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Winner update: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone who entered. I seriously wish we could give bags away to all of you after reading through all the enthusiastic entries! We had to narrow it down to just 2 though – and the {very lucky!}, randomly selected winners are: Commenters #599 – Tammy and #71 – Heidi. Congrats, Ladies!


Say bye-bye to boring camera bags… because I’m about to introduce you to a fabulous company that creates super stylish camera bags designed especially for women! If you are an aspiring photographer in any capacity – or maybe know a colleague or loved one that is – this is an especially thoughtful gift idea for the holidays!

Jo Totes Camera Bags come in a variety of great styles & colors and provide a fun way to safely carry your cameras and a lens or two on a daily basis, at photo shoots, while traveling, or AT PARTIES! *wink* And this week at HWTM, Jo Totes is offering up TWO of their designer camera bags! (one bag each to 2 different winners)



Post a comment below, mentioning which Jo Totes Camera Bag you like best!
Giveaway ends Monday, November 29th at midnight PST. The TWO winners will be chosen randomly and announced here after they’ve accepted the prize. Good luck, everyone!!

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

791 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Jo Totes Camera Bags”

  1. Jill says:

    Wow – how cool are these! I love the Rose style in TEAL!

  2. Alice says:

    These are FABULOUS! Hard to pick a favorite – but I’m loving yellow lately so probably the yellow “Rose” :)

  3. Lisa Kudchadker says:

    love love love that blue !! i’m preggo and it would go so well with my vintage purse and diaper bag!

  4. valerie says:

    rose raspberry loves the polka dot

  5. Rita Carbonell says:

    OMG!!! How adorable are these bags. They are all so beautiful. It is toss up for my favorite:

    Rose in Pweter
    Missy in Gray.

  6. Shanna Heinz says:

    Love love love the yellow Rose!!

  7. Tiffany says:

    Oh the rose raspberry for sures!!! All the bags are so stylish! What a great idea for a gift!

  8. Nikki Gamez says:

    The rose teal bag is amazing!!

  9. Daniela says:

    I like the Rose in Teal color. Beautiful!

  10. Daniela says:

    I like the Rose in Teal color. Beautiful!

  11. rita says:

    tickled pink for the missy pink

  12. Meagan says:

    My favorite one is the teal rose bag.

  13. Elise says:

    I absolutely love the “Missy” bag. The two straps fit perfect over the should and the outside pockets are so nice. Its helps seperate your personal stuff and is easy to grab. This whole concept is amazing, you can still be professional yet fashionable. LOVE IT!!

  14. lika says:

    altho its sold out, lovin’ the rose detailing in black.

  15. michelle a says:

    LOVE the PINK Missy bag :)

  16. v says:

    rose marigold

  17. Stephanie M. says:

    I love the Missy in grey! It is so modern and I love the compartments!!

  18. NINA says:

    I would absolutely love the rose bag in teal!!!!!

  19. Olga says:

    my camera and i would love love love the green rose dream bag!

  20. Rosa says:

    Oh my! I’ve seen these bags before and adore them. I can’t decide between the Rose in marigold or pewter. They’re both so cute!

  21. Anna says:

    Missy would work perfect for me – the outside pockets would be great for phone and keys. I love these. Carried around an ugly camera bag all weekend and this would have been so much better!!

  22. Amanda says:

    LOVE the Missy in Teal !!

  23. Alyssa R Davis says:

    I would love to win the Rose in Marigold. GORGEOUS!

  24. Vicki says:

    Love these! Rose tote in Clementine. My 5 year old little girl will be thrilled that my camera bag isn’t a black boring bag anymore!

  25. Marci says:

    these are adorable! i love them all, but the teal rose bag is my favorite!!!

  26. Kelly says:

    Love the Rose bags!! The bronze one is gorgeous!

  27. jenniann says:

    I am loving the black missy one! This would be perfect seeing how I just got a new camera that didnt come with a case & is much bigger then the small digital cameras I already own. I can have a purse & a safe place to carry my camera all in one!! It beats the padded lunch sack I am carrying the camera in now!!!

  28. rosa says:

    all of them are beautiful – but if i had to choose…color _11 – silver – LOVE< LOVE< LOVE

  29. Melissa says:

    Oh man, that apple green Scarlett is the bee’s knees!

  30. Sarah says:

    love the new gray with black and white stars inside

  31. Marlene Pitchford says:

    They are ALL fabulous but if I had to pick just one it would be the Scarlett in that beautiful green!

  32. JESSICA says:

    Absolutely love the gray Missy! And a camera bag just happens to be on my Christmas Wish List!

  33. Rachel says:

    The Rose tote in Sugar Plum is sooo cute!!! I would have loved this when I was trekking around Europe with my dorky camera bag. Great idea!

  34. Lori Lamb says:

    Love the rose teal!

  35. DonnaCollins says:

    I love the Rose bag in Teal!

  36. Mai says:

    I’ve never been so bold as to use a Pink bag,so a Pink Missy for me!

  37. kim :) says:

    I love those bags!!! i have my camera in an ugly camera and I NEED a JoTotes. I am love with the yellow one…so bright and cheery!!


  38. Khadijah says:

    Super cute, i like the rose in bronze

  39. Lauren says:

    Lovely! I like Missy in black the best.

  40. Lauren says:

    Lovely! I like Missy in black the best.

  41. sunny says:

    i love the turquoise one with the pockets! i double a purse as a diaper bag and this would be great! PLEASE!

  42. Margaret says:

    I like the Missy-Black and Tote-Scarlet

  43. Sabrina says:

    The one I told my husband to get for Christmas is the teal rose bag.

  44. Mae says:

    I’m a basic girl. I love the Missy in black.

  45. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Santa,

    The Rose Jo Totes Camera Bag in Pewter is super cute, & looks so functional & organized! It would look so lovely wrapped under the Christmas tree….and then on my arm!


  46. Tiffany Root says:

    I LOVE the teal rose bag. It’s my very favorite color of all time!! And I am getting ready to start my new photography business. I NEED this bag, please. :-)

  47. Amy Timms says:

    Stylish and practical! How great!

  48. Meghan says:

    I love the rose in sugarplum. Gorgeous! Though this would most likely be for my mom or sister, the photographers in the family.

  49. Tiffany says:

    OOOHHHHH, I love the Bronze and the Teal Rose bags. Super cute!!!

  50. Destiny says:

    The Missy bag in gray is EVERYTHING!!!!! Perfect size to store my gear and the outside pockets are fantastic to hold my keys, cell and metro card.

  51. Laura says:

    Love the Missy bag – a girl can always use extra pockets!!!

  52. Cassie Graham says:

    OMG I love the yellow camera bag with the rose, so cute!!! I want it…

  53. Jennifer says:

    I adore the pink one with the flower. They are all amazing, though, and I would be proud to carry one of these (especially in lieu of my Lowepro one!!).

  54. #1 Missy. #2 Scarlett. What a great giveaway! Thank you for hosting!

  55. Courtney says:

    This is a must need for an aspiring photographer! I love the teal and yellow rose bag equally. I don’t know which one to pick!

  56. Tania K says:

    Any camera bag will do….they are all gorgeous…must be red though ;) My Nikon would L O V E it :)

  57. Melissa Irvin says:

    Rose Raspberry! Pretty please! The Missy bag is a close second!

    Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Thanksgiving!

  58. Erin says:

    Love the Missy in gray, adorable!

  59. Erin says:

    I love the rose- sugarplum! It would match my purse! (And be so much more attractive than my current camera bag!)

  60. Liz W. says:

    I would love to have the Missy in gray sitting under my tree this year!

  61. Courtney F. says:

    Can’t help it, I’m an old-fashioned girl. I like the Missy in black. :)

  62. Zhaleh says:

    The black rose bag is great, too bad it’s out of stock! I love the scarlet tote as well for its streamlined look.

  63. Andrea M. says:

    I love the Rose bag in teal! Super cute!

  64. Liz Cogswell says:

    I LOVE the Rose bag in raspberry. Great giveaway!

  65. Jo says:

    I love the gray Missy bag!

  66. michelle says:

    I just got a new camera and need a bag to carry everything in. I LOVE they way this looks like a stylish purse without looking like your a tourist with a big camera bag.

    I would love to get a RED Scarlet bag :)

  67. Jess says:

    LOVE the Rose – Pewter. It’s been on my Christmas list for quite some time!

  68. Claudi says:

    Love the style! Yellow has to be my favorite.

  69. Michelle says:

    WOW! My daughter would LOVE one of these…. she is always looking for a more fashionable way to carry her camera!
    I think she’d like the turquoise coloured one with the flower on it! Gorgeous!

  70. Carolyn says:

    I love the pewter rose and sugarplum rose!!

  71. Tara says:

    I love the rose teal bag, although the bronze one is pretty nice too!!!

  72. Emma says:

    I love the rose pewter for practicality, and the rose teal for fun!

  73. sreelu says:

    How beautiful, I would love rose-raspberry bag.

  74. Joanne says:

    I love the Rose in orange – would be a great gift for my daughter, the amateur photographer. :)

  75. Amanda says:

    I am so in LOVE with the Rose bag. The color is so much fun and just looking at it puts me in a happy mood plus the “rose” on it makes it girly so you know exactly who the bag is for.

  76. Adriana says:

    I love the Missy in Black camera bag, it’s perfect for my new Nikon!

  77. Sue says:

    I love the Missy Pink one!! My D90 would look great in there. I currently carry it around in a Lowepro backpack but this is SO much nicer :)

  78. Suzy says:

    I’ve been waiting for a camera bag THIS FABULOUS to come along! I am already coveting the Rose Teal bag.

  79. Shelly Hanneman says:

    Love the Rose in Clementine.

  80. Nia says:

    I really like the Rose one but can’t decide which color I love the best.

  81. Lena says:

    Love the Missy black bag!

  82. Michelle says:

    That Pewter Rose is too cute! So stylish, sleek, and functional!

  83. Melissa says:

    I LOVE the Missy in Pewter!!! Plus my nickname is Missy so we are perfect for each other :)

  84. Becky says:

    Missy-Black! It would go with everything!!!

  85. Cindy says:

    Rose collection is adorable!

  86. Chelsea A says:

    i love the rose bag in pewter. And teal. And red.

  87. Erin C says:

    Love the “Rose” in bronze! How fun and cute!

  88. freya says:

    i definitely love the rose bag, but i’m torn between teal and yellow!

