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Wonderlandia GIVEAWAY #1: Party Decor!

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Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

We’ve been recapping the creative details of our Launch Party all week – but we also want to make it REALLY EASY for someone to throw their own Wonderlandia themed party at home… so we’ve put together a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY today featuring many of the decorative elements from the party! The party decor pack includes flamingos, hand-decorated tea pots, metallic gold bunny statue and candelabra, butterflies, and much more. (Find the complete list at the bottom of this post).

WINNER UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much to everyone that entered… It was so fun to read all of your comments and party plans! =)  And now onto the {randomly selected} winner… Congrats to Laurel Schooler, who said, “I would use it all! I’m throwing a tea party themed baby shower for two of my best friends who are due this fall.”

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

Read on for more prize pics + a complete list of what’s included:

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway




Red & Pink Flamingo Statues with Blingy Wings
*These are wood & metal statues found at HomeGoods & that I painted bright pink & red. The wings are a sparkly yellow crackled glass =)

Pink Metal Flamingos with Crowns
*FIVE lightweight metal figurines with a shimmery glitter finish

Metallic Gold Bunny Statue

Metallic Gold Candelabra with Crystals (for the tall tea pot centerpiece)

Embellished Tea Pots
*SIX hand-painted and embellished tea pots in pink, red, and orange

Oversize Tea Cups
*2 large, hand-painted & embellished decorative tea cups

Oversize Tea Cups
*9 hand-painted & embellished decorative saucers

Artificial Butterflies
*Various sizes in red, pink, orange, and yellow

Custom Paper Details
*Pre-printed & hand-cut including “Drink Me” Labels, skeleton keys, 2 styles of “Wonderlandia” flower details, candy buffet banners, etc.

“Open Me” Box
*This can be used as party decor or as a 3-D invite for the guest of honor!

Paper Clocks
*adorable clock silhouettes by Windrosie with a ribbon tie-top for hanging. multiple colors ranging from black & white to hot pink

Die-cut Paper Silhouettes
*skeleton keys and tea pots with ribbons for hanging

Gold “Drink Me” Bottles

Signature Drink Signs
*with recipes for the Pink Flamingo, Queen of Hearts Cooler, and White Rabbit martini – in case you want to enjoy the same spirits as we did!

Acrylic Bead Strands (for embellishing white saucers, as seen on our Mad Hatter Tea Party table)

Glue Dots (for more crafting!)


wonderlandia alice in wonderland themed bridal shower party printables collection from hostess ink

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472 responses to “Wonderlandia GIVEAWAY #1: Party Decor!”

  1. Pals says:

    Wonderful.Your website is such an inspiration.Being a mom of two I love hosting parties and coming up with some thing different everytime.You website truly gives me the inspiration eveytime.I love coming here everyday to look for something new.
    If i win this..this time ill treat myself.My birthday is coming up next month and ill host a party to celebrata me..for a change:)


  2. Katherine H says:

    I love those flamingos!!! Having them at a party would be so festive.

  3. Kehau says:

    I love all of it! My favorite is the blingy flamingos.

  4. Vicki R says:

    Absolutely sensational colors. Would love to use this set for a fundraiser party for the non profit dance company we work with. We could even have some of the current students dance during the party with similar colors/theme. The setting would be in our backyard and patio.

  5. Christa Andersen says:

    That gold bunny and I are destined to be together. I just committed to hosting a tea party for my friends, so I would say this is all meant to be ;)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red and hot pink tea pots. I can see mysel hosting a ladies lunch out by the pool, because with the FABULOUS color pallet it must me shown out doors. The flamingos and the appetizer plates are amazing. I would serve only small bites to show off the plates, with champagne. I LOVE THIS THEME !!!

  7. Malia R says:

    Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite storybook charachter for years! I love all of the details. My mom owned a flower shop growing up and we used to always enter tabletop design competitions. Looking at all of the pictures of your launch party makes me want to do that again!

    I could use these decoration for so many things…my teenagers birthdays, my scout parties or my Bunko party!

  8. Jillian says:

    The teapots and gold bunny are the cutest!! I would throw a birthday tea party for my niece coming up in November!

  9. Summer says:

    All elements are gorgeous and unique! The tea cups and candelabra would go perfect with the vintage tea tins I just picked up. Already planning a lovely tea party for my mothers birthday!

  10. Juliana darby says:

    I would love to use and place these decorating items in a out door themed Alice in Wonderland party, I visualize a Giant Dinner table with a really chic china with tea pot sets and cups, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and colorful paper lanterns above it all! in a beautiful garden set scene! ;)

  11. I love this set. We would definitely use it for our party in October to celebrate my husband being a second year cancer survivor. We had our first party last year and did a whole black and yellow Livestrong theme. Our whole family comes together and the kids would LOVE this theme! We had a fantastic time and hope it becomes a yearly event to celebrate and remember to cherish each day!

  12. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE all the bright colors. I especially love the decorative tea pots. Would love to use this for my daughter’s 1st birthday coming up.

  13. Shailey says:

    I love the tea pots! As a little girl growing up in an Indian household, tea time is big for us! I wouldn’t pack these away for a special occassion – we’d use them on Saturday mornings around the dining table. I love them all!

  14. Kate says:

    I love, love, love the flamingos! My coworker just became a grandmother and she loves flamingos. It would be so fun to have a party for her celebrating her new grandson along with one of her favorite things of all time!

  15. Jennifer Eng says:

    I love the “drink me” and “eat me” printables, which just bring the book to life with all the other decor. The tea party needs to make a comeback!

  16. CCL says:

    I would LOVE to use this theme to throw my sister-in-law a surprise bday party….it would be a great way to brighten up our dreary January days!

  17. Absolutely adore the flamingos and candelabra with the teapots!
    At first glance, I was bummed out thinking that I can only use this for a girl’s party and as I dissect everything on here, I can use everything and add some more elements to make more for my little baby boy’s 1st birthday party coming this October. I am not one to go out on my parties but since my little guy is my baby miracle, born a preemie at 31weeks at 2lb 6ozs, was in the NICU for 6 weeks before we were able to bring him home, I WANT TO GO WAY OUT FOR HIS 1st BIRTHDAY! Can’t wait…

    I take to to the Zoo all the time and he just loves to stare at the flamingos so this is just a perfect theme!

  18. Haley Grow says:

    I adore the hand decorated tea pots and over sized tea cups! I would throw my nieces a wonderful wonderland tea party! I am known for my tea parties but this looks so brilliantly colorful and mystical. What a change of pace it would be to take my beloved little neices into the heart of wonderland. :D

  19. julie says:

    I love the flamingos. It will be a perfect gift to give to my friend. Her B-day is in December. This will be a great surprise to her if I win!

  20. Eli says:

    Love the teapots, but the flamingos are da bomb! I would give them to my office mate who throws a flamingo birthday party for her neighbor every year. The party always has something to do with flamingos.