Bold Black & Yellow 1st BEE-Day Party

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Bumble Bee Birthday Party

As an encore to Friday’s Bumble Bee party, we couldn’t resist sharing another fabulous Bumble Bee Birthday! This time the theme was brought to life with a bold black & yellow palette, and a variety of ultra-modern patterns accented with playful black & white gingham. And I just LOVE the explanation that mom & party hostess Jennifer of The Carver Crew gives below for why she chose this theme for her son’s first birthday… be sure to check that out if you have a minute! {see Party Details, below}

In addition to the oh-so-cute Bumble Bee Cake Pops, this party is buzzing with adorable BEE-day treats, including black & yellow marshmallow pops, Banana Chocolate Brownie Trifle Shooters, and perfectly coordinating custom bumble bee sugar cookies that are almost too pretty to eat! Also loving the fabulous pictures from the home photo booth – featuring guests dressed up in faux moustaches, lips, eye glasses, hats, oversized frames, & more…

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Read on for more adorable images + all the creative details…

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party

Bumble Bee Birthday Party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Jennifer…

How The Party Came to ‘Bee’:
Hanging in our front entrance hall is a vinyl sign which reads:

 Be Grateful
 Be Smart
 Be Involved 
Be Clean 
Be True
 Be Positive
 Be Humble
 Be Still 
Be Prayerful . As a mother, I’ve naturally reflected many times on all the things I hope my little Max will grow up to do and be. Knowing this celebration marked his first major milestone, I thought a ‘bee’ theme would be most appropriate for not only celebrating who he is already ‘bee’-coming, but also to record our hopes and words of wisdom for what he is yet to ‘bee’.

Once the theme was decided, I immediately started looking for gorgeous bee themed party printables and fell in love with Pierson’s First Bee-Day Party (and accompanying graphics) by Anders Ruff Custom Designs (my #1 go-to graphics designers!). After all, throwing a gorgeous party is all in the little details, and these ladies already have ya covered!

Adorable bee themed invitations (customized by Anders Ruff) showcasing our little ‘bee-day’ boy to ‘bee’ were sent out inviting guests to buzz on over to the Carver hive for a celebratory ‘bee-bee-que’.
The guest list consisted of an intimate group of our closest friends who arrived to a spread of various ‘bee-bee-que’ themed dishes and yellow, black & white themed dessert tables & beverage bar sure to please both old and young alike.

Sticking with the ‘bee’ theme, our lunch spread included: ‘bee-bee-que’ chicken burgers, baked ‘bee-ns’, ‘bee-bee-que’ chips, bowtie chicken Caesar salad, & fresh fruit all served on coordinating bee paper goods.

I have to admit, styling the dessert tables is my favorite part of event planning! With party guests aged from 1-60, we served up a variety of sweet treats.

*Bee cake pops (So amazingly delicious and made by Pop.o.licious)
*Two tiered yellow cake with butter cream frosting & fondant bees (Kristin Dyer Cakes)
*Banana Chocolate Brownie Trifle Shooters (using my new push up pop containers!)
*Chocolate covered pretzel rods & marshmallow pops
*Apothecary & candy jars filled with: Spring Oreos with yellow cream centers, yellow rock candy, lemon suckers with Anders Ruff party circles, black licorice, black & yellow gumballs, banana salt water taffy, banana Now and Laters candy
*Custom designer sugar cookies which coordinated perfectly with Anders Ruff graphics from the incredibly talented Allyson Jane.
*Lindt Chocolate Truffle cupcakes with homemade cream cheese frosting (cupcake toppers from Anders Ruff)

We kept things light and simple with lemonade and water to drink. However, simple doesn’t mean plain and boring!  We dressed up water bottles & glass bottles with Anders Ruff printable beverage wraps & added straws and party flags for some extra festiveness.

Photo booths are all the rage at parties these days, and our guests had so much fun picking from a wide variety of props (homemade faux moustaches, lips and/or eye glasses, as well as hats & accessories) and posing for pictures using oversized frames & homemade chalkboard & dry erase board thought and speech bubbles. It kept the kids & teenagers entertained for hours! Even the adults had fun striking a pose!

 Our guest ‘sign in’ area consisted of adorable printable coordinating bee themed cards (Anders Ruff) attached to a banner with clothes pins. Guests were invited to leave ‘wordzzzz’ of wisdom for our little bee-day boy. These will all be put into his baby book for him to look at when he is older.

Guests were thanked for ‘buzzing on by Max’s bee day party’ with an invitation to ‘take some sweets’ home with them by filling up adorable yellow treat containers. Each family was also presented with a sweet little honey bear to take home. In addition, each child took home yellow mini containers of bubbles.

Favorite Details:

There is something about homemade details that I just adore! My good friend Monica Bradshaw of Sook Ee Designs designed & sewed Max’s custom outfit for the party. Using some of the coordinating Anders Ruff patterned papers, as well as miscellaneous supplies I made some high chair bunting and a little birthday hat to match Max’s adorable outfit. It added the extra cute factor during his birthday smash cake photos & was that touch of homemade that I enjoy adding to all my events.

A few of my other favorite details are the little party drink flags, (also made from Anders Ruff honeycomb printable paper), black & white striped straws and polka dot balloons.

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

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    I love that this party inspiration came from a saying…not only did that make it really meaningful but it became the jumping off point for an oh so fabulous theme. Everything looks totally delicious and bee-utiful!

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    What a creatively cute idea for a 1st birthday party! I wish I had the foresight to check into amazing themes for my baby’s 1st, but maybe next year she’ll receive a super 2nd!

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  15. Jenny says:

    I love the bee theme I wanted a Bee theme for my baby shower but didnt get it so now I want to do my lil girls first birthday in it! I LOVE how creative you were and any other help or insite would be great..

  16. Linda says:

    I love the invitations and theme! I’m planning my son’s bday party with the Bee theme. I tried to purchase the invitations but couldn’t find them. Can you let me know where or who I can contact for the template? I saw it on the link you gave but then the next day it was gone. Please advise. I’d like to send them out as soon as possible! Thanks for the ideas!!!


  17. Josh says:

    What a great party!! Looks like everyone had a great time! Great creativity!!

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    You did a wonderful job- so creative! I wish more parents would put the time into parties like yours and forget inviting the kids to McDonald’s playland!

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