  89. Ooh, I love the Rose style in Sugarplum. I would say raspberry but everything else I own is that color, haha!

  90. marina says:

    So cute! I like them all, but my favorite would be one of the buckle ones. Turquoise or grey.

  91. Jaclyn says:

    Love the missy in grey!

  92. Allison M says:

    I love the Rose in Pewter!

  93. josephine says:

    I love the grey bag with the rose…all I would need is a cool camera to go in it

  94. Darcie Rose says:

    Missy in Pink, so pretty!

  95. Diane says:

    A hot pink camera bag? Yes, please. The Missy style looks great.

  96. Allison Schultz says:

    I would love the Rose Teal bag! How adorable!

  97. Meagan Everett says:

    My favorite Jo Totes Camera Bag is the turquoise/teal one. Best color ever.

  98. Jessi says:

    LOVE the Rose-Marigold one! My Jo Totes bag was stolen last week and I’ve sure been missing it so I’m crossing my fingers tight! Pick me!

  99. mere... says:

    I would love to carry my camera around in the Rose Pewter style!

  100. Kara says:

    Beautiful! I love the yellow rose bag! :)

  101. Talayeh Banan says:

    The Missy style in gray is fabulous!! Luv IT!!!

  102. sandy e says:

    I love the Rose- Sugar plum!

  103. Ava says:

    I love the turquoise one! Thank you for another awesome opportunity to maybe win something! :)

  104. I really like the Missy in pink, as well as the Rose bag in sugarplum and teal.

  105. Cindy says:

    Love them!!! Really love all of them, but I’m especially lovin’ Rose Pewter.

  106. Amber Maddux says:

    oh my goodness it’s a complete toss up between the Rose – Teal & Tote – Scarlet!!!!!

  107. Tiffany says:

    LOVE THESE BAGS! I really love the teal Jo Tote with the flower.

  108. Shailey says:

    I like the missy– it could work as more than just a camera bag.

  109. amy jarvis says:

    I love the Scarlet bag in red !! Such a wonderful idea, Thank You!! :)

  110. Kate says:

    I love the teal Jo Totes camera bag. I would be delighted to carry it!

  111. cindy says:

    How adorable are these bags? Way better than my ugly black one that I use…I love the missy gray one. And the best part about these bags seem like you can use them even as an every day tote! I’m going to have to add this to my Christmas wish list!

  112. Angie says:

    I’m really digging the Missy in Grey

  113. Jean says:

    I love the yellow rose tote…makes me think of Paris in springtime!

  114. Lisa M says:

    I love the Tiffany blue bag…What a great idea out with the yucky black bulky camera bags in with the oh so stylish and urban look of these bags!

  115. Liza H says:

    I LOVE the Rose bag in teal and yellow!! how do you pick just one!?!?!? These bags are beautiful!!!

  116. Cassie says:

    The Missy bag in black or white is understated, yet stylish. I’m not over-the-top girlie, but I like my bags to be feminine. This is a great idea for a camera bag!

  117. Andrea Sholders says:

    I love the Missy in Grey! So pretty.

  118. mattie says:

    Absolutely LOVE the Rose bag in Pewter!!!

  119. Alisha says:

    Love the missy gray and the rose teal!!

  120. Lauren says:

    love the missy tote in the metallic gray!!! i’m a sucker for outside pockets!

  121. Kate says:

    I love, love, love the Rose bag! All of the colors are so fun and different. I would be so excited to have one of these great bags!

  122. Jennifer says:

    Super cute bags! Missy Pink for me :)

  123. Brittany says:

    I LOVE the Missy in pink!

  124. Meghan says:

    Love, love, love the yellow Rose bag! They are all so beautiful and stylish! Thank you for the chance to win one! :)

  125. Michelle says:

    I love the Tote in Scarlet! :)

  126. Lori H. says:

    I love the Missy Pink! Such cute bags!!!

  127. Jess says:

    Neat giveaway! I like the Missy – Gray purse!

  128. Lindsey says:

    Rose in purple!

  129. Alyssa says:

    LOVE this! I have just begun to look for a camera bag too! I would love the Rose Pewter bag!

  130. Sayonara Rodriguez says:

    I love the missy teel! I was just telling my girlfriend last week that I needed a bag just like this with at least 5 compartments.

  131. Laurel G says:

    wow! such great bags! I loving the Missy in pink! SO fun and this would be perfect as hubby got my my christmas present early! A new DSLR!

  132. Jenni says:

    I would have a really hard time deciding – I love the Rose bag in Clementine, but I also love the pink Missy!

  133. Candace Edgar says:

    They are all wonderful, but I LOVE the Rose-Raspberry!!! You really can’t go wrong with any of them!

  134. HeidiY says:

    Love these bags!! I especially like the Missy-Black!

  135. jenni says:

    I love the brown bag with the rose! I want it so bad! Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Liz P. says:

    Missy in Gray is super cute!

  137. Eileen says:

    love the purple rose one!

  138. RENEE F. says:

    I love the Scarlett Tote. It is too beautiful!

  139. Erin Cloos says:

    I love your bags, my favorite is the Missy-Black. I love the separations inside!

  140. Brooke says:

    The hot pink Missy is totally me!

  141. Lilly says:

    The Missy in Pink is so gorgeous!
    Thanks for the chance.

  142. PartyMom says:

    I love the rose tote! It’s so pretty in all of the colors, but I think I like Raspberry the best!

  143. Elaine says:

    Love the Tote in Scarlett. Great bags!

  144. Shaina says:

    I’m loving the hot pink Missy bag. A great pop of color and a perfect shape!

  145. Karina says:

    I love them all, but if I have to pick one it will be Missy in black.

  146. Jennifer D. says:

    I love the black simple one in this blog post!

  147. Amanda says:

    I like the Missy Gray and the Rose Bronze.

  148. Angela Scheffer says:

    Although I don’t own a nice camera now, I really like the Rose-Bronze. And I would sport that tote without a camera! With those compartments, I can store just about everything I need!

  149. Kristyn says:

    I LOVE the Rose bag in teal. Stylish and so functional!

  150. I would love to win this! My favorite is the Missy!

  151. lina says:

    Oh! WOW! ich love the grey “missy” bag! the concept is perfect!!
    love it!!


  152. Beverly says:

    I like Missy-Gray. (Please pick me!)

  153. shelley says:

    Love the MISSY bag in grey!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  154. Heidi McQuay says:

    I LOVE these!!! I really really really want to win this one…..
    I adore the rose Marigold, Rose Pewter, Rose Raspberry, and Rose Teal. I can’t decide which one I love more!
    so cute – so wonderful.

  155. jennifer says:

    I am in love with the Missy bag, in any color it is classic and gorgeous!

  156. I want the gray one!

  157. Brianne says:

    I LOVE ALL OF THEM!! I have bought 2 of these as gifts and would love one for myself!! I would probably pick the rose in teal or pewter. Crossing my fingers and toes!!

  158. Lone Mendelgren says:

    I loooooove the black rose..

    Hope to winn..


  159. Michelle says:

    I love the Rose in bronze

  160. rhiannon says:

    i love the rose raspberry or the rose teal

  161. Katrina Darrington says:

    I LOVE the rose style in that gun-metal gray color, but I love the pocket style too! These bags are fantastic! I’d love to carry my camera in one of these instead of the ugly black case it comes with!

  162. Sandy says:

    My best friend has a true passion for taking photos. I could not think of a better gift to give her. I think the pewter one would be perfect. Thank-you

  163. Amanda says:

    I want a camera bag for Christmas but was a little disappointed in how ugly they are. These are so fabulous! I like the Rose-Sugarplum.

  164. Brooke says:

    I Love The ROSE in TEAL!! ;)

  165. Livy says:

    I love the Rose in Teal bag

  166. Robin says:

    The teal rose bag is the bomb!

  167. Alisha Jones says:

    I really love the Missy Bags! very chic with a fantastic space and pockets.

  168. Lindi says:

    Ahh I would love one of these! My camera bag is so blah. I would go for either the teal or marigold rose.

  169. Vicki says:

    The Rose in yellow is definitely a favorite! Always good to bring a little color to the winter!

  170. Alicia says:

    I would love a purple tote for my camera. Too cool.

  171. Jess says:

    These are perfect for my new SLR camera– it’s a pain to carry a camera bag AND a purse around all the time. I bought a large purse to attempt as a camera bag but everything is still loose inside. This is a perfect solution! I love that the Missy bag has extra pockets on the outside for lens cleaning supplies or extra filters. But I do really like the color of the Bronze in the Rose line

  172. christy says:

    I HEART the Rose Yellow bag…it’s lovely and I seriously need to look a little more stylish while shooting.

  173. Brittani says:

    I LOVE the rose style bag in the smoked color! I am actually going to get a new camera for Chirstmas and this bag would be PERFECT!

  174. Gina S says:

    I love the Teal Rose tote!

  175. Jenny says:

    I love the rose in marigold. So pretty!

  176. KittenJen says:

    My fave is the Rose – Bronze!

  177. Shanet Norris says:

    This NYC girl loves the “Missy” bag in black. It goes with everything and I’m big fan of pockets.

  178. Amanda J says:

    What a great idea! I hate lugging my ugly camera bag around so this would be the perfect solution! I love the Rose bag in the pewter color. They’re all so gorgeous!!

  179. Alvina says:

    I like the Rose! In clementine, sugarplum, or pewter, which are basically my favorite fashion colors!

  180. Megan says:

    Love, love, love the Missy Gray. Too cute!!

  181. Sarah says:

    Was just looking at these last night! would love to give one to my photographer best friend for Christmas! Love the Missy Gray Bag
    Thank you!

  182. aliciajuliane says:

    I love them all, but I’d have to say that the Rose bag in Pewter is awesome.

  183. Dakota says:

    I’ve been looking for a beautiful purple bag, and the rose bag in purple is absolutely perfect. Fabulous!!!!

  184. Angelica says:

    These bags are so cute. I like the rose bag in teal.

  185. Heidi Elser says:

    Oh! This bag has been on my “wish list” for months now! I swoon over the Rose bag – in every color!

  186. Valerie C. says:

    I love the rose tote in teal…but any bag would be amazing1

  187. Amanda O'Sullivan says:

    Oh my word, I LOVE these!! Touch decision, but my favorite is probably the rose in pewter. Great find!

  188. Autumn Lewis says:

    I am IN LOVE with the Rose Bronze bag! Super cute~

  189. Kathy Krey says:

    Oooooh I’ve been coveting these bags for some time now! I love the Rose style in Teal. Just gotta have one!

