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GIVEAWAY: Cupcake & Cake Pop Towers

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Cupcake Towers and Cake Pop TowersWinner Update: This giveaway is now closed – and WOW – what a great response! I so wish we had a tower to give away to all of you, but – as always – we had to draw a winner, and the {very lucky!}, randomly selected person is… Commenter # 269Lynda, who said, “Love the round one and the blue/turquoise striped ribbon!” Congrats, Lynda! Hope you have a entertaining with your tower!”


I’m so excited about this new Surprise Giveaway, because I have a feeling that you guys are going to LOVE this one! You know how cupcakes and cake pops are all the rage these days? Well, now there’s a stylish & innovative way to display them BOTH!

The Cupcake Tower makes fantastic towers for all your favorite treats. The towers come in various sizes – ranging from 2 to 6+ tiers – in both round and square shapes. Their new REVERSIBLE Cake Pop Towers are a little bit of party genius though… one side of each tier is drilled with holes for cake pop sticks and the other is smooth, so you can use whichever side you want… serve up cupcakes (or similar), cake pops, or do a mix of both! And with a generous gift like a $200 SHOPPING SPREE up for grabs this week, some lucky reader is going to have plenty of dessert space to fill!

Cupcake Towers and Cake Pop Towers

The pieces are super sturdy, store flat, and are easy to assemble. You can also customize the edges with their Ribbon Packs to match any party or event.  And this isn’t just any old ribbon… each ribbon pack is actually filled with elastic ribbon “loops” that stretch around each of the tiers for a perfect, snug fit. They’re ready to go, completely reusable, and don’t even require scissors or glue!

Cupcake Towers and Cake Pop Towers

Cupcake Towers and Cake Pop Towers

Cupcake Towers and Cake Pop Towers

Cupcake Towers and Cake Pop Towers

Here are a few more highlights:
– Can be used as a Cake Pop Tower or Cupcake Tower simply by flipping the circles over.
– The pieces are individual, so you can always go smaller than the size that you order if you need a smaller display. A large can be set up as a medium, a medium as a small etc.
– The supports (scroll looking pieces) can be used as the base (instead of the 2″ crossbar base) for a totally different look.
– The sky is the limit as to what else you can set up on these – macaroons, whoopie pies, mini bundts, donuts & other emerging popular foods for entertaining.
– Wipes clean easily and can be used over and over again
– Lays flat for easy storage



Post a comment here telling us which display(s) from The Cupcake Tower you’d like to get if you win! The winner can use their $200 credit however they like… towards the largest display, multiple smaller displays, ribbon packs, etc.

Giveaway ends, Wednesday June 1st at midnight PST. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced here as soon as they’ve accepted the prize. Good luck!!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

1,227 responses to “GIVEAWAY: Cupcake & Cake Pop Towers”

  1. I would love to have the multiple use large tower! I have been salavating over it ever since I first saw it!

  2. Ana says:

    I would do the {Happy Dance} with the Large Reversible Cake Pop Tower! A Seriously Jiggy {Happy Dance}!

  3. Nikki says:

    OMG, these are genius! Would love to get a couple of the round medium-sized. They would be perfect for my daughter’s 1st birthday coming up too!

  4. Tana says:

    I have a graduate next year and the following. Would just love to mix up the boring cookie/bar selection around here! I’d go for the biggest, best punch of display I could! I like the square tower for something different.

  5. Liz M. says:

    I would get the small cake pop tower. Perfect for my DD’s upcoming birthday! And probably some extra ribbons.

  6. Vanessa says:

    My friend just told me about this giveaway, I would LOVE to win the cake pop tower for sure :-)

  7. shannon says:

    OMG!!! I would love to be able to display my pbj and plain jane cuppies on the five tier square.. Ihave a budding dessert catering business and tgis would really make it shine. :)

  8. Deneen B. says:

    I make 100 cupcakes for functions quite often. I just found out about cake pops and will be trying them this week. My daughter’s graduation is June 10th – WOULD LOVE to win the black 4 tier and 2 tier for her graduation party.

  9. Alice says:

    Oh wow – I love these!!! I’d get the round cupcake stand for sure. And then with the rest of the voucher get as many ribbons as i could. I love how versatile this is!! :-)

  10. Chi-Ling Lin says:

    love making cake pops and cupcakes…and eating them too! would luv the round tiers!!!

  11. Jamie says:

    Absolutely adore the round cupcake tower. I love that you can customize the colors so it can be used for every special occasion. This is so much more elegant and unique than the plain ol’ cupcake stands in stores. Fabulous!

  12. Jaime says:

    I would definitely get the reversible cupcake/cakepop tower in large. What a great idea! I love the versatility and simplicity! Fingers crossed!

  13. Kimberly Cox says:

    I would like the large round cupcake tower!

  14. jennie says:

    I love the round medium size! I love that you can display the cake pops!!

  15. Laura Williams says:

    I’d have to say that my favorite is the square 4-tier cake stand. What fun! And I have just started making cake pops so how perfect are these.

  16. Jennifer says:

    Love them all. So cute!

  17. Ruchelle says:

    Having the 5 tier round cupcake and cake pop tower would really help me display my cupcakes as I just join my mom on her children’s party business to help me earn some money for my culinary classes <3

  18. Karina Leal says:

    I love the Cake Pop Towers, a very neat way to display them

  19. Aysha Osten says:

    I love the combo one that you can put cupcakes and cake pops on there. I am planning two parties right now for both of my sons. A pirate party and a cowboy party. I couldn’t decide which one to make, so I decided to make both cakecakse and cake pops. This would be perfect for both parties coming up!!!!!!

  20. Maysem says:

    Awesome giveaway!! I would love the round cupcake/cake pop tower! That’s such a brilliant idea to make the tower reversible!! I would get the bundle size. I’ve been getting orders for cupcake towers lately….as well as cake pops…so this would be perfect for me :D

  21. Renee Nordholm says:

    Oh how darling! If I won the $200 credit I would get the cake pop and square towers, probably some extra ribbon, too! So cute!

  22. Sandra S. says:

    I would get a square tower. I love that the levels are double-sided: one side smooth for cupcakes and the other side with holes for pops! What a fantastic giveaway!

  23. Amanda says:

    I would love the 4-tiered round tower – adorable and can’t wait to make some cake pops!

  24. Seanny Lieu says:

    That is genius!! I would love the round 4 tier.

  25. Melissa says:

    I am going to make my first Cake pops in the shape of stars! And cupcakes with stars on them! How rockin’ they would be displayed on this tower! I heart them!

  26. Kris Fujikawa says:

    I absolutely HAVE to get the large reversible cake pop tower!!!!

  27. Laurie says:

    Wow! I love this product! I can just think of how many events we’ve hosted that I could have benefitted from having a cupcake tower – and not just for serving cupcakes. There are so many items that could be served on it. Pick me! Pick me! I’d love to win!

  28. Ashley says:

    I’d pick 2 of the smaller towers & use them for cake pops! too cute!

  29. Kristin says:

    I am so tickled about ALL the Cake Towers: Sturdy, wipe clean, cake pop function and the ribbons!! It doesn’t get better than that. Well, if I won the four-level, round cupcake tower — then that would be the best thing ever!! Thank you for the opportunity! My event planner friends are not just going to “want” one, they are going to “need” one..or two, or three…

  30. Keishon says:

    I love the square display it would be great for a party I throwing!

  31. Haybug says:

    Wow amazing I would say I would like the cupcake display if I win(: because I like having my cup cakes on a round thing and exspceially when it is a tower!! More easier to grab I broke my other one so I hope I’ll have some luck ha(:

  32. Nicole says:

    Love love love this display! I would like the all-in-one tower bundle… the perfect addition to my new cake pop & cupcake business!

  33. nicole says:

    i love the round cupcake towers!

  34. Carissa-Lynn Stretch says:

    I love your blog and how beautiful these towers are. I have wanted a cupcake stand for a long time now as I think everyone likes cupcakes and I love making food pretty. I think I would enjoy having a band circular stand and taking it down a couple notches when needed. I am newly married so do not yet have a bunch of supplies to entertain with so this would be a beautiful start. I LOVE the ribbon idea and how they ‘slide’ on, I think it is genious!

  35. jennifer says:

    I make cupcakes all the time as well as cakepops so would really enjoy the large reversable cupcake/ cakepop tower! These are so fabulous!!!

  36. priya says:

    Oh I <3 them ALL =) I would use the Round Cupcake Tower the most… especially on my twin baby girls' 1st bday!!!

  37. Jennifer says:

    I would love one of the cakepop towers! Super cute idea!

  38. Stephanie Sabosky says:

    I would love the 5 tier round! This is the best and most well thought out product! I love the versatility and storage :) I NEED one :)

  39. Allison M says:

    I would LOVE to have the square cupcake tower in various sizes! I would use them for birthday parties and to help my mom with her business!

  40. Shannon says:

    That is the greatest invention of all cake time. I love the round tower, most of my weddings or parties are round. I would love to have one!!! So Great!!!!!!!!