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Wonderlandia GIVEAWAY #1: Party Decor!

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Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

We’ve been recapping the creative details of our Launch Party all week – but we also want to make it REALLY EASY for someone to throw their own Wonderlandia themed party at home… so we’ve put together a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY today featuring many of the decorative elements from the party! The party decor pack includes flamingos, hand-decorated tea pots, metallic gold bunny statue and candelabra, butterflies, and much more. (Find the complete list at the bottom of this post).

WINNER UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much to everyone that entered… It was so fun to read all of your comments and party plans! =)  And now onto the {randomly selected} winner… Congrats to Laurel Schooler, who said, “I would use it all! I’m throwing a tea party themed baby shower for two of my best friends who are due this fall.”

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

Read on for more prize pics + a complete list of what’s included:

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway

Alice in Wonderland Party Giveaway




Red & Pink Flamingo Statues with Blingy Wings
*These are wood & metal statues found at HomeGoods & that I painted bright pink & red. The wings are a sparkly yellow crackled glass =)

Pink Metal Flamingos with Crowns
*FIVE lightweight metal figurines with a shimmery glitter finish

Metallic Gold Bunny Statue

Metallic Gold Candelabra with Crystals (for the tall tea pot centerpiece)

Embellished Tea Pots
*SIX hand-painted and embellished tea pots in pink, red, and orange

Oversize Tea Cups
*2 large, hand-painted & embellished decorative tea cups

Oversize Tea Cups
*9 hand-painted & embellished decorative saucers

Artificial Butterflies
*Various sizes in red, pink, orange, and yellow

Custom Paper Details
*Pre-printed & hand-cut including “Drink Me” Labels, skeleton keys, 2 styles of “Wonderlandia” flower details, candy buffet banners, etc.

“Open Me” Box
*This can be used as party decor or as a 3-D invite for the guest of honor!

Paper Clocks
*adorable clock silhouettes by Windrosie with a ribbon tie-top for hanging. multiple colors ranging from black & white to hot pink

Die-cut Paper Silhouettes
*skeleton keys and tea pots with ribbons for hanging

Gold “Drink Me” Bottles

Signature Drink Signs
*with recipes for the Pink Flamingo, Queen of Hearts Cooler, and White Rabbit martini – in case you want to enjoy the same spirits as we did!

Acrylic Bead Strands (for embellishing white saucers, as seen on our Mad Hatter Tea Party table)

Glue Dots (for more crafting!)


wonderlandia alice in wonderland themed bridal shower party printables collection from hostess ink

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

472 responses to “Wonderlandia GIVEAWAY #1: Party Decor!”

  1. Brittany says:

    LOVE the Flamingos! This entire theme was spectacular.

    • Kimberly says:

      I always loved Alice in Wonderland, but this takes it to a new level. I absolutely love the flamingos and the gold bunnies and I can see my daughter’s birthday giving out those lindt gold bunnies in a goodie bag as well as making little flamingo cookies and wild and crazy teacup cupcakes. Ooh! It would just a good theme party for one of my jewelry party. So many ideas!!

  2. Jenny says:

    I Love, Love, Love, the Red & Pink Flamingo Statues with Blingy Wings! So whimsical and perfect for my backyard! I’d love to throw this party for my twin daughters bday coming up in October! Gorgeous!!!

  3. Jenny says:

    Oh my goodness, what a fun giveaway! I would love to throw a fab party with all these fun pieces, esp the Pink Metal Flamingos with Crowns!

  4. Jessica says:

    I LOVE LOVE the teapots!! :) We love to have teas and I just adore teapots and those are SO CUTE with the bright colors!

  5. lisa brakebill says:

    FLAMINGOS ROCK! This would out do any party I have thrown. I would love to treat the girlfriends to a party like this. My GF’s ROCK!

  6. Tawnya Guimond says:

    My friend is getting married soon and her new last name will be Hatter so I would love to throw her a Mad Hatter Tea Party (I throw a tea party for all my Bride friends). The tea pots are just precious. It would mean the world to her to have this beautiful decor at her party.

  7. Daisy Hicks says:

    I love all the elements of this prize, but most appealing to me is the Teapots. I have an upcoming children s tea party and would love to use these items for the party. It would create a whimsical addition to the theme!!!

  8. Vanessa says:

    OMG, I love everything! The butterflies are soon awesone too! I would use this whole set for a day of photo shoots!!! <3

  9. stephanie says:

    love the teapots & bright colors! would use them for my nieces and daughters- maybe even myself! :)

  10. Melissa Rubbo says:

    WOW! How amazing is this! I love the flamingos, the embellished teapots….I can’t choose just one thing!

  11. Amanda McCranie says:

    My seven year old loves Alice in Wonderland! All of these decorations would be wonderful to have a nice tea party with all of her friends!

  12. Kristy S says:

    Beautiful! Loved looking at the pics on Facebook. I would so use this for my sweet baby girl, for her 5th birthday in October! sweet tea party.
    Then we’d have tea parties all year with all of the fun stuff!

  13. Jesi Rae says:

    I love the pops of color and how original each piece is! I would love to win this set and use it for a Mommy coffee/tea morning, we deserve it!

  14. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the flamingos and candelabra with the teapots! Who am I kidding the whole set-up is fabulous! I would definitely use this theme as a Girl’s Day Party or a little girl’s birthday tea party!

  15. Kristina Franklin says:

    I love the teacup candelabra! I have a tea party theme in our play room that it would look PERFECT in. And we have a little girl who will be having MANY tea parties in her near future :)

  16. Suzanne says:

    I LOVE the bold colors of this theme. I think the butterflies and flamingos are whimsical and fun.

  17. Amy says:

    I absolutely am ecstatic over this design theme!!!!!!!!!!! I would use the concept for my best friends Bridal Shower hands down! She loves tea, all things color and well so do her bridesmaids (hence myself included!) I am obsessed with the Flamingos! What an awesome find! However I think the Tea pots truly make it a Wonderlandia event!!! OH and what a unique idea to use candleholders for these tea pots to “pose” on!!! Well I can go on and ON! But Its just adorable, makes me want to accidently slip down the rabbit hole to celebrate an Un-Birthday event! xo -Amy

  18. Hana Ahmad says:

    LOVE the golden candlebra with the teapots! SImply exquisite!

  19. barbara says:

    Loved it all…very creative and elegant but yet still fun. My cousin absolutely loves Alice in Wonderland and this would be a perfect theme for her baby shower. Thank you Soo much for sharing, you have provided me with an awesome idea…now to get started preparing for it :)

  20. Joanne R says:

    So hard to pick just one, but I guess I’d have to say the custom paper details.

  21. Dakota says:

    I’m so in love with the teapots and the colors. The fact that they say “Drink me” on them is soooo cute and creative. I’d love to use them to thow a party for my mommies’ group, can’t go wrond with the colors or theme. ^_^

  22. Deborah says:

    Love the flamingos with the crowns! I’d probably use this for an Alice in Wonderland theme!

  23. Colleen says:

    I just love this whole theme! My little peanut is turning one soon, and we call her Brylie in Wonderland all the time, (due to being such a little peanut in such a big world!), so it would be a great theme for her 1st Birthday!

  24. Jo Marquis says:

    I would love to have the flamingos to use in a party for breast cancer awareness and to asks guest to make a charitable contribution at the party for breast cancer. I would use the tea pots as a collection plate for the guest to drop their donations in. All of the items could be used in so many different ways.

  25. Angela Gomez says:

    Love Love the Tea Pots!!!

  26. Julie says:

    I love the whole theme. The colors are so bright my daughter’s would love these decorations for a birthday party!

  27. Josi Ericson says:

    How can I pick just one thing????? I love everything about this design! The bold colors, the bling, the flamingos! I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan. I even dressed up as Alice a couple years ago for halloween and made/attached a foam piece of cake and bottle (eat me, drink me) on my dress. My daughter will be 2 in October. She’s either gonna be Alice or Lucille Ball (her name is Lucy and have a seamstress ready to go :)

  28. Jennifer Carver says:

    I adore everything about your Wonderlandia launch party. The hand painted tea cups and tea pots would be especially perfect for a Wonderland themed party I am styling for a photographer friend of mine.

  29. Joy Nierode says:

    I just LOVE the artificial butterflies in all the vibrant reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows! My daughter loves butterflies and tea parties, so this would be perfect for her and all her little friends :)

  30. Nicole says:

    I love it all…but especially the clocks on the back of the chairs! What a cute addition to the party!

  31. Shannon T says:

    I would use this for a nice little afternoon party on the patio :)

  32. MaryAnne says:

    I love the flamingos! My girls and I get so excited to do cute new ideas for our parties! Flamingo’s stand on one leg when they sleep, HA HA
    We could also do a flamingo dance with all the kids trying to stand on one leg and see how long they can last!! Fun, Fun…

  33. Angee says:

    I love it all, but especially the teapots!!!! I think I would use it to celebrate my 40th with the girls:) It would be a fun way to celebrate the imagination and creativity in us all. Thanks for sharing:)

  34. LeighAnn Yates says:

    OH my GOOD GAAAWWSH! Throwing an upscale birthday at my house on September 25! I would love to do this theme! I will hamm up the wonderlandia and send in pics of the FaBuLoUs EVENT!!!! PERRTY please!

  35. Tricia Lynch says:

    Wow, I love the vibrant colors displayed. My friends and I throw a monthly Bunco party at my house, and with the winter months coming up, things get very dark here in Oregon early. This would be a great way to brighten up our party.

  36. Kelly says:

    So Cute! I love the butterflies and the teapots! My niece is turning 3 and she would love this party theme!

  37. julie says:

    What I fun party idea

  38. This would be so perfect for my outdoor garden/fairy tail wedding. I would use the artificial butterfly’s to hang around the garden and place them on my wedding cake. Use the tea cups for my hubby to be and i to drink out of at the reception. Use the open me box for the ring bearer during the ceremony and use the glue dots to personalize our wedding invitations . Oh it would be so much fun!

  39. Laura H says:

    I love the theme of this party! It’s the cutest. I was thinking of doing this for my daughter in the future!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I would love to make it a house warming tea party for my friend who just moved out of her parents!