  190. LExi says:

    i like the pink “missy” bag =)

  191. Mitchell says:

    My wife would love the Rose bag.

  192. Debbie says:

    I love the Missy bag, any color, they are all great! With 4 kiddo’s this bag can go everywhere we go!

  193. jessica says:

    i love jo totes!! the missy in gray is my favorite…classic and stylish!

  194. Brooke says:

    I love these, so cute and different. I love the missy gray and would love to win since my car got broken into two weeks ago and my camera bag and accessories were stolen, luckily the camera was with me. See I needed a cute bag to carry that looks like a purse.

  195. Amanda says:

    Rose in Sugarplum! So Cute!

  196. tara says:

    i love the rose in yellow!!!!

  197. bekah says:

    Oh my goodness! I have had my eye on the Rose bag, in either marigold or teal for a while…I love LOVE love it.

  198. Brittanie says:

    I’m with everyone else in loving the Rose in Teal bag! Who knows though, I’ll probably have a new favorite by tomorrow. They’re all so cute!

  199. Deandra says:

    LOVE the Missy bag!

  200. I love the pink one with the rose on it. Soooooo feminine!

  201. Becca Davis says:

    the yellow rose bag has “me” written all over it!

  202. Becks says:

    I love the Rose in Teal. My sister is a photog and would love this bag for Christmas!!

  203. Dana says:

    I absolutely adore these bags! Mine was stolen a few months ago so it would be awesome to win one. The Rose – Marigold one is my favorite.

  204. Rachelle Rabago says:

    LOVE THE MISSY in hot pink!!!

  205. Jill S. says:

    I love the Rose in Pewter!

  206. Sally says:

    I like the Missy bad in Pink!

  207. Cara says:

    Love love love the rose tote in marigold!

  208. Karen says:

    Loooooving the Missy in Charcoal <3

  209. Jenna says:

    I love the missy bag! I am the obsessive bag lady, so I love all the bags really!! :)

  210. Jessica Bills says:

    I LOVE Jo Totes Bags. I have been wanting one of the Rose bags forever. I think that my favorite as the moment is the Rose Pewter bag.

  211. Christie R. says:

    Love the Rose style in Sugarplum :) Super cute and handy bags!

  212. nicole says:

    I would easily choose the rose style in marigold!

  213. Erica says:

    I simply adore the Rose teal! It’s so cute, and the bag itself looks like a dream to carry around, very comfy and sturdy. Fantastic giveaway!!!

  214. Catherine says:

    Definitely the Tote or maybe the Missy but definitely one of them – these are the best bags!

  215. I LOVE the hot pink Missy! So cute! I have never seen a camera bag that is functional and so very cute!

  216. Sarah says:

    I just love the Jo Totes “Missy” camera bag in gray! Too cute!

  217. Leslie says:

    The Scarlet tote is fabulous

  218. Adrian says:

    Love the teal rose bag!

  219. Kristan says:

    I love the Missy in black!

  220. Jennifer H. says:

    These are amazing, I love the teal rose bag. I’m sold on that one. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!

  221. Cici says:

    The Rose bag in bronze will be perfect for carrying around my Nikon SLR!

  222. Christina L says:

    These are fantastic and would be a great accessory as a wedding planner that photo documents everything! Love the Rose in Mustard!

  223. Love the MIssy Jo Tote in gray! So cute!

  224. Stacey VL says:

    I LOVE the Scarlet Tote as well as the Pewter Rose! Too cute!

  225. Sada says:

    Love the Missy bag in grey!!

  226. Brittney says:

    I love the Missy Black!!!!

  227. mindy says:

    i LOVE rose! i just got a new lens and this would be perfect for toting around my gear!! pretty please santa!

  228. Erin P says:

    I LOVE the Rose – Marigold. That color is amazing!

  229. Jolene says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the silver or plum flower camera bag…so cute and stylish. What a great concept!

  230. lisa brakebill says:

    I’m gonna have to say black. Even though I LOVE all the wonderful colors.

  231. Stacey D. says:

    I love the Missy in Pink – and the Rose in Teal – can’t decide!! Thanks for the chance :)

  232. Lori says:

    I love the Missy in black. Wow it’s huge!

  233. Amanda K says:

    I ADORE the rose totes, and think one would be a perfect gift for one of my bridesmaids! I may have to get one regardless of whether or not I win :)

  234. Stacey Duncan says:

    Missy in Pink – Beautiful! Thanks for the chance!

  235. Bianca says:

    I would love the grey Jo-Totes bag with the fab inside lining! Wow!

  236. Katie says:

    I LOVE the teal rose bag! adorable!

  237. Margie says:

    I’m totally in love with the rose sugarplum, teal and bronze. I was supposed to get one for my birthday, lord knows I gave my hubby enough hints, but still no bag. *tear* I must win one of these fabulous bags!

  238. Anna Castrillo says:

    I love the “Missy” bag…the pink caught my eye too cute :)

  239. Sarah says:

    I love the Rose in Raspberry!

  240. Amber Reid says:

    Love the missy gray!

    Amber R.

  241. Samantha Clark says:

    I would just LOVE to have the rose style in purple or pink!

  242. Ana Margarita says:

    These are so beautiful! I love the rose bag in grey!

  243. cindy says:

    OMG! I seriously LOVE Missy in PINK!

  244. Laura Wagner says:

    I am in LOVE with “Missy Gray”. It’s perfect. I carry my camera everywhere and have been wanting to get a fashionable bag like this forever now! This is the first one I’ve found that I like. All other ones have funky prints on them which isn’t very practical and doesn’t go with every outfit!
    I would love this gray one because I’m also in need of a new purse and was looking for a gray one so this would work PERFECT!
    Thank you for this offer!

  245. Jordan says:

    I love the Missy in Black or the Rose in Pewter! I was just thinking this past weekend that I wished they made cuter camera bags. Even if I don’t win, this is going on my X-mas wishlist!

  246. Christal Tenoiro says:

    Rose – Bronze and Rose – Pewter are beautiful bags i absolutely love em never seen camera bags like these before it would be a perfect gift for my sister who is new to photography.

  247. Christine Noelle says:

    The Missy bag in grey is modern and timeless all at once. An understated elegance that can go with jeans or a dress! PERFECTO!

  248. Vanessa says:

    That teal bag with the flower on this blog post is gorgeous!!

  249. Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous bags! (missy gray)

  250. Tran says:

    I tried to leavea comment earlier, so apologies if this is a duplicate.. it didn’t seem to go through earlier.. anyway..I wish I had known about these bags last christmas when I got my new Nikon. These are so much cuter than the ugly camera backpack that I currently have.

  251. Cassie says:

    I would love to be able to give one of these to my friend for Christmas who just bought her first DSLR camera. Since red is her favorite color, the scarlet tote would be gorgeous!

  252. Victoria says:

    I am loving the rose in pewter, since grey is so in right now this would be a great new way to bring it in, the tote in scarlet is adorable too :)

  253. Jamie P says:

    Love the Missy bag in black! I always feel funny going to family events with a purse AND a camera bag. This would make it much easier!

  254. Kristen D. says:

    I love the scarlett tote – what a wonderful giveaway! Thank you :)

  255. Meredith says:

    I love the missy pink! But I would LOVE any of them!

  256. Julie says:

    I really like the black one! I would love it!

  257. Lynn Osborne says:

    I love the rose raspberry. Thanks for the chance to win.

  258. Brittany says:

    I love the Rose tote in pewter. It will match everything and be a little more interesting than basic black. Plus, I love the feminine details!

  259. I love the Missy bag. As a mom all you want is a bag that looks girly with extra space for everything, specially the camera for those special moments. ITS LOVELY!

  260. Nikki M says:

    I love several of them, but I guess my first choice would be the Missy in Black.

  261. Melissa says:

    I do not want this bag for myself but for my best friend, Tiffany.
    With Tiffany’s new photog business booming she needs a bag just as fabolous as her!! I would love to see her win one and I know she would be so grateful that color is not even important!! Keep your eye on Appletini Photgraphy, that is one driven and determined woman!!

  262. rj says:

    I like the Rose – Marigold

  263. TheresaSea says:

    LOVE that bag with the rosette on the side! Love love love! I’d rock that one in yellow, for sure! :)

  264. OMG I’d so love the Rose Tote in teal! :)

  265. Kristy says:

    I love the oh-so-beautiful Rose Sugarplum!

  266. C.T. Davis says:

    My camera would love the Missy Gray!

  267. lisa says:

    all smiles for the missy in gray or any style in teal!

  268. Megan says:

    Ohmygosh, I have had a Jo Totes camera bag on my Amazon wishlist forever, and just updated it yesterday with my new favorite color: The Rose tote in Sugarplum!! Awesome giveaway!

  269. Demetra says:

    I really love the Missy Bag

  270. Neelima says:

    I love to take pictures but hate to carry my purse and my camera bag around. I love this 2-in-1 bag!!

  271. Amy Smith says:

    I love the Rose Sugarplum bag!

  272. Janessa says:

    Love this! I’d carry it every day.

  273. Cari says:

    I would LOVE to win one of these!! I just started getting into photography and right now if I want to take my camera along I have to haul my camera bag(which doesn’t allow me to leave certain lens on. not to mention is an ugly box), my purse and a diaper bag. That doesn’t include the two year old I have to hold onto AT ALL TIMES :) Love the Rose collection! Fabulous!

  274. Erika says:

    I love the bronze & sugar plum rose bags.

  275. Azalea says:

    I love this! You’re right, carrying around a professional camera bag is just so ‘bulky’. But this is so stylish, and it doesn’t make you stand out! I would have to say I like the scarlet and the black one. Can’t go wrong with red or black!

  276. Kate says:

    I LOVE the Rose bag, I’ve been drooling over it for months! I would love to have one in Pewter!

  277. Beth Walker says:

    Love love LOVE the Rose Pewter tote!!

  278. Angie says:

    Wow, Missy in gray is definitely my style. I love it!

  279. Linda says:

    How can bags this cute be used to store your camera?? This giveaway could not have come at a better time. I just bought myself a Canon and am i need to a case (Otherwise I will never hear the end of it from my husband). My favorite is between the Rose – Raspberry and Rose Sugarplum. (I wonder how my husband will look in those). :)

  280. Whitney C says:

    I love the Rose bag in Marigold! love it

  281. Chrsiti Bovee says:

    The Rose Pewter bad would be my pick! What great looking bags for cameras!!!!

  282. Heather says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rose. Teal please :)

  283. Ashley J says:

    I love the rose bag in yellow!!!

