Surprise GIVEAWAY: Piccadilly Circus Designs

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Have a special kiddo in your life? If your answer is YES, then you should especially love this fabulous new Surprise Giveaway from the ADORABLE etsy shop Piccadilly Circus Designs! They specialize in super-cute custom shirts for kids… initials, birthday numbers, and fun everyday designs… like this carnival-esque Argyle Heart or modern Polka Dot Seahorse for girls, or the ever-so-popular retro Mustache or giant Black & Red Tie designs for boys!

This week at HWTM, Piccadilly Circus is offering up a $100 SHOPPING SPREE to a lucky reader! Bet you know a daughter/son/niece/nephew/grandkid or birthday girl/boy that would look pretty darn cute in one of these custom tees! (My own daughter turns one TODAY and I wish I had one of these number shirts to put on her!) =)



Post a comment below, mentioning which Piccadilly Circus shirt design(s) you especially love!
Giveaway ends Tuesday, March 22th at midnight PST. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced here after they’ve been notified via email and accepted the prize. Good luck, everyone!!

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369 responses to “Surprise GIVEAWAY: Piccadilly Circus Designs”

  1. Liz says:

    How can I choose just one design? I LOVE them all! I don’t have any kids of my own but plenty of my friends do and these would just make the cutest gifts!

  2. Juliana says:

    I love the tie shirt. My older son loves to wear ties, but I can’t send him to preschool with one on. This would be the perfect way for him to get to express himself while being appropriately dressed for school

  3. Kristina DiLeva says:

    I love the bunnies and seahorse t-shirts :)

  4. jeanine fairchild says:

    I love these t shirts and would love one for my Sons Birthday next month!

  5. Brandy says:

    I love the letter shirts!

  6. Shailey says:

    Love the boy’s tshirt with the tie on it. It would work well for my nephew who hates to dress up.

  7. Jennie says:

    Love, love, love the polka-dot seahorse- so cute

  8. I’m loving the polka dot skull and crossbones!

  9. Britni Graham says:

    I LOVE the Tie and mustach T-shirts!

  10. Laurel G says:

    I love the ninja shirt!

  11. JenM says:

    I love the owl shirt. Too cute!!

  12. Brigitte says:

    I LOVE the big brother/big sister shirts with different fabrics for each letter!

  13. Carrie M. says:

    I especially love the Custom Letter shirts! Or the custom create-your-own-design; I’d want one with a Balloon on it for my son’s “UP” themed birthday party we are planning for May!! Those would make such cute favors!!

  14. Silvia says:

    Love the birthday cake.

  15. Maile says:

    I love the flowers in bloom and the mermaid applique. My almost five year old has been outgrowing her clothes rapidly, she is in need of a new wardrobe.

  16. Tiffany says:

    Love the pirate ship t-shirt!!!

  17. Kim Arnold says:

    I LOVE the initial t-shirts. I have actually looked at them before on etsy and have been impressed by the fact that the Piccadilly Circus Designs store has over 300 orders and a 100% satisfaction rate!

  18. Kelly says:

    I love love love the ballet shirt!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Handmade ninja is too cute! Maybe with some turquoise or purple for my toddler girl!

  20. aimee winslow says:

    I LOVE the boys robot shirt!1
    super cute

  21. Jessica says:

    The polka dot seahorse is so cute.

  22. Kim says:

    My little girl turns 2 in May and is having a circus party so I would have to go with a number 2 shirt :)

  23. Silvia Mayeli Urteaga says:

    the heart angel wings its my favorite.. just as cute as my baby angel

  24. Julie says:

    I love love LOVE the mustache t shirt

  25. Melissa says:

    I know quite a few boys who would look adorable in that ninja shirt!

  26. Ana says:

    They are ALL incredibly cute!
    but my favorites are the mustache and tie..

    I can’t wait to have kids to get them those!!!

  27. wilma says:

    Love all the shirt designs.. esp. the mermaid & seahorse.. the letters are adorable..

  28. Sara Workman says:

    I absolutely love the ninja and pirate shirts!! My son would love to have one!

  29. Carol says:

    The pink polka dot seahorse is TOO CUTE!! My grand daughter would LOVE it!!!

  30. Tiffany Crabtree says:

    I love the birthday cake T and the super cute hoodies!

  31. Sandra says:

    If I were to win, I would consider getting the Big Sister and Little Brother tees. (I just had my second baby a month ago and my daughter is almost 2 and a half.) I also like the Pirate Ship tee and the Seahorse tee.

  32. Heather says:

    I love the letter shirts and the big beautiful flower shirt! My daughter is in need of some new spring/summer clothes.

  33. Siobhan says:

    I love them all, they are so original. I especially love the mustache!

  34. Sara says:

    How to choose??!! I especially love the felt initial shirts! Soo cute!!

  35. Shelly H says:

    Love the letter ones. I would get a letter G.

  36. kellie says:

    i just the heart with angel wings! the owl shirt is awesome also! cant wait to order one for grandbaby….luv ur site and products

  37. Courtney says:

    I need a ‘2’ t-shirt for my sweet boy who turns 2 on Cinco de Mayo!

  38. Rachelle says:

    These make the cutest gifts! I live by the beach, so I LOVE the mermaid!

  39. Roxanne O. says:

    I love the flower shirt and the letter shirt. They are sooooo cute!!!

  40. stacy says:

    I love them all! But partial to the number shirts!