  41. Pals says:

    Wonderful.Your website is such an inspiration.Being a mom of two I love hosting parties and coming up with some thing different everytime.You website truly gives me the inspiration eveytime.I love coming here everyday to look for something new.
    If i win this..this time ill treat myself.My birthday is coming up next month and ill host a party to celebrata me..for a change:)


  42. Katherine H says:

    I love those flamingos!!! Having them at a party would be so festive.

  43. Kehau says:

    I love all of it! My favorite is the blingy flamingos.

  44. Vicki R says:

    Absolutely sensational colors. Would love to use this set for a fundraiser party for the non profit dance company we work with. We could even have some of the current students dance during the party with similar colors/theme. The setting would be in our backyard and patio.

  45. Christa Andersen says:

    That gold bunny and I are destined to be together. I just committed to hosting a tea party for my friends, so I would say this is all meant to be ;)

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red and hot pink tea pots. I can see mysel hosting a ladies lunch out by the pool, because with the FABULOUS color pallet it must me shown out doors. The flamingos and the appetizer plates are amazing. I would serve only small bites to show off the plates, with champagne. I LOVE THIS THEME !!!

  47. Malia R says:

    Alice in Wonderland has been my favorite storybook charachter for years! I love all of the details. My mom owned a flower shop growing up and we used to always enter tabletop design competitions. Looking at all of the pictures of your launch party makes me want to do that again!

    I could use these decoration for so many things…my teenagers birthdays, my scout parties or my Bunko party!

  48. Jillian says:

    The teapots and gold bunny are the cutest!! I would throw a birthday tea party for my niece coming up in November!

  49. Summer says:

    All elements are gorgeous and unique! The tea cups and candelabra would go perfect with the vintage tea tins I just picked up. Already planning a lovely tea party for my mothers birthday!

  50. Juliana darby says:

    I would love to use and place these decorating items in a out door themed Alice in Wonderland party, I visualize a Giant Dinner table with a really chic china with tea pot sets and cups, cupcakes, cookies, cakes and colorful paper lanterns above it all! in a beautiful garden set scene! ;)

  51. I love this set. We would definitely use it for our party in October to celebrate my husband being a second year cancer survivor. We had our first party last year and did a whole black and yellow Livestrong theme. Our whole family comes together and the kids would LOVE this theme! We had a fantastic time and hope it becomes a yearly event to celebrate and remember to cherish each day!

  52. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE all the bright colors. I especially love the decorative tea pots. Would love to use this for my daughter’s 1st birthday coming up.

  53. Shailey says:

    I love the tea pots! As a little girl growing up in an Indian household, tea time is big for us! I wouldn’t pack these away for a special occassion – we’d use them on Saturday mornings around the dining table. I love them all!

  54. Kate says:

    I love, love, love the flamingos! My coworker just became a grandmother and she loves flamingos. It would be so fun to have a party for her celebrating her new grandson along with one of her favorite things of all time!

  55. Jennifer Eng says:

    I love the “drink me” and “eat me” printables, which just bring the book to life with all the other decor. The tea party needs to make a comeback!

  56. CCL says:

    I would LOVE to use this theme to throw my sister-in-law a surprise bday party….it would be a great way to brighten up our dreary January days!

  57. Katrina Panyavong says:

    Absolutely adore the flamingos and candelabra with the teapots!
    At first glance, I was bummed out thinking that I can only use this for a girl’s party and as I dissect everything on here, I can use everything and add some more elements to make more for my little baby boy’s 1st birthday party coming this October. I am not one to go out on my parties but since my little guy is my baby miracle, born a preemie at 31weeks at 2lb 6ozs, was in the NICU for 6 weeks before we were able to bring him home, I WANT TO GO WAY OUT FOR HIS 1st BIRTHDAY! Can’t wait…

    I take to to the Zoo all the time and he just loves to stare at the flamingos so this is just a perfect theme!

  58. Haley Grow says:

    I adore the hand decorated tea pots and over sized tea cups! I would throw my nieces a wonderful wonderland tea party! I am known for my tea parties but this looks so brilliantly colorful and mystical. What a change of pace it would be to take my beloved little neices into the heart of wonderland. :D

  59. julie says:

    I love the flamingos. It will be a perfect gift to give to my friend. Her B-day is in December. This will be a great surprise to her if I win!

  60. Eli says:

    Love the teapots, but the flamingos are da bomb! I would give them to my office mate who throws a flamingo birthday party for her neighbor every year. The party always has something to do with flamingos.

  61. kristi hanson says:

    OH how beautiful! I have been wanting to have a Alice in wonderland party for my daughters birthday in December! She loves the flamingos! AWESOME!

  62. Melissa Lacy says:

    Love, love, love the teapots. Would definately use this for my daughters’ next birthday parties <3

  63. CHERIE says:

    love the teapots! perfect for an unbirthday tea!

  64. Sylvia in NC says:

    I am in love with everything in this giveaway! As an home-party consultant, I’m always looking for cute (and especially PINK) props to please the eye at events. Great giveaway!

  65. Lilian says:

    Everything is so pretty!! I would put cotton candy inside the tea kettles to add a sweet touch to it. Love it!!!!!!

  66. megan says:

    LOVE the teapots! could use those over and over.

  67. Kathryn Johnson says:

    I’m in love with the teapots! My baby sister is getting married in November, and I’m throwing her bridal shower. It’s my one chance to use pink, as I have all boys!

  68. I love the teapots and flamingos! The enitre set would come in handy for a baby shower I will be hosting (the world according to a fetus!). And then I would repurpose them a few months later for my 30th birthday.


  69. A.Hill says:

    omygoodness! I haven’t come up with a theme for my 11th Anniversary party mid-Sept…. This would be an AMAZING theme!!!! I would definitely use it all to showcase in my own :)

  70. Adina says:

    I LOVE the teapots, and I would use this as a spectacular unbirthday party for my cohort!

  71. Tracy Mikesell says:

    I LOVE the drink me tea pots, they are adorable. I think it would be so fun to win this and have a get together with my new girlfriends! I just moved to from San Diego to Texas and would love to use these for girlie get together/house warming party!! :)

  72. Diane says:

    If I win, this package will be used to offer a silent auction item for my nonprofit club’s fundraiser — a hosted Wonderland birthday party package!

  73. caitlin says:

    I would us this stuff for a bridal shower, maybe a pre bacherlorette party!!

  74. Rebecca Kelly says:

    The flamingos – they are my favorite at the zoo, too!

  75. Esther Burgoin says:

    As a new mommy ive have’nt had the chance to spend much time with my girls! So what i would like to do is have a all girls night out in my back yard. I really love everything, but most all the tea pots!

  76. amanda says:

    WOW! I love this theme! My favorite part is the pink metal flamingos with crowns. Gorgeous!!

  77. Laurie Shepard says:

    I love the flamingos!

  78. Farrah says:

    Love this giveaway! I would use this to thow a tea party baby shower I am planning for October! It would be just perfect.

  79. Debbie J says:

    Love the tea cups! I’d use them for Bible Study ladie’s tea.

  80. Christy S says:

    I loved the entire theme. I would use this for my daughter’s sixth birthday party. It would be perfect.

  81. Mayra says:

    I love all of it! the flamingos are perfect for every garden ( I love the colors they would look perfect against the green of the garden) I’m picturing everything – Day dreaming…:) I will use it for my mother’s bday…she’s such a creative person that I will defenitely would love to surprise her…and make her feel like the queen she is – in wonderland…

  82. Henna P. says:

    I love the butterflies! My daughter is a year and a half and I would LOVE to use those elements for her 2nd birthday party! :) Just gorgeous!

  83. Mariana says:

    OMG!! Everything is beautiful. I would love it for my 3yr old birthday party in November. I love the flamingos and oversized tea cups. Just amazing!

  84. Emerald says:

    I have been obsessed with having an Alice in Wonderland party for years and haven’t gotten to it yet. I would throw a tea party for my girlfriends!

  85. Angel Li says:

    :) so cute. Love all of it. Would LOVE it for an upcoming baby shower. the flamingos are perfect for the garden.

  86. Tiffany says:

    Everything is so fantastic and fun! I think I would incorporate some of it into my everyday household decor – especially the bunny. And maybe the flamingos outside in the garden areas! My husband and I are in a few upcoming weddings and with showers, bachelor(ette) parties, and more in the near future, the decor would be a fantastic touch to any event!

  87. Jeanmarie says:

    Loooove the teacup candleabra and I would use it to serve cupcakes!!

  88. Darla Woods says:

    I adore all the elements of this design, but the tea pots are my favorite, and I would use the theme as an elaborate weekend family brunch. We love to entertain and this would be an event to remember!

  89. Monica Riggs says:

    Love it all, the flamingos are fantastic! I was so excited to see this theme for your launch party. Our daughter turns 1 in October and we doing a Madhatter/Wonderland theme. I love the ideas you shared and that a tea party can be classy not “cutesy”

  90. Lindy says:

    I love the flamingo’s they just add such a fun time to the whole setting

  91. renee says:

    LOVE the flamingos!!!

  92. Ashley says:

    I love the tea cups, tea pots and butterflies and would combine with the Bridesmaids movie printables from Anders Ruff to accent my Girls Night In party on 9.20.11.

  93. Courtney F. says:

    I’d use this for my daughter’s birthday coming up in April! :)

  94. Nadia Franco says:

    Wow… So many uses come to my mind… I would set up my dinner table when not in use… Or I would use the butterflies to hang on my little girls’ bedroom window… Host an outside tea party with my friends… Decorate a coffee shop’s window, using all the paper details and silhouettes… Have a fun date at home {with tea and special decorations} with my husband… Have a birthday tea party for my princess… The fact is, I love these colors, and recently teapots are becoming one of my hobbies, but sadly don’t have much money to spare; so I would looove to win these!!!

  95. Jackie says:

    my grandaughters would love a unique out of the box tea party birthday party! these things would certainly make the party perfect!

  96. Jacqueline says:

    love metallics! they are so chic for any event especially my little ones joint bday party…they would be so perfect! =)

  97. Ashley DeBoer says:

    I would for sure be throwing a Wonderlandia themed Halloween party!