  284. Lindsan says:

    I love JoTotes! Beautiful and chic bags with lots of practical functions and room for so much! I am so torn – the Missy is so no nonsense and stylish but the Rose is ultra feminine and chic. If I have to choose I’d say that the Rose in bronze looks mighty tempting. :D

  285. Callie says:

    These are great! I especially love Missy!

  286. Midwest Elle says:

    I LOVE the Rose – Clementine bag. They style is gorgeous and the color is energizing! Perfect for those difficult days photographing a toddler who won’t sit still.

  287. Tiffany says:

    Love the Tote – Scarlet!

  288. Quynh says:

    Loving the grey Missy bag. What a great camera bag!

  289. Ivona@SugarsticksParties says:

    These are adorable! I cannot decide between Raspberry or Sugarplum, but defiantelly “Rose” design :)

  290. Kristel says:

    Love this one: Classy. :-)

  291. Candida says:

    I love either of the blue ones! The one with the 2 pockets would be great, but the one with the flower is so cute too!

  292. Fiona says:

    I just finished my 2nd photography class and am really starting to get into it. I love the Rose – Raspberry bag! My hubby has two bags, but they are not cute at all! Thank you for making these.

  293. H Kuehler says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rose raspberry bag!!

  294. Elisha S says:

    My favorite is the scarlet tote, simple design, but the color just makes it pop.

  295. Rachel says:

    This is the best give-away ever. I have been searching for the perfect camera bag for two years now and would love, love, love one of these! I love the Rose Bronze, Rose Pewter, and Rose Sugarplum. I am putting this link on my fiance’s favorites bar :) Thanks HWTM!

  296. lori says:

    I really like the Missy in black.

  297. April T. says:

    The gray Missy is my fave!

  298. janice says:

    oh i love these!! especially the missy black!!

  299. Cerrissa says:

    Love, Love the teal Rose Bag. Perfect for a camera bag and diaper bag.

  300. Jessie C says:

    Rose – Marigold….all the way!

  301. Martha says:

    the pink ‘rose’ bag…..I would love one of these!!!!!!

  302. Susan F says:

    The Tote in Scarlet is my favorite! So cool looking! I know my friend will love it for Yule!

  303. LOVE the pink Missy! xo

  304. Genevieve E says:

    I LOVE the Scarlet bag in green! I think my camera would love it too!

  305. amanda says:

    I LOVE the missy in grey….so hard to chooooooose!

  306. kristin m. says:

    super cute camera bags?!?!? what?!!?? my fav is the rose in teal!
    kristinmik at gmail dot com

  307. Jennelle says:

    Rose Bronze!

  308. Shea b says:

    it’s a toss up between the yellow and orange Rose bag. so cute!

  309. Jennifer says:

    I adore the Rose Pewter! <3 <3

  310. Pavaune says:

    I love, love, LOVE the Missy in gray or black!

  311. jill says:

    I love the Rose bag in Maragold – the houndstooth on the inside is awesome!!

  312. Lorie says:

    Pretty lovely bags, it’s hard to choose just one….well, I’m going with the Rose – Sugarplum, it’s my favorite color.
    Really hope to win. xoxo

  313. Tobi Curtis says:

    I love the teal bag! So much more chic than my current camera bag!

  314. Becky says:

    My favorite Jo Totes Camera Bag is the teal!

  315. The Missy in Gray is fab!

  316. Jerivett says:

    Love the bronze!

  317. Alejandra says:

    These are just gorgeous! I love Missy in Teal!

  318. Debbie Helton says:

    The hot pink Missy bag is to die for!!!

  319. MaryJo says:

    I love the missy bag in grey!

  320. May-May Rich says:

    Love the grey Missy tote!

  321. Jill says:

    The Rose bag in teal could be the cutest camera bag I have ever seen! How stylish and really a good disguise for a practical camera bag. I just bought an expensive new camera, thanks for showing me there are awesome alternatives out there to the black canvas bag!

  322. Beth says:

    I love the Rose tote in Sugarplum – adorable!!

  323. The Rose Teal bag is ME! Gorgeous with a capital G! Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck to all (but I hope I win!).

  324. i LOVE “missy” in gray!

  325. Liza says:

    About to leave for an on location photo shoot and could definitely use a bag for my lenses! Love the light grey ‘missy’ style. It’s a chic, classic style and the color can go with jewel tones in the winter and pastels in the spring and summer. Great concept.

  326. Brittany says:

    I absolutely adore the rose on in pewter! Perfect to go with most anything.

  327. D says:

    Love the Rose in Teal

  328. Melissa says:

    I love the purple rose bag.

  329. Carrie Rowe says:

    I love these!!! I think the teal rose is my fave :)

  330. Cathy C. says:

    I love these bags! I think my favorite is the Missy in black.

  331. Megan Leeson says:

    My fave would have to be the Rose Pewter, they’re all beautiful though!

  332. Kira says:

    I love the Missy Bag in Gray!

  333. Cathy Grider says:

    I think I like the rose is just so cute, but so are the rest!!!

  334. Angee C. says:

    I like the Rose in bronze. Very cute!

  335. Jewels says:

    I love the missy in Grey!

  336. Bonnie says:

    I love the Rose bag in teal. My most favorite color and what an awesome bag!

  337. Jen Glamour says:

    I love them both and I love photography so this is difficult….but my FAVE has to be the teal Rose bag. It just pops!


  338. Sara Stapleton says:

    The Rose bag in any color would be fabulous. I would probably choose the gray or the violet though…and what a fantastic early Christmas present this would be!!

  339. sandra says:

    ooh so hard to chose,i think maybe the turquoise one !!

  340. Jessica Rodriguez says:

    I LOVE the “Missy” bag in that turquoise color! It’s gorgeous!

    My camera bag for my Canon Rebel EOS is so ugly, I think I’ve only used it once for travel. But having a bag like this would be perfect. No need for a purse and a camera bag! I absolutely love it!!

  341. Carrie says:

    I love the Missy bag in grey! It is on my wish list!

  342. Diana R says:

    I love the Rose Pewter and the Rose Sugarplums

  343. jen says:

    Gotta love the missy in gray. Timeless.

  344. Kara says:

    I love the Scarlett in red!!

  345. Kelly P. says:

    I love the Missy gray camera tote!

  346. Brittany Davis says:

    I have always been a huge fan of Jo Totes! So cute! I love the “rose” design in pewter, bronze or teal!

  347. Lindsay says:

    Love the new grey Missy. Cute!

  348. Shelly says:

    What a great gift idea for the photographers in your life. Rose in Marigold is my favorite- but they are all adorable!

  349. Amanda says:

    The Missy in gray is beyond perfection!

  350. Carolyn says:

    I’m liking the pulled or the gray ones!

  351. Lesley says:

    I absolutely *LOVE* the Rose tote in teal…seriously, how adorable are these bags (not to mention the room in them). Thanks for the link and the opportunity to win!

  352. Bobbi says:

    The Rose bag in Pewter! Gorgeous-ness!!

  353. Lisa B says:

    I love the Scarlet Bag in Green. I didn’t know I could be trendy AND take pictures! LOL!

  354. Katie Cogbill says:

    Love, love, love the yellow rose bag! What a stylish way to tote your camera around in!

  355. I love them all, but I especially love the pewter rose bag! :)

  356. Christina says:

    I am torn between the Missy and the Rose. I like the feminine look of the rose embellishment on the Rose but those outside pockets on the Missy look so functional!

  357. Sarah says:

    I love the Rose Clementine one! I also love the Teal one too but I think the Clementine one is my fav!

  358. Brandi says:

    My favorite is the Missy bag. Would LOVE it for my camera~~

  359. Jacqueline R says:

    I absolutely adore these bags. I have been drooling over them for the past couple of months. My fave is the Rose in Pewter.

  360. tara says:

    Love the Rose – Sugarplum.

  361. carrie says:

    Lovin’ the Missy Bag!

  362. Beth says:

    I love the purple rose bag…it would be an amazing gift!!!

  363. Chisa says:

    Loving Missy in grey! Looks really versatile and gorgeous :)

  364. torie says:

    the teal and yellow rose design for sure! looove it!

  365. Christina says:

    like the black or grey as they would not clash with whatever one wore.
    we love Annies eats -it is inspiring. Thanks Annie. x

  366. I have been looking everywhere for a stylish camera bag for my Nikon D90. I take it with me on site visit, floral prototype viewings, etc, nut have been carrying it around in a red backpack for the camera that is more for hiking. So I would love love love the Rose in pewter or purple which is my favorite color!!!

  367. LeAh says:

    LOVE the rose in teal!

  368. Cherie B says:

    Love the Rose Tote in black but since it’s out of stock I would have to say my fave is the Missy Tote in Black! Just what I need for my new Canon & lenses!

  369. Victoria says:

    Super cute! Misty and Scarlet are my favorites for sure, but if I had to pick just one I guess I would pick Misty. This just might be added to my Christmas list!

  370. Jen M. says:

    I like the “Rose” bag!

  371. Nicole G says:

    I LOVE these camera bags!! I’ve gotta have the bright blue one with the houndstooth interior! Hope I win!!!!

  372. Vanessa Rodriguez says:


  373. Mindy says:

    I love the yellow rose purse!

  374. Aja says:

    Love the purple one with the rose! Beautiful!

  375. Dawn Pardinas says:

    I love the Scarlet bag in Scarlet of course! These are totally cool.

  376. Dawn Pardinas says:

    I love the rose bag in pink.

  377. Kristyn says:

    Drooling over the mustard “Rose” bag. Must wipe up keyboard.

  378. Stacey Ball says:

    I love the Rose Clementine bag!

  379. Leslie N says:

    Love this! My favorite is the Rose bag in Pewter. I’m crossing my fingers!

  380. Danielle Harder says:

    I love the Missy bag in Black– Perfect for the weekend getaways and in prompt too photoshoots my husband and I do!! Would love this bag!!!

  381. Sara Kate says:

    Oh my, I LOVE these bags!! I’d have to say the Missy bag in grey is my favorite, but they’re all adorable!

  382. Cori N. says:

    LOVE the “Rose” bag in Orange…so fun!

  383. Deliene Alvarenga says:

    OH MY GOD!
    It’s exactly what I looking for!! Really!

    My favorite is Rose Teal but I loved the Rose Bronze, is so beautiful!


  384. Amanda I says:

    Missy in grey, for sure. Love it! I’ve been eyeing this for a while and it’s on my Christmas list. Pick Me!!!!

