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Sweet Fairtyale Princess Birthday Party

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Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Everyone seems to be smitten with the Royal Wedding these days, but when it comes to moms and their daughters, there are actually “royal princesses” running around all the time! And speaking of that, I’m seriously just head over heels for this sweet Royal Princess themed party (designed by Nicole, the birthday girl’s mom, and photographed by Diana Elizabeth)… for more than one reason.

FIRST, there’s the obvious: it’s ridiculously adorable and definitely looks like a fairytale! Let’s start with the dreamy cupcake toppers, shall we: frog prince, castle, glass slipper, storybook, princess wand… all the key players! And then of course there’s the fabulous graphics, the special storytime setting, the “Royal Ball” (pink bouncy balls), and much more.

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

NEXT, there’s the special meaning behind this party… which has a something to do with why mom really went all out for this party. If you have a few extra minutes, please take the time to read through the reason (which is at the bottom of this post), and is explained by Charlotte’s mom.

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Read on for lots more absolutely lovely, whimsical images + all the party details, as told by both Nicole and Diana

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party

Fairytale Princess Birthday Party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Diana

Hear yee, Hear yee! Princess Charlotte turned three recently and celebrated at the San Marcos Resort in Chandler.  This little girl is very special. Charlotte entered the world as beautiful as ever, with a cleft lip, and incredibly loved.  She had surgery early on and you can barely notice the small scar above her lip.  She’s full of energy, she’s incredibly smart (mom used to be a teacher) and she wants to be a Princess, of course!

Every year Charlotte celebrates a birthday, all gift donations go to Barrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center at Saint Joseph’s Hospital.  It’s just another way for Charlotte and her family to give back.  Charlotte’s story is so important that mom and dad have mentored couples who find out their child will be born with a cleft lip.

All this to say, this lovely little Princess deserves a fun, whimsical, 3rd birthday at the San Marcos Resort in Chandler!  The day was filled with lots of pink, Princess things, sugar and cupcakes, and crowns, of course.  Happy Birthday Charlotte, to many more!

There were stations of fun. Sweets station, an area to lounge in and read Princess books with your favorite Princesses, and an area to write your own fairytale!
– All signage was purchased from Papercandee on Etsy
Gifts are always donated toBarrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center at Saint Joseph’s Hospital
Frog Prince pillows
Stations: Royal Ball (balls), a Reading area to read fairytales and snuggle up with a Disney Princess.  Tea time table, a drink station with fun names like “Mystical Water” and “Snow White Apple Cider”
– Oh, and don’t forget the real-life princess who came to read to the guests!  She used to be Cinderella at Disneyland! =)



PARTY DETAILS, as told by Nicole (the Mother of Charlotte the Birthday Girl)

“Charlotte’s third birthday party was intended to be a low-key, neighborhood park SUPERHERO themed party, but one month before the date her auntie Tonia asked her, ‘Really? Not a princess party?’  From that moment on, Charlotte’s mind did not waiver from a soiree fit for a princess. My party-planning world was flipped upside-down.  The only silver lining, I own a bridal boutique, so at least I had one detail covered… the gown!

We decided on hosting an early afternoon Storybook Soiree after I was inspired by the Storybook invitations created by Desiree from Papercandee.  You know when you’re watching a classic Disney film and they flip the first few pages of the storybook??? Yeah, her invitations are just like that. Perfection!

The location was the gardens at San Marcos Resort , a turn-of the century hotel (that’s OLD for Arizona) that keeps an impressive list of guests; Fred Astaire, Joan Crawford, Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, and now our little princess; Charlotte.  With shade from a towering tree and two bubbling fountains, it was not hard to be inspired!

I stopped at IKEA just for the basics and walked out with a white media bench, a large plastic tub, an outdoor insect netting tent, 6 frog prince chair cushions, lanterns, candles, vases, straws, buckets, and so much more!  The large plastic tub turned into a holding bin for a dozen pink, plastic balls.  Pink pennant garland was added and a chalkboard sign declared it the “Royal Ball’. Get it?  The insect netting tent became a whimsical castle with coordinating pennants and sheltered a pink fleece blanket, two plaid pillows, four Disney princess dolls (if your daughter doesn’t have them… go get them from the Disney Store) and classic Disney storybooks.  An antique-like vanity was adorned with painted-metal buckets filled with goodies for the little ladies, tiaras, wands, pearl bracelets and necklaces; swords, and crowns for the lords. The low media bench was placed on a pink fleece blanket and surrounded by the frog prince pillows.  Set daintily on the top was the most adorable tea set purchased at the Disney Store.

Desiree from Papercandee accessorized every aspect of the party with coordinating signs, favor tags, labels, coloring book covers, cupcake toppers and of course, the banner ‘Charlotte’s Storybook Soiree’.  She played up the ‘Be Royal and…’ theme and had lots of fun with the thematic beverages (Snow White Cider Company, Mystical Spring Water).

Brittany from Edible Details created simply divine 3D fondant cupcake toppers incorporating all the small iconic details of the classic stories, glass slippers, roses, frogs, castles, wands, and mini storybooks.  Apothecary jars held Strawberries and Cream caramel corn, frog princess fruit snacks, pink yogurt covered pretzels, and pink marshmallows.  Cotton candy was intended to be slowly picked at by guests… but disappeared quickly into hungry little hands… YUM!