  98. Michelle O says:

    I love everything about it! I would love to have a ladies tea party just because my friends are fabulous and the decorations would be perfect.

  99. Lisa Hoeme says:

    I LOVE the flamingos! I would love all of it!

  100. Seeing as I’m obsessed with everything Alice, I had to enter! I love the flamingos and am sure they’d end up on many tea party tables. Great giveaway!

  101. Susan Bergmeier says:

    It is a toss up between the pink flamingos and the butterflies! My friends would love to have a backyard party with this decor!

  102. I absolutely LOVE the teapots! I will be hosting a baby shower soon and all these elements would be perfect!!

  103. nicole a says:

    It’s so hard to pick one thing, but I’m in love with the flamingos! They look fabulous!

  104. Kira says:

    It all looks so great! I would love to use this for a Welcome to the World party for my best friends new baby girl!

  105. Victoria Schuetze says:

    I love the whimsy in the cups and teapots. Since I’m a big lover of tea usually, as are my two daughters, I think I would use this collection for our annual easter tea with my daughters and their friends.

  106. Marlene says:

    I absolutely LOVE the colors, they are so vibrant and the gold accents add a touch of sparkle and bling. All the other elements only add to the “fun” of this theme. I have been having such a hard time coming up with a theme for my daughters upcoming birthday. This would be fabulous!

  107. Cher says:

    I wasn’t able to do a party that I wanted, but if I won I’d have no excuse. I love the teapots and candelabra!

  108. Steph says:

    Love the whole theme. Beautiful!

  109. Brittany kalter says:

    This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time! I JUST found out that I will be having a baby girl and am planning on using many elements inspired from this theme. If I won, I will def. Be putting this giveaway to good use come October! :) LOVE, LOVE the Wonderlandia decor.

  110. Cindi Blanchard says:

    I love the colors and the teapot candelabra! THis would be great for my daughter’s first birthday, then she could use them for years to come!

  111. Aurora says:

    The flamingos are my fav! I wonder if they could be used as more than decor? Game time!

  112. leanne says:

    I love it all!!! I love hosting parties and your blog has the best ideas!

  113. christy fiorello says:

    I love all the colors of tea pots and the butterflies. I love the modern take on an older childrens story, and would love to use these for my daughter’s birthday party at the end of October!

  114. Courtney says:

    Love the flamingos! This would be perfect for a birthday party for my little girl!

  115. Colleen says:

    I love this whole party. I want to use this theme for my best friends bridal shower!! She loves tea and I was planning on having a tea party!

  116. amy north says:

    my daughter is obsessed with tea parties. i would love to use the sweet tea kettles for her third birthday party coming up in october!

  117. Erin Warkentin says:

    I am in LOVE with the handcrafted teacups. All of this party decor would work absolutely perfectly for a 30th unbirthday party I plan on throwing in a few months. The wonderland theme is so whimsical and magical, even odd things like pink flamingos look fabulous!

  118. Beatrice says:

    I would use it all the time, but specially for my best friend’s daughter Bday, she will be 5 next month, and I bet she will adore it!

  119. Ally says:

    I’m planning a wonderland bridal shower for my best friend. I would LOVE to get this package to help celebrate her and complete the details for her lovely day!

  120. Christina says:

    Love the flamingos! Too fun!

  121. Margaret Smith says:

    This would be so perfect to use to decorate our sun room with. We entertain often and use our sunroom for most of our get togethers. Our sun room walks out to our patio. This whole ensemble would be perfect in making both our sunroom & patio so inviting to our guests.
    Thanks so much.

  122. karen says:

    LOVING the flamingos!!

  123. Sarah M. says:

    I love those flamingos!! I would use them for a baby shower I am planning :)

  124. j says:

    i am a HUGE fan of Alice in Wonderland so when I was this theme I was so excited! Each and every table you guys created was visually stunning and oh so creative! If I won this package I’d use it for a bridal shower since I just got engaged this June! XOXO

  125. Katie says:

    I’m a school librarian so I would love to have a Wonderlandia Tea Party to kick of a reading incentive program each semester, pay tribute to one of my favorite children’s classic novels.

  126. Ryane says:

    I love everything! I would throw a tea party brunch for all my girlfriends!

  127. Love the Flamingos with the blingy wings! They would be great for any celebration! I would use them for an adult party or little girl’s party, bridesmaids lunch/tea :)))

  128. Sandy says:

    Would love to win this prize… Who doesn’t love a reason to throw a party. So pick me! And come to my party!!!

  129. Jovanna says:

    I love the unique colors – the theme gave me a great idea for a bachelorette tea party! And the colors and theme are perfect for a Florida bride!

  130. Rachel S. says:

    The clocks on the chair backs were such a cute touch. Very unique.

  131. Stacy A says:

    My favorite items are definitely the decorated tea pots. If I won, I would host a woman’s tea at my house complete with this decor and other “Mad Hatter” tea party items.

  132. Susan says:

    I love the vibrant colors and blingy accessories of the flamingos and teapots. I especially love the rhinestone choker on the red teapot! I’m currently planning my daughter’s wonderland birthday and am so inspired by your styling!

  133. the teapots are perfect to make nightstand lamps out of! been dying to have a DIY lamp making party with my girlfriends!

  134. Jannell Nolan says:

    I love it all of course!!! My sister LOVES Alice and always has. Her bridal shower is going to be wonderland themed and this would be perfect!!!

  135. Katie O'Neil MacGregor says:

    Can’t go wrong with pink sparkly flamingos! This would be great for a kitschy bbq or a birthday party for my mudda! :)

  136. Thanks for all the sweet comments! Already wishing we had enough party packs to give to ALL of you! :)

  137. Lindsey Wilson says:

    I absolutely adore the embellished teapots and the oversized teacups! My daughter has requested a Wonderland themed bday so winning this would help me out BIG time :)

  138. Alla says:

    I love the teapots!! I have been waiting to see this since the sneak peak a few weeks back because we are currently decorating a modern Alice in Wonderland nursery and I couldn’t wait to see what you would come up with! I would use the elements in the room!!

  139. Jen N. says:

    I love the teapots! They’re so versatile…I’d love to use them for floral arranging!

  140. Aprille says:

    I absolutely adore the color scheme with all of the lovely hot colors. It’s as if the Mad Hatter landed in the psychedelic 60’s! Think Mad Men meets Lewis Carroll! Love, love, love it! I would use the theme for an upcoming Birthday Tea for my sweet sister-in-law.

  141. Meredith Grether says:

    Love love LOVE the pink metal flamingos with crowns and all the paper details — great ideas! I’m throwing a Wonderland-themed 31st birthday party in November and would love to use some of these! :)

  142. Francine says:

    I love the teapots! I’d have a tea party and invite my friends!

  143. Liz says:

    Wow I love ALL of this but I think I’d have to say I’d love the flamingos especially because my grandma’s 80th birthday is coming up and she LOVES them…. always has! How cool would it be to decorate with those?!

  144. Nicole Williams says:

    Love Love Love the colour!! Our Playcentre is organising an End of Harvest Ball Fundraiser and what better theme than COLOUR! All the elements of these giveaway are fabulous, it’s hard to pick just one!! I love your website, the parties are so inspirational!!! Many thanks from New Zealand :)

  145. ashley brooke says:

    my favorite element is definitely the pink flamingoes! how adorable and fun!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)

  146. lisa says:

    I love the teapots…my teenage girls all drink hot tea. I’d use something like these for our next birthday party!

  147. I love the whole thing, flamingos, bright colors, tea pots, etc.. I would have the best tea party ever!

  148. Zsofi says:

    The whole theme is gorgeous! Alice would definitely be happy to see this. I would vote for the flamingo statues, the 2 types are just magnificient! Congrats for your nice work!

  149. Liz W. says:

    I love the tea pots! They will be going on my shelf in the dining room.

  150. Montrilla J. says:

    Love love love the pink flamingos. Theres so many creative events you can plan with them. I would use them for a Summer Tropical Bridal Shower and would set them around a pool side everything would be chic and using the bold pink and gold in just about every element of the decor. Chic umberellas would cover the desert bar and for the drinks i would serve yummy “pink panties” spinkled with edible gold flakes…….aww the creativity thats going on in my mind:)

  151. Montrilla j says:

    Email correction

  152. Kimberly Fine Wright says:

    Oh the tea pots and cups would be wonderful, of course the entire set is fantastic!
    Halochanel at gmail dot com

  153. Jordan says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything! Especially the teapots because you could use those again and again. Fantastic work ladies!

  154. Party Girl says:

    I absolutely love the vibrant color scheme and especially the teapots and the candelabra (let’s get real…I LOVE it all), which would be perfect for the 70th Birthday tea I am hosting for a friend of mine this Oct. She would be over the moon if she walked into a room decorated with these absolutely delightful items.

  155. Tiffany says:

    I really like the teacup candelabra! I think that throwing any birthday with this theme would be a blast!

  156. Hui says:

    I like the golden rabbit! This is the year of the rabbit for the Chinese and you can hold a birthday party with a rabbit theme, too!

  157. Josmauri says:

    Omg! This is the cutest thing! I just had a tea party for my birthday and was on a tight budget so had to get everything at the thrift store. It was super fabulous nonetheless and now all my friends and I are obsessed with this theme. I would use this Wonderlandia theme to throw a party for all my girlfriends. It would be so colorful and blinged out! love it.

  158. Gabrielle Stacey says:

    I love the teapots and butterflies. You can do so much with this – love it all!

  159. Martha Angelica says:

    Especially the flamingos. Would use them to decorate my two daughter’s birthday party in May, Which will be an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.

  160. KH says:

    I love flamingos!

  161. Amy Kirchhoff says:

    Those flamingos make me smile. I’d totally use this for my daughter’s next bday party.

  162. Nicole says:

    I LOVE the teapots, what beautiful colors!!! Also, the butterflies are so life like. I am hosting a wonderland party for my daughter this October and those pieces would be wonderful accents to her party!

  163. Melania says:

    Love the teapots. So cute!