  385. Jaime C says:

    I love love LOVE these bags. Really have been wanting one. I love the Missy bag in grey. :-) Good luck to ME!!! :-)

  386. Scott W. says:

    My fiance likes the tote in Scarlet and the Missy bag. I was going to buy her one for Christmas, so this would be great!

  387. Cristalle says:

    I love the red scarlet bag!

  388. Heather says:

    I love the yellow rose bag! It would be perfect for my new (and first!) DSLR camera to tote around for pictures of our (also new!) baby!

  389. Mary says:

    Definitely the Rose tote – I think in Sugarplum. LOVE purple!!

  390. cynthia says:

    I love the one featured – Missy Black. As backup, I love the “Tote Scarlet”. What a sweet giveaway, thanks so much for the opportunity!

  391. Candace says:

    I love the Missy bag in pink! It’s definitely PRETTY IN PINK!

  392. JennyF says:

    I have fallen in love with the Rose – Bronze Tote! It is beautiful!My yucky black canvas camera bag MUST go! It is unsightly and bulky….please save me from further embarrassment!!!!!

  393. Carrie S. says:

    I love the Rose bag in teal or pewter! Adorable.

  394. christina says:

    I need one of these! I love the MIssy in Gray the best!

  395. Breanne says:

    I LOVE The Teal rose bag! Love Love Love!

  396. Jordana says:

    Rose! Rose! Rose! In any color really. One of my favorite people on the planet is a photog and she would be so sassy and perfect on any shoot with this bag. I love it!

  397. andria says:

    i’m loving the rose in black!

  398. Jo says:

    The silver grey one – is AMAZING!!!!

  399. I love the teal rose camera bag!! It would be the perfect accessory all year long for my new Nikon Camera Christmas gift!

  400. Jennifer says:

    My favorites are Missy in Gray and Rose in Raspberry!

  401. Janine says:

    Love the Rose bag in Pewter!

  402. Liz M says:

    I really like the rose bag in Marigold, but they’re all so cute!

  403. Jennifer says:

    I really like the Rose – Sugarplum!

  404. Kris says:

    Cute bags. I love the rose in pewter!

  405. Deb Reinhold says:

    Would love to win the Jo Totes Scarlet bag! Very Chic!!

  406. Love, Love, Love that Rose bag in Pewter, Raspberry & Sugarplum! The new colors are fab!

  407. amyb says:

    I have been drooling over these bags for a while! I love the rose in sugarplum!!!

  408. Julia says:

    Awesome bags!! I’m torn between the pink Missy and clementine Rose

  409. Joyce says:

    I like the Rose- Pewter tote. These are so cute.

  410. Jenni says:

    I love the Rose in Teal. :o) So adorable! This is a great concept!

  411. amanda mobly says:

    Rose style in purple or Yellow. I love them all!

  412. Katie says:

    love the Jo Totes! I would be a stylin photog!

  413. Anika says:

    I love the Rose style in Sugarplum. I’m obsessed with purple!

  414. Kristi Larson says:

    I love the Rose in teal!!! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  415. Monnie says:

    I just love the Rose Raspberry one. Not too pink but not too plain either!

  416. Nesa says:

    I love the rose-raspberry bag!

  417. Henna P says:

    These bags are genius – and gorgeous!! I would love the Rose – Bronze one.. stylish and perfect for my Nikon SLR :)

  418. LoriBelle says:

    The yellow Rose is fabulous!!

  419. Amanda S says:

    I love the Missy in grey!

  420. Jennifer says:

    I would LOVE the Rose Teal or Pewter!!! These bags are gorgeous!!!!

  421. Lisa Swain says:

    Absolutely love the missy in white. Love the outside pockets.

  422. Dionne_C says:

    These are awesome! I love the Missy Bag in black – I love all the compartments and how it can go with any outfit. Night photography or a daytime shoot – just perfect!

  423. Jenn says:

    I absolutely love the Rose in pewter!

  424. Jenee says:

    Just had a baby & take the SLR EVERYWHERE with us- these bags are adorable! Love the Rose in Pewter :)

  425. Shauna says:

    I love all of the rose ones but if forced to choose I would pick sugarplum. LOVE!

  426. Judy says:

    I love the yellow “rose”.

  427. Ron says:

    My daughter would love the yellow one. If I win, I could be her hero!

  428. Nykhe says:

    I love the Missy Pink bag! It’s just so fun and cute! My camera would love living there!

  429. megan hoskins says:

    I love the rose in sugarplum, it is so cute! I would love to win this bag.

  430. The yellow Rose tote is absolutely to die for! Love love love it!

  431. Debbie T says:

    love the green scarlet !!

  432. Sasha says:

    WHAT CUTE BAGS!!! LOVE them ALL!! If I had to choose, I’d REALLY like the rose teal bag. And perfect timing too!! The contest ends on my bday! :D

  433. Heidi says:

    I love, love, love the Missy bag in black. It’s an absolute classic.

  434. Kendra says:

    I adore the Rose in Teal! This would be perfect for my Nikon!

  435. Luis says:

    My wife likes the rose teal purse.

  436. claire says:

    Omg I love them all! The rose is perfect and oh so cute, I couldn’t pick a color!

  437. Real Housewife in MN says:

    I would pick the Rose in Bronze. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway

  438. Nicole says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rose Bronze. . . so stylish. This would be perfect since I am attempting to start a photography business.

  439. Melissa says:

    Definitely the “Rose” tote. Definitely.

  440. Danyelle says:

    A camera bag is at the top of my wish list this year. I really like the gray missy bag.

  441. Stephanie says:

    Love the “Rose” style bags. The Bronze one seems the most versatile, but I love all the bright colors!

  442. Mindy K says:

    I really like the missy bag in pink. How adorable is that!

  443. Krisha says:

    The Rose is the one! That color is gorgeous!

  444. Julie says:

    Such a fabulous idea!!! Would love to have the Rose Bag in Teal…gorgeous!

  445. Stephina says:

    In love with the Rose Sugarplum bag. If I don’t win the drawing, I may just have to buy that pudry little tote : D

    Thanks for the chance to enter and win one of those beauties.

  446. Emily says:

    I am totally digging on the gray missy bag!

  447. Laura says:

    LOVE the yellow rose bag!!!

  448. I love the bronze rose or the red tote.

  449. jess says:

    i L-O-V-E love the teal bag!

  450. Callie says:

    I’m loving Rose in Teal. Gorgeous.

    Thank you for the giveaway! Happy Thanksgiving!


  451. LorieAnn says:

    This giveaway it’s totally amazing, the bags are so beautiful, I love them all… but between all…i like the Missy – Gray a little more.

  452. Marti says:

    I love them all, but would have to say I’d really love the black one! Good luck to me! :)

  453. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Missy in black and in gray! What a terrific bag. I am just getting into Childrens photography and taking some classes – so this would be fantastic.


  454. Divya says:

    I love the Rose-Pewter bag!! Its so cute!!

  455. JoVonn says:

    I like the Rose-Clementine.

  456. Drenda Pinkleton says:

    Love, Love, Love the Missy style in pink!! Would be a great birthday present to me since my birthday is Monday!!

  457. Tiffany says:

    I love the teal camera bag! It’s my favorite color!

  458. Melissa says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Rose bag in teal for my sis-in-law! She’s such an amazing photog and given that her b-day is this Monday, it’d be one heck of a surprise gift :)

  459. Kendall says:

    I love the Rose in both Teal and Pewter! What a wonderful idea!!

  460. Jennifer D. says:

    I love the Missy Gray!

  461. Jyl R. says:

    Missy-black please. Oh, I love these bags. They are gorgeous. I need. I need. I need.

  462. Stephanie Gagleard says:

    Its so hard to pick a favorite… these bags are great! I can’t really narrow it down to one. I love the Missy bag in gray and black is great too also love the teal bag.

  463. Beth says:

    Oh wow! I want the pink one.

  464. Michelle L. says:

    I love the Missy in Gray!!!!

  465. Amy says:

    I LOVE the rose style in all the colors!!! … AND the two pocket in pink is so chic!!! ..

  466. Nisha says:

    I LOVE the scarlet “TOTE” … so classy.
    Thanks so much for this :)

  467. Madelyn Ridgeway says:

    I adore the raspberry one!

  468. Alicia says:

    I love the Scarlet Tote or the Sugarplum Rose. Very nice!

  469. Megan says:

    Oh, I love the Rose bad in Pewter! So cute, and it would make taking my camera with me daily much easier.

  470. sarah says:

    wow!! these bags are so cute, i love the black with the two outside pockets

  471. Jan says:

    These are so cute……my daughter has one on her Christmas list. It would be hard to chose Rose Pewter or Missy Black or any other one:)
    Adorable, thanks for a great giveaway, Jan

  472. megan says:

    i am in love with the missy gray!

  473. Victoria says:

    Been following your blog for a few weeks. Inspired by all of your creative ideas. These are adorable bags. I love everything to do with organization so I would have to pick the bag with the dividers shown in the picture. Any color is awesome! :) Great find, by the way.

  474. maria says:

    I love the Rose style in mustard

  475. I love the teal rose bag…it’s actually on my Christmas list already!!!

  476. Rose OGrady says:

    The Rose bag!! not becuase it’s my name but b/c I LOVE the flower :) and in the pink!!

  477. Darlene says:

    wow, I love them all but if I had to choose one it would be the Rose bag in Marigold. Been on the look out lately for a yellow bag and a camera bag and this would be perfect!

  478. Rachel Maldonado says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am seriously in LOVE!!!! who knew there were such awesome bags to carry my canon and lenses! I LOVE them all, but the Hot Pink Missy is my FAV. and the 2nd runner up is the lime green Scarlet! love, love, LOVE these bags! thanks for sharing!

  479. Christina says:

    I love the Rose Pewter . They are too cute!

  480. Shannon says:

    I love these camera bags! I would love the Rose bag in Pewter!

  481. Malory says:

    I love these bags! I have been searching forever for a bag that I can use for my camera, but didn’t look like I was carrying a diaper bag! I love the yellow or teal Rose purse.. the others are fabulous also! I think I know whats going on my list for Santa! :)

  482. angela says:

    i love the missy in black!!

  483. Brenda Kay says:

    The scarlet tote is my favorite–so classy and easy to put away camera equipment!

  484. Schmidty says:

    I like the scarlet the best. Thanks for the entry!

  485. Jaclyn says:

    I would LOVE to win one of these bags! I really like the Rose Raspberry bag…too cute!

