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REAL PARTIES: Night Owl PJ Club Party

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Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

Today’s Real Party feature comes from Jamie at Giggle Dust Parties and is just WAY TOO CUTE!

It’s a super-colorful “Night Owl Pajama Club” theme featuring tons of adorable details (like that ridiculously cute owl pillow from Target!), a sweet make-your-own sundae dessert bar, and a fabulous bedtime-inspired table and “Night Owl Clubhouse“… does this sound like a little girl’s dream party or what?!

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

Read on for all the fun details, as told by Jamie…


Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

“I created this “Night Owl Pajama Club Party” for my daughter Mackenzie’s 8th Birthday!

The inspiration for this party came from several things: my daughter’s wish to have a sleepover party, an adorable stuffed pillow I saw at Target, and the fabulous “bed” tables from Jenn at HWTM and Donna at Party Wishes.

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

*{Click on above image to view the table larger!}

This party was hosted in the evening from 7-9pm and the girls came dressed in their favorite PJs.

The activities of the party centered around the girls becoming members of the “Night Owl Pajama Club: Night Owls love to stay up late, dance in the dark, hang out with their friends at the Night Owl Clubhouse and dine on their favorite snacks: cupcakes and ice cream sundaes!

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

The “bed” was designed from two twin comforters that were sewn together to act as a tablecloth. I used a coordinating sheet set for the pillow cover and bed sheets that were visible at the head of the bed.

The plates and mugs were from Rosanna Inc, and I found the brown chargers on the fall closeout aisle at Target. They really were a perfect match and made the plates pop!

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

The napkins were sewn by my Mother using material we found at a local fabric store.

And, last but not least, my hubby made me the headboard and footboard that completed the bed table!

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

My favorite element of the party was the Night Owl Clubhouse. I mean really, how cool is this..!

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

A girly retreat with pretty fabrics, plush comfy pillows, and your best girl friends to chat with!

This was the clubhouse that I always tried to build myself as a child but was never really able to pull it off with the dining room chairs and various knitted afghans from around the house!

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

I had so much fun designing the sundae bar trying to channel the “Amazing Amys”: Amy Atlas and Amy at Eat.Drink.Chic

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

I used a shower curtain from Target for the backdrop, various containers from HomeGoods to hold the toppings, and the Soda Fountain Cups by Rosanna, Inc.

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

Not bad for a first try! More importantly, the girls loved it and really enjoyed making their own sundaes! I knew the party was a success when I overheard several girls saying that “this was the best party EVER!”

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas

Night Owl Pajama Slumber Party Ideas


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83 responses to “REAL PARTIES: Night Owl PJ Club Party”

  1. [email protected] At Home says:

    Amazing details by Jamie! I think I would love a party like this too!…and I am much older than 8! ; )

  2. CAPow! says:

    I LOVE the owls! so cute!!

  3. Fernanda says:

    AMAZING!!!!! Congratulations!! Question: How did you maintain the ice cream cold for the sundae bar???
    Love it all!!!

  4. Rhiannon says:

    This is so much fun! How did you make the hanging tissue paper flowers? They are so super cute!!

  5. I’m pretty sure someone is up for Mom of the Year award! The details of this party is completely amazing!!!

  6. Brandy says:

    Love the owls! I was going to have a owl party for my 3 year old this year since she loves her owl bedding from pottery barn! We have all of those pillows and lamp too! Perfect ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  7. kim says:

    Wow! Love it was just looking the other day for sleepover ideas. I actually have the lamp and bedding from Target. will be great to use things I already have.

  8. Aurora says:

    I LOVE this…super creative & cute! I am in the middle of planning an owl birthday party for my 2 year old!

  9. Donna says:

    Jaime has an amazing party business! Her details are just incredible! I was so happy to be an inspiration for such an fabulous party. Thanks Jaime and Jen!

  10. Party Box Design says:

    crazy cute! i love every little detail! the “bed” table is amazingly creative!

  11. A.DOR.ABLE. Seriously…so stinkin cute!

  12. Janice says:

    This is simply MARVELLOUS!! The details and ideas were so perfectly done.

  13. Elisha Akram says:

    This is just too cute and sooooo creative! Love it!

  14. kelly says:

    This party was simply amazing! what a lucky lady Mackenzie is:)

  15. Yvette Rossignoli says:

    WOW! This is amazing! I love every bit of it! I was sorry to see the last picture, I wanted to see more!
    Thanks for sharing, this one is going up on my inspiration board for sure!