  164. Bonnie says:

    Considering our family’s “flamingo war” I have to say I adore the flamingoes. If I won this package, I’d incorporate the bulk of it into an adoption shower I’m planning for friends of mine. The Wonders of adoption…a child you chose, a fairytale come true…

  165. Marcia Russo says:

    I love the pops of color in the cut outs and silhouettes. I would hang them from ribbons outdoors on the patio pergola.

  166. Jenn P says:

    Love Love all the flamingos & teapots. I would have the best Tea for all my besties.

  167. TaniaM says:

    Wow!!! It’s hard to say what I like the most, the whole set is magnificent!!! I would say the Flamingos because they make the theme exotic!!!

  168. OMGoodness I LOVE those flamingos! I have a girlie Alice in Wonderland themed party if I won this :)

  169. Julia says:

    I would throw my own wonderland themed party with all of this fun stuff! Love the teapots!!!!

  170. grace bauza says:

    I am in loove with the teacups and the butterflies wowo gorgeous. My daughter ill be turning 1 in mmarch and thing this is a beautiful theme I could even use the teacups and tespots for her baptism which is cominng in October I wanted it to be kind of like a tea party theme

  171. Melissah says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon your lovely blog. I look forward to popping by again for some more inspiration! I’m just new into blogging this year & have put together a daily blog on design, fashion, food, travel and anything pretty. and for everything chic and coastal

    I had a lot of fun putting them together maybe you would like to check them out if you have a spare minute.

  172. gina forsmann says:

    I really dig the flamingos. This would be a fabulous mad hatter tea party theme.

  173. Laurel G says:

    wow what a great prize to win! I love the hand painted tea pots! would be so fun for a shower!

  174. Jacki says:

    I love the colors and the teapots! I would host a baby shower tea party.

  175. Kimiko says:

    I love the butterflies, the flamingos with the gold crackled glass wings, and the teapots! The colors are so pretty!

  176. Rebecca @This Nest is Best says:

    What a FANTASTIC giveaway! I am super in love with the teapots :)

  177. I love the tea cups. I would def use it for a unique twist on a christmas party. Winter Wonderlandia

  178. alissa says:

    i really love using stickers on the tea pots — i thought that was such an easy and cost-effective way to tie all the design elements together. what a fun prize! i hope i win:).

  179. HEATHER TAMBO says:


  180. I would love the butterflies!! my daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up in November!!

  181. Vanessa S. says:

    I LOVE the bright colored, embellished tea pots! So great for a modern tea party!

  182. lorena says:

    My favorite element is the butterflies.

  183. Chrissy says:

    I would have one tea party a week with these little beauties! They are gorgeous items!

  184. Miss Pete says:

    I have never wanted to win a giveaway so badly! The teapots are “wonder”ful and all the other prizes are icing on that cake!

  185. Nicole Clinger says:

    I love the flamingos! I’m doing my daughter’s first birthday party Alice in Wonderland so this would all be perfect!!

  186. Mandy says:

    As an Alice collector, its really too overwhelming to choose a favorite item. This is like the Unbirthday Party package I’ve been dreaming for, though.

  187. Mandy says:

    As an Alice collector, its too overwhelming for me to pick a favorite item. Its the like the Unbirthday Party package I’ve been dreaming about!

  188. Kylie Landis says:

    i absolutely love the flamingos and they would be perfect for me to throw an end of summer/ beginning of fall party!

  189. Mia C says:

    I love everything and I would be able to use it all. I especially love the teacup candelabras. I have been looking around where I live for stuff that is even half as cute as that one. I also would love to use the cut out clocks and keys for decor and the drink me labels on the table favors….the list goes on and on!!! I am throwing a Alice in wonderland bridal shower so this WOULD BE PERFECT!!!!!!! I would love to win the get away.

  190. jae says:

    Omg I love the being belly flamingos. They are so cute. I would love them for my daughter’s birthday! Sooo cute.

  191. Valerie says:

    flamingoes are too cute.

  192. Stephanie says:

    I love the modern take on a classic theme. The color scheme is extremely vivid – so lively

  193. DalannaMarie says:

    I LOVE THEM ALL!!! And clearly its for a mad hatter tea party!!!!!!! i cant wait to have a funky wonderland party

  194. Solange alves says:

    Love everything…so colorful and bright. I would have an end of summer tea party for my friends.

  195. Angela says:

    I can’t tell you how much I love this! I would use it either for my sister’s bridal shower or a party for the English department at the university I teach at (or maybe both because I love it so much!) Especially the tea pots and the drink me signs…the literary allusions are great!

  196. stacy stanger says:

    Wow! Just looked at your website today and can’t wait to throw a party! Thank you for all the amazing ideas. Love, Love, Love it!!

  197. adriana enright says:

    I would use all of the decorations for the annual teacher luncheon at my daughter’s school. I always have a themed luncheon and usually have a play on words. This would be great – THANK YOU “TEA”CHERS for all you do.

  198. Danielle says:

    I just want to have a tea party!

  199. Virginia says:

    I would use the fun pots and teacups for fun and bold baby shower :)

  200. Fernanda says:

    LOVED everything! Would definitely use it for my birthday party coming up in October, especially those pink flamingos!!!

  201. Rachel says:

    I love love love the flamingos! I am currently planning my own 40th! A Maimi inspired affair and I have some flamingos but nothing as stunning as these. I would definitely use these flamingos for the party – they are truely fab. The Metallic Gold Candelabra with Crystals would also fit in well for what I have in mind for the party.

  202. My daughter is a senior in high school this year and has begging to have her friends over for a tea party – with these wild colors and wonderful flamingos it would totally be something her friends would talk about all year. We could work a magical party with all this fun…..

  203. LC says:

    I love the candelabra with teapots! I’d use this to throw a just because party to wow all my friends & family! :)

  204. Alma says:

    I love the pink flamingos with the crowns! I would love to use those in a hula party!! I love them!

  205. Stephanie says:

    Tea time with whimsy…yes, please! I would love to host a luncheon as a thank you to those who helped get me through grad school. This wonderlandia theme is just the bit of fun I was looking for.

  206. Kristyl Galli says:

    I love the candelabras!! I actually love all of it, and my daughter would be super happy to finally have a tea and tutu/teddy bears birthday party that she has been wanting for the last few years! Thanks for this opportunity!..

  207. Christen says:

    I have been following this blog everyday for this!!… haha well, I love this whole theme, but my FAVORITE element is definitely the TEAPOTS!!!!!! I am the president of student government @ my school and am planning a winter banquet that I would like to theme Alice in Wonderland :)

  208. maria josep says:

    I would use this theme to celebrate my anniversary with my boyfriend, it’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met.

  209. Lisa F says:

    Hi! I LOVE everything! I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, last year I had a Tea-Party with my kids at school… I even decorated my whole bathroom with that theme… the mirror’s an Alice-head ;) All my friends know how nuts I am about everything “wonderlandish”, so to throw a Wonderlandia Party and to have all this great party decor, would be soooo much fun!!! :)

  210. Abby says:

    So whimisical! I’d invite my best girlfriends over for a fun backyard party. What fun colors!

  211. Stephanie P says:

    The teapots are GORGEOUS! I love throwing tea parties for my friends little girls. This would be perfect for a Mad Hatter Tea Party! Love it!!

  212. Bailey Funderburk says:

    Love the candelabra with teapots on top! I would use it for my unbirthday party of course!

  213. Bailey Funderburk says:

    Love the candelabra with the teapots on top! I would use it for my “Welcome back to Wonderland” return to America party!

  214. Cathi C says:

    The golden bunny and the flamingos make me think of a glitzy upgrade for an Alice Through the Looking Glass theme. I’m thinking a croquet party with big hats for ladies, straw boaters for gents, and color exploding everywhere!

  215. kelly c says:

    hands down – the bright colors are my fave part. so delightful!! 2 of my daughters have winter birthdays (jan & feb) – can be such a “blah” time of the year. what a perfect decor to liven it up!

  216. Erica says:

    Those flamingos are quite BA ;)

  217. Kat Riley says:

    I would use this for my granddaughter’s birthday which is two days before Christmas…this would be great as something different then the Christmas decorations that are always up at that time.
    rilekat at gmail dot com

  218. Mary V Tapia says:

    What wouldn’t I do with this whimsical collection! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything: the pink-a-licious flamingos, the tea-li-cious teacups, tea pots, & teapot candelabra! I AND my 2 four year olds LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the entire collection! I would host a “Wonder-li-cious 5th Birthday Party’ in our “Wonderlandia” complete with furry friends and flying butterflies nestled in our Fantasy Forrest in our backyard! And the photos we would take and submit! After the party we could decorate their playroom! The Tea Parties would be never ending! Ooohhh! Ooohhh! Ooohh! The possibilities are endless if we won!

  219. shannon says:

    the tea pots and cups are amazing……perfect

  220. Karis Walker says:

    We absolutely would love to use this entire set for an upcomg Christmas Event at our church. As owner of the NEW “The Sunshine party Studio”, and on staff at my church, we are planning Whimsical themed Night with desserts and a comedy program. It’s called “Who Hijacked my fairy tale. But with a Christmas spin! It would be perfect for the dessert station!

  221. Sirpa says:

    I absolutely love the teacups and pots! The colors of the party set are amazing. My 6-year-old twin girls would be thrilled to have a Wonderlandia party, although I think this would be a great idea for moms’ tea parties too ;D!

  222. Angela Toovey says:

    LOVE IT!The teapots, the butterflies, the flamingos, the gold bunnies…I would love to host a tea for all the moms in my homeschool co-op. Being home with kids all day teaching can leave us feeling like we’re mad hatters! I would also use the bunnies and butterflies for an Easter brunch, and my little girl and I would HAVE to have tea together in those adorable pots! Thanks!

  223. Amber E says:

    This is such a fabulous giveaway! This would make a fantastic backyard party to celebrate our new house! I would love to invite our friends and family over to have a garden tea party!

  224. Luisa Villa says:

    I love the tea pots! My mom’s birthday is coming up soon and she is a tea lover. This would be such a great theme for her birthday party! She could keep the tea pots as a reminder :)

  225. Jenine Akre says:

    Sooo Fun and Creative! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

  226. Cecily says:

    I really loved the eat me drink me signs that were on all the tables. Such a fun part of the theme, that fits perfectly with all the different party ideas. I also really likes the keys and locks, they were included in a fun and unexpected way.

