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custom water beer wine labels

Winner update: The giveaway is now closed. Thanks so much to everyone that entered – it was fun to read through the comments and see what you guys would use these for… sounds like there are some fun parties coming up!  One winner must be drawn though – and that lucky, randomly selected person is… Commenter #324 – Amber, who said “ I would love these for my son’s first birthday party. I’m thinking Jones Soda and water.” Congrats, Amber!


When it comes to events, personalization makes such a difference! It’s so much more fun to pour wine from a bottle adorned with the guest of honor’s name – or to sip water (or beer!) from a bottle embellished with your loved one’s likeness at their birthday party!

That’s why I’m loving this week’s Surprise Giveaway from Bottle Your Brand… A lucky someone is going to score 150 custom labels of their choice – for use at any party/wedding/event that could use a personal touch! (Maybe even upcoming holiday parties?)

custom water beer wine labels

The winner can choose from water labels, wine labels, beer labels, and custom labels. BYB offers two shapes of lables – square and rectangle – in six sizes, and you can always use any extras on things like favor/gift bags and food/craft labels.

Pictured above and below are a few examples of Bottle Your Brand‘s custom labels in action… it looks pretty darn cool to have your name on a beer bottle, right? You don’t see that very often, and I’m now seriously thinking that we might need some custom beer bottles featuring tigers and chickens for our Hangover-themed anniversary party in November!

custom water beer wine labels

custom water beer wine labels

Bottle Your Brand has some ready-made designs to choose from on their website, but you can also upload your own artwork, which makes it easy to incorporate things like your wedding style/monogram, business logo, child’s photo, or anything else your heart desires. It’s easy to upload your own artwork using their online customization tool.

custom water beer wine labels

Another fun example in action… because every Star Wars party needs coordinating water bottles, right?!



Post a comment here telling us what kind of bottles and occasion you’d use your custom lables for if you won… would it be beer, wine or water for a holiday party, wedding, etc?

Giveaway ends Wednesday, September 1st at midnight PST. (Can’t believe we’re already coming up on SEPTEMBER!) Winner is chosen randomly and will be announced here as soon as they’ve accepted the prize. Good luck, everyone!!

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391 responses to “SURPRISE GIVEAWAY: Bottle Your Brand”

  1. Julie says:

    Awesome giveaway! I’d order custom water bottle labels for our church to give away at community events. :)

  2. carrie says:

    I would use the beer labels for my husband’s upcoming football themed surprise party!!

  3. Cindy L says:

    I’d make labels for my 15 Year Wedding Anniversary! My husband and I are turning 40 and celebrating our anniversary all in the same month, and we’re planning a big party for the occassion.

  4. faigy says:

    i’m always hosting our family parties – next one up is hanukah so now i got to think of a them to go with these.

  5. Krista says:

    Love these labels! They would look great at a relative’s upcoming weddingl

  6. robin says:

    I would use them for water for my daughter’s volleyball team

  7. Carolyn says:

    Oooh, love these! I would love to have them for my daughter’s first birthday part in November!

  8. i’m hosting an upcoming baby shower for a dear friend and these would be perfect for water bottles!

  9. LeeAnn says:

    We’d use these bottle labels for our wedding, we plan to galvanized tin ice buckets with water bottles at the reception! I love the blog!!

  10. Joanna says:

    I would definitely use them at an upcoming going away party. I think I’d choose the wine labels and put them on champagne bottles.

  11. Jessica says:

    Love these! I would use them on beer or water for our weekly tailgate party during college football season!

  12. Suzy B. says:

    wow! i’d do custom water bottles for my “gender reveal” party coming up… something cute that would let you guess boy or girl.

  13. tami says:

    How pinktastic! Cute idea!

  14. Katie says:

    So Cute!!! Love this idea!!!
    Would be for water bottles at my Christmas party…

  15. Lindsey says:

    Hi! I would love to use the water bottle labels for my son’s 1st birthday party! The theme will be Dr. Seuss with lots of bright colors!