  41. LOVE the Seahorse T’s. I attempted the number T’s myslef but your stuff is just adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  42. Marsha Van Eaton says:

    I love the initials! I would love to get t-shirts for both of my boys…and perhaps my niece and nephew!

  43. Monica says:

    the bunnies are perfect for easter!! how cute! would love to get a shirt for my little girl!!

  44. Julie Buck says:

    I love the heart with wings!

  45. Anne says:

    The mustache shirt is too cute!

  46. LaVonne says:

    I love the girls colored felt initial shirts! :D

  47. Kelly Edwards says:

    I Love the shirts with the initials, too cute!

  48. LaNae says:

    I would love to win. Your creations are adorable!

  49. Cassandra says:

    I love the skull and cross bones tee for girls, it is so dang cute! There are lot of others I like as well!

  50. Lanette says:

    I looove the little boy tie shirts. They are adorable!

  51. Jenni says:

    I have a little boy in my house who would love the letter shirt and the classic car shirt!

  52. Sheryl says:

    We have 4, 3, and 2 year old girls, so I love the number shirts. I love the letter shirts, too. So cute.

  53. Catherine Melero says:

    Oh My 3 kids would look so adorable in these!! I love the ones with the numbers to capture their ages….”want to capture that moment in time for ever”!!

  54. Tori Nicoll says:

    I love them all! I would probably get the custom letter one for my daughter.

  55. paddi says:

    Love the polkadots seahorse…

  56. Christin says:

    I LOVE the custom bday tshirts. As a mother of 3, two of them boys, it’s tough to find shirts that don’t look babyish for them, and I love the sporty look of the raglan ts. The raglan t with the number 7 on it is perfect for my son’s bday in April.
    And of course the guitar design is pretty awesome too :)

  57. Kim W. says:

    I love the custom letter shirt! It’s so personal :)

  58. Ashley Lock says:

    LOVE them all but would LOVE to have the felt #5 for my little man’s upcoming 5th birthday!!

  59. Jolie Russ says:

    A. LoVe LoVe LoVe the seahorse and the baseball t’s with the numbers! PrEcIoUs! B. I have twin girls so imagine the cute possibilities! and finally C. My birthday is March 22, the day of the drawing! How could you not pick me?? ;) GrEaT site and I’m excited to add it to my faves <3

  60. Monica Brown says:

    Sooo adorable! I am especially loving the felt letter shirts. Love the hand-stiched look! I would love to get all three of my kids one! : )

  61. whittney airey says:

    My favorite one for my little one is the pink polka doted seahorse for my Lil girl.

  62. alissa says:

    i love all of the adorable designs, but i especially love the simple initial. so cute.

  63. Eliane says:

    I love the letter shirt:)

  64. Kelly says:

    I really like the black and white baseball tee as well as the letter and number tees. Very very cute!

  65. Tabitha Blue says:

    Ohhh! I love the cool rock and roll, and I think I would pick letter shirts for my kids… so many to choose from! Great giveaway! :)

  66. Kelly says:

    I really like the black and white baseball tee as well as the number and letters tees. Very cute!

  67. Danzel Bond says:

    The owl applique is too cute!

  68. Kelly says:

    The polka-dotted seahorse is awesome! Plus, it would make a great gift for a soon-to-be one-year-old’s ocean-themed birthday!! Pick me! Please, please, please! :]

  69. Rachael says:

    I think the seahorse and mermaid shirts are so cute a perfect for summer!

  70. christie kulis says:

    luv…the number baseball tee..i have 3 little kiddos…my lttile guy turns 2 on 3/21, luv to get pics taken wearing tee…thanx

  71. melissa mceniry says:

    I love love the seahorse!

  72. Molly says:

    LOVE the seahorse tee! SEVEN of my friends just had babies in the last year, I think these would make super cute 1st birthday presents!

  73. Diane says:

    I love the shirt with the birthday cake and the age of the child on top. My daughter turns 4 in a few months and she would love this shirt. I try to get her a fun one each year. She’d really love this one!

  74. Lisa says:

    Ohhh LOVE this! I’m in it for the win. :D I added their shop to my favorites. My favorite thing in their shop is the number shirts…adorable. Thank you.

  75. Britni Graham says:

    Love the tie and Mustache shirts!

  76. Heidi says:

    My daughter would LOVE the ballerina shirt. This is her first year of ballet and she loves it!!!

  77. Jessica says:

    They are all so adorable! I {heart} the letter tee and winged heart!

  78. Lauren S. says:

    I love owls, and the hearts and numbers, but I for sure would get my daughter the seahorse! It’s super adorable. :)

  79. Jessie C says:

    I love the number shirts for each child’s age! Cute!

  80. Lisa says:

    I think they are all just darling!! My favorite is the Seahorse for a girl and the Pirate Ship for a boy!! Super sweet designs!! Thank you!

  81. Deb says:

    They are all so cute!! I love the pink & orange birthday cake!

  82. Janelle says:

    what a fun shop! i love the #’s & monograms, as well as the giant bloom flower applique.

  83. Mary says:

    I LOVE quite a few of them, but my son turns 1 in April and I would love a shirt for his first birthday!!

  84. mandi says:

    of course the alphabet and number shirts… but that sea horse shirt is ADORABLE!!!

  85. Melissa Thompson says:

    I personally think the stash shirt is my fave!!

  86. Jana says:

    My favorite(s) are the initial shirts and the MUSTACHE! Love them. I can see my little Paxton in either..

  87. Jen says:

    LOVE the guitar shirt! perfect for my little rockstar!