  486. It is so hard to decide as all the bags are beautiful! If I had to choose, I guess my #1 pick would be Missy Pink…or Rose Teal! So hard to choose!!! :)

  487. Abby Lee says:

    Love Love Love the Missy in pink and gray!

  488. Tin says:

    Simply LOVE the Missy bag in Pink! =)

  489. xynthia says:

    I love the Missy in pink. It’s adorable!

  490. Serena Baker says:

    I would love one…I bought a new camera TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  491. Liz Oram says:

    I have been wanting one of these forever for my small photography business! Love the rose-pewter!

  492. Leanne says:

    I LOVE the TEAL rose bag – would look VERY fabulous over my shoulder! Thanks for this chance :)

  493. Crystal F. says:

    LOVE Rose in Marigold!

  494. Sandra says:

    Love the Missy in the grey!! HAWT looking bag – would never even know it’s a camera bag it’s so stylish!

  495. Chrystal says:

    love love love the Rose – Pewter!! I mean LOVE!

  496. Shanee says:

    I really like the Rose in pewter!

  497. Emily @ NewlyWife says:

    I like the missy gray!

  498. Erin says:

    Love the rose in marigold!

  499. Kim HO says:

    I absolutely love the Missy bag in Pink!

  500. Ally says:

    Missy in Grey! Love it!

  501. Laura says:

    I adore the Rose in teal! Such gorg bags!! :)

  502. Wow, these bags are so cute! While I love the flower on the Rose bag, I would have to pick the Missy as my favorite! I am always looking for extra space in my bags & the outside pockets would be the perfect place to put keys, cell phone, etc. I love the grey color! It would go with everything!

  503. RaychlP03 says:

    I absolutely love the Rose in Pewter!

  504. Cathy Lyons says:

    The Missy Black bag looks hip and fun! I would love to carry it on assignment. Happy Thanksgiving!

  505. Amber Browning says:

    I love the “Rose” beg in pewter, but would be thrilled to have any of these adorable bags!!!

  506. Jennifer says:

    I literally JUST purcahsed my new Camera so it’s meant to be – me and the Rose Pewter :)

  507. Stephanie Moss says:

    I love the pewter colored bag w/ the rose. So classy and cute. This bag is a necessity for me. I REALLY HOPE I WIN. :)

  508. Kristy says:

    Teal Rose and Marigold Rose, LOVE the houndstooth inside.

  509. Rachael says:

    I love the Rose bag in pewter. That would be so wonderful as I’m outgrowing all my gear

  510. Traci K says:

    I LOVE Rose in any color, although the Pewter is probably the most practical. So I’ll go with the Marigold. :)

  511. Lyzz says:

    Love love love the yellow bag. Always have.

  512. Lacey McKay says:

    I can’t decide! I like them all! I’m gonna say the Rose Raspberry!

  513. Chavon Riggins Smith says:

    I so adore the Missy in Pink! Divine!

  514. Kestrel says:

    I love the Missy in black! I love a big bag with lots of pockets and space to put all my stuff!

  515. Kelly says:

    I would love the Rose bag in Teal or black.. Too hard to decide as the Teal is just gorgeous and my fav colour but the black would be so stylish, practical and go with anything!

  516. Fiona says:

    The pink one! Definitely pink rose!!

  517. seema says:

    I luv..luv..luv the grey bag with rose on it… actually I am in luv with all of them… : ) Finally someone thot of making a camera bag which you can acually show off and luk gud too.

  518. Lisa says:

    Love this idea…what an upgrade from those boring black padded squares! Of course I’d have to pick the cute pink design!

  519. Lauren says:

    i am over the moon for Missy gray

  520. Amanda says:

    I love the Missy bag in pink and the Rose bag in Raspberry. They’re beautiful!

  521. Anna says:

    I like the Rose bag in yellow! And… my husband and I have been researching new cameras so I’m so glad that when we decide on which one to get, it will have a great home!

  522. Stephanie C. says:

    I love the Rose bag… though I can’t possibly choose a color! All beautiful!

  523. Ashley says:

    I LOVE Jo Totes! I actually just purchased one from a recommendation by a friend, but I’d love to win another color because you can never have too many bags!

    • Ashley says:

      Oops…forgot to leave the one I like the best…I would pick the Missy bag since I already have the Rose bag in Pewter.

  524. Camila F. says:

    The Missy bag is perfect! I love it in black, it goes with everything!

  525. Vicki says:

    LOVE the Rose Bag in Black and Gray. :)

  526. Kelly B. says:

    I love the Rose bag in teal! Too Cute!!!

  527. Jessica says:

    Wow this is tough! Both are such great bags! I’m going to have to go with the Missy though because of the outside pockets. Thanks for sharing!!

  528. DJ says:

    I love the Missy gray and the Rose blue!

  529. Iris Metel says:

    Love the Rose Bag in Marigold. So Cute!!

  530. Jennifer Bersaglia says:

    I’d have to say my favorite is the Rose bag. All the colors are striking, but I love the golden yellow bag. Yes, please!!!

  531. Susan Jarrell says:

    Scarlet bag in grey!! Love it!

  532. Jill S says:

    I LOVE both of them, I am so desperate for a new camera bag…well that is actually made to carry a camera. Drooling over the teal and lime green. I can’t pick one that I like better since I like them both!!!

  533. Marian says:

    I love, love, love the Rose bag!!! Oooh, I hope you pick me.

  534. Nina says:

    I heart “Missy Black.” Chic, chic, chic!

  535. Alison says:

    I love. love. love. the Bronze Rose. What a great giveaway!! Thanks!!

  536. Carolyn K says:

    I love the rose in Marigold!

  537. lisa says:

    it’s hard to pick…i love all of them but particularly the rose – pewter
    thanks for the opportunity!

  538. Jenna says:

    I have been debating between the grey (for a safe option) and the teal (for the amazing colour) I would LOVE to win one of these.

  539. Suzette Mahoney says:

    I would love to win the teal “rose” bag! Thanks for the chance!!

  540. Samantha says:

    I love the rose in teal. It is so stylish yet professional…I L-O-V-E It!!!

  541. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says:

    The rose bag in raspberry is so lovely,I would adore this camera bag

  542. Suzie says:

    I love the rose marigold!

  543. jessica james says:

    In love with the Missy gray! Gorgeous gorgeous bags!

  544. Tanya Allen says:

    So hard to pick just one but I love the rose sugarplum

  545. Carla Powell says:

    I love the black one and the pink one… they are all so cute. so hard to pick.

  546. Alana D says:

    I LOVE the Rose bag. In that buttery yellow color? FAB!

  547. Christine says:

    These bags are gorgeous. I absolutely love the rose bags. Any color would look fab.

  548. M.F. Shirk says:

    I hate hefting my camera around in an ugly bag, the sugarplum rose would be perfect!

  549. Jillian M. says:

    I love the Missy Black bag!

  550. I love the Missy bag! I hope I get one for Christmas!

  551. Crystal Still says:

    Awesome. The Rose bag is so my style! Love it. I have a Nikon D60 that would fit nicely in it! ;0) I love Hostess with the Mostess!!!!

  552. Betsey says:

    I like the Rose style. I can’t decide which is my favorite color – they’re all beautiful.

  553. Kristen M. says:

    I am in love with the teal and orange “rose” bags. Tough to decide, but those are definitely my favs – Ah-mazing!

  554. Shelbi says:

    The Rose Teal is and always will be my favorite! A friend of mine has it and it’s just as gorgeous in real life!

  555. michelle says:

    It is so hard to pick just one, because they are all so fabulous. I am going with the Missy Black.

  556. Summer says:

    Hmmm, it is a toss up between the yellow rose style or the pink double pocket – they are all SO MUCH FUN!!

  557. Rhi says:

    I love the Rose tote in Pewter!

  558. katie says:

    I love the gray Missy tote

  559. Carrie Z says:

    LOVE the yellow one!

  560. Julie says:

    The Rose bag is darling! The yellow puts you into the perfect mood for snapping great pics!

  561. deede says:

    LOVE the rose bag! The only problem? Which color–rose, teal or bronze.

  562. Cheryl says:

    i think the Rose in Pewter is so cute!

  563. Great giveaway! I love Rose in Pewter and Missy in Gray.

  564. Alyssa E says:

    I love the Rose style! Maybe in sugarplum or bronze…
    I love this site! Camera bags are always so boring.

  565. Joy W. says:

    I LOVE the rose bag! I love all the colors, but especially the pewter/gray color. Gorgeous!

  566. Jenn says:

    The Rose bag in sugarplum is darling. Such a great bag & so versitile.

  567. Love them all; if I won I would love the Rose style in either pewter or bronze (tough choice) :)

  568. Cathi says:

    I LOVE the rose bag! I can’t decide between the rasberry, yellow or teal, such gorgeous colors!

  569. Lauren says:

    So excited about this contest! I’ve had the Missy-Black bag on my Amazon wishlist for a year, and am really hoping to see it under the tree this year :)

  570. Stephanie says:

    love love love these!!!!!!

  571. Stephanie says:

    Missy in black or Rose in bronze. I can’t decided and love them BOTH!

  572. Ashlee Christofferson says:

    I am in love with these bags. I am always carrying around my camera and this would be more stylish! My favorite is the Rose-Marigold.

  573. The Waspy Redhead says:

    They are all beautiful, but I love the yellow rose bag best.

  574. Amy says:

    Loving the Missy in grey. Definitely an improvement to my camera backpack! These are adorable!

  575. Cristina says:

    OMG The “Tote-Scarlett” is awesome! (& then I could finish of my Photo365 project in style!) =)

  576. Tara says:

    I LOVE the rose raspberry one!!!

  577. Tina Beal says:

    Smitten over Rose in Marigold! Love the black and white lining! I would use this camera bag as a purse! It is adorable!

  578. Nazia says:

    Love these bags….esp the rose in raspberry or pewter!!

  579. carly says:

    LOVE the rose teal. Love it.

  580. Diana says:

    I love the Marigold and the Teal the best! They all look awesome!~

  581. Lisa says:

    Love them, they are really lovely.

  582. Ruth says:

    I like the Rose one in Pewter. I would like this for a bag even if it didn’t hold a camera!

  583. Stephanie Ann says:

    I love the Rose – Sugarplum. VERY cute! I would love to get my hands on one.

  584. Christina says:

    I’m in love with the Missy tote in black. The color would let me take it anywhere, anytime while the lining adds a bit of stylish fun. I love that the exterior pockets are magnetic for easy access with full hands, and that the straps are customizable. It all makes for a very stylish and functional camera bag, which is not that easy for a gal to find!

