REAL PARTIES: “Love Birds” Theme

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Love Birds party theme ideas

Today’s adorable Real Party – created by Lindsey Mintrone of Bella Grace Party Designs – was originally designed as a Valentine’s Day celebration, but it would also serve as great inspiration for the always-popular “Love Birds” bridal shower theme!

From clever lollipop flower arrangements (so cute!) to a homemade “Love Birds Tree” centerpiece and adorable owl & birdie graphics, this get-together is full of charming details and great DIY project ideas…

Love Birds party theme ideas

Read on for lots more pics and all the sweet party details as told by Lindsey

Love Birds party theme ideas

Nature and Birds have both been such fun, green and popular inspiration for party themes recently, and I thought… what cuter theme for Valentine’s Day then “Love Birds“?! However, I wanted to take this idea in an unconventional direction.

I chose a color palette of deep burgundy red, light pink, & bright baby blue to put a little twist on the traditional holiday colors. I also commissioned custom bird graphics to be illustrated so that we could include both owls AND love birds, instead of just one or the other, like I have typically seen.

Love Birds party theme ideas

My dear friend – the amazingly talented Courtney Vickers – photographed this adorably fun and kid-friendly event. She did a perfect job showing the party elements and details!

The adorable Love Bird tree centerpiece (pictured at top) was HWTM-inspired and crafted from branches from my own yard. The precious little birdhouse nestled in the tree was found last minute in the Valentine’s section at Target and made the perfect addition to the DIY project.

The Love Tree was the home to sweet little birdie favor bags filled with pink, white, and red M&Ms.

Love Birds party theme ideas

The delightfully delicious lollipop flower arrangements were inspired by Martha Stewart. Hand-crafted with coordinating paper hearts and red tootsie pops, the “flowers” made another adorable party favor.

Love Birds party theme ideas

Another dear friend and very talented graphic designer Kori Clark of Kori Clark Designs created the precious little love bird and owl graphic which were used to dress up the little Valentine gift bags.

Love Birds party theme ideas

Each little “Love Bird” at the party was given a gift bag to fill with Valentines from each of their little friends. On each bag hung a cute custom name tag and fun Valentine saying to coordinate with the graphic such as “Owl Love You Forever” and “WHO Loves You?

Love Birds party theme ideas

Desserts and Drinks
The most delicious of the party foods – and of course the biggest crowd-pleaser of the party – were the cupcakes! (See image #2, above.) I baked, decorated and topped each one with one of my favorite party elements, cupcake toppers. Again, loving this little owl graphic!

The gorgeous little heart cakes were a hit with the kids thanks to Little Debbie.

Love Birds party theme ideas

A featured party drink is a must at every event! Now of course these were not for the kiddos, but I had to throw in a few details for the momma birds. This was strawberry lemonade accented with a sweet little birdie nest straw.

Love Birds party theme ideas

Another one of my favorite party details is the custom water bottle label and it was one more excuse to use the sweet little birdie graphic.

Love Birds party theme ideas

Love Birds party theme ideas

I think the most effective way to dress up a food table is by using the food as the decoration. These little snack cups filled with popcorn and M&Ms are adorable and are super kid friendly:

Love Birds party theme ideas

Another DIY project was the Be My Valentine Banner. The design and patterns for the banner inspired most of party details and was used as a backdrop for displaying the kiddos Valentine gift bags.

Love Birds party theme ideas

Of all the parties I have thrown for my daughters, I think that this was one of my favorites. Not because of the décor or the food but because of all the adorable little faces and great friends I was able to share it with… what better way to spend a Valentine’s Day?!”

Love Birds party theme ideas

Thanks again to Lindsey for all the sweet party inspiration! =)

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  1. jenny says:

    This is so sweet!

  2. Jenny says:

    Everything looks absolutely amazing!! Great attention to detail!

  3. Amy says:

    Adorable! Love the lollipop flowers!

  4. SO cute. Love the little owls!

  5. This is truly the cutest thing EVER! I have an ever so slight obsession with owls; so, of course, I adore this!! :)

  6. Sandy says:

    My absolute favorite picture in this set is the Signature Drink picture, I love the decorated stirring sticks and the soft pink color of the drink, YUM!!!!

  7. Ashley says:

    Oh my!! So pretty!!! I need some advice and need to talk to you about an upcoming party that I am doing!!!!

  8. Deliene says:

    Oh my god! This is so beautiful!
    Thanks for inspire me. I love your blog.

  9. Gail says:

    I love everything about this fun party! Your blog makes me want to throw a party everyday! Thank you for reminding us to have fun!

  10. What a great party and I love the love bird tree!

  11. Marlys says:

    Where did you get the template or pattern for the cute little popcorn boxes? I would love to have it! Thanks

  12. Tanya Munoz says:

    soooo cute. Love birds!

  13. I’ve been in such a bird-mode lately. I’m all about anything that has birds and is cute/modern. What a great theme!!! Love the colors & patterns too.

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  15. I’ve seen lots of beautiful birdy themed parties lately. This one is simply adorable. Are the popcorn cups handmade or can they be ordered?

  16. Thanks everyone for all the great comments! I actually did the popcorn cups myself. Glad everyone adores them!

  17. Mel says:

    Can I ask a quick question? The pink/white tall flowering branches…Are those cherry branches/flowers, by any chance?

    Gorgeous arrangements and style.

  18. Yes! Those sure are Cherry Blossoms!

  19. nancy says:

    can I buy the grapics for this party?

  20. Kori Clark says:

    I am so glad the graphics were a hit! We will have the printable files Lindsey and I created for this party available for sale early next week, and will post a comment when they are available. Please, feel free to contact me for more information, or if you are looking for something specific!