  88. Melissa says:

    LOVING the tie shirts!

  89. Tamara Guida says:

    I have all boys and love the ties! It is as close as I would get to having them wear the real thing!

  90. Diane says:

    The tie T-shirt is classic.

  91. Susan F says:

    I would choose the red appliqued heart shirt for my daughter and a few friends of hers.

  92. Marissa says:

    I LOVE them all!! I would have to choose between a “2” for my son’s second birthday or a tie. :)

  93. Rebecca P says:

    I love the black and white birthday cake shirt. So cute!

  94. Christina says:

    I love the ninja shirt for my little nephew. He is such a little prankster!

  95. natalie vaughan says:

    the felt letter/number shirts are super cute and the pirate t is perfect for the little matey in your life…aahhrrgg!

  96. Cheryl says:

    Okay, I love too many of them, but the little girl skull and crossbones one is too cute!

  97. Dorothy says:

    The necktie would be perfect for my nephew and I think my niece would like the tattoo heart and wings. So Cute!

  98. Jennifer says:

    Cute, cute! Love the flowers in bloom!!

  99. Kelly P says:

    I love the guitar shirt!

  100. stephanie says:

    I love the birthday shirts! My little girl will be two in July and I’d love to get one for her to wear! :)

  101. Chapel says:

    I love the both the initial and # shirts!!

  102. Natalie says:

    It’s gotta be either the Big Brother/Big Sister shirts w/ the different patterns, or the ROCKET SHIP shirt w/ the vibrant pinks! What a cool Etsy shop!

  103. Aimee P says:

    I love the Easter Bunny t-shirt! Precious!

  104. Krystal says:

    Such a cute shop…I love the big sister shirt set. I’m due in 4 weeks with our second baby (we did not find out the sex) I would love for them to have big sister/little bro or sister shirts..too cute

  105. bridgette says:

    I love the mustache for my 3.5 year old!

  106. Heidi B says:

    I love the flowers in bloom shirt! What a beautiful shop!

  107. Nicole J. says:

    I would LOVE the ninja for my daughter :) We joke that she must be one the way that she gets up and into our room without making a sound!

  108. Maureen Enoch says:

    Love, love the argyl heart shirt….and of course the cutest bunny shirt ever….would love my little one to have one of your shirts, but would also love more than that, to be able to give your shirts as gifts to my friends that do not know about Piccadilly Circus!! What awesome b-day gifts and shower presents these would be…if I could part with them!!! :)

  109. Stephanie says:

    Lets be honest all of the shirts are super cute, my favorites are the initial and number shirts. So cute!

  110. Amber Levinson says:

    OOH! LOVE! I would love the Hot Pink Bow tie and secret mustache shirt for my daughter!!

  111. Danyelle says:

    I like the blooming flower and initial shirts.

  112. Karina says:

    I love the guitar design and any of the ones where you can just pick an initial.

  113. Emily says:

    I like the monogram shirts…though they are all really cute!!

  114. Renae Redford says:

    YAY! Love the tshirts :)
    I like the single intial – :)

  115. Renae Redford says:

    YAY! Love the tshirts :)
    I like the single intial – :)

  116. Kristi says:

    My baby turns THREE in a few weeks! I love the star shirts for boys but I also Love ALL the girl ones especially that mermaid! (My girl is 5yo)

  117. Ashley Folger says:

    Having recently purchsed the Number tees for my children’s upcoming birthdays, my next favorite tees would have to be the Tie T-shirt and Seahorse T-shirt! :)

  118. Jill Cornett says:

    Love these shirts & I know my little man would look adorable at his 1st birthday next month!

  119. Julia says:

    I love the flowers in bloom, the initial tees and pretty much everything else too!!!
    Super cute!

  120. Jennifer K. says:

    I love the number and inital shirts! How cute for a bday party?

  121. Lindsey Schemenaur says:

    My son looked super cute on his 1st birthday in his Piccadilly Circus #1 shirt! Really want to buy some more stuff from her :) !

  122. Lizzy says:

    I love the number shirts. Cute idea for siblings!

  123. EncoreBride says:

    I would love the custom shirt with the number for my niece, it would be perfect for her next birthday.

  124. Kristen W. says:

    I love the retro owl, the numbered baseball tees, and the spring flower the most. But I really love them all!

  125. Leigh Anne says:

    I love the age/year days. Perfect for 2 birthday parties coming up.

  126. Jennifer says:

    I love the birthday shirts all of her shirts are adorable!

  127. Holly says:

    I like the initial ones and the summer ones like the seahorse. Really, I like them all! :)

  128. Amy J says:

    I love the number shirts but all the designs are amazing!!

  129. Mariselys says:

    They are all beautiful….but the funky green heart and the mustache caught my attention. My kids would love them.

  130. Ali says:

    I’m really loving the argyle heart shirt. So cute!
    Really love all the stuff though!

  131. Jonah Lock says:

    The pirate ship is cool.

  132. Keilia says:

    I love them all, but my favorite is the sea horse!!!

  133. Jennifer says:

    I love the letters and flower designs.

  134. Christine says:

    I love the initial tees! They would be so cute for birthday presents.

  135. Tracy says:

    I am loving the NINJA!!!! So cute! And of course, the custom ones, I would get my son’s name, or a 1 for his first birthday!!! These are all adorable!

  136. Tamarra Miller says:

    I have three new additions in our family. They would all look so cute in any of the shirts you offer. =-)

  137. Waleska says:

    I love the felt initial tees. My family is celebrating my parents’ 50th anniversary this year on a cruise and these tees would be great for all the grandkids to wear on a family portrait!

