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Charming Paris-Inspired Party & Dessert Table

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Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

There’s so much lovely inspiration in this gorgeous Paris-Inspired birthday party created by the talented Marie of Sweets Indeed … so let’s just dive right in, shall we?! …painted paper mache hat boxes used as dessert stands, a tea & treats table all covered in lace, pretty hanging paper medallions & popcorn cones, a special tulle-lined place setting for the guest of honor, darling paper shoes & mini cakes as party favors, and the list goes on!

This theme would translate beautifully to other occasions as well – especially a bridal or baby shower. I could even see swapping out the lavender with hot pink or bright red for a bachelorette party!

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Read on for LOTS more beautiful pics of both the sit-down and dessert tables, plus all the Paris-inspired party details from Marie

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party


Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party

Paris Party Theme - Bridal Shower or Birthday Party


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Marie

This Paris-inspired party was designed for a very chic 10-year old’s birthday party. She chose a more sophisticated color palette of lavender, black and white and we incorporated lace, polka dots and stripes to give it more texture. I love the Little Pumpkin Paper shop on etsy and she so graciously created medallions and popcorn cones to match our color palette and theme. (These will be included as part of a party package that will be available in our new Sweets Indeed online store coming soon!)

I really wanted to use hat boxes as cake stands and decor. When we couldn’t find any in this color palette, we decided to paint or own! This has become my new favorite thing. You can buy plain paper mache boxes online at various craft stores. We purchased ours here.  They can be painted to match any color palette or theme and they have that extra personal touch. If you aren’t the best painter, use ribbon and scrapbook embellishments to decorate them.

Each guest filled a smaller hat box with desserts and took it home. My favorite part about this is that it’s functional as a party gift AND can be reused by the recipient as a jewelry box or to hold precious trinkets. This could even be turned into a crafting activity that the party-goers enjoy!

The birthday girl chose 9 of her closest friends to attend, and we wanted each guest to feel extra special. They enjoyed a sit-down tea & beverage table that included french macarons, chocolate eclairs, buttercream cookies, mini cupcakes and more. Each chair was adorned with an eiffel tower pom and lined with a tutu skirt.

Each place setting was created using a doily, damask plate and cloth napkin. It’s amazing what a little doily can do! A special tulle-lined place setting was made for the birthday girl. I love to make sure the birthday girl and guests take home items as mementos from their fun-filled day. For this party, each guest took home a decorated beverage bottle, an adorable shoe favor by A Precious Memory, their decorated hat box AND a surprise that was waiting for them when they went inside to sing happy birthday! Displayed on a gorgeous vintage dresser from Found Vintage Rentals, each girl found their own, personalized mini cake! I enlisted one of my favorite vendors, Vanilla Bake Shop for this, and they did a phenomenal job bringing each little cake to life. The girls were OVERJOYED!

This paryt was so much fun to create and I can’t wait for the next soirée! The great thing is, this theme could easily be recreated for lots of other occasions – including a bridal or baby shower, engagement party or birthday party for an adult!”


– Styling & Design: Sweets Indeed
– Photography: The Pixel Studio
– Cakes: Vanilla Bake Shop
– Shoe Favors: A Precious Memory
– Medallions and Popcorn Cones: Little Pumpkin Paper
– Vintage Dresser: Found Vintage Rentals
– Paper Mache Hat Boxes: Anvente Event Essentials

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

32 responses to “Charming Paris-Inspired Party & Dessert Table”

  1. Well this is just total gorgeousness! I love everything Marie does!

  2. Love the lace tablecloth! Marie can you pretty please tell us where the black cake stand is from??? I’m trying to collect black serving pieces and they seem to be hard to come by. Thanks!

  3. Exceptional in every way! I love the layering of sheer fabrics on the table, and I love love love that cake piped with black “lace!” The hat box risers are absolutely perfect for the theme, too.

  4. Syl says:

    I love your theme. Everything looms amazing. There is something on the dessert table that looks like sugared peaches. are they a cookie in the form of a peach or is it an actual peach

  5. Katrina says:

    I did a Paris themed party for my daughter’s 1st birthday, this one blows mine out of the water tho. I did do a “crepe cart” for my party, come check it out!

  6. SYL – The “peaches” are a shaped sugar cookie filled with butter cream!

  7. HiLLjO says:

    I am in LOVELOVELOVE with that lace tablecover! SWOON!!!I got down to all the photos of those fantastical over-piped cakes. *Fainted*THANK YOU FOR MY LOVELY FRIDAY JENN!

  8. Mindy says:

    love the use of hat boxes, but ESPECIALLY the desk! so smart

  9. Bettijo – We made the black cake stands using brass candlesticks and a cut wood plate. You can purchase wooden candlesticks and plates from several different craft stores online. Simply prime, paint and spray gloss lacquer to turn them into any color you’d like. Attach the two pieces with a screw and some wood glue and voila! You have yourself a custom cake stand!

  10. Victoria says:

    I was actually thinking of doing a Mother’s Day dinner party similar to this and I was wondering where the table cloth fabric was from and the treat tags as well. This was almost exactly what I was picturing for our girl’s night except different colors!

  11. Hi Victoria, the table cloth is a lace fabric we found in the fabric district in LA. We designed the treat tags. ;-)

  12. Wow, this is just fabulous! I love purple and black together, and those macarons and cakes are positively stunning!

  13. steph blant says:

    The colors are amazing! Think about how to make it more personalized with wedding photos?

  14. The purples are VERY popular these last few months. It may just be one of our best selling colors this year and this party decor illustrates why! Very nice with amazing details.

  15. so many inspiring ideas! Oh, and we’re loving that color palette!

  16. Kim says:

    WOW, I was blown away by your creative design! The purple and black looks great together. What kind of paint did you use to paint the hatbox? The black almost looks glossy. I am about to make a cake card holder for a wedding. Thanks for your help.

  17. Ceilidh says:

    I just died and went to heaven!

  18. Hi Kim,

    We actually used ceramic paint for the hatboxes, then sprayed them with a satin clear lacquer to give them that added shine. ;-)

  19. Lindsay says:

    Lovely! Do you make all your treats and baked goods or out source them to bakers etc. ?