  227. April says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the teapots!

  228. Kristin says:

    Love those blingy flamingos! I would love to have this party for some of my girlfriends on our new outdoor deck!

  229. Tara C says:

    I absolutely love the bright colors!!! I love the funky designs!! I would love to have this!!!

  230. Michelle Chung says:

    My favorite element is the candelabra because you can use it for so many different themes; however I love anything pink and orange.

  231. The lamingos & candelabra, along with so much more, would be perfect for a funky flamingo christmas party :)

  232. Sarrah says:

    I love the whole theme. I think this would be awesome if it were spiced up and used as a GNO party theme.

  233. Amanda Phelps-Miller says:

    I can’t get over this theme and these lovely decorations!!! My husband and I like to throw cocktail parties all the time, and this would make an awesome theme!!

  234. Love ALL of it! My fav is the paper clocks and butterflies. Would use it for my sweet baby girl’s “ONEderland” first birthday party 3 weeks from today! Have been busy busy busy trying to find all the goodies to complete the celebration…these would be PERFECT!

  235. Pam says:

    Love everything but I especially adore the flamingos!

    I would definitely be planning some killer bridal, baby and birthday parties with this beautiful decor. :)

  236. MitziW says:

    I love it all, but especially those adorable flamingos!!! My husband and I have joked around about putting pink flamingos in our yard just to see what our neighbors would do. But, seriously, my girls and I would love to throw a big tea party with all of the goodies. My girls love tea parties. My oldest just got a new handmade dress for her birthday, and she’s wanting to show it off at a tea party. This would be so great!

  237. Laura P says:

    I love the oversize teacups! I would give this kit to my sister to use for my Bridal shower ;)

  238. kc says:

    i love the flamingos, teapots, and the labels! everything is so mythical, creative, and fun. i would love to use this for a baby shower as this theme is definitely something that evokes the feelings of fantasy, wonder, and excitement you would expect with the arrival of a new little person! :)

  239. Sherri says:

    This is spectacular! I would have a tea party for all my friends in the garden.

  240. Sarah O'Brien Beightol says:

    I love all of it, but I think the teapots are the most fun. They can be used for parties and everyday decor in w a whimsy kitchen or playroom.

    I would use these for my son and daughter’s April birthday party.

  241. Summer McRae says:

    This set makes me feel happy and inspired, like a bright sping day. If I were to win this teaset, the first thing I would use it for is a teaparty photoshoot with my four daughters. Then we could make it an annual tradition, and each year, as they grow, we can add another page of memories to an album that is just for that. That way, the set would always hold the memory of childhood and special times for these four sisters.

  242. As a party planner, this set would be wonderful for all sorts of lovely occasions! I am envisioning the use of this set for a triple baby shower, that I am going to throw in January of next year. Three of my friends are all due in March, and this would be a great theme!

  243. Meredith says:

    Love the Mad Hatter whimsy theme – the teapots are fabulous and can be used all year round! Would love to host a tea during the holidays with close friends that usually get together for a treat exchange. It was so much fun to see it in person at the launch party!

  244. Jessica Lauren says:

    I LOVE the hand-painted tea pots & tea cups. They would be perfect for the Annual Hight Tea Benefit at my Church.

  245. Love it! My sister and I are planning an Alice in Wonderland party for her little girl. This would be perfect! Love it all, but especially the flamingos!

  246. Kaylee says:

    Me and my friend actually have started planning in Alice in Wonderland themed tea party! We are a little low on money and what you have here in just PERFECT! My favorite item has to be the tea pots though they are lovely. Then again, I am eyeing those pink flamingos too! those would look adorable on our tea party favor table.

  247. Catherine says:

    I would host a wonderful tea party for my friends. I love having tea parties!

  248. beth shepherd says:

    I love the flamingos! My daughter would love this for her birthday table!
    thank you

  249. Shekeela says:

    From the embellished teapots and candle stick holders to the butterflies and clocks. This would be a awesome decor for a Mother’s Day Tea Party. You think I have it in me to hold off this extravagant event until May? Now to think of a name. *taps chin*

  250. Amanda H says:

    Love this party! My friends and I throw really elaborate baby showers, but we haven’t done a Wonderland theme… YET!

  251. Madiha Shahid says:

    My favorite aspect of the design are the oversized teacups! I would use these decorations to redo my little sister’s dorm room! it’s so drag and dark, I want to give her something fun to look at!

  252. Laurel says:

    I would use it all! I’m throwing a tea party themed baby shower for two of my best friends who are due this fall.

  253. Kristen says:

    Metallic Gold Candelabra with Crystals (for the tall tea pot centerpiece) is my favorite item. I would use it for my own tea party themed wedding to hold a few of the vintage teapots I’ve purchased. The other part of the decor pack, I would use for my friend’s birthday party as she is in love with all things Alice and Mad Tea party.

  254. Ashley says:

    I love the theme, would be great for my baby girls 1st birthday!!

  255. Juli Shelton says:

    I would use this party set to celebrate my daughters unbirthday of course!! But honestly, i would leave those flamingos out all the time because they make me smile!

  256. Allison Steele says:

    I would throw my daughter the most AMAZING birthday party ever! Gorgeous!

  257. Steph says:

    I love the Pink Metal Flamingos with Crowns. :)

  258. Jessica says:

    I love the teapots and flamingos. If I won, I would use these for my party business.

  259. Que Banh says:

    If I won this I’d host the ultimate tropical steampunk themed picnic bash with all my best galpals!

  260. Jessica Neal says:

    Oh my goodness!!! We are doing a “2 year old Tea” with Alice and Wonderland as the theme for her party in January!!! This would be PERFECT!!!

  261. Emily says:

    I love the pink flamingos with gold crowns! I id this party theme for my 25th birthday and it was so fun but I love that these colors are so bold and modern, this could make a great start to a wedding shower for a friend of mine who loves everything disney!

  262. Carmen says:

    Flamingos with Blingy Wings!!! They would definitely would be the highlight of the decorations for my outdoor, forest fantasy party. But then, when are flamingos with Blingy Wings not a highlight?! And surely a candelabra is any party’s must have item. Complete with different flavoured drinks in the tea pots and mini sized sweet and savoury food bites. Really though, it’s all about the Blingy Wing flamingos!

  263. Amber says:

    I adore this. My daughter has been asking for a tea party themed birthday. What a fun twist this would be!

  264. Melissa Andrews says:

    I love the tea pots and the flamingos, this would be the perfect theme for my daughters birthday!

  265. Nina McClain says:

    I would probably decorate with it because I love the colors!

  266. Amy says:

    I think the oversized cups are great. You can use them for so many things.

  267. Joyce says:

    The paper details are darling. I would use all the parts for a children’s party for my son’s class.

  268. I love the metallic bunny! Any tea party of mine would have to have a surreal edge, and that bunny does the trick!

  269. Allie Sansing says:

    I LOVE the entire set but my fav is Metallic Gold Candelabra with Crystals!

  270. Linda Lansford says:

    I like the flamingos and will put them in my front yard

  271. Melissa Jurrison says:

    I would love to use the whole collection for a whimsical themed little girls party!! I have a 6 and an 8 yr. old and this would even be a great way to decorate their next birthday party!!! I especially love the gold candelabra with crystals and the drink me tea pots!!!

  272. Djomonde says:

    I would use these items in a theme I’m planning for my Halloween party. Each room in my house is going to have a specific theme, and I was planning doing Alice in Wonderland for one of those rooms.

  273. jessica gengler says:

    love the flamingos! Everything is so colorful!

  274. Christine says:

    love the teapots

  275. Natalie A says:

    The flamingos with the golden wings are my favorite! I would use this set for my best friend’s shower!

  276. Melissa Page says:

    Wow! I loooooooooooooovve this stuff! I would use this party pack to OF COURSE have my very own UNBIRTHDAY PARTY the moment it arrived! I am just smitten with the flamingos! I would also love to have all those tea pots so I could have a tea-tasting party! I would brew all my favorites! (:

  277. Alice Rossiter says:

    I’m planning on throwing a summer mad hatter dinner party in our backyard. The tea pots are gorgeous.. would love to fill each pot with a different cocktail. :-)

  278. Kelli says:

    What an ultimate party theme. I would absolutely enjoy these party items. My daughter loves Alice in Wonderland, tea parties & flamingos. Everything wrapped up into one party. Each and every item will be used over and over.

  279. Jen says:

    What would I do with it? I would have the most fantastic tea party ever!

  280. evelyn delcambre says:

    love love love the teapots

  281. I love the teapots! I would plan a tea around the colors of the teapots!

  282. andrea says:

    i big fat love the tea pots. they’d be perfect for an upcoming baby shower that i’m hosting!

  283. Heather C. says:

    I would love to use the gold rabbit in an Easter centerpiece. Everything else would be so much fun for my sister’s birthday party.

  284. Julie says:

    I would love the teapots!

  285. Kristin says:

    I would love this set for my step-daughter’s 12th birthday! She is such an Alice and Wonderland fan, both the animated movie and the new one. I could see the flamingos in the garden leading up to the house, and the candelabra would be amazing as a focal point coming into the party!

  286. Esperanza says:

    Love, love, love the colorful teapots! Sigh.

  287. Erin says:

    Are you kidding me? This is like the greatest giveaway ever! I’d love for this to by my birthday party! I’m mad for tea :) Those teapots are adorable!

  288. Timbo says:

    The teapots and tea cups are my favorites :D and what I’d do is lend them to my little sis who could use them to make a music video, believe it or not :)

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

  289. Hilda H says:

    Such a fantastic set that you have here!! My friends and I love tea parties and making our own costumes to dress-up in; with something like these we’d have one spectacular party in our backyard, with matching outfits for a photoshoot and well, tea♡!

  290. this is sooooo adorable! i just got my first apartment less than a month ago and this would be the perfect thing to add to my patio! and to throw a graduating party!