  138. Deborah says:

    Love the heart applique hoodie!

  139. Emily says:

    I love the initial shirts and the boy’s car shirt. My sons would love!

  140. Laurice Ray says:

    Oh how cute is all this stuff?!?! I love it! And I would love to have the number shirt of the ship shirt for my little boy!

  141. Cori says:

    my girls would love the mermaid shirt!

  142. Becky says:

    I love what you do for the birthday shirts, with the number on the front and name on the back, or vice versa. I always make specialty tees for my sons birthday, and one of these would be great to add to his collection.

  143. Emily says:

    Oh, I love the custom initial shirts! Perfect for my ring bearer..

  144. April says:

    I love the shirt with the black number 1 on it. My son will be one in July and I just might have to get that one!

  145. Tammy Morris says:

    Is it bad to say I am totally in love with the necktie and mustache tees?? I don’t even have a little boy to wear them?? haha…Hmm…but I do have some cute nephews that would look cute with those on! :)
    My little girl would look ADORABLE in any of these designs!

  146. Love the initials!!!!
    I should prepare it for our upcoming family outdoor portraits!!!!

  147. Kylie Bond says:

    I love the girls rocket ship tee. This would be cute for a boy too if you had different colors. So cute!

  148. Courtney Puccetti says:

    Love the raglan shirts with numbers and initials! My little boy turns 1 soon and I got him the royal blue raglan tshirt with a number 1 on it!

  149. Cathi says:

    I love the birthday cake shirt, with the little number on top! My baby girl is turning ONE the first week of May, so I’ve got birthday outfits on the brain!

  150. Love the number & initial tees!

  151. Jana says:

    Love love love the letter shirts! My fav.

  152. Ashley says:

    I would love one for my daughter’s first b-day in June. However, I did have the idea to get number tees for my BFF who is having her third baby in three years any day now — I couldn’t figure out the whole big brother little sister thing with the middle brother. Is he big or little? So I thought numbers! And now you have a give-away! It’s meant to be!!

  153. linda lee says:

    Love the custom letter shirts!!!

  154. hena tayeb says:

    I like the alphabets, the felt pirate boat, robot and tie!

  155. Mandy says:

    Omg! They are all so adorable. I love the black and red heart tee.

  156. Missi S. says:

    Love the number and initial shirts!!!!

  157. Miss Pete says:

    oh. my. gosh. I love the ninja design!

  158. Susan says:

    the designs are so cute! im hoping to personalize the shirt for my nephew, he loves ninjas!

  159. Amanda says:

    I think the letter “a” shirt is adorable! If I could get this in a C, my son would wear it almost every day…he’s addicted to the letter C after hearing cookie monster’s “C is for cookie” song. Plus his name starts with a C!

  160. Julie says:

    The “Big Brother” shirt is very cute…would be perfect to keep on hand and use as an announcement when we’re pregnant with our second baby!

  161. sara m says:

    Love the ninja! I would get it, even for my little girl :)

  162. Hayley says:

    They are all precious but I think my favorite is the heart with wings! So cute!!!

  163. Amy says:

    Love the initial shirts . . . simple, but adorable!

  164. Jessica says:

    I LOVE the precious initial shirt. My daughter is 10 months old, so I can so picture her in a letter “k” shirt or a number one shirt for her first birthday!!!

  165. Monica says:

    The pink seahorse is my favorite!

    Unfortunately, the only little kiddo in my life is a boy.

  166. Kori says:

    Especially love the guitar motif! My special little guy, Aaron (3), thinks he is quite the rocker! :)

  167. Mrs. C says:

    How do I choose?? i love them all! I’d definitely have to go with the age shirts so I can document his 1st birth through milestone pictures

  168. Amy Huertas says:

    I love the flower and the guitar!

  169. beatrice says:

    my fave is the Colored Felt Initial shirt, with a big M for Max, or a number one for when he turns that age in a couple of months!!!

  170. Kelly says:

    Love all the Custom Letter Shirts….the big brother shirt is cute too! Might need a Big Brother and Little Sister or Little Brother shirt once Baby #2 arrives.

  171. Carolin says:

    I love the mermaid and the sea horse. I see a theme here. lol

  172. Jina says:

    What cute shirts!! My four year old daughter would LOVE the tee with the heart on it!

  173. Katherine says:

    I wanted to get my little guy a Piccadilly shirt for his first birthday but didn’t get to. =( I would LOVE to get him an “H” shirt for our upcoming family photos!

  174. Shalyn says:

    Definitely going with the pirate ship and waves t shirt. Very cute with the large stitching that surrounds the ship, really giving it the hand sewn effect. Love it!

  175. Rena Leigh says:

    I love the seahorse design the most! Great work!

  176. Andreanne says:

    I’m in love with Piccadilly Circus designs!
    I will buy one for my son when he’ll turn one!
    I’m torn between the numbers or the monograms…maybe I’ll get both!!!!

  177. Liz Oram says:

    I do photography…so I would love the cake with a huge number 1 on it!!

  178. Debbie says:

    I just love the number shirt!! Oh so cute!!

  179. Ali Jarman says:

    I love the alphabet shirts!

  180. Elisabeth says:

    I love the little ninja t-shirt!

  181. Jennifer Tortoro says:

    loving me some seahorse, guitar, and number shirts :-)

  182. I love the initial and guitar designs, I have 2 boys that are getting more particular about what they wear!

  183. Jessica B says:

    My daughter turns two next month and I would love a “2” shirt for her!