  585. Crystal says:

    I love these! Such a cute idea! I really like Rose in Pewter!

  586. Janet L Carter says:

    Would love the Rose in Teal.

  587. Bridget says:

    They are all really beautiful, but I love the scarlet.

  588. Sarah says:

    I love the yellow rose bag!

  589. Alexis says:

    I love Rose Pewter!

  590. hawlie says:

    The Rose Bag in Teal is gorgeous! Love it!!

  591. karin says:

    Rose in Pewter is my pick!

  592. Heather says:

    Hmm – maybe the Rose bronze? So many great options!

  593. aimee c. says:

    rose marigold is awesome! thanks for the chance! happy thanksgiving!

  594. Elizabeth says:

    these bags are bea.u.ti.ful I would LoVe one

  595. Lindsey Gage says:

    I LOVE the Rose style in Bronze!!! It’s on my Christmas list, but I would SO love to win it!!!

  596. Candace says:

    Rose-Sugarplum! I love it!

  597. Amanda says:

    Rose in sugarplum! Adorable!

  598. I would LOVE the pewter rose bag. Then I could finally stop carrying my camera in my ugly backpack! ;) Thanks so much for the great give away!

  599. Camie Janovak says:

    My daughter loves to take photos. The marigold rose bag would perfectly match her sunny personality.

  600. Phil Janovak says:

    This would be a perfect Christmas gift for my photographer daughter! Great bags.

  601. Jenny says:

    Finally! A cute camera bags that cater to women! I’m loving the Missy in light grey! So classy!

  602. Joy says:

    I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE the Rose in Sugarplum!!!

  603. CAPow! says:

    I love, love, love the Rose tote in yellow!

  604. Tammy Rose says:

    rose style in gold/yellow…
    last name is rose :)

  605. Sara R. says:

    I Love the Rose -Sugarplum! It’s fabulous!

  606. Jennifer says:

    I love the “Scarlet”!

  607. Tamera Thompson says:

    My daughter told me how much she loved these totes. Her camera’s name is Nora the Nikon and she would love to give her a new home. Either the rose teal or the marigold. (Well any of them, they are all so lovely). She was hoping Santa would bring her one for Christmas and then found out they may already be sold out. She was so dismayed by this news. I saw this website and hope that just maybe Santa could do a miracle.

  608. Amanda Schnarr says:

    I am LOVING the Missy-Grey!! How fun are these?!

  609. Jennie says:

    These are great! I love the Rose in Pewter. Hard to choose!

  610. Brittany says:

    gotta love the pewter rose bag…or maybe the Marigold….they’re just gorgeous. Woot!

  611. Lauren says:

    I really like the Missy Black.

  612. Amanda T. says:

    Ooh, the rose in pewter!

  613. Paige says:

    My favorite bag is the Rose style bag in teal or yellow. What a beautiful bag and a wonderful way to carry around my cannon 7d inconspicuously!

  614. Michele S says:

    These are great, I would have to go for the Missy in Black this would make a great gift.

  615. Kayla says:

    I Love the Missy style! Such a great bag!

  616. Monica Brown says:

    I love the Rose bags….in every color! lol

  617. Sabrina Mix says:

    I LOVED the new Missy Gray one.

    Gray is a color that matches everything.


  618. Andrea says:

    Missy in black or gray- I can’t decide!

  619. karin says:

    I love the Rose Bronze bag!

  620. Ashley says:

    Rose in yellow is cute! But I am in love with Misty in the white!

  621. Trish says:

    I love the yellow rose and the grey missy!

  622. Christy Taketa says:

    I love the Missy tote! I have been looking for something to take my camera in and this would be perfect! There have been so many times that I wish I had my camera to take that “perfect” shot.

  623. Jana says:

    Beautiful bags…..such decisions. I think the Rose Pewter bag is great but they all are.
    Thanks for the giveaway, Jana

  624. Larrisa.P says:

    I just totally fell in love with the missy gray tote.

  625. Emily says:

    So charming and versatile! Clementine rose, you’re my favorite.

  626. jodi says:

    Rose in Clementine….so juicy!

  627. Amy Fleming says:

    The Rose – Pewter is amazing! I’m drooling and it isn’t over the Thanksgiving turkey!!!!

  628. Nichole says:

    I love the “Missy” bag in hot pink!

  629. Tamara says:

    I really love the Pewter and aqua bag!

  630. Tammy says:

    I love the Rose style in either Pewter or Sugarplum! Adorable!

  631. Jillian Wade says:

    I love the yellow bag with the rose on it!

  632. Vanessa says:

    Hard to pick just one fave! I think I’d go with the teal or sugarplum rose bag. OR the classic black missy bag :)

  633. Jaclyn Cox says:

    OMG!!! I am in love with and have to have the yellow ROSE or pink MISSY!!!! These are sooo cool and i need a bag for my new nikon! Thank you for turning me on to them!

  634. Danielle says:

    It’s a tough choice, I love them both. But I think if I were forced to choose I’d go for the teal bag! It’s so fresh and fun and unexpected for a camera bag.

  635. Laura says:

    I like the pewter rose bag the best.

  636. Cilla says:

    Although I am generally a pink girl, I really like the Rose bag in teal, so pretty. Thanks for the chance to win.

  637. carina says:

    i LOVE them all but if i must choose, i choose the black “Missy” bag.

  638. Miriam says:

    I like the Rose in grey. What great bags – so much more stylish than my boring Canon one.

  639. Ann says:

    Rose in Teal!

  640. Donna Quirke says:

    OMG – this is my dream come true – finally a stylish Camera Bag – the Rasberry or Teal Rose Bags would suit my personality to a T – so excited.

  641. Court P says:

    I love the purple rose bag. So cute!

  642. Kelly says:

    Both are lovely but the blue really stands out.

  643. Mitali says:

    Wow! This bag is something I didn’t even know I *absolutely* need! I love the Yellow Rose! (What can I say? I’m from Texas!)

  644. Jamie says:

    They are all great, but I LOVE the grey bag with the two big pockets in the front!

  645. Melanie says:

    I love the teal purse with the rose on it! It would be an amazing gift for my talented mom, who shot my engagement photos and will be doing my bridal portraits! Teal and red are our wedding colors…maybe I should get her one of each color! ;)

  646. Anna says:

    I’m in love with the Teal Rose bag! So cute. Now I just wish they’d come up with a messenger bag style and I’ll buy two :D

    • Lisa C says:

      It does say they come with a “Removable cross-body strap” – but I’m with you. I like a bag that’s designed from the outset as a messenger style, they’re always more comfortable than an add-on strap (plus you don’t have the handles flapping about.)

  647. Andrea Gray says:

    Oh how sweet the yellow rose bag is. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a cute camera bag!

  648. jessica says:

    What a trendy way to keep us girls chic while carrying a camera. I absolutely LOVE this bag!!

  649. Joanna K says:

    Love the orange with the flower.

  650. Lisa C says:

    I’m a purist — the Tote in Scarlett is the hands-down winner for me. (Although I LOVE the Clementine colour the Rose bag comes in!!) Thank you for the chance!!

  651. kailun says:

    I love love love the Rose in Marigold colour. What a perfect way to go around town with your camera in style!

  652. Pilar says:

    I love the Missy bag in black! so coool! and you can put everything in there!

  653. April W. says:

    I’m a big fan of the Missy Pink bag. Cute!

  654. Karen says:

    rose in raspberry for SURE!!

  655. cati says:

    I love the Missy style. Especially in the gray.

  656. Kristy Chuhaloff says:

    I LOVE the Rose Pewter. I’m thinking it just may land under my tree from santa this year!

  657. Heather says:

    I love the silver rose purse.

  658. Kimberly says:

    I love the Missy – pink

  659. Katie says:

    Oh my goodness, I have had my eye on one of these bags for quite some time…the Missy in black is the bag I have on my Christmas wish list….I’m really hoping to see it under the tree somehow this holiday!

  660. Jen says:

    Love the teal rose bag!

  661. jules p says:

    I would love to have the Rose – Sugarplum tote.

  662. Jen says:

    LOVE these! It would make a great gift for my BFF!

  663. Elliott says:

    Love Love Love the Rose in Clementine!

  664. Arlene Assalone says:

    Love the Missy in Black!

  665. malak says:

    The rose teal bag is to die for :)

  666. aj says:

    They are all adorable but I think Rose in Raspberry is my favorite!

  667. Linda V says:

    The rose sugarplum looks like me.

  668. Jill says:

    I love the miss in gray. The pockets make the bag!

  669. Carli says:

    Darling. I love the rose Marigold, Clementine & Pewter! Thanks for sharing, Carli

  670. YuK says:

    I love Rose – Marigold!!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  671. tara says:

    the teal one featured on the front page is my current favorite color!

  672. CarrieO says:

    I LOVE the Rose in Pewter, although I would be thrilled with any of them! SO cute!

  673. Jennifer W says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Scarlet in RED and my Canon Rebel is on her way. She needs a home.

  674. Claire says:

    love love love the rose bag in teal!

  675. BreeAnn says:

    The Grey Missy bag is amazing. I want :)

  676. Kim Elliott says:

    I love the scarlet bag! Maybe my kids would let me take more pictures if I was actually stylish instead of a frumpy boring mom.

  677. I’ve been wanting one of the Rose bags for months, but really, they’re all gorgeous!

  678. Jamie-Lynne Joyce says:

    This is amazing- I LOVE the Tote in Scarlet!!

  679. jackie says:

    I love the missy tote!

  680. Ebony says:

    I’ve been eyeing Jo Totes for about 6 months now. Great giveaway, I love the Misty….


  681. Kimberli says:

    LOVE the Scarlet tote!!!

  682. Christy Z says:

    Love the Red Scarlet Camera Bag.
    Reminds me of my favorite Coach Bag.

  683. Barb says:

    I love the Rose teal bag. This is an awesome bag and I would love to have one.
    Thanks, Barb

  684. Julie says:

    I absolutely love the black missy bag! So trendy yet classic!

  685. Debbie says:

    My favorite is the orange Rose!

  686. kristy says:

    I would love the Missy tote in black. Simple & classic ;)

  687. I love the Missy bag in black. So versatile and will go with anything. I actually have this on my Christmas wish list :-)

  688. brianna says:

    the Rose Teal is my favorite…..Oh I hope I win!

