  28. Lorelee Isbell says:

    I like a turquoise and lime green – nice bright colors!

  29. Lindsey Wilson says:

    Definitely into purples this year. I also do metallics.

  30. Stephanie says:

    I’m a big fan of Persimmon, Lime Green and Brick Red. Always festive!

  31. Pam says:

    Blue and silver for a “cold” look!

  32. Kris B. says:

    I love purple and teal for the holidays!

  33. Alicia Gregory says:

    I love silver and blue for Christmas!

  34. Honeyleen G says:

    My favorite color is purple & I feel that grey accents it so well.

    By far my favorite holiday of them all is Christmas. With that said, white & gold depict this holiday for me the best. White is clean and reminiscent of snow. While gold brings out the white and adds some glittery aspects!

  35. Katherine Lea says:

    My favorite colors are green and blue. I love peacocks so those colors are great add in gold all on a white tree and you have an amazing non-traditional christmas. Plus who doesn’t love to be able to add feathers to a tree.

  36. Fatima says:

    I would love a pink/gold/silver combination – different, sexy & cute at the same time :-)

  37. Brittney DiScanio says:

    I love the purple and gray!!! All of these peices are so lovely and fun! I love to entertain especially around the holidays and I love silver and anything that sparkles!

  38. Amy says:

    I tend to do natural wood type textures … so browns with copper.

  39. Brittney Denman says:

    I LOVE grey. It’s such a great accent with ANY color. It’s so clean & chic!

  40. Tricia says:

    I have been really obsessed with plum lately but for the holidays I do love silver and gold with a hint of pink gold thrown in sometimes – it’s fun, festive, elegant and doesn’t have to be isolated to one holiday or ripped right down after Christmas. Snowy beauty, all the way.