  184. Genie G says:

    They are all too precious, but a few of my faves for my son are the mustache, skulls, and the classic car. for my daughter my faves are the tattoo heart, red black striped heart and the red black hearts matching outfit.

  185. Shellika says:

    would love the Black birthday cake shirt for my son’s upcoming birthday

  186. Alvina says:

    Super cute! I like the ninja, and the pirate, and the mustache would look SUPER cute on my nephew’s tummy! :]

  187. Mandy says:

    The retro mustach for sure! So super cute!!

  188. Amber Maddux says:

    I want a number shirt for my sons 3rd birthday!!!

  189. Carly Harrison says:

    I love the little big brother shirts!

  190. jordana says:

    These shirts are so cute! I am always searching for unique and fun stuff for my son. The pirate shirt is especially fantastic! Fingers crossed I win!

  191. kim barbarino says:

    I LOVE these shirts!! The Piccadilly Circus number shirts are too cute, and would be perfect for our family. I’m expecting my 4th child & love the “age line-up” shot.

  192. Lisa says:

    I love the handmade tattoo heart & wings and the rock and roll guitar. These are absolutely adorable.

  193. Tristi says:

    I love them all!! I was actually going to contact them to see if they could make a special milk and cookies design for my daughter’s b-day, but I’d love to get her an initial shirt too or one of the bunny designs.

  194. Ashley A says:

    I would love to get my boys matching t’s with their initial!

  195. Lia says:

    With two girls … one of them an aspiring little dancer…. that ballerina tutu shirt would be awesome!

  196. Ivy Tirado says:

    I love the guitar shirt because my son thinks he is a rock star and it would be a great addition for his next birthday party!

  197. corey says:

    I am loving that seahorse shirt!!

  198. Kim L. says:

    The handmade mustache tee is adorable!!! xoxo

  199. Tiffany says:

    Everyone needs a ninja in the family! That’s my fav!

  200. Hui says:

    My wife wants everyone in the family should have t-shirts with numbers on them for Xmas cards. (Except the us, of course!)

  201. Abby Tomell says:

    They are all super adorable. I would go with the #4 shirt. I just started planning my daughters 4th birthday party so it would be perfect!

  202. Anna J says:

    The number shirts are super cute but I also love the girl’s rocket ship shirt. I have a tom boy and she would love a rocket shirt made just for her. Too cute!

  203. Michele P. says:

    with one grandson turning 1 this year and another turning 2, the Handmade. Birthday Cake Applique shirt is adorable.

  204. Kat says:

    awesome stuff – would love to be picked!

  205. christianne says:

    It’s all so cute! Love the tie shirt and the ninja … can’t decide!

  206. Catherine says:

    That birthday cake design with the number on the top is super cute!

  207. Sara Boniface says:

    Love love the custom number shirts!! You cannot get any cuter than that! I love the custom name on the back as well! It totally adds to the shirt! My son wore one for his 3rd birthday and I cant wait to order one for my 2 year old!!

  208. Sally Manlove says:

    Loving the birthday cake tee!

  209. Bernice says:

    Hard to choose. I was going to say the guitar one, but then I scrolled down and saw the ninja! My older boy is turning 5 soon and is sooo into ninjas right now! Wonder if I’d be able to get one for him in time?

  210. Sarah says:

    I LOVE the initial shirts!

  211. denby says:

    love the tie shirt…perfect for the circus bday party we are planning with a photo booth!

  212. jessie says:

    I like the Flowers In Bloom shirt – perfect for my little girl!

  213. Katie says:

    The Piccadilly Circus tees are so cute! The Easter bunny tee would be great for the Easter season! So cute!

  214. ANABEL CAMACHO says:

    love the guitar one is soo cute…..

  215. Jessica says:

    I’ve got birthdays coming up so the felt #s are perfect!

  216. Shannon says:

    What beautiful designs! Pink and Green Argyle Heart is my pick for my gorgeous niece – x

  217. Mindy Rives says:

    How Cute!!!! I want them all! I definitely want a birthday shirt for my sweet Lucy Kate’s first birthday!!! Hope I’m lucky and win this!!!

  218. Beth says:

    I have two very special nephews and I love to shop for unique gifts. The classic car and the tie are my favs!

  219. Martha says:

    I really love the floral one!! However, they’re too cute not to love them all!

  220. Joan says:

    The sweet little mermaid tee is adorable. I know a pair of adorable twins that would do it justice!

  221. Wendy says:

    I love the mustache shirt!

  222. jessica W. says:

    i love the custom letter shirts!

  223. Muriah says:

    Love the funky heart and the numbered shirts! Soo cute!

  224. Jess says:

    My little boy love shirts that say how old he is. These are SO cute!

  225. Connie says:

    LOVE the mustache shirt :P

  226. Aubrie says:

    I love the number shirts! I have been looking for one for my son’s 2nd birthday next month!

  227. Connie says:

    OMG! I’d love to get my little nephew the mustache, necktie, and initial shirts! So cute.

  228. Tram-Anh Poprik says:

    I love the skull and crossbones in the star appliqué!! Sooo cute! Would love one for my son’s birthday in May

  229. Cami Reschke says:

    Honestly, my favorite design is the picture of the siblings with their age printed on their shirt. I’m always looking for ways to make family pictures more fun, memorable, and creative, and this was an inspiration! Not only is it a great way to look at the picture and remember exactly when it was taken, but it’s a great play shirt and a conversation piece when they wear it to school. I love the font, the details, and the pure whimsy of the idea. Genius!

