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Gorgeous “Sweet Blessings” Baby Shower

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Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

This oh-so-pretty baby shower – created by the lovely & talented Andrea of Dolce Drive for her longtime friend – is not only stunning and beautiful to look at, but there’s also a heartfelt story of loss and new life that goes along with it (heads up that you might need some tissues when you read it), which makes this particular event an extra special one for mom-to-be and her friends & family.

I’ll let Andrea share the full details of that story below, but first I’m excited to share lots of visual eye candy with your from this gorgeous & sweet celebration of a new baby girl…

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower

Sweet Blessings Baby Shower


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Andrea…

“This shower is so special because it was for a mom who lost her first child at the age of 6 months. Siana passed away on November 5, 2009. Siana’s mom – my childhood friend, Anais – and her husband Robert are once again blessed with a pregnancy and it is a baby girl. We hosted a beautiful shower themed ‘Sweet blessings‘. I would love to share Siana’s March of Dimes page with your as well. Although this year’s walk is over, you can still donate for the month of June to March of Dimes under Siana’s team to help mothers with sick, premature babies or babies with birth defects.

Siana’s Story:
Siana was not premature but was born with a birth defect. She was born with intestinal atresia. After undergoing surgery, she had a long struggle in the NICU and was on her way towards a healthy recovery. However, in the months to come we would learn that complications arose from a malrotation of the intestine. Family and friends showed unconditional support as we heartbrokenly said goodbye to our sweet Angel, Siana.  Anais and Robert will forever be grateful for all the love and prayer that surrounded their sweet angel.

About The Sweet Blessings Shower:
Anais wanted a very pink, clean, delicate look. She didn’t want a lot of glam or loud details, more of a heavenly pink sweet style. She did request birds and wanted something with blessings. I decided to go with a very clean white background and added a baby banner made of burlap and pink ribbon and card stock.

To the left of the table, you will see a pink birdcage with was basically the focal point of the table. That birdhouse was a find last year at HomeGoods. When I purchased  the birdcage, it was a plain wood color, I painted it pink added grass, flowers and a birdie.  I now use it as decor in Sabrina, my daughters room.

The table had all sorts of beautiful and delicious sweets. Sweet Dough created pink birds and flowers shaped cookies that were not only gorgeous but they literally taste like heaven. Cake Pops by Ivy bakes moist incredible cake pops in vanilla and chocolate.  Sugar and Spice Cakes Miami created a gorgeous delicate cake with sugar peonies was used as the centerpiece and main focus of the table. Raspberry Macarons were stacked pretty in a cake form and were made by Crazy About Macarons. Cotton candy jelly beans and bubble gum rock candy are two of mom’s favorites. Allyson Jane provided the most darling white iced cookies with a flower that resembled that on the invitation, like always they were a crowd pleaser.

We had a few additional goodies, like rice pudding, a delicious chocolate pudding made by Anais’ aunt. The table was decorated with a treated real wood bark to bring in the nature effect to the theme. I really wanted the desserts to stand out so I requested for most of them to be in a soft pink. We had beautiful shimmery nests with peonies inside scattered throughout the table.

We had a naming Tree which we asked our guests to sign as well as suggest a name for their new baby girl.

For centerpieces we used white hydrangeas in a vase with a small birdie sitting pretty on top. We had pink linen with a burlap small runner.

It was a perfect day for a blessed and loving couple and family. I was honored to be a part of such a special occasion.”

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24 responses to “Gorgeous “Sweet Blessings” Baby Shower”

  1. Ebony says:

    Soooo sweet!!!!!! I have never lost a live child but as a mother of an angel baby that we never met, I can certainly understand… What a beautiful shower! Just fantastic!

    Sparkling Events & Designs

  2. laura says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. My 8 month old had intestinal atresia repaired at one week old. What a way to celebrate this family.

  3. Lourdes Ocque says:

    I follow Andrea from Dolce Drive on facebook and her blog. This baby shower is absolutely stunning and breath taking with every detail. Not to mention it makes it that more special and beautiful with the sotry behind it. I wish this family all the best with there upcome bundle of joy and i wish andrea from dolce drive all the success in the world with her beautiful events.

  4. Jessica K. says:

    Andrea…you did an amazing job!! This shower really did convey a sense of heaven – just as the mother requested. I love the design elements – the birdhouse you created/painted was the perfect centerpiece. The heart-touching story behind this shower melted me! Beautiful!!!

  5. bird says:

    Stunning work and stunning story!

    LOVE the birdhouse! :)

  6. So happy to be part of this gorgeous baby shower. A pleasure to work with Andrea.
    Rosie :)

  7. shana says:

    i’m blown away.

  8. Stacey Profeta says:

    Keep Reading? I could stay here all day! Loved this party. I really want the moss covered baskets! Total eye candy.

  9. Aaron Greenwood says:

    Andrea, you did a wonderful job for your friend. This was a BEAUTIFUL shower & you two are certainly blessed to have one another. Congrats to your friend on the upcoming arrival & to you as well.

  10. Andrea Fraga says:

    Thank You Jen and Amber for all your sweet words and help in posting this shower. It means so much to me and I appreciate everyone’s sweet comments.

    Thank You!!!


  11. Kori Clark says:

    What a beautiful shower! Great Job Andrea!

  12. Lauren says:

    Absolutely lovely! The pictures were a real treat to look at!

  13. Beautiful as always, Andrea!

  14. Eileen says:

    Simply Amazing! Andrea, you did an outstanding job in styling and presenting the heavenly feeling the mom requested. The details are gorgeous, as usual, but the heartfelt story and meaning behind this shower
    make it that much more special. Congrats!

  15. We are loving this blessing! It is so soft and gorgeous, and what a heartfelt story! xxx

  16. Tina @ wedding favors says:

    This is really beautiful. The story moved me. I didn’t know what to say!

  17. WOW!! Andrea- this is incredible!!! Love all your details and that birdhouse with all the glitter…well my favorite….lol What a sad story. It’s awesome God has blessed them with another little girl!

  18. Such a beautiful and thoughtful shower.

  19. says:

    So beautiful! I love all the feminine colors. Perfect for a baby shower!
    Star Hughes Living

  20. katrina says:

    What a perfect baby shower. All decor is amazing!

  21. Liz Lembeck says:

    What a beautiful shower, I do not know if I have seen anything prettier then this. All the colors, food, decorations and flowers go perfectly together. I especially like how all the food is presented!

    What did you decorate the birdhouse with? I bet it looks great in her room now.

    Where did you come up with these ideas? Any party favors to go along with it? Or what games/activities were played?

    Thanks for all the insight,

  22. Janette Molina Rivas says:

    You did such a great job Loved everything! GOd bless your friends and there new baby on the way!
    Lots of <3 !

  23. Melissa Finn says:

    Fit for the family… What a struggle… I hope the family’s happy at present.

  24. Margie says:

    Oh my, this pulled at my heart strings. My precious granddaughter was a preemie and this reminds me how truly blessed we are that Hashem gave her to us. She was in the NICU for six months. My heart aches for that lovely couple. Now one of my other daughters is pregnant and I think I’d like to use this shower, to honor this child. It’s so beautiful.