  689. Sarah says:

    LOVE THESE!! It is hard to choose a favorite, but I would have to say the Rose in Sugarplum. Purple is my FAV color and it looks like it would be perfect to carry my camera, phone, e-reader and perhaps a sippy cup and snack for my daughter :)

  690. jennifer byrkit says:

    Wow those are great bags! I love the Missy tote in black. I am a sucker for a great bag, but funnily enough I am quite picky…those bags are great!

  691. aNNA says:

    Rose in Pweter

  692. Amy L says:

    I like the Missy Black Tote.

  693. grace says:

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE these bags! my fave is the rose bag in pewter. pick me, pick me! thanks for the chance! :)

  694. Love the Missy bag in black!

  695. PatriciaT says:

    I would love the Missy Gray

  696. Charisse says:

    I would take this bag in ANY color. My hubby just bought me a new Canon for my birthday and this would be PERFECT!! I could be stylish while learning my new favorite activity.

  697. Far says:

    i love the rose one like crazy. but i’m torn between black, bronze or pewter!!!!

  698. Emily says:

    I love the Rose Marigold one!! Adorable!

  699. Laura Louise says:

    I love the Rose Bronze bag :)

  700. April C. says:

    Wow! How cute are these bags, so much prettier than my ugly camera bag.

  701. Victoria says:

    What great bags! I LOVE the Missy bag in hot pink! Gorgeous and functional! Thank you for the chance! vschilke at gmail dot com

  702. kristy c. says:

    my fav is the teal ROSE bag…YUMMY!!

  703. B says:

    I love the Missy bag – so spacious and looks way more stylish than any other camera bag I’ve ever seen!

  704. Vanessa Dwyer says:

    I have been drooling over these for a while – I am hanging out to get the Missy in black so i can take it everywhere with me!

  705. Kelly says:

    I really love the Rose bag in yellow of these Jo Totes bags! so cute!

  706. Annetra Rivera-Costa says:

    I love the Missy bag. It looks like something I would carry even WITHOUT my camera in it!!

  707. natalie jane says:

    Well, I have a serious thing for yellow, so I would have to say the Rose – Marigold for me. Lovely!

  708. Jennifer says:

    I want one of these so bad. I would love the Rose in Pewter. What a great Christmas gift.
    Thanks Jennifer

  709. Jenna Cosme says:

    I am in love with the grey bag that is listed under Missy. Super classy and adorable!!

  710. Michelle says:

    I adore the rose bag in pewter and marigold! I am just starting to get back into photography and this would be perfectly fabulous to carry my camera in! Thanks for sharing. Love them! :)

  711. Wendy says:

    I love the Jo Tote Rose style in yellow!! Adorable!!!!

  712. Kate Torrance says:

    Without a doubt I absolutely adore the Rose in Rasberry! Just gorgeous!!!

  713. ashlie says:

    Wow! The best part of both of the bags is that they don’t look like camera bags. The Missy is very classy and the lining pattern is so much fun! Love it!!

  714. Amarilys says:

    So hard to choose! Rose in Bronze. I think. Or in turquoise… or yellow….

  715. Beth Ware says:

    i love the rose bag in pewter! how cute and trendy!

  716. Joan Przylucki says:

    this would make a great gift for my daughter.. she would love the rose bag!

  717. Michelle says:

    I love the Rose style and all of the fantastic colors!

  718. Tamara says:

    Oh for cute…..I really like the raspberry Rose bag which would be a gun back to carry around….well and the Missy in black……as it is practical. I think the missy reminds me of a Michael Kors bag. I would be able to use that alot. I can dress it up with a seasonal silk scarf too!

  719. Ashley W says:

    OMG!!! I love the Teal one! It’s just wonderful : )

  720. Sunny Melcher says:

    I love the Rose camera bag. My sister in law has a Jo Tote bag that she got from her husband 2 Christmas’s ago. I have been so jelous and dropping hints to my hubby ever since :-) I am a pink kind of gal but honestly any color is stupendous.

  721. Kelsey from The Undomestic Project says:

    Oh what a great giveaway! I have been lusting after Jo Totes for awhile but saving up to splurge on one. I love the Missy! Thats definitely my style and definitely my favorite. THe rose is sooo cute though too!

  722. Alexandra says:

    I really can’t make up my mind… I have a few favourites that I could use depending on the outfits and season. I ‘m not talking about their practicality! They are SUPERB!!!!

  723. Victoria says:

    Love the Missy in Gray!

  724. Julie says:

    That teal Rose bag is to die for! <3 it.

  725. Jessica says:

    I saw these totes sometime last year, and have been coveting them ever since. :) I finally convinced my husband to get me a DSLR for Christmas, and a new bag would be great to go with it! The Rose in Sugarplum is a definite favorite…as well as The Rose in Pewter.

  726. Meg says:

    omg – The Rose bag in Teal is on my HIGH PRIORITY gift list. *swoon*

  727. ErinsFoodFiles says:

    Lovely! I’d want the “Rose” in Marigold!

  728. ashkappa says:

    I like the missy pink and rose teal bags the best.

  729. Tasha says:

    I LOVE the Rose-Pewter. So cute!

  730. Brandy says:

    I love the the Rose in pewter! It’s got a vintage feel to it.

  731. Audrea says:

    Love, Love, Love the Rose bag in Pewter!!!

  732. Ana says:

    Missy in black is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Tired of carrying two bags and trying to keep everything in site while I take pictures.

  733. doris says:

    love the rose bag in sugarplum. Thanks for the chance for this awesome giveaway!

  734. angie says:

    SO cute! i LOVE the rose in teal.

  735. bmk112302 says:

    I love the missy black.

  736. Linda Blowney says:

    Missy in Pink, so I could never lose it! ;-)

  737. Cassie says:

    I really like the Scarlet tote!! I hope I win!!

  738. shannon says:

    Would love the Tote or Missy in Black please!

  739. Natasha says:

    I just got a Nikon D5000 as an early Christmas present and am taking a family trip to the Biltmore Estate on Dec 10th. It would be perfect if I won the Jo Totes Rose in Sugar Plum, Raspberry or Marigold. I LOVE them all. =)

  740. Linda says:

    The Rose in any color is fantastic!

  741. Tiffany says:

    This would make such a perfect gift. Would love to give my sister the Rose in Marigold. :)

  742. Diana says:

    All of these bags are adorable. I love the rose style bag in plum color!

  743. Amanda says:

    I love the Missy bag in any color! They are all so cute! So hard to pick a favorite.

  744. Lauren says:

    Great giveaway!! I love the Rose tote in Bronze – thanks for the chance to win!

  745. Liz says:

    Love these bags!!

  746. Besse says:

    I’m so obsessed with these Jo Totes! I just finally upgraded to a nice SLR, but didn’t budget for the perfect bag to go with it. Would love the Rose in Pewter to replace the bubble wrap that’s currently containing my camera!

  747. Stephanie L says:

    I love the Rose bag in Bronze

  748. Sally says:

    The missy bag in black is adorable

  749. kara says:

    Oh, I love the missy bag – probably in grey!

  750. Ashley says:

    Wow! The Rose bag not only look amazing and rivals my other purses for being my go-to bag, but it has room for a snack and other essentials for a day out capturing shots of my city or oh-so-framable memories of my daughter at the park! Of course, it would have to be pink, our signature color!

  751. Ashley says:

    I always end up toting around my husbands ugly black nylon camera bag while he has all the fun taking pictures. With the yellow Rose bag I would actually enjoy toting around his lenses and other supplies. We could also say “Good-bye” to all of the pictures of me that have been ruined because I forgot to put down the big black ugly.

  752. Amanda says:

    I love the teal rose bag!! The silver one is very classy as well!

  753. Heidi says:

    I love the Missy in Gray!!

  754. Wesleyann says:

    I stumbled upon Jo Totes in search for a new camera bag and fell in LOVE!! Just too cute!

  755. Karen N. says:

    Love the classic look of the black Missy style bag!

  756. Rebecca says:

    Definitely the light gray with pockets…or maybe the bright yellow!

  757. Ramona says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway. Thanks. My favourite one ise the rose clemetine bag.

  758. Stacy Long says:

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  759. Erin says:

    Love them all, but my favorite is Rose – Pewter. Great giveaway!!!

  760. Amber says:

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  761. Marcy says:

    I love the Rose bag in the metallic silver!

  762. Joanna says:

    The missy in gray or the rose in pewter would be fantastic. I love how roomy they are and I would use one for everyday wear and not just for when I’m toting my camera.

  763. Ruby De La Garza says:

    I love them all, but the Missy in Pink is just fabulous!

  764. Stephanie says:

    It’s gotta be the tote for me!

  765. April Cenora says:

    I LOVE the Rose bag but as for color I can’t choose…pewter, sugarplum, teal or marigold…

  766. Mandy says:

    I love the Missy bag! It would be fabulous in pink – my favorite color! I just bought my first SLR camera a week ago and would love a fabulous bag to carry it in.

  767. Libba says:

    This is just what I’ve been looking for! I love the Missy in that ash/gray color! Great giveaway!

  768. Jene says:

    I love the rose in sugarplum!

  769. Drenda Pinkleton says:

    I Love, Love, Love the Missy in Pink!! Would be a wonderful 50th birthday present for me!!

  770. Nisha says:

    I love the Rose bag, but I can’t decide which color. These are much cuter than my clunky camera bag!

  771. Imtaz ahmed says:

    They are all so beautiful, just love the blue one with the zipper all around..

  772. Diana Powell says:

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  773. ashley e says:

    the Rose in teal is FAB! I have been crashing on that one since the second i saw it

  774. Jenna says:

    Missy in Black. Super cute! Getting my first DSLR for christmas, so this would be perfect!

  775. Jen says:

    Wow, these are great! I love the Rose in pretty much any color, but especially grey or teal.

  776. Vicky A says:

    Love the Rose in Black. Pick me to win!!!


  777. Holly says:

    I love the pink Jo Totes. It would be hard for me to misplace this bag as I running my daughter school and heading off to work. It has just enough pockets to help me stay organized!

  778. Angel W. says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hot pink MIssy bag! I Have been searching for the perfect camera bag for months-this is it!

  779. Amanda A. says:

    love these bags!

  780. Lisa Swain says:

    I like the Missy black bag, which would look great with my new canon camera.

  781. This is so fun!! Thanks Jenn and Jo Totes for a great giveaway! :) I can’t wait to start using my new CUTE bag! :)

  782. Alexavier says:

    What a joy to find soenmoe else who thinks this way.