  230. Carissa says:

    What a cute shop! My favorite Piccadilly Circus design is the boys ninja tee. my 3 year old son would LOVE that!!

  231. I love the shirt with the tie on it. My husband is obsessed with ties.

  232. Denise says:

    Flowers in Bloom is my favorite!!!!! ALL of them are too cute of course!!!!

  233. mylene says:

    I love the guitar for my 9 year old who is taking guitar lesson,the ship for my 5 year old and the numbers 1 and 2 for my twin boys.

  234. Sara Green-Anderson says:

    OMG they are all so cute! Bowling Pin, Ninja, Birthday Cake, Mustache they are all too cute!

  235. Christi Bovee says:

    I would choose the flower in bloom design. Super adorable!

  236. Wendy says:

    I love the shirt with the little girls dress on it :))) LOVE ITTTT!!

  237. Nancy says:

    I LOVE the letter shirts. I would get one a, one e, and one s.

  238. Perry says:

    I love the mustache shirt. My four year old son wants to grow up so fast. I think this would be a perfect shirt for him. Plus he loves Super Mario.

  239. Melissa says:

    Definitely have to go with the simple, but ADORABLE monogrammed shirts! LOVE them!

  240. Michelle says:

    I love the pirate ship shirt…super cute!

  241. The mustache shirt makes me laugh!! I love it!! It would be perfect for my son’s circus themed 3rd birthday this June!

  242. Joyce says:

    Appliqued Ballet Shirt – My older daughter is really into ballet right now.

  243. cindy acosta says:

    I love the tie shirt, it will look super cute on my baby boy!!!

  244. breanna says:

    how fun! I really lives the owl shirt best for my kiddo!

  245. Marta says:

    I love Flowers in Bloom. It would fit perfectly in my one year little girl!

  246. Kelli says:

    Hoo Hoo! I love the owl shirt for little girls. My two year old has recently learned what an owl is and is one of the words she can say clearly. She will say OWL randomly and then go, “Hoo Hoo.” The owl shirt would make her day and make more since to those she comes in contact with :)…

  247. eva says:

    I love the big brother/little brother shirts!!!!

  248. Jermaine D. says:

    Cute stuff! Love the easter bunny and mustache.

  249. Stacy says:

    I absolutely love the girly polka dot and skull shirt..and the owl one…and the mermaid….it’s too hard to just pick one. They are all so adorable!

  250. T says:

    Handmade Applique Mermaid for toddlers is my favourite!!!

  251. Candace B says:

    The Mustache Shirt is too cute! :) I love it!

  252. Amanda says:

    The numbered ones would be great for my sons’ shared birthday party in August. They will be 4 and 1. (I also love the moustache!)

  253. tina says:

    love the #s! adding #3 to our mix soon & that would be great fun. of i could be generous & buy 6 for my friend welcoming #6. hmmmm.

  254. Carolyn says:

    I think I’d have to get 3 shirts for my 3 boys…The mustache, the ninja, and the guitar fit their personalities so well!!

  255. Jenni says:

    I love the bowling pin + star tshirt, adorable!

  256. Vanessa says:

    I love that ninja shirt, it’s so cute!!

  257. JStacj says:

    A family member has ordered from Piccadilly Circus Designs before and it was an awesome shirt!

  258. Alyssa P says:

    I think the ninja t-shirt is really cute, and I also love the tie t-shirt. All Adorable!

  259. Lindsay says:

    I love the bunnies and eggs for Easter! Piccadilly Circus will be added to my favorites list!

  260. Loralee says:

    i love the ninja and girl rocket shirts

  261. D says:

    i like the tie shirt and mustache one

  262. Sunny says:

    I love the mustache shirt for a boy and the rose shirt for a girl! So cute!

  263. missy says:

    all of the shirts are SO cute! since i have a little boy, i love the ninja with the throwing star and pirate shirts. but what i’m really eyeing up is a custom shirt for my little guy’s first birthday!

  264. cherie says:

    I love the pirate ship!! Hard to find whimsical pirate stuff. The ninja is a close second though…

  265. Linda says:

    I love the handmade mustache shirt. So cute!

  266. Kathryn says:

    I absolutely love the numbered shirts!!! I would love to have a professional picture made with my kiddos in those shirts!!!

  267. Rachel Wright says:

    I love the numbered shirts for the different ages. Simple yet DARLING!

  268. Jessica says:

    So cute!! I love the ninja one. Super creative.

  269. Tiffany says:

    So cute! Love the bowling pin shirt.

  270. Jasmine P says:

    I love the Handmade Birthday Cake Applique and the Girls Pink and Brown Polka Dot and Striped Handmade Flower Applique… Baby, Toddler and Kids Hand Sewn Sweatshirt!

  271. cassie says:

    I love the tie one for my litle boy and the flower for my little girl!

  272. Nicole says:

    I love the Handmade. Birthday Cake Applique! It would be adorable on a first birthday outfit!

  273. Megan says:

    I love the numbers shirts! Would be great for kid phtographs of our extended family!

  274. Adriana says:

    I love them all

  275. Ebony says:

    Love the simplicity of the single lower case initial, but my toddler boys would LOVE the robots:

  276. Tegan M. says:

    Oh my goodness, that ninja t-shirt is just too cute. :)

  277. Kelly says:

    I love the pirate shirts! They are so cute and I know my son who loves pirates would love a shirt like these. Too Cute!!

