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Cinderella-Inspired Royal Birthday Celebration

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Cinderella birthday party ideas

Andrea from Dolce Drive truly created a FAIRY-TALE of a birthday party for her adorable daughter Sabrina with this Cinderella-inspired soirée! One of the things I love most about this particular Cinderella party is that – in the spirit of the original tale – Andrea incorporated both the “princess” elements AND the “peasant” side of the story!

The little girls were actually greeted with patchwork aprons and hankies for their hair (which I almost think look cuter than the tiaras, btw!) and told to “finish their chores” before they could attend the upcoming Royal Tea Party celebration. After HAPPILY doing “chores” like baking fake cookies, “sweeping the chimney” and eating lunch, they were transformed into princesses for the Royal Celebration, where they dined on “tea” (apple juice) and sweet treats, alongside a very special guest!

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

So much creativity and thought went into this sweet celebration! Read on for LOTS more princess-worthy pics, plus all the MAGICAL party details….

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas

Cinderella birthday party ideas


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Andrea…

Cinderella Inspired Royal Celebration
My daughter, Sabrina, is a huge fan of the fairy tale story, Cinderella. Speaking from my personal experience as a party stylist, allowing the child the freedom to participate and pick his or her theme is important. However, mommy must also be happy with the style of the party, after all she is the one in charge for……say 18 years. =) I often get calls from frantic mommies expressing distress over the fact that there child wants a Minnie Mouse party or an Elmo party “how do I make that cute”. By allowing your child to pick his or her theme doesn’t mean they have to style the event, you are still in control of the “LOOK” of the party. Make a list of your child’s favorite things, colors, activities, food, clothing, books, shows, etc. and go with it. Pick and choose favorites so they know you are pleasing them and this day is about what they love!!!!

of Sabrina’s Favorite Things
Blue, pink, Cinderella, dress up time, tea parties, cleaning the house (yes my child loves to clean, vacuum, and all), story time, sweets, cupcakes, candy, sing, make up, bubbles, bounce houses.

Inside: I hung gorgeous paper pink pom poms over a kiddie table and incorporated linens that my mom purchased in Europe when I was a little girl. The linens was casual, but also delicate and “princess-y” due to the a hand-sewn floral detail.  The chimney area was decorated beautifully with Cinderella-inspired peasant items: pumpkins, the pink dress that the mice & birds had sewn for her, and a vintage broom!

Outside: I used blue as the main color and added hints of pink and white. I purchased items from Homegoods such as a vintage carriage, vintage cart, and dress form. The kiddie table was beautifully decorated with blue linen, individual place settings, sparkly slippers, large bunches of white hydrangeas and pearls.  We used kiddie chiavari chairs in the inside as well as at the outside table (these are the cutest ever!). The dress up area was decorated with white hanging tissue pom poms.

My sweet SIL, Heather from Heather Renee Photography, also contributed some items such a bird house and a beautiful large Arch that I styled with flowers, which she used as the main area where the girls were photographed outside.

I decided I wanted to also use a Fleur De Lis in addition to the traditional Tiara design used princess parties. I made all the paper goods for the event, the center piece cut outs of shimmery Fleur De Lis and tiaras, the name banner, thank you tags, and food table tents.

I worked with Jessica from Pen N’ Paper Flowers who designed a beautiful Cinderella Inspired carriage just for me.With the carriage, I designed a magical yet simple invitation which would set the platform for the event. Guests received their invitation in a wooden like scroll which was hand delivered.

This was the hardest part of the celebration.
I have a lot of friends, and I love to include them in everything I do. Most of my friends have children, and not being able to invite all of them was rough. Sabrina’s birthday last year was at a park and I invited over 60 kids, so I only saw my daughter for a few seconds and barely got a chance to even hold her while we sang Happy Birthday. While we had a blast last year, I knew for this year’s party theme I really needed to keep it simple with the guest list so that I could be as involved as possible at the party. At age three it is difficult to keep kids under control when there are too many, which is why I chose to invite 10 girls, all within her age range (2 – 4). I figure that depending on the theme, each year, I will decide the guests list count. This year, ten girls was just perfect!!

The celebration began indoors, where guests were greeted with burlap, white eyelet patchwork aprons, and matching hankies (my mom and I sewed these a few days before the party). They were handed brooms, small hand towels, and buckets. They were to clean the chimney, mop the floors, shine the windows, and finish their chores before they could attend the Royal Celebration. The little girls loved cleaning and even took out baking supplies and prepared fake cookies for the anticipated Royal tea party they were to attend!

Once the girls finished their chores and ate their lunch, they were guided outside where the magical celebration began. There was a special make up, hair and dress up area. The girls were completely transformed to little princess dolls, wearing fancy gowns, white gloves, shimmery tiaras, and handed rose bouquets (which I also made).