The party was intended for Charlotte and her friends.  Everything was at kid level and nothing was off limits.  You want five wands, a crown, two swords, and a dozen cupcakes? Sure!  Kids traveled from the ‘Make Believe’ tea party to the ‘Dress Up’ vanity to the ‘Story Time’ castle and ‘Royal Ball’ play area.  Some of the more refined (older) ladies chose to pick one of the hand-made storybook favors and crayons and start their own ‘Once Upon A Time.’  When the clock struck eleven, a real princess arrived, sat on the edge of the fountain, and read princess stories to dozens of awed eyes and ears.

Charlotte’s birthdays are very important to us; no doubt a reason to celebrate.  On the day that Charlotte was born, we saw her little cleft lip and palate for the first time.  Two surgeries and countless doctor’s appoints in the first year had us saying, ‘If only we survive the first year!’  As the first birthday approached, we decided to thank the team of doctors at Barrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center at Saint Joseph’s Hospital each and every year.  Guests were asked to bring a donation to the center in lieu of presents for the birthday girl. After the party, Charlotte makes her annual trip to the hospital to share the joy and grace that we get to see each and every day.  I know Daddy thinks Mommy goes outrageously overboard, but if you saw her sweet smile as she entered the party you’d agree.  It’s worth more than the money spent; she’s got a million dollar smile!”


– Photography: Diana Elizabeth Photography
– Venue: San Marcos Resort
– Fondant Cupcake Toppers: Edible Details
– Paper Goods (invites, signage): Papercandee
– Props & Toys: IKEA, Disney Store, Oriental Trading Co.
– Charlotte’s dress: Uptown Bridal & Boutique

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

44 responses to “Sweet Fairtyale Princess Birthday Party”

  1. Amazing and beautiful fairytale like royal princess party love it all

  2. Nicole Gould says:

    Thank you for featuring my daughter’s party! She told me it was “the best day of my life so far”! We collected almost $800 for Barrow’s Cleft and Craniofacial Center and had a ton of fun doing it!

    • Cynthia Stutsman says:

      Hi!! This party was amazing!!!! Where did you find the balls for the Royal Ball game? I have been searching for pink, purple and white balls but cant find them!

  3. BEAUTIFUL details! Love the “royal ball”… creative!

  4. HiLLjO says:

    So pretty! What a stylin’ birthday girl in that pink princess gown!

  5. Catherine says:

    I love everything about this! My favorites, though, are the princess reading the girls a story, & the “Royal Ball!” What perfect ways to keep the theme age-appropriate while letting the girls dress up! Definitely keeping this one in mind.

  6. Jeana says:

    LOVE this party! How cute and what a great way to give back. Excellent!

  7. Thank you so much for the feature ladies. So happy to see it on this blog and the sweet message you wrote :) xoxo

  8. Jonni says:

    Love this beautiful party and what a little doll Charlotte is. My first daughter was also born with a cleft palate cleft lip and had to go through the numerous surgeries. Charlotte is gorgeous and I would not have even known she ever had a cleft lip/cleft palate. It is part of what makes her special. :)

  9. What a sweet princess party. LOVE the cider company and the ball. Clever and CUTE!!!

  10. Just beautiful! My little Indigo wants a princess party this year, and you have certainly inspired me!! So many gorgeous details! Tanya x

  11. Tonia says:

    As one of the lucky guests to this princess perfect party, I can say it was amazing! Nicole did such a fabulous job planning this celebration. The kids had a ball. Check out all the cute details on the slideshow. My favorite part of the party was the dress-up station fully stocked with wands, jewelry, tiaras, and swords for the little princes. Great job to all involved in making this day perfect for my sweet niece.

  12. Thank you Nicole, Diana, and HWTM Jen!!!

    It is SUCH an honor to be featured here! I think it’s huge enough to be proud for a lifetime—but also because I was part of something so benevolent! Charlotte’s party was more than a celebration, but a ‘pay it forward’…. Just so awesome!

  13. Hi! I love your party pics! I am actually planning a princess party for my daughter too. 2 things… any suggestions on how to incorporate little boys into the mix? Also, where did you get her adorable dress…love!!Karen

    • Nicole Gould says:

      The couple of boys at the party seemed to enjoy adorable little glow swords from Hobby Lobby and gold paper crowns from Oriental Trading… and of course, the CANDY!!!
      Luckily, I own a bridal store. The gown is Joan Calabrese for Mon Cheri bridals.

  14. Brett says:

    Perfectly precious! What an adorable party for a darling little girl! The theme was beautifully carried out through every flawless detail. Thanks for sharing!~Brett

  15. I love this idea! I sort of want to do everything the exact same way… except have it for adult women to celebrate the royal wedding!

    Fifthroom Living

  16. Verdell says:

    Beautiful sentiment and party to match. Many happy returns to the day.

  17. Oh my goodness. I love, love, love those cupcakes. So adorable.

  18. Amber-Lee says:

    I LOVE the idea of having someone dress up as a princess and read to the children. I’ve seen this a few times and always love it.

  19. Jennifer J says:

    So cute, and so beautifull <3