  278. Allison says:

    I love love love the Girls Double The Love Appliqued Felt Heart Shirt!!

  279. Candace S says:

    My favorite is the black and white robot. My son is 5 months old, and I want to do a robot theme for his 1st birthday.

  280. Valarie says:

    Oh my goodness all of the shirts are so cute. But if I had to pick just one, I would have to save my favorite would be the bowling pin shirt for my slightly bowling obsessed 3 year old son. He would probably never want to take it off.

  281. JuneAMG says:

    I love the number shirts. They would be so cute on my 3 little stair-steps!!!!

  282. Natalie says:

    So hard to choose…all of them are adorable! I’d pick the tiered birthday cake one for a friend’s daughter’s upcoming birthday. My son’s b-day is in 3 weeks so we already have his shirt.

  283. Sarah Moske says:

    I love the simply sweet seahorse shirt….so cute!

  284. Kelly says:

    These shirts are so cute. My faves are the custom number shirts. I love the way they used them to do a photo shoot with a family!

  285. eve says:

    i love the mermaid for girls and the robot for boys!

  286. Melissa - bargainshoppermom says:

    I love the initial tees. They are so cute!

  287. Angela says:

    Soooo cute! Love the letter shirts!

  288. Jessalynn Bowman says:

    I LOVE the number shirts! They are a must have for birthdays!

  289. Shannon Cook says:

    It may be simple, but I love the number shirts. I just keep picturing my 3 girls wearing them for some cute photos. Love!

  290. Robin says:

    LOVE the Hand Sewn Number Appliques!

  291. Tran Nguyenc says:

    I heart “Handmade Ninja Applique” It’s so cute and fits my brother

  292. Hong Tran says:

    “Handmade Black and White Robot Applique” is so amazing and cute!!
    I love this

  293. Tieng Vo says:

    “Boys Black and White Skull and Crossbones Star Applique… ”
    My nephew will rock with this shirt :D
    Love it

  294. Mandi says:

    I love the #1 shirt for my son, the tie shirt (for impressing the ladies), the mustache shirt…the list goes on!

  295. Mama O says:

    I love the pirate shirts – perfect for Grandpa’s boat this summer!

  296. Oma says:

    My grandsons (3mos and 6mos) both NEED some cute new shirts for this summer!

  297. Donna says:

    I like the Girls Handmade Polka Dot Skull and Crossbones

  298. Alicia Thompson says:

    So I already ordered 3 Piccadilly Circus shirts a couple weeks ago (the tutu and a #4 shirt for my daughter) and a #1 shirt for my son for his 1st birthday “Circus Party” coming up in May. I would order 50 more of these shirts if I could–they are all absolutely adorable. Next up for me are letter shirts for my kiddos, a tie shirt for my son and the seahorse shirt for my daughter! ♥

  299. Leeann Hadgis says:

    I would love to photograph my kids in the custom number shirts…I’d need a 7, 3, and 2. Those would be my favorites.

  300. Blanca says:

    I LOVE the numbered tees. I’d love one for each of my kiddos. I number 2 for my son & a number 3 for my daughter. :)

    Thank you!!!

  301. Derek says:

    I really like the numbered shirts. They would be perfect for my children’s upcoming birthday! Thank you.


  302. Blanca says:

    I love the numbered shirts. A 2 for my son & a 3 for my daughter would be lovely! Thanks!


  303. Scarlett Wilson says:

    I love the funky handmade felt pirate ship shirt. These would make great Easter gifts for my nephews!

  304. Jael B. says:

    Mustache…MUST HAVE! I love it!

  305. Chapel says:

    All the shirts are so cute! I would definitely get an initial shirt for my son!

  306. bree says:

    i love the birthday cake one and the tee’s with numbers on them!

  307. Amber says:

    I just adore the mustache shirt and the big sister shirt! These designs are absolutely adorable and so unique!!! Thanks for this opportunity!

  308. Ainsley Caruthers says:

    I love your designs. Thank you for making cute boy things, they are so hard to find. I love, love, love the mustache and ninja shirts.

  309. April says:

    I love the letter shirts, Easter egg shirt, and birthday cake shirt. My daughter would be set for the spring and her birthday next month!!

  310. Abby says:

    I love the Cool Classic Car Applique! My daughter likes all the pink shirts! Nicely done.

  311. Kelly says:

    I would love to have a t-shirt for my little girl who is turning the big 1. Her birthday party is going to have a circus theme.

  312. Kim says:

    The guitar and mustache tees would look super cute on my little nephew!

  313. Jennie says:

    My son is loving the pirate ship shirt! He says he wants a pirate party next month for his 3rd birthday!!

  314. amy says:

    I love, love, LOVE the raglan style shirts with numbers/letters on them. What a perfect little birthday shirt for my baby boy!! Would love to order one for him and both my girls. Might even get one for the whole family for a great family picture shoot.

  315. Nicole DePauw says:

    I L O V E both the letter and number shirts. They are darling, but I like them all :)

  316. Ashley says:

    Oh my! It’s so hard to pick one, but I would have to say the Ninja shirt because my Brother ‘thinks’ he is a ninja (at heart, right!)

    Thanks for the chance!

  317. Amy says:

    I love the number shirts for birthday photos!

  318. Shauna says:

    I definitely need an “M” and “B” for my kiddos Maya & Bennett!

  319. Cassandra R. says:

    My sister-in-law is having twin boys, so the initials shirts would be a perfect gift! Love them!