The little princesses sat at their Royal table where they anxiously awaited for their special guest to arrive.  A gorgeous 16-year old family friend of ours dressed in a white beautiful gown, a tiara and gloves and came to surprise the girls as their Princess from a far away land! My daughter’s jaw was on the floor. She greeted the girls and sat with them for tea and sweets. It really made the party so much more special!

We served “tea” (apple juice) from a tea pot , gorgeous and delicious cookies created by Allyson Jane and Sweet Dough, princess cake pops from Terri’s Treasures and cream puffs and cupcakes from our local bakery.  Our guest princess taught a quick and sweet etiquette class. She taught the girls to say please and thank you, sit properly and place their napkins on their laps. I rented the Story of Cinderella (original 1980 version) from a local library and read it to the girls.   They spent the rest of the afternoon dancing, popping bubbles and being photographed with their sweet guest Princess. My daughter really wanted a bounce house and I wasn’t sure how to incorporate this into the theme. I found the perfect castle bounce house from Bouncing Parties Express and had them blow up the bounce house at the very end of the party where the girls got to enjoy it for just enough time to bounce on out with their mommies…..

Sabrinas expression when the princess made her grand entrance, in fact, I still get teary eyed thinking about the expression on her face when she saw her. It really was my favorite part of the entire party. Being able to enjoy the party and my daughter on her special day was also a huge highlight for me.

Cotton Candy flavored Jelly beans in sparkly jewelry boxes, Drizellas beads (chocolate sixlets) in clear containers. White toddler gloves, shimmery tiaras hair wraps and slippers, rose bouquets, aprons and hankies. {Another plus of keeping the guest list small, I was able to really spoil Sabrina and her little friends with goodies!}

It was a magical and memorable day!! Sabrina and I still talk about her birthday and how special it was. =) I want to thank all the incredibly talented ladies who participated in making this day so beautiful.  I am so grateful and humbled to have had you aboard this special day. Thank You with all my heart for everything you did. =)

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

42 responses to “Cinderella-Inspired Royal Birthday Celebration”

  1. Hazel says:

    OooooOoo! I found myself squealing inside as I read through this post! Adult or not, I would have loved this party! I also think a lot of the decor and designs could be re-purposed into a chic, though fun, royal wedding party! Kate Middleton’s Princess story is starting to excite the little-girl-dreamer in all of us!


  2. Jenn Post says:

    I wish I could have been a little princess at this party! the details are amazing, loving that you incorporated BOTH aspects of the cinderella story, the before and after! thanks for the share, you did an AMAZING job!

  3. Incorporating the chores and transition to princess is absolutely inspired! What a magnificent party!

  4. Tonya says:

    Thank you SO much for this post! My daughter will be 4 in May and announced that she wanted a Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella party. I was just trying to figure out how it wasn’t going to be too Disney-esque. This is PERFECT!!

  5. Deandra says:

    Absolutely precious! The details were perfect and I love the added peasant aspect of the party. No one threw these types of parties when I was a kid! lol

  6. Andrea Fraga says:

    Thank You so much Jen and Amber for taking the time to review and feature my sweet, Sabrina’s 3rd birthday party. I am so honored and excited to be on HWTM and to read your kind sweet words. Your blog is an incredible source for inspiration of all types of parties and to be a part of that, is truly so rewarding and special.
    Thank YOU!
    p.s. Princess Sabrina is so excited to see herself on here too. She sends lots of hugs and kisses =) wink*

  7. Andrea Scatuccio says:

    Love all the elements you combined for this sweet party!

  8. Jenny M says:

    I am so lucky to have attended and have my two little girls be real princess for a day. The detail that Andrea put into this party truely came from her heart. The little girls enjoyed every minute of it and the set up was, well just breath taking! The best part is the goodies that these little girls got to take home. The white gloves, tiaras, bubbles, apron and hankies are so much fun for dress up time. Thanks Dolce Drive for this amazing experience. Sabrina has the best Mommy ever!

  9. HiLLjO says:

    What a sweet, fully fantastical little party. 10 girls is plenty! I really love how they “transformed” into princesses. I bet they went crazy!

  10. You outdid yourself Andrea! This is just so beautiful and I’m with Jenn, LOVE that you included the peasant side of this magical story. I hope Sabrina had a wonderful day!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful job, sweet Andrea! I adore the cake!

  12. Tiffany says:

    beautiful cake and decor! very creative ideas!


  14. Marisol says:

    OMG mini chiavari chairs!! How freaking cute…must find those in Miami! Great party!

  15. Mindy says:

    I love the aprons and rags idea! aw, how did the other 50 kids not invited this year take it?? guest list issues always concern me too…

  16. Clemens says:

    What a perfect party for a princess! I love all the details and all the love you put in it!

