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Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Shower

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower

I always love a good outside-the-box shower theme, but it’s even better when the idea is not only wonderfully creative, but ALSO perfectly tailored to the guest of honor! Case in point: check out this fabulous “Nightmare Before Christmas” Wedding Shower dreamed up by Sandra from Maison Des Reves

Sandra is a huge fan of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, so what better place to draw inspiration for her own wedding shower than this sweet & unconventional, fairy tale love story! And with brilliant details like black raven place cards cleverly perched on water glasses, napkins folded to mimic Jack’s bow tie, the amazing stitches-n-stripes cake pictured above, and much more – I’d say she was definitely inspired!

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower

Read on for lots more images and all the ultra-creative details, as told by Sandra

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower


I am a HUGE Nightmare Before Xmas Fan & loved the idea of incorporating this into my Bridal Shower. I had a vision for a black and white themed shower with glossy & glittery goodness that would elegantly portray my favorite movie. From the menus, napkin folds, party favors to the cake…it was truly a nightmare…er, DREAM come true! =)

I worked REALLY hard on all the details… from the menus, place cards, centerpieces, favors, etc – talk about DIY City!!  I was up to my eyeballs in glitter & jewels too – with the manzanita branches, pumpkins & place cards, and more!

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower

Place Settings:
I created a cute lil’ napkin fold to resemble Jack Skellington’s bow tie. Black raven place cards were perched on each guest’s water glass. I made the place cards by cutting out silhouettes of ravens, adding red crystals for eyes, then writing the first names of each guest on their card.

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower

I also designed custom menus that featured the famous scene from the movie where Jack & Sally fall in love with one another on Spiral Hill and share in their first kiss!

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower

Table Decor:
Our main centerpiece was a hand-glittered black manzanita tree displayed inside a glossy black vase embellished with striped ribbon. Perched inside the tree was a glittered black raven, keeping a watchful eye on all who dined. Shorter centerpieces of white hydrangea in glossy black goblets (adorned with the same striped ribbon) lined the table on either side of the main centerpiece, and glittery black pumpkins were scattered throughout.

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower

For dessert we had a combination of “Pumpkin King” Cakesters (with white spiral icing) and a “Deadly Night” cake which featured a silhouette of the lovely Jack & Sally that mirrored the image on the menus.

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower

Jack’s stripes and Sally’s stitches made the perfect marriage on this delicious cake filled with chocolate and espresso ganache! The handmade sugar anemones were the perfect finishing touches to this edible masterpiece!

The favors were wonderfully scented black candles that were encased in black circular boxes and adorned with a bow and ‘Sandra’s Nightmare Before Wedding‘ label.”

Nightmare Before Christmas Wedding Bridal Shower


Baker: CAKEgoodness
Decor & Event Design: Sandra of Maison Des Reves
Florist: Enchanted Garden Floral & Event Design
Photography: Paul L Benton
Venue: Boccacio’s
Makeup: LMS Studio Beauty

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Sherrell Frederick SAYS:

AWESOME!!! This couple are geniuses. I loved every single thing about this party.

Reply April 19, 2011 at 10:32 pm

Kayla Gresham Roszelle SAYS:

This is so cute that I cant stand it!

Reply September 19, 2011 at 4:16 pm

Kayla SAYS:

Great idea, but… didn’t anyone think it kind of odd that she planned her OWN bridal shower?

Reply September 1, 2014 at 10:06 am

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