Glam 21st Birthday Party – Nightclub VIP Style

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Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

If your 21st birthday didn’t look like this, don’t feel bad… mine didn’t either! =) But that doesn’t mean we can’t ooh and aah over the absolutely stunning florals, glam crystal chandeliers, and cool “restaurant-turned-nightclub” atmosphere from Arielle’s party… and dream about our own milestone birthday (or wedding, or anniversary, or _______ ) being quite so fabulous!

Bliss Weddings & Events (Columbus, OH) transformed the Sushi Rock restaurant location into a “VIP club experience” for this event. They even constructed a club-style “cabana” around the sushi bar! And I seriously can’t stop staring at the gorgeous floral arrangements blooming throughout the party… They’re all fantastic, but these tall & colorful, lush beauties have my attention in particular:

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

Already racking my brain for excuses to recreate these sometime soon – as well as the shorter dinner table centerpieces (pictured below) that coordinate with them perfectly!

Read on for on for LOTS more beautiful images, plus all the party details, as told by Bliss

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub


The Experience:
“The birthday girl wanted to completely transform Sushi Rock restaurant into a VIP club experience for her guests. We opted to do a private dinner for the family prior to the “club” opening.

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

The doors opened at 10pm and the party went on until 2am! In true club fashion, guests were able to reserve private VIP booths and bottle service prior the party.”

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

The Decor
Our color palette was made up of red, tiffany blue, black and white and we had to be mindful in how the colors would look in the already red & black room. The best way to keep the colors looking sophisticated was to the pair reds and blacks together and the tiffany blues & whites together.

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

Our goal for the decor was to read chic and urban. Sushi Rock allowed us to remove EVERY piece of furniture and décor they owned so we could transform it!  However, we wanted to preserve some of the restaurant’s uniqueness, so we accented the large sushi bar in the middle of the room in a way that both fit Arielle’s style and maintained Sushi Rock’s vibe.

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub

Entertainment was important to Arielle and was needed to ensure guests had a great time. An amazing DJ was necessary to make the party hoppin’ and DJ Bandcamp fit the bill perfectly!  We also brought in TWO live performances to keep the energy up. First to hit the stage was Yung LA followed by the talented Wiz Khalifa. The guests went crazy for it, even the NFL and NBA players in the attendance that night!”

Glam 21st Birthday Party Nightclub


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  1. Mary Colon says:

    Wow!!!!! So beutiful!!! Love the ARI flower letters :)

  2. Hillary Jo says:

    What a pretty palette! This would be very easy to translate into a wedding, possibly without changing a thing! Bliss was very versatile in the styling of this event!

  3. Kelly says:

    LOVE this! It’s so beautiful and well thought out! I’d say the party guests are pretty darn lucky too!

  4. Rene Braun says:

    I love design of the bar!!! Flowers are so beautiful :)))WWW.RENEBRAUN.COMYOu are welcome o visit my blog too :))

  5. Kasey says:

    Thank you so much for featuring our little party today! We’re so excited because HWTM is one of our favorite blogs! xo Kasey

  6. ash says:

    Oh my gosh! I love this look! Stunning – the pink and blue are amazing together! Thanks for this inspiration! xoxo

    Be sure to check out to found tons of custom designed labels and hang tags also!

  7. What a lucky birthday girl!! This is one beautiful 21st birthday!!

  8. Owww! That 21st Birthday Celebration is Haute! I love, love, love everything … what a lucky young lady. Those floral arrangements are so gorgeous – Heatherlily you are the best!

  9. Jacque says:

    Very appropiate setting and vibe for a 21st BD! Every picture a treat for the eye.

  10. Sue Ann says:

    WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  11. Jade says:

    LOVE the hydrangea “trees”…so beautiful!

  12. Lian says:

    what was the estimated pricing for all this? or grand total for the décor?