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Christmas / Weddings 12.13.10

A {Gorgeous} California Christmas – Part 1

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Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

I’m so excited to share this gorgeous holiday party with you! There’s such great inspiration for Christmas dinners – even winter weddings – to be found here. I attended this get-together last weekend – and it was so much fun to actually see the talents of several amazing vendors up close and personal, and also to meet the lovely guests, which included bloggers, designers, and other wonderfully creative Southern California-based vendors from the wedding & event industry.

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

Hosted by Leila of Be Inspired PR, the rustic-meets-modern “California Christmas” theme was concepted & designed by Carissa of JL Designs and Cortnie of Canvas and Canopy, and incorporated beautiful stationery elements by Rachelle of Wiley Valentine. (So not really surprising that it turned out so beautiful, right?!)

There are so many amazing images (courtesy of photographer Leo Patrone) and inspiring ideas to share that I’m breaking this feature into 2 parts. The holiday cocktail and fabulous dinner table will be covered here in Part 1, and Part 2 will feature the party decor, dessert table, and activities/favors.

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

So here we go with part 1, starting with the fun signature drinks that greeted guests right as they arrived: Icicle Mint Mojitos with candy “icicle stirrers” and the beautifully garnished Jingle Berry “on the rocks”.

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

Here are some of the lovely stationery elements by Wiley Valentine: I fell in love with the swirly font that Rachelle used and had to look it up! In case you’re curious too it’s called “Affair” and is available at several typeface websites.

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

Next up, the amazing tablescape and place settings, which was set up in Carissa’s courtyard on a cool, extra-long vintage table from Found Vintage Rentals.

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

The florals were designed by Carissa, who just set up a brand-new holiday shop where several of the beautiful elements used throughout this entire party are available for purchase!

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

I have to say that there really is something about seeing your name on a place card that make guests feel extra-special!

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

And that cool accent on top of the striped napkins? It’s a “ribbon braid“! Ya… Cortnie really isn’t short on creative ideas! Summer from Grey Likes even turned the braid into a nice fashion statement… (pictured here with event designer Jesi Haack):

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

The dinner table sat below a ridiculously cool manzanita chandelier that was adorned with capiz garlands and balsa wood flowers!

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

The dinner was delicious and was catered by Contemporary Catering. I don’t have pictures of the actual entrees, but here’s a shot of some of the appetizers to give you a feel for their fantastic presentation… almost too pretty to eat!

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

Needless to say, we all had a great time! =)

Christmas Dinner Party Wedding Ideas

Stay tuned for Part 2 – coming first thing tomorrow!* And thanks again to Leila and all of the wonderful vendors & guests for making it such a fun night.
*Update 12/14: Part 2 will actually be posted Wednesday, 12/15 now instead of today. It will be in conjunction with recaps from a few of the other ladies!

Here’s the full list of vendors – many will be highlighted in Part 2!


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36 responses to “A {Gorgeous} California Christmas – Part 1”

  1. It’s all gorgeous, but the capiz and weathered wood chandelier is just inspired!

    • Patrick Hake says:

      I completely agree. Scrolling through the pictures, I thought everything was beautiful but once I got the the chandelier, I was completely taken aback. That thing is incredible. Good hustle team.

  2. marissa says:

    oh I love this so much. I have square plates and have really been struggling with table arrangements for it so I’m so excited for this bit of inspiration

  3. What a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas here in SoCal where it is 80 degrees in December!!!

  4. HiLLjO says:

    LoVE! Seafoam + Manzanilla + Red Accent = A-ma-za-zing! OMG you guys really collabbed well!
    I really think the ONLY thing I would have added (not changed or taken away-that’s for sure!) would be little sugar starfish table sprinkles and sand dollar name cards or something. This is just brilliance!

  5. Tiffany says:

    What an amazing group of talent to help celebrate the holidays! Thank you for sharing! Will you be posting recipes for those awesome cocktails? So many great ideas!

  6. I love, LOVE the colors. The chandelier and centerpieces are perfect.

  7. Amber Moon says:

    Wow – that is all sorts of beautiful! And with the most talented gals involved, of course it is! Stunning!


  8. JL_DESIGNS says:

    thanks jenn!

    we LOVED having you and it was such a treat to celebrate the season together!

    xoxo, c

  9. Angela says:

    I love the succulent trees and the chandelier! Beautiful photos!

  10. says:

    When you say “florals,” does that mean they’re not real flowers? (I’m not really hip to these things…)

  11. Canvas & Canopy Events says:

    Thanks so much jen!! Fun seeing you as always! xo, C

  12. carter and cook event co says:

    this is so lovely! nice work. Especially love all the paper elements.

  13. jacin says:

    wow i just came across your blog and what a wonderful surprise! today’s post was amazing. if you ever run an event like this again i’d love to get involved!

  14. Amy @ Blowout Party! says:

    Very chic! Looks like so much fun!

  15. So stunning! I love the use of all the succulents – especially paired with the red flowers!

  16. bridal girl says:

    Totally love it! Yummy food.

  17. Terrie says:

    Fashionabley elegant and oh so festive. Love the simle, clean look with so many fab details. Very warm and inviting. Thanks for the multitude of great ideas!!!!

  18. hayley says:

    That last picture – love the way the brunettes were seated on the right, blondes to the left….nice styling touch ;)

    • jenn s. says:

      That’s pretty funny – didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out! Of course, Summer is in there to help mix things up on the blonde side ;)

  19. jesi haack says:

    omg, the blondes and brunettes are totally on opposite sides! haha! Jenn, BEAUTIFUL layout, as usual! I loved finally meeting you! you are wonderful :)

  20. N. Dales says:

    How absolutely gorgeous!! It still says christmas without being the typical holiday party!

  21. Micah @ says:

    Thanks for the post. always checks you out for inspiration!

  22. Caroline says:

    absolutely beautiful, so stylish.
    would love the menu template to use on christmas day !!!

  23. you make all the pictures look SO GORGEOUS the way you laid it out!!Thanks for sharing this with everyone jen! so gorgeous and we loved having you be apart of it. Merry “California Christmas” to you!

  24. Dannielle says:

    It was a great pleasure to meet you Jen! I was so honored to be part of such a wonderful event. Have a beautiful Holiday!
    xxoo Dannielle

  25. Shanna says:

    Love the drinks! They look so cute and the names are adorable! I’m having a holiday cocktail part this weekend and would love to make them. Any ideas where I can get the recipe?

  26. Gabreial says:

    I love the colors here, they are stunning!

  27. Eunice Bez says:

    what an amazing idea, I just started a tradition this year with a few young girls (ages 5-7) and their moms…i invited them to my home for a Christmas tea party with all pastries and home-made treats made by me. They had such a wonderful time that we decided to make it a tradition! Any ideas of what I could incorporate with the tea party to use it as a toolto educate young girls in etiquette?

  28. Ashley says:

    Beautiful :) What a fresh take on using red and white. Brides and florists take note!

    I have a bride that would love the red flowers. Are they faux?

  29. Stacie says:

    Pls tell me what was in the Jingle Berry? Dying to make them.

  30. Love your succulent trees!!!! Please could you give instructions on how to make them?