  291. katherine says:

    my best friends built me stone wall in my garden for my birthday this year (on august 28th). i’d love to throw them a party to thank them for all the blood (literally), sweat, and tears they had to go through during construction. and i’d like to invite my manicurist because she had to deal with so many broken bloody fingers :)

  292. Asia says:

    I’m helping my uncle with a vernissage pretty soon and I’d love to incorporate these :)

  293. tiffany says:

    Ohmygoodness! the gold mixed in really makes it look grown up (in a fun kind of way)

  294. Amber Maddux says:

    Love all the beautiful bright colors! Just Gorgeous :)

  295. Lisa says:

    I am planning on throwing my daughter her first birthday party in November and the theme is: Samantha in “One”derland

    All he aspects from this table would be an amazing addition!

  296. Liz says:

    Love this! I would definitely use the decor for my daughter’s first birthday party! Charlotte in Wonderland!

  297. Laurie says:

    What is not to love with all of it!!!! I can see the most wonderful photo shoot, and then a tea party after. LUV it

  298. Laurie Finchum says:

    I love the bright colors. I love the “drink me” bottles. Actually the whole theme. My daughter and I LOVE Alice and Wonderland. Especially the newest one with Johnny Depp. Her birthday is at the end of September and it would be fun to surprise her with this for her party.

  299. susan varney says:

    i love famingos on the lawn they are so cool

  300. Kristin says:

    I would have a Princess of the Pink Flamingos party and challenge my GF to wear there favorite thrifted pink dress. BYOT (Bring your own tiara!) This is a fabulous giveaway!

  301. Brandy says:

    I absolutely loved every part of the wonderlandia, such great ideas. I especially love the touches of butterflies. I would use these party supplies for my daughter’s 16th birthday party

  302. Chrissy says:

    Those Teapots are A-Maz-ing! Perfect for my daughter’s first birthday party in Nov. (One-derland?). Or my Best Friends baby shower in Decemeber (Tea for the Mom to Be?).

  303. Elliott H says:

    I adore the golden bunny!

  304. barbara says:

    i love the flamingos!!!

  305. becky says:

    I love the flamingos!!! How awesome would all this be to surprise my best friend for her 40th birthday!!! I love all of this and could do such a wonderful party for her!! She is a working mom and so so so deserves the very best!!!

  306. I LOVE the tea pots with the bling, the glam flamingos, and of course the bunny! I have a baby shower coming up and she has always dreamed of having a wonderland themed tea party for her shower!

  307. Emily says:

    WOW! This is a spectacular tablescape! I would love to use this theme for our elementary school bookfair…it is such a fabulous theme with the flamingos and teapots. Who knew? I especially love the candelabra and the many uses it would have. What a dream come true to have this at our bookfair!

  308. Ashley Miller says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love all of this! It is so hard to pick just one thing. I love the pink and red flamingos with the gold and I love the candlebra with the teacups. This is just all so creative. I would use this for my niece’s first birthday this October. She is going to be Alice from Alice In Wonderland for Halloween and I would love to throw her this Wonderlandia party. I think it would be something she could look back at in pictures and just be in aww. Like everyone else would be! This would be amazing!!!!

  309. Claudia Vargas says:

    I absolutely love this theme and the intricate details in the decor. It is definitely different and just what I need to decorate for my friend’s upcoming baby shower. This theme would be perfect and totally outside of the norm.

  310. Mikell says:

    My dearest friend is having a milestone birthday soon. I’d love to throw her a Wonerlandia party. My friends have made special hats that we each contributed to I can only imagine my deck dressed in all your fabulous decor. I’ve made a tablecloth with flowers hangin off the edges in hot pink and think the flamingos would really set the mood for these fun,creative girls! Love your site!

  311. I am in LOVE with this idea! I love love love the colors, and my husband is the BIGGEST Alice in Wonderland fan! I simply ADORE all the teapots and oversized cups!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  312. Sarah says:

    I would love to host a tea party for my friends. These items are so fun!

  313. Michelle says:

    I love the teapots. I would use this as a high tea and fascinators party for my girlfriends =)

  314. Rai-E says:

    I am in love with your design aesthetics! The colors used in this are just so vibrant and stunning! Love the whimsical pots and the clock cut outs – perfect on their own and immediately tie the theme to ‘ wonderland’. Would consider myself lucky to be able to throw an event this creative for my baby girls birthday!

  315. Candace says:

    I love it! I want to do a celebration tea for my Grandmother who is so amazing to my family and these items would be TOO CUTE! She’s a spunky 72 years old who loves color, fun, and sassiness and this theme would really fit her personality to a “T”!

  316. I think a little Wonderland themed party is in order for my daughter’s 2nd birthday this winter.

  317. amy says:

    Love love LOVVVEEE the decorated tea cups and those gold “drink me” bottles. I worked on the recent Tim Burton remake of Alice in Wonderland and would totally throw a themed party for my co-worker friends! LOVE it all!!!

  318. Alexandra says:

    I love the tea pots and all of the fun brightly colored elements! My best friend is getting married next year and this would make a perfect bridal shower theme & decor!

  319. Suzanne says:

    I would love to use this for a “cast party”, my daughter is in a musical theater production of Alice in Wonderland.

  320. mina says:

    I really like the teapot stand, the diamonds make it look classy while the colors are really fun :) Everything in the set is perfectly contrasted to match so it would look great in at any party:))
    My favorite piece are the flamingos!! The crowns are very regal. Perfect for any princess throwing a party ;)

  321. Tanya says:

    Every piece in the collection looks amazing! I can’t pick out one item that I love the most, but I would have to say the crowned flamingos. I would use these for (oddly enough) Halloween! I’m planning on being the Queen of Hearts this year and mixed in with other Halloween elements, I think this would make for awesome party decor!

  322. Terianne says:

    This is the EXACT theme I want for Lilah’s first birthday!!! I LOVE everything about this, but the pink flamingos (for the lawn) are my favorite! If I won it would be a miracle and really make this a party to remember!

  323. Cecily says:

    I love all the decor but especially the flamingos. My husbands 30th is coming up and I would work them into his b-day dinner somehow.

  324. Julie says:

    I love all the decorations!!! They are very creative and colorful. The tea pots are adorable. What an amazing party.

  325. Melissa Yanes says:

    I absolutely LOVE everything. This theme would go so well for a party in Miami, which is where I live, with the flamingos and super vibrant colors!

  326. lisalubo says:

    This is so FUN! My best friend is about to have her 4th child. I would love to use this theme for her baby shower and make this an event she will never forget!!

  327. Brandi Hunley says:

    I love this theme! It would be perfect for my sisters bridal shower in a few months :0)

  328. denby says:

    my daughter loves tea parties…we could have quite a party with those tea kettles!

  329. Eugenia says:

    I absolutely adore the teapots. Everyone teases me about how much tea I drink so I would use it to throw a tea party.

  330. Amy Ryan says:

    I like the “drink me” on the drink servers. I would host a ‘sip & see’ with the set to celebrate the birth of my friend’s new baby!

  331. Dessie says:

    I love everything but especially the teapots– perfect setting for a girls old fashioned tea party with a modern twist

  332. Amanda says:

    I am soon going to be hosting a bridal breakfast in a salon while all the bridesmaids, moms and bride get ready for the big day. I would love to use some of these elements. I specifically love the golden stand and wee decanters – syrup! I love the paper details and all the colored stemware – cups, saucers and tea pots. It would all work well for a breakfast.

  333. Callie B. says:

    I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bright colored teapots…I love the glitter fabulous flamingos…I just LOVE it all! I would use it for my little girl’s birthday! I would have one happy girl on my hands! Everything is so unique and so fun!

  334. Kelly East says:

    I love the colorful teapot and tea cups! I would love to throw a wonderlandia tea party!

  335. Dianne says:

    I’m planning a mad hatter/spring, tea party for my mummy. The snazzy teapots and bright coloured flamingos and butterflys would suit the day perfectly !!!!!

  336. Brittany Smith says:

    Teacup candelabra is FAB!! Love this theme! I would use it for the lingerie shower brunch I am throwing. Thanks for sharing!! XoXo

  337. Lucy Schwartz says:

    I have a thing for flamingos. they are a rare bird here in WI. and they would certainly enhance ANY party scene.

  338. Becky says:

    I love everything! Especially the cute tea pots! My daughter Alice is having a birthday in September and I would use this to throw her a birthday party :)

  339. Spunkylo says:

    The teapot candelabra is whimsical & unique. I would treat my closest friends & sister-in-laws to a celebration honoring our friendship these past years.

  340. Amy Anderson says:

    I love the oversized teacups! I would use all the items to celebrate a fabulous friend, as a surprise party for her birthday!

  341. Liz says:

    I would love to use the tea pots and cups for an amazing garden tea party bridal shower!

  342. SM says:

    LOVE everything!!! Beautiful! Fabulous! Amazing! It’s all my favorite!! Love Alice in Wonderland!! I’d use this for a moving party for my kids when we go to my husbands next duty station.

  343. Nick says:

    It is hard to pick I fav- i love it all, but my fav are the sparkly flamingos!

  344. Vanessa Hayden says:

    I adore the teapots! I love everything Alice!

  345. Elain Ponce De Leon says:

    Love the oversized teacups!! but the whole set up is gorgeous and so colorful!

  346. Shannel says:

    flamingos!!! I would throw my daughter a tea party!

  347. Lindsey says:

    LOVE the flamingos and teacups! My best friend is pregnant with her first baby and I would love to use these decorations for her baby shower!

  348. Jessica B says:

    Love, love, loveee this! This would be perfect for my daughter’s 4th birthday party. She’s been asking to have an Alice in Wonderland themed party. It would make everything magical in her little eyes! Awesome giveaway!

  349. This is beautiful! I love the teapots and cups. The whole collection is so whimsical I think I would have to host an annual tea party for my daughter if I won this. And maybe a mommy/girl’s day tea party.

  350. Betsy Carll says:

    Oh these all look so fun!! I would totally do a funky tea party with lots of different drinks and finger foods! So cute!!!

  351. Melanie says:

    I would love to win this whole package of wonderful decor of party supplies. The kit looks like I could use it all year around. So, much fun:)

  352. Rhian says:

    I love the teapots! I would use this for our bridal shower!