  320. annie says:

    my favorite is the heart with wings!

  321. lace says:

    I love the girls rocket ship shirt and the robot

  322. Lani Derrick says:

    I LOVE the cool rock guitar shirts!

  323. Erica says:

    I love the mustache shirt. My little guy would look totally adorable in that shirt.

  324. Carline says:

    It’s so hard to pick one but the mustache shirt cracks me up. I can see my son wearing that shirt and saying it’s Luigi’s mustache. the letters are cute too although all of my kids initials are AJG. I love it all so cute. Love the circus and circus them.

  325. Leigh says:

    I love the ballet tutu! Perfect for my two girls!

  326. Heather Moore says:

    LOVE LOVE the mustache tee!

  327. ann says:

    besides the initial tees, i like the old looking convertible…my nephew loves cars!

  328. Laura Carey says:

    I love the number and letter shirts but my little guys loves the Guitar shirt

  329. Karle Roberts says:

    I LOVE the initial shirts and numbers! :)

  330. Myra says:

    The ninja shirt is so cute! My son would look so cute in it! He IS a little ninja, climbing everything with such stealth!! :)

  331. Kayleigh M says:

    I like the pok-a-dot skull! I hope I can win something for the new neice I’m about to have!

  332. lori says:

    I simply can’t narrow it down to one favorite. They are just all so cute.

  333. Lindsey Maldonado says:

    love love love the boys tie shirt!!! wayyyyy too cute!!!

  334. Heather S says:

    I adore the Handmade. Birthday Cake Applique Shirt!

  335. Carisa says:

    I dig the polka dot ballerina outfit!!! Fancy! I have a little 2 year old girl named Paisley and that suits her well!!! :)

  336. Tracy M says:

    I love the girls rocket ship! Though they’re all fabulous…

  337. Jennifer says:

    I love the create your own shirt at Piccadilly Circus Designs. I have two grandchildren and the “Design your own colored felt letter” shirt would be perfect ! Great designs and unique ideas.

  338. saniel says:

    the t-shirt with the men’s neck tie. soo cute, would look soo cute on my son

  339. Lindsey says:

    I love the birthday cake shirts and the guitar ones…adorable!

  340. christy says:

    i like the Funky Retro Hand Sewn Owl Applique

  341. Lori H. says:

    OMG! Love the birthday cake appliqued shirts! My twin girls will be 5 in April! They’d be perfect!!!

  342. Lindsay says:

    I think the seahorse one is adorable!

  343. Bridget says:

    My nephews LOVE guitar and anything about being a rockstar. The guitar t-shirt and the ninja shirts would be amazing for them.

  344. Emeli Almanzar says:

    I love the mermaid shirt!!!!!

  345. Tracey says:

    I just love the handmade mustache shirt. My son turns two soon and want to host a “little man” party!!!

  346. sapna says:

    The tie shirts are super cute and just “grown-up” enough!

  347. Jennifer A says:

    Love, love, love the ties and numbers!!

  348. carmenpol says:

    The rock and roll tee is my favourite !

  349. carrie says:

    I love the seahorse!

  350. I love the boys guitar shirt! My son is almost 2 and carries around a “tar” bigger than him and sings all day long!

  351. Jessica says:

    I love them all but the “1” shirts are perfect for my son’s upcoming birthday!

  352. cindy martinez says:

    I can’t say enough about these wonderful shirts…as we all know it is hard to find super cute toddler boys shirts…I purchased the number tee and the initial one…loved them so much just recently ordered two more…they are simply the cutest!!

  353. Kara says:

    I like the initail shirts :)

  354. Kirby Quiles-Brown of KtL Photography says:

    Handmade Applique Mermaid Shirt.
    Big Sister. Hand Sewn. Appliqued Shirts For Siblings<-I better get to working on baby #2!!!!


    Hope to win and thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  355. Becky says:

    I love all the designs, but I like that you can personalize them with the kids names. Very cute!

  356. Sally Armstrong says:

    I love anything regarding birthdays…and love the tie shirts for my nephew!
    Thanks so much.

  357. Mary Beth says:

    I LOVE the birthday cake shirts, the boys guitar shirt, the big brother shirt (sooo adorable), and the tie shirt. They’re all so cute and creative!!!

  358. Adina Hernandez says:

    I love the little boy tie shirts by piccadilly circus they are my favorite, but all of their designs are awesome

  359. Shazia says:

    I absolutely love the mustache tee!!

  360. Cynthia H. Riley says:

    I love so many of them! The owl is especially adorable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  361. katie says:

    i like the number shirts and especially love the cool classic car shirt !!!

  362. gigi bascom says:

    So hard to choose, but in the name of spring time…the cute polka dot bunny

  363. I love the green and pink argyle heart shirt!

  364. Sheryl P. says:

    Wow! Love the clean and organic lines. The number shirts are my favorite! I’d love the #11 on a tee shirt for my grandson’s birthday coming up! Cool!

  365. Riah says:

    I love the numbers and letters AND the mermaid shirts! I love the idea of a while family wearing thier name/year for an adorable photo shoot!

  366. kellie says:

    I love the necktie tee shirt! I love a theme and you can give it:)

  367. Tamara G says:

    Where do we see who won this fabulous prize?

  368. Shelby Ward says:

    I love love the heart with wings but I also love the seahorse and ballerina corset dress! They are all so adorable!!

  369. Holly says:

    My daughter would LOVE the Mermaid shirt! Too Cute!!