  16. Alexiis says:

    Wow those ideas are GORGEOUS! This sleepover party is definitely a little girls dream come true!

  17. Jenn with HWTM has made my day!! What a thrill to see the Night Owl Pajama Party featured on her amazing blog. It was such a fun party to develop and host for the girls!

  18. Monique says:

    Love this party. Super cute and full of details!

  19. Jeannie says:

    sooooo cute! Am I too old for an identical sleepover party? =)

  20. Fernanda – I used a decorative bucket that I found at Home Goods for the ice cream. It was big enough that I was able to fill the bottom with ice and sat the ice cream container in it. I brought the ice cream out when the girls were ready to make their sundaes so I probably didn’t even need the ice. The bucket helped to contain the mess and I dished out the ice cream for the girls.

    Rhiannon – The tissue poms were super easy! I just followed the instructions on the Martha Stewart Weddings Website. Here is the link:

  21. Jamie says:

    Great theme! Owls are so hot right now in fashion and using them for a slumber party theme is perfect!

  22. Kimberly B. says:

    This party is wonderful….original, fabulous details, and the vibrant colors are so beautigul…oh how I wish I could plan a party like this without breaking the bank account into pieces. How long did it take you to plan this party? How did you make that bed table. Such an awesome party!!!

  23. {Ms. P} says:

    Who knew owls could be so CUTE!?!?!

  24. Elyse says:

    What a cute idea – i am going to share it with my friends little gals. How very fun!

  25. I LOVE it….and the clubhouse is great!

  26. michelle says:

    Wow! How adorable. I absolutely loved the table “bed”.

  27. Aryn says:

    I love this! So creative, and the clubhouse is so cute. Lots of great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Rebecca M. says:

    Great job! This is so adorable and fun. I may have to borrow some ideas soon.

  29. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I love this and how did you create the adorable tent for the Owl Clubhouse? Keep up the good work.

  30. Jadey says:

    Oh when I have kids I want to be able to throw parties like this for them!

  31. Katie Cannon says:

    A tip for those asking about keeping the icecream
    cold/serving it- I line a muffin tin with cupcake liners and put one scoop in each cupcake paper. I do this ahead of time and then stick it in the freezer. This way, you don’t have to scoop quickly for hungry party goers- it’s already done and it looks cute!

  32. Emily says:

    Holy cow! I mean Holy Owl! Adorable! Love the whole party! Fun! The sundae buffet is ADORABLE! Thanks for the eye candy!

  33. Kimberly B. – Overall, it was about 6 weeks to plan the entire party…from the time of inspiration to the party. This included all of the decor, custom invitations, favors, games and activities, etc. The bed table was two 5′ folding tables, two twin comforters sewn together and hemed to fit, a “dust ruffle”, one sheet set that was altered to fit the table and a custom headboard and footboard that was built by my husband. The stools were from IKEA and I covered them in stretch fabric that did not need to be hemmed and sewed the hot pink elastic bands which fit around the stools.

    Tina – The clubhouse frame structure was made up of three componets – two end peices and one cross-beam. It is super sturdy but light and comes apart for easy transport and storage. This was custom made by my hubby (have I mentioned what a LUCKY gal I am to have married such a handy guy..who knew!!) I then bought yards and yards of fabric to drape over the clubhouse.

    Katie – Thanks for the super idea for serving ice cream!

  34. Merryheart2 says:

    i LOvE this theme. what cute ideas.
    can you tell me where the plates are from?

  35. Merryheart2- I actually found all of these Rosanna, Inc. plates/mugs/ice cream cups at Home Goods. However, I had purchased them over the summer for a different party and then thought they worked perfectly with my Night Owl Theme. Hope you can find them!

  36. jenn s. says:

    Merryheart2 –
    The plates are by Rosanna, Inc – but it looks like they don’t sell that design anymore because they’re not listed on their site right now (although maybe they’re just temporarily sold out). You might be able to find them on eBay or somewhere else though – I think the pattern name is “Happy Birthday”. (Jamie might have more info on where she purchased them specifically too.)

    It does look like Rosanna is launching a similar design in February though – here’s the direct link to that one on their website:

    Good luck!

  37. Paula says:

    it´s sooooo cute!!! I want to be a girl again!!! Good job.

  38. Sherry says:

    Hello, just wanted to know how you husband built the table ends?

  39. Hi Sherry – My husband built them using bead board and pine lumber. They were painted white after construction.

  40. Merryheart2 says:

    thanks so much for the info and the link. i’ll check there.