  353. Manda says:

    Love everything! My daughter would flip. Alice is one of her fave characters. I was planning on doing a wonderland themed bday. The flamingos would look great by the croquet playing area for the kids.

  354. Love this entire set esp. The “drink me” aspect throughout. So colorful and fun! I would use this for every special occassion imaginable! Birthday parties, cookouts… I will make up occassions to use it!

  355. Michelle Yasharpour says:

    I scorecard the teapots and glasses!!!

  356. Elin says:

    Fab-team! I will throw a wonderladia-party just to have the opportunity to´wear a Alice-dress a found in a thrift store! And it will be fantastic to have a comapny of pink flamingos to greet my friends when they coming for tea on a wonderlandiaday!

  357. Khel Brown says:

    I would love to do a really fun bollywood tea party. The colors with gold accents are just perfect. I adore the flamingoes with the crowns and along with the butterflies and rabbit would do up the entrance to represent a typical bollywood dance around the trees.

  358. Rachael Mackie says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I love the little gold bottles! Ooh! And especially love the pink flamingos with the little gold crowns. Ooh! and the big tea cups!!! Ooh…

    I am currnently planning a Mad Hattters Wonderland Party (check out my Pinterest page!)’These would be wonderful to win!!!

    My birthday is in Winter, so I am purposefully having it in Summer and calling it my happy UNbirthday!

  359. Joy says:

    I love the teapots

  360. Everything is lovely but especially the tea pots! I would use this theme for my girls birthdays…they both love Alice and i am hoping to be able to do something fabulous since we yet again have moved to a new State and they have to make all new friends. It’s hard living a military life but they always keep their little chins up.

  361. Danielle Yarian says:

    I love it! I would have a tea party for my little girls brownie troop. It would be so fun to see their faces as they came in. The girls don’t get to do such cool things due to the cost but they would flip. I love the drink me bottles. It would be fun to put drinks they have never tried in them like pom juice, sparkling grape juice…. and let them have a taste test or guess what it was.

  362. KC Hart says:

    Teapots!! I love teapots! This collection is adorable.

  363. Happi Shopr says:

    I love, love, LOVE the teacup candelabra! I’d love this set for an up coming birthday

  364. Shannon says:

    Seriously, could this get any more awesome? It’s so so fun. I would use it all for my mom’s retirement lunch that I’m planning.

  365. Candace Miller says:

    Love this all but I adore the bright colored teapots, what a great way to give a modern and fun twist on a tea party or would love to have a tropical themed party with all of these elements.

  366. I just love this theme. I’ve recently joined a Dessert Club with some awesome women and I would love to use this for my turn to host! I’m in awe of these women and would just love to have such a fabulous spread to make a statement about myself. I think I have just the outfit to wear with it too.

  367. Lori Overcash says:

    I have been collecting teacups since I was a kid, so that and the teapots are the best. With 4 daughters, I am always looking for a new way to top my last birthday party… what a great way to take my collection of teacups and make it “kid-friendly”.

  368. Anna says:

    I love the oversized teacups! I’d love to throw a Mother-Daughter tea party to kick off the school year!

  369. Mom of Multiples says:

    Fun! I’m helping with a wedding that has an Engligh Garden/Wonderland hint to it. This would be GREAT for the bridal shower or bridal luncheon!!

  370. Alice H says:

    tea party for my niece! thanks for the giveaway.

  371. Agnes says:

    This is a amazing.
    My birthday is in less than a month and I think this would be an amazing item to incorporate into a party.


  372. Janelle says:

    I would throw a Wonerland themed baby shower for my friend. I am in love with the flamingos and tea pots! So cute!!

  373. Vanessa says:

    I love all the signs but the flamingos are by far my favorite element!

  374. Jamie says:

    I am in love with every element of this decor, the colors are amazing and everything is so unique. the red flamingos and tea cup candelabra are so incredible. My daughter has already decided that her 8th birthday party (not until March, haha) will be themed “Brooklyn in Wonderland, A Mad Hater’s Tea Party”. She has already asked my aunt to make her a rainbow “alice type” dress. We have a large field in our backyard where we plan to play flamingo croquet, our ideas are endless. I can already imagine our party, how wonderful it will be, and how special it will make my daughter feel, this decor would add so much to our party.!!!

  375. Mary I says:

    I would loveeee to win this!!! I love the flamingos with the crowns…. & the giant tea cups…awesomeness!!!! this would be my most fabulous party ever!!! fingers crossed!!

  376. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous party set! All of the pieces are just so fabulous it’s hard to pick just one!! With the cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing I would through an end of summer kick off party / welcoming Fall party outside by the fire pit and enjoy different types of tea!

    Love all the ideas!

    xo, cassandra

  377. Meghan G says:

    I LOVE it all! But the teapots are probably my favorite! I have been dreaming about having a “ONEderland” themed birthday party for a little girl (hopefully my own in the future) and I love the different spin on a clasic idea.

  378. LindsayG says:

    I love the “key” element and all the colors! I would love to use this theme for a graduation tea party for my sister. I think as we leave the comfort of everything we know and become grown ups its like Alice leaving home and going to the crazy Wonderland. The “keys” to success are the things she needs to be successful! -Lindsay

  379. Amber says:

    I absolutely love the pink and red flamingos!! I would use this theme to throw a Wonderland Bachelorette party for a friend.

  380. Lucy M. says:

    We are haivng a Tea Luncheon at work where one of the residents performs a Monodrama speech where she will assume the identity of a character, in the case Queen Mary 1 (Mary Tudor) of England.

    The old days with a modern tea party twist with these great items…love the teapots!

  381. Laura Powell says:

    I love all the design elements, but my favorites have to be the tea cups. Everything would be perfect to use for a garden tea party for my mother-in-law’s birthday! She throws such wonderful parties for everyone else, I would love to be able to host such a special one for her!

  382. Denise B. says:

    My favorites are the embellished tea pots. The colors are so bright and uplifting. They would be great for flowers or potpourri.

  383. Sherie Melanson Wren says:

    Love the teapots and the die-cuts — so many details, so little time! I host a table at our annual Ladies Tea and this would definintely be the most popular table!

  384. Melissa says:

    I LOVE all the details. I would throw an awesome birthday party..for myself :) wonderland costumes required of course. I love the flamingos best…

  385. Lea Lawson says:

    I will be planning a bridal shower next spring for my best friend, and I want it to be colorful, festive, and fun! These awesome pieces would give me some needed inspiration to build the day around, and I would LOVE giving them to her afterwards as a gift…she would be SO excited!! (Not that I wouldn’t want to keep them for myself, but I would love to just bless her with them.)

  386. Annie Carey says:

    LOVE this theme! My friends and I throw theme parties quite often and this would be a perfect one for the transition into fall. It’s a great excuse to get us all together in our busy lives!

  387. Alicia Gregory says:

    I love the teapots/cups. They would make for a really fun baby shower tea party!

  388. Amanda Scaletta says:

    Adore the bright colors! I’m well under way with planning and hosting 2 baby showers in the next two months. I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate bright colors and whimsy for one of the moms-to-be (who is especially bright and fun-loving herself!). These cups and teapots would be perfect. They’ll be making an appearance, even if I have to make them myself! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  389. Christy says:

    I am in love with the pink flamingos!

  390. Christina Morton says:

    I would use this for my bridal luncheon next spring. I really want to do a tea party and have everyone wear little hats and fascinators!

  391. Vanessa says:

    I love the oversized tea cups! so so cute

  392. Leanne says:

    I love this theme, especially the tea pots. I want to throw a meet our new baby girl party, but haven’t the time or money to get such beautiful decorations. Such an inspiration.

  393. Elsa Rueda says:

    Oh I love this! My eye goes directly towards the pink flamingos with crown. I’d so use these as a centerpiece w/hanging sign saying Congrat’s or Welcome or Happy (whatever the occasion!) What can I say Pink Flamingos put a smile on my face anytime.

  394. johanna says:

    I love the vibrant and “bead”azzled teapots!
    I am a 9th grade teacher at a charter school where we encourage our first generation high school students to “wonder” and “inquire” about what education has to offer. I actually have labeled my classroom “Wonderland!,” in hopes of creating a safe and comfortable environment for my students to challenge themselves by asking questions. What a great reward it would be to host a Wonderland tea and cake party at the end of my semester to celebrate and honor all of my students’ inquiry and the information that they will have learned this year!! I absolutely love this idea and on a tight teacher budget, providing such fantastic decorations would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

  395. Abby says:

    I’m throwing one of my best friends a bridal shower in November and we’re looking for just the right mix of girly and whimsical – this would be perfect! The embellished tea pots would make such a great statement when guests first arrive.

  396. Karina says:

    so hard to choose, but I would love the Metallic Gold Bunny Statue.

  397. I love the flamingos with bling wings. So whimsical and fabulous. Great giveaway! I bet my daughters would throw MANY tea parties!

  398. Crystal says:

    LOVE the flamingos! Would be so cute for a baby shower!

  399. Michele D. says:

    Its all fantastic! But I love the flamingoes.

  400. yvette smith says:

    Truly beautiful i will be useing these ideas for my daughters 11th birthday party in October.

  401. Tami Ellett says:

    I love the whole look of the party. I would definitely use the teapots to offer an assortment of teas to my guests, along with some homemade scones and muffins.

  402. Barbara Fransen says:

    Love the “Drink Me” teapots!

  403. Candace says:

    I love all of it, but the flamingos are my favorite! I would find any excuse to use them!

  404. Mallory Ann says:

    I would use this adorable set as a birthday party for my daughter. It would be so much fun to have an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party for her and all her little friends. They could all dress up in fancy dresses and us mamas could all dress up and wear hats! We could have it at the local botanical gardens or we could have it at a local tea house! The clocks would be great place settings. We could play croquet outside (adults) and the kids could have fun blowing bubbles, throwing bean sacks at targets, hula hooping. Of course with all these fun prizes I would try to get a photo booth because its sure to be lots of fun pictures. These decorations would be SO MUCH FUN at my little girl’s party! Everyone involved would have a fun time for sure!

    So excited to have found your blog, there are some inspiring ideas here! Crossing my fingers that we get picked!


