Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas Project

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Kate Mcrae - Crazy Cool Christmas Toy Drive

Kate McRae is an adorable 5-year old girl, fighting a brain tumor. I think I was in tears within the first few sentences while reading about her story… and chances are good that you will be too.

Amidst the sadness, though, there’s also a great deal of inspiration to be found in Kate’s journey – especially in the determination and generosity of her entire family. After realizing first-hand what Christmas will be like this year for many children in the oncology department at the pediatric hospital where Kate is being treated, The McRae family has put together an effort to collect TOYS for these kids.

Kate Mcrae - Crazy Cool Christmas Toy Drive

The toy drive effort has been dubbed, “Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas” and we can help too! Here’s how:

The McRae family is asking for people (or companies!) to send donated gifts for kids of all ages, and around Christmas time they’ll distribute the gifts to the other families in the pediatric oncology ward.

Excerpt from the website:
“…We want these kids to know they are loved, thought of and treasured. I wish fun gifts could take away a diagnosis, bring families back together, bring total healing. We obviously know it can’t. However, we can bring smiles where they may be lacking….”

Kate Mcrae - Crazy Cool Christmas Toy Drive

Suggested donations include things like: Hotwheels, Barbies, video games, board games, headphones, arts & crafts supplies, pajamas, and more… even nail polish! Please note: Everything needs to be brand new for infection control purposes.

Gift cards are welcome too. (Walmart, Target, Toys R Us and Visa gift Cards are ideal.)  Click here for complete gifting guidelines.

Kate Mcrae - Crazy Cool Christmas Toy Drive

They’re trying to collect everything by December 15th – which is next Tuesday, so there’s no time like the present! (Find details & shipping info here.)

If you’re able to make these kids part of your Christmas – even on a small level, I hope you’ll consider it. You just never know how far even the smallest gestures will go…

Kate Mcrae - Crazy Cool Christmas Toy Drive

For more on Kate’s story, please visit www.prayforkate.com.

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9 responses to “Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas Project”

  1. This really hit home for me. I had cancer as a teenager and almost spent Christmas in the hospital (I was released on Christmas eve). Holidays are often the hardest for families going through something so hard and I know, firsthand, how gifts and love from the community can brighten a child with cancer’s day. Thanks for posting this Jenn! I will definitely be donating some toys, in honor of Kate and the brave kids battling cancer along side her and also in remembrance and celebration of the decade of life I’ve been graciously given since I was in that same spot.

  2. ThatsSoYummy says:

    I think it is great that you are trying to help Kate and her family and get her story and all of the other small children that are needed help this season.
    This story has touched me and I think Kate and all of the other disease stricken children are so Brave and I cannot wait to donate on their behalf.

    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Zudannie says:

    I stumble across Kate’s story a couple weeks ago and was inspired to host a toy drive for children with Cancer in our city. My students and I have collected tons of toys and are going to give them to two pediatric oncology departments in our city. We will donate some of our gift cards to KATES CRAZY COOL CHRISTMAS drive, too!

    Helping to spread joy, toy by toy!

  4. Jennie says:

    I’ve been a follower of Kate’s since August. Thanks for promoting this … her family is such a blessing to others, even with all the difficulties they are dealing with.

  5. Kim O. says:

    Thanks for sharing this Jenn:) I was really touched by Kate’s story. As a mom, I can’t imagine what it must be like to go through that. I am keeping them in my prayers!

  6. Tamara G says:

    I have been following Kate and her family. For all who have not heard her story it is a must read!

  7. stephanie says:

    I cry, a lot, but I can’t remember the last time I cried alligator tears! What a beautiful story!

  8. Thanks for posting this, Jenn. As you know, I have been following Kate’s story since the beginning, as she lives in my town. Her story is both heart-breaking and inspirational. She is a strong, sweet little girl fighting a very tough battle. I cannot imagine what her family is going through. I think about her every day and she reminds me what is most important….my family.

    I have been in touch with her mom, and I am coordinating an effort for her 6th birthday celebration. I have had several Etsy sellers send amazing gifts for her. It is likely that she will be in the hospital for her birthday (12/26). If anyone would like to send her a birthday gift, they can send directly to the address on http://www.prayforkate.com, or contact me.

    Thanks again, Jenn for spreading the word about this beautiful little girl!

  9. sevencupcakes says:

    I too have been following Kate’s story, I have also been in contact with her mom and I’m making her a special birthday gift. She is so precious and the family is amazing!! Their faith is such an inspiration to all that read her story…keep them in your daily prayers, Kate is going through her last round of chemo. so pray aggressively for the tumor be gone!! Great post Jenn! God Bless:)