Holiday Drink of the Week: GLOGG

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Glogg Recipe

I’m so excited to share this fun guest post with you from {the very entertaining & witty!} Dana of The Broke-Ass Bride. If you’re on the lookout for a festive & affordable way to celebrate with friends on chilly winter days, this one’s for you!


Broke-Ass Hostess: Holiday Swill that Won’t Bust the Till
by Dana LaRue

“We’re knee deep into Holiday Season now, and no doubt you’re quite the busy bunny, socializing and shopping your holiday heart out.  But even if your wallet is wasted, you can still throw a festive fete with a signature drink that packs a wild punch and a cozy delicious twist… without pouring your dollars down the drain.

Meet my favorite DIY adult winter beverage – GLOGG! My hubby and I discovered it a few years ago, and fell in love! It’s warm, full-bodied and complex, perfect for a cold winters’ night, and its become a tradition that our friends look forward to every year.

Glogg Recipe

A mulled wine from the Nordic country, it’s super easy to whip up a large batch for your party (or to bottle and give as gifts), and it makes a memorable impression with wow factor!  Best of all, you can use affordable ingredients, keeping the bar stocked and flowing without breaking the bank or a sweat!

Made with red wine, brandy, orange juice and spices, the aroma of Glögg alone adds an instant Holiday ambience to the air. Just light a couple of candles, toss on the Jackson 5 Christmas album, hang the mistletoe and you’re ready to rock around the Christmas Tree or Hanukkah bush with your peeps!

(Now don’t hold me to authenticity with this, just hold me to good taste at the best price, yo!)

You’ll need:
1 jug Carlo Rossi Sangria Wine ($6.99 to 9.99 at the local drugstore)
1/3rd liter of Brandy (whatever is on sale – $6.99)
¾ carton orange juice (and we prefer with some pulp to add a heartiness and texture) ($2.50)
1 ½-2 cups sugar ($0.99)
whatever fruit you can find – cut into chunks ($1.00)
5 cinnamon sticks ($3.00)
handful of cloves ($2.99)
almonds and/or raisins (if you got ‘em hanging around)

*Priced as if you didn’t have any of the ingredients at all, and still costs less than $25 total!

Combine all ingredients in a large stock or crock pot, over low-medium heat, stir, and cover.  Let rest at a low simmer, stirring and tasting occasionally for adjustments, until warm throughout.  The flavors marry and make happy tasting babies the longer it sits, so if you can make it the night before, go for it.  Just remember to warm it up again before serving.

Glogg Recipe

Feel free to play around with your ratios to find the right blend for you. There is no exact science (which means its foolproof!). Experiment with making it sweeter, spicier, stronger or juicier…. have fun with it!

Here’s a hint, if it’s not feeling “holiday” enough – sprinkle in more spice – grated cinnamon adds a quick zip in a pinch.  And once you find your perfect blend, you’ll know it. The warm, rich coziness will hit your sweet spot, and is sure to put loads of good cheer into the guests that are here (er, there) – you get the point!

So cheers to having yourself a bad-ass holiday, the broke-ass way!

Glogg Recipe


Thanks so much for the fun how-to post, Dana!

Fun Tip: For a cool signature drink style, try garnishing individual servings of Glögg with orange wheels, cloves, star anise, sugar, or cinnamon sticks. You can really get creative when it comes to the oranges & cloves!

Glogg Recipe

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11 responses to “Holiday Drink of the Week: GLOGG”

  1. Juliana says:

    We used to drink this every Christmas! Our Swiss friends used to serve with golden raisins in the bottom of the glass.

  2. Teresa says:

    Your blog is the BEST…. It has been such a blessing to meet you in blogland…You have enriched my life. Blessings to you and yours….Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with many blessings.
    Grammy Girlfriend

  3. Those look super yummy & fun to make! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Lindsan says:

    I love Glögg!
    As I live in Sweden, I can get it ready made in the shops. But I looked for a recipe online and found these ingredients listed which I think sounds pretty good:

    full bodied red wine
    bitter orange zest

    In Sweden glögg is usually served with raisins and scalded peeled almonds. If you pair it with ginger bread cookies topped with blue cheese then your day is made. I promise!

    Oh, and we also have white glögg, which I think is made from white wine. That is lovely served on the rocks with a lime wedge.

    I love the glass cups in the last photo. I have them too!

  5. janelle says:

    Ciao! I am from Seattle, but living in Florence for a year… and there was this German Christmas festival and we went back many days in a row for mulled wine! So awesome!!! Love holiday drinks. At home I usually make a mean eggnog… but it is super costly. Thanks for the tips on Glogg!

  6. Kristyn says:

    We make Glogg every year in my family! I just made it yesterday. It’s a bit strong for me. We use:

    -Cinnemon sticks
    -Orange peel
    -Pine nuts/Walnuts and or Almonds
    -Honey (we’ve used brown sugar when we didn’t have enough honey.)

  7. Toni says:

    I would love some GLOGG right now! I was first introduced to hot mulled wine last year in Hungary over the Holidays. Can’t wait to try the recipe!

  8. Kristin says:

    Love it!! Thanks for the recipe :)

  9. jenn s. says:

    Teresa –
    Thank you so much for the super sweet comment!
    Much appreciated :)


  10. Tom says:

    Glogg is great!! I have my grandfather’s recipe from Norway (his wife was Swedish) and here is the recipe:


    1 gallon Port wine
    1 pint 190 proof alcohol (Everclear)
    1 handful raisins
    2 cinnamon sticks
    1 dozen almonds
    8 prunes
    ¼ tsp cardamom seeds (about 8 seed pods)
    peel from an orange
    6 cloves
    1 lb sugar
    ¾ cup water

    In a small pot slowly simmer spices, water, sugar, orange peel, raisins, almonds, and prunes for 10 minutes. While that is simmering, heat Port wine in large pot over very low heat. When hot add the fruit and spice mixture to the wine and simmer very slowly over very low heat for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, cover and cool slightly. Add the everclear slowly. Strain through several layers of cheesecloth and put into bottles. Serve warmed.

    Tradition says that after the everclear is added you light the pot on fire and then quickly cover with a lid to extinguish the flame. My dad never did that because he didn’t want to burn off all the alcohol, and I have never been brave enough to try it! Some people use brandy instead of the everclear, but it really changes the flavor. This is a very strong drink, and the serving size is comparable to a shot or two of hard liquor. Do not skip the cheesecloth – it is needed to strain it clear. Enjoy!

  11. Rakel says:

    Yeah, I have heard about gløgg (or glogg as you call it) before ;) Here in Norway we erik it all time in december, its lovely! :D