  17. my sweet lady says:

    andrea thanks you for incluid us in our party,,,we have so muh fun and everything was just perfect and beautiful,,i was a pleasure for me make sinas cake,,,everything came out just magical like all your work,,kisses my love

  18. Terri says:

    I am honored to have had a small part in this party. Andrea, the pictures are AMAZING and worth the wait! Great job on every single detail, LOVE it all!!! I am so glad that Sabrina enjoyed the cake pops!

  19. Zainab says:

    It’s so beautiful! I love the cookies and just how pretty everything is. What a great idea to have the peasant rags and then make them into princesses!

  20. Alie says:

    I must say that u have blown me away. Your creativity is just to much. You have an amazing talent I wish I had. All the little details, its just breath taking what you do. Congratulations on being so talented and on having such a beautiful little Cinderella of your own :}

  21. WOW. What an amazing birthday party for a very lucky little girl! Great job.

  22. Annabelle says:

    This was such a magical party! Everything was so beautiful and it made us all feel like a princess! Very proud of my sister Andrea!

  23. Renee says:

    This is just divine. I love it all, especially those head scarfs and aprons!

  24. Angelique Foster says:

    So gorgeous!! I love it all!!

  25. Blanca Tumlinson says:

    OMG….way to cute…..too bad my lil girl is now 26. But for her Qunceneria (15th bday party) her theme was Cinderella, if we only knew all this stuff excited. This is so adorable…..

  26. Rosemarie says:

    I am amazed at how beautifully thought out every piece of this party was. I would have loved attending a party like this when I was Sabrina’s age…or any age for that matter! Every detail was carefully planned and made so intimate and special – it is no wonder this party was featured on HWTM. Congrats to Dolce Drive for another job well done! Thank you for always creating parties that inspire everyone who sees them! P.S. I cannot wait until Sabrina’s next party already!

  27. Amber-Lee says:

    Sqee! That is all.

  28. Sarah Smith says:

    Wow everything is so pretty. I love them theme.

  29. frances says:

    Beautiful job andrea! Way to go!

  30. Holly says:

    Absolutely gorgeous party! Can you PLEASE tell me where you got the “carriage” (that has the S attached) at? I love that!

  31. Sharlene says:

    Can you tell me where you got the multi-tiered cookie display? My daughter is getting married in June and since the groom doesn’t like cake, he will have cookies. We’re still undecided how to best display them and this is great!

  32. Soraia says:

    I love everything about this party! My daughter is about to turn 3 and she is all about princesses and princes. So when I saw this party I thought “I really want to do this for her!”… but I live in Mozambique and it’s difficult to find all the resources so I’ll have to improvise… a lot! I also have a concern: I would love also to invite the little princes (the mothers of the boys would be really offended if I did not invite them!) but… how do I incorporate boys in this party? Any ideas? Please, help! :)

  33. I love the peasant idea. Brilliant. But by far I loved the simplicity of the outfit the mice put together by the fire place.

  34. Sandra says:

    That was such a sweet party!

  35. shavey says:

    ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so cute i love this

  36. Hellen says:

    Beautiful party!!!!! My daughter adores Cinderella and I will be borrowing a lot of your ideas for her third birthday celebration. QUESTION: Did you put all teh favor goodies in something to make it easy for carrying? And what did they do after they got dressed up? Was there a ‘ball’ type of activity they did? Thank you so much for your time and answers.

  37. Stacey says:

    I LOVE this party! My daughter will be turning 3 in December and wants a Cinderella theme birthday. I was planning on something similar and not so “Disney”. I’d love to know which baker you got the carriage sugar cookies with so I can order some!

  38. rosie says:

    i love prinsesis;]

  39. MJ says:

    Love the idea…. Especially the rags to princess theme, makes it even more magical to be transformed!!

  40. Tammy says:

    My sister & I have decided to throw our mother a surprise birthday party. She just lost her mother recently, & we’ve decided to make this birthday extra special & really want to ‘wow’ her. She loves Cinderella & loves to tease us that when she retires, she’s going to work for Disney as the Fairy Godmother! We knew that we had to do a Cinderella themed party but it has to be ‘big girl’ style. Your photos have given me tons of ideas! I haven’t used paper goods for a birthday party in years & have a nice collection of pretty party decor to use & your pics were surely a springboard for my imagination. I am so excited – especially for the horsedrawn carriage ride that will jump start the party!

  41. Diana says:

    Omg.i love little girls .getting marred next year..and loves going to use this for her shower…this brings tears to my eyes. I love what you havr done.every girls drem. Thank sure your little girl will never forget.what mom has done for her.i know mines wont…

  42. annabell says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you could tell me how you did your invites and where you got those adorable jewlery boxes?? I’m throwing my daughter a cinderella party in oct! :)