  405. Erin says:

    LOVE the gold candelabra with the teapots! Obsessed with centerpieces and statement pieces! I would use this for my girls night I am planning! I am a new step parent and to meet some of the school and PTO moms I want to host a FABULOUS girls night! What better way?!? Plus it gives me an excuse to plan a party :) LOVE THIS THEME!!!!

  406. Cindy M says:

    Love all of the signature drink signs and flamingos. I could really use this for my friend’s daughters Sweet 16 Wonderland party in December. I want to help her as much as possible.

  407. roxanne says:

    I love everything about this, but I particularly adore the teapots.

  408. Jenn S. says:

    Love the whimsy and fun of the Red & Pink Flamingo Statues with Blingy Wings. They would look great in my back garden for my daughter’s birthday party coming up. How fun!

  409. Mandy H. says:

    I *love* this theme so much! I would love to win it to use for my daughter’s birthday party!!

  410. Autumn says:

    Everything is just wonderful, but my fav thing about this theme are the paper goods that accent everything! Love the fonts, colors, and sayings on everything! This would be perfect for my mother’s upcoming 50th Birthday Bash! I want to throw her a hot birthday and this would blow her and her friends away! :)

  411. Falon says:

    I love it all! But I would totally use the teapots as the centerpiece for my new kitchen! I have been struggling with coming up with a color scheme and these would be the perfect inspiration point!

  412. leigh says:

    I love the butterflies and teapots. I would use this for my daughter’s 5th birthday.

  413. Heather says:

    My favorite are the embellished tea pots! So cute! I would use them for a tea party with my friends!!

  414. Bronwyn Smith says:

    I love the really pretty pink flamingos! I have a little girl that could have one amazing tea party with all of this! :)

  415. Beth Longhenrich says:

    I love this theme!!!! Although I don’t have any reason at all to throw a party, I would invite all my girlfriends over for a un-birthday party. After all there are 364 days in year that aren’t your birthday to have an un-birthday party. My girl friends may think I was mad as a hatter, but after my party they would want to host an un-birthday party as well.

  416. beth says:

    These would be great to have for an end of summer dinner!

  417. Melissa B says:

    The teapots are awesome! Love the colors.

  418. jess says:

    LOVE this!! Love everything, especially the Flamingos! Would use this amazing giveway for my daughters 1st bday party xoxoxox

  419. Jenni says:

    I love the metal flamingos with crowns and the teacups and teapots! This is such a fun party theme! :)

  420. Kiley says:

    I would host a Wonderlandia par.tay with my girls where we will “drink up” and celebrate summer with gold, crowns and blingy wings! yay!

  421. Lauren Hallett says:

    Hands down the candelabra, such a creative centerpiece for a wonderland themed party.

  422. Crystal says:

    Love the teapots! Would make an amazing theme for a royal themed party!

  423. Jill Myrick says:

    I love the teapots best.
    And the butterflies are gorgeous !


  424. Kara F. says:

    I love the teapots! Would love to host a ladies tea for an upcoming friend’s baby shower!

  425. Dee says:

    These are so beautiful…. I could use these all year long…. Love them

  426. Marty says:

    Love the flamingos!!!!!! Great bright colorful theme!

  427. vickie kohles says:

    When my new step daughter was 6, I bought her “Alice in Wonderland” and she watched it nonstop whenever she came to visit. She became obsessed. Her Alice obsession hasn’t waned in 15 yrs! Now that she will be starting the next phase of her life, I would love to throw her a wonderland engagement party. She would be over the moon!
    I love the decorations!

  428. Jessica says:

    I am conveniently throwing a Mad Hatter’s (tea party) Baby Shower next month! I love the cutouts and the colors – it would go perfect with our theme! :)

  429. Amy Aguilera says:

    I love the bright bold Colors! The tea pots are Beautiful!! This would be a perfect for a Tea Party Birthday for my 10 year old Niece!

  430. cati says:

    I love the flamingos with the crowns!!! But eveything is so cute!

  431. Maggie says:

    I love the crowned flamingos!!! I would use this for a baby shower in October! The mom to be is thrilled about a tea party theme :)

  432. Teresa K says:

    I would break the set up: a tea party, new year’s eve party and wishing for summer party in February.

  433. beth says:

    i love it all but the flamingos are so cool. if i won, the collection would be used for my best friend’s 62nd birthday party next month. we call her “pinky sue” what an awesome party it would be ;-)
    you’re never too old for a great party !

  434. Debbie Kennedy says:

    The flamingos give everything richness! I love it. We’re having a shower for my sister in law at my camp. This would be awesome to decorate with!
    cleaningrhouse at yahoo dot com

  435. Ashley says:

    This is FABULOUS. I would absolutely love to use this decor for an upcoming baby shower! The momma to be would LOVE this as well!

  436. Ellen Poly says:

    I am instantly drawn to the teapots and teacups!! Not only would they be perfect for a little afternoon in Wonderland party but they are ideal for brighting up my little kitchen all year round!



  438. Megan says:

    I have been searching and searching for the perfect whimsical decor for my daughter’s first birthday party and this is it!!! The teapot holder/candelbra is fabulous!!! It’s glamorous, whimsical, and the perfect centerpiece for the entire party!

  439. Ashley Camp says:

    Fun collection! I love the oversized teacups and bright colors!

  440. Anel says:

    ahhhh! This giveaway is uh-mazing! I love this theme. It is so unique and colorful. I would use this party pack as a theme for my sister’s upcoming baby shower! She would LOVE it! This theme fits her personality so well! She is so vibrant and carefree!

  441. bb says:

    Love the teapots! I can think of many occasions to use these!

  442. Jill L says:

    I love the Pink Metal Flamingos with Crowns. This would be so fun for our weekend party I’m having with the kids. This would be one fun tea party!!

  443. Jammie says:

    Love the rabbit! and I would use it as a fun “lets have a party” with my nieces and daughte.r

  444. Nicoleta says:

    I love the embellished tea pots!!! I am planning a shower for a very dear friend of mine. She absolutes loves Alice in Wonderland theme parties and lots and lots of tea! She even has a Mad Hatter headband that she wore for another wonderland theme party! She’s very eccentric and lively. These colourful tea pots would be the perfect touch to her special day!

  445. Cindy hickl says:

    This party is spectacular. I love the bold, bright colors and the whimsy of it all. If I were to win this gift I would hope to use it to start inventory for a party planning service. My best friend and I have dreamed for years and thrown fun personal parties. It would be a dream to get started on our own.

  446. Angela says:

    I LOVE the flamingos, this would be amazing for my daughter and her friends to have tea parties, thanks

  447. shannon thompson says:

    i love the tea pots i would use them for photoshoots


  448. Christen says:

    I absolutely LOVE the alice and wonderland theme.. especially these colors!!! my favorite part is the hand-painted teapots – glamorous and playful at the same time :) I am the president of the student government at my school and would love to use this decor for our banquet, which I would like to theme Alice and Wonderland

  449. Emma Peel says:

    The butterflies for my antique ornate mirror to spruce it up

  450. Tracey Byram says:

    The flamingos would give a Florida feel to all my grillouts.

  451. Tamara says:

    I absolutely LOVE the bright, beautiful colors and the variety shown with the teapots and glasses. The whole situation is perfect and so much fun!
    If I were to win this spectacular prize I’d use it for my daughter, Lillie Mae’s, first birthday coming up in November. I chose to do an Alice in Wonderland theme party when she was about 3 months old..and can’t wait for Halloween to get here so I can pick her up an Alice costume! This would be something great that I know my little ‘Queen of Hearts’ would be able to look back on in her baby book as a wonderful 1st birthday party!

  452. Marcy says:

    This would give me a great excuse to throw a party! Too cute, as usual HWTM!

  453. Hoa Le says:

    The elements I love the most in this set includes the bright, girly colors and pretty tea pots.

  454. Kristen M says:

    Those flamingos are insane! I think I would just keep them around all the time!
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  455. Ambrosia says:

    I love everything in wonderland :) I would use these beautiful party decor for my wedding! Sigh, it would look perfect!

  456. Kendra Gillilan says:

    awesome, love these colors, ppl are big with the flamingoes here

  457. Trisha says:

    Love everything about this theme!! If i won I would surprise my daughter with this as her October birthday party theme. She will be 4 and is big into tea parties. :o)

  458. amye says:

    we’re just trying to decide on a theme for my daughter’s tenth birthday – this would be perfect! love the gold bunny and flamingos!

  459. Flavia says:

    All these posts have been so inspirational. Just beautiful creations. My favorite thing of all are the teapots and their striking colors.
    Thanks for always bringing us such great parties and DIY’s projects!!

  460. Jaque R. says:

    The Red & Pink Flamingo Statues with Blingy Wings! Love them and all of these items, they would definitely make a party special! :-) thank you.

  461. Kheng says:

    I would love to win these items and incorporate it in a holiday party. This decor will definitely put a great twist to the “Winter Wonderland” theme.

  462. Sydni Abrahamsen says:

    Oh my god! Those flamingos!!! I also love the teapot candelabra. But flamingos are my favorite.

  463. Kathryn Yelland says:

    This is an amazing theme. I’ve been scratching my head for months about what to do for my upcoming 30th birthday, and finally decided on working around a theme of “travel” in all it’s variations. Time travel, space travel, holidays, cars, visiting other places and escapism in all its forms! This would be perfect to fit in with my eclectic evening, and of course I do love tea!! Hope I’m not too late xxx

  464. Gianna Patton says:

    I absolutely adore the flamingos… It’s the first time I’ve seen them used in a Wonderland themed party – Brilliant! I would use this for my daughter’s birthday party :)

  465. Natalie says:

    I love the fun flamingos and whole outdoor tea party experience this theme lends itself to. I would use the decorations for my mom’s 65th Birthday Party this June- the Queen of Hearts has always been her role model!

  466. GABRIELA says:

    Precioso”!!! me encanta ,los colores son maravillosos!!! Felicidades y gracias por enseñarnos cosas tan bonitas!!!!!!!!

  467. Elizabeth McAleer says:

    Color me impressed! I am so inspired and actually in the process of planning a Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for my daughter. We just had her Fancy Nancy’ Ooh la la Tea Party. I tend to start early in the planning process!