  16. Melissa C. says:

    Fabulous! We are making homemade limoncello to hand out as favors at our wedding and are looking for the right label to add the right sophistication. These would be perfect!

  17. Pam says:

    Wow – it’s hard to pick one party I’d use it for… I have baby showers, wedding showers and Christmas parties coming up….

    I think I would use them for a vintage fairy tale themed baby shower I’m throwing…. I need some “Frog Prince Water” Straight from the well…. ;)

  18. Andy says:

    I love this website, I was looking to label my brand on some water for my new green company for its debut, but opening a business is not easy and I had to cut cost. Maybe next time. :-D

  19. Patti says:

    I would use the wine and beer bottle labels for my mom’s 60th birthday party in March. She is most likely going to provide her own wine and beer, and these would be perfect to bring the theme together!

  20. Miche says:

    Oh so cool!!! I would go with a “Swamp Water” mater label and use as party favors at my annual Halloween party. Cheers!!

  21. Christi J says:

    My very best friend and roommate of 6 years just got engaged. Her and her fiancé are paying for their wedding and honeymoon on their own. I would LOVE to win these custom labels for her wedding reception!!


  22. Jene says:

    I’d put lables on bottles of wine for my son’s wedding. i’ve been looking for something to put in each of the wedding guests’ hotel rooms-these would be perfect!

  23. kirsten says:

    so fun and unique! I would use the labels for my daughter’s 1st birthday in November. I am doing a kite theme!

  24. Liz says:

    I am hosting a baby shower for dear friend and I would love to have these labels!

  25. Lori Jo says:

    I’d have to have the custom beer bottle labels… my husband has been working and living far from home for the past 2 years. We plan on having a huge celebration when he finally comes home for good!!

  26. Janice says:

    Perfection! Water bottle labels would be great for my daughter’s first birthday party in October!

  27. Jill says:

    My husband brews his own beer, so I woule make him some fancy labels!

  28. anna says:

    how cute this would be to label the water bottles at my son’s birthday party!

  29. Lindsay says:

    Definitely water bottles. I’d try to design something 4th of July-ish for our annual party. I also like PP’s idea about water bottles for church… we have an Octoberfest coming up!

  30. Emily W. says:

    I would love these for my son’s upcoming birthday or for the big housewarming party we hope to have next Spring when we’ve remodeled our house and had baby #2 (whew!).

  31. Karen says:

    I’d use them for water bottles for an upcoming wedding-October 1st! So cute, thanks for the chance!

  32. Chelsea says:

    I’d use the labels for my daughter’s upcoming bithday Pinkalicious party!

  33. Candace B says:

    I’m a bridesmaid in February! These would be perfect for water bottles at the reception when everyone starts dancing!

  34. B says:

    This would be soo cool. I am a big fan of their labels. I would use them for my baby shower. It would certainly add a great touch to the whole theme!!! :-)

  35. Renee says:

    I would love to use them for either my nephews 1st birthday or our annual Halloween party. Water for the birthday boys party and beer for the Halloween party. :)

  36. Becky says:

    I would get the bottled water labels for my son’s wedding!l

  37. Stacey D says:

    I would use the water bottle labels for my daughter’s upcoming 21st b-day party – yes, she would likely prefer the beer labels, but she’ll be happy with water bottles :) Thanks for the chance!

  38. Stephanie says:

    I would get bottled water lables for my son’s second birthday!

  39. Erin says:

    I used BYB before for my sister’s wedding shower. I uploaded their engagement picture for the wine bottle labels. They were so easy! If I won, I would make wine labels for my parent’s upcoming 40th wedding anniversary or water bottles for my boys’ combined b-day party!

  40. mere... says:

    I am helping plan a baby shower for one of my best friends. She’s the first in our circle to get pregnant & we’re all super excited. I would love to add personalized water bottles to the mix!