Adorable Pink Elephant Dessert Buffet

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pink elephant party dessert buffet

Clau! is back with another fabulous dessert buffet (check out her Colorful Candy Buffet here).

This time she’s created an adorable Pink Elephant theme featuring a pink, white & chocolate color palette and lots of homemade treats that’s full of great inspiration for a Pink Elephant Baby Shower and or a circus-themed kids party!

pink elephant party dessert buffet

The pennant garland and pink & white striped background give the buffet a fun circus-style vibe, and I’m also loving the mod style of the darling pink elephant graphic!

pink elephant party dessert buffet

In addition to the use homemade treats, which definitely helps to keep things more affordable, there are lots of great DIY ideas to take away from this buffet too…

For example, the scrapbook paper & toothpick food flags, homemade treat labels, and patterned paper backdrop – which you can recreate with rolls of wrapping paper.

Check out an overall shot of the entire table + LOTS more detail pics below…

pink elephant party dessert buffet

pink elephant party dessert buffet

pink elephant party dessert buffet

pink elephant party dessert buffet

Marshmallow pops look extra-cute embellished with tiny ribbon bows, and colored chocolate dots give chocolate-covered Oreos a wonderfully contemporary feel:

pink elephant party dessert buffet

pink elephant party dessert buffet

Thanks again to Claudia for the sweet inspiration! For more of her creative ideas, check out her blog – Clo by Clau!

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27 responses to “Adorable Pink Elephant Dessert Buffet”

  1. Sooo gorgeous! PINK makes me happy! Love seeing our little marshmallow pops “popping” up everywhere!

  2. Pretty Party Studio says:

    Wow what a great job- I love it when a table is executed as well as this one! Good job Clau!

  3. ADRIANA says:


  4. Clau! says:

    Thanks for the feature Jenn and thanks for the nice comments to everybody ñ_ñ


  5. Tanya says:

    super cute!

  6. Helena says:

    everything she does is so cute!

  7. Fernanda says:

    Love Clau’s dessert tables! AMAZING!!!

  8. Lisa says:

    I love all of the DIY ideas and the pink elephants are too darn cute!

  9. Soraia says:

    It’s so nice to see this dessert table here! I’m throwing a baby shower for my sister and chose brown and pink as theme colors… thank you for so many fabulous ideas! Also, is it my impression or each dessert has been tagged with a potential baby girl’s name?

  10. josephine says:

    Marshmallow pops and chocolate covered oreos! great idea and simple!

  11. So pretty and dainty, I love the pink elephant theme!

  12. Clau! says:


    Julieta is the name the parents choose for the baby girl, the other tag contain the falvor of the desserts: Nutella, vainilla (Vanilla), Chocolate and cajeta (Milk Candy)

  13. great job!!! i love the marshmallow pops and the pink elephants are super cute

  14. Stacey says:

    So cute! Love pink and brown.

  15. Sarah Wedding says:

    What a beautiful spread! I think that this would be perfect inspiration also for a wedding shower treat table. I love the colors!

  16. Jennifer Taylor says:

    I’m throwing my daughter a birthday party soon and this is just the inspiration I needed! Thank you so much! Everything looks amazing and easy. LOVE IT!

  17. Bri says:

    Gorgeous! What board/material did you use for the background? How is it hanging?

    I am so curious! Love it!

  18. Bri says:

    Also, what material is the tablecloth? It appears that the box that you are using to add height is the same fabric/material? Or is it just wrapping paper?

  19. Clau! says:


    The backdrop is made out of plywood sheets on a solid wood frame and it is covered with wrapping paper. The step is also made out of wood and is wrapped with the same type of fabric I used on the tablecloth.


  20. Annie says:

    So beautiful and sweet. How are the marshmallow pops standing? I am making cake pops for my daughters birthday and need a way like this to display them. Thanks!!