DIY Party Photo Booth {Expert Tips}

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party and wedding photo booth tips

If you’ve ever been to a wedding or event with a photo booth, you probably already know how much fun these can be!

Something about being in “party mode” seems to translate to guests loving to jump in front of the camera – especially with a friend or 3… and these photos always make for SUCH great memories afterwards!

The concept isn’t just for large-scale events either;  photo booths are a fantastic idea for home-hosted celebrations too – for everything from holiday soirées to birthday parties and even baby/bridal showers, and we’ve got some tips from a true expert to help walk you through it!

party and wedding photo booth tips


Jillian Bisinger {pictured above with her husband Tony} is a Wedding, Event and Family Photographer whose whimsical take on the photo booth is popping up at events all over LA – it’s something she likes to call the “Zany Photo Booth”.

Today, Jill gives us 4 easy steps to creating a successful photo booth at home…


party and wedding photo booth tips

Expert Tips for Creating a Successful Party Photo Booth
by Jillian Bisinger

Need a clever idea for your holiday party? Whether it be a high-end office party, or a quiet dinner gathering for your favorite friends, Modern-Day Photo Booth’s are being used to entertain guests on a whole new level. You can create your own booth with a simple point-and-shoot camera and a colorful backdrop that reflects the style of your party. Below are 4 easy ideas for creating a successful booth at your event.

party and wedding photo booth tips


1. Secure Your Backdrop

When deciding on a backdrop you’ll want to choose the largest piece of fabric that you have access to. King-sized bed sheets work the best. I prefer to stick with solid colors for my backdrops. However, IKEA has some great printed curtains that can work quite nicely. Choosing something that reflects the style of your party is the main objective.

Hanging your backdrop may be the easiest part. When I was starting my career as a photographer – I would simply use duct tape to affix my backdrop to any wall that was a.) flat and  b.) free of wall-hangings. There are all kinds of fancy stands out there you could buy to hang your backdrop – but I honestly think the duