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Floral DIY: The Upcycled Window Box

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Window Box Tutorial by Kim Foren

On a crazy note… feel like I’ve gotta share that I’m working on this post from thousands of feet in the air! Gotta love technology + airplane WiFi!

Anyways, I had planned to share this guest DIY project from floral expert Kim Foren with you a little earlier in the week because it would make a lovely DIY gift/project for Mom’s Day tomorrow, but things got a little hectic this week with traveling & prepping for the Today Show segment yesterday so a few posts got pushed back.  This really is a pretty home project you could do anytime though! So, without further adieu, here we go with more images and DIY details…

Window Box Tutorial by Kim Foren


Making the Upcycled Window Box
Kim Foren from Geranium Lake

Find a simple divided light old window (or door) to display your window box so you can plan for the correct dimensions. Search for wood to re-purpose for the box… the best places to look are often your garage, a rebuilding center, a neighbors remodeling project or even thrift stores. We actually found some old fence boards at the rebuilding center to construct our window box.

The only materials you need for a super simple window box like ours are wood screws (1-1/2″ to 2″ wood screws, depending on how think your re-purposed wood is), construction adhesive (optional) and standard tools.

Cut your wood to match the width of the window where the box will be displayed, and use wood screws to connect the wood pieces and form the box. Drill several drain holes at the bottom of the box for the water to drain out of once in use.

If you want to actually attach the box to the window, you can use screws or use construction adhesive.  We love “gorilla glue“!

Fill the finished box with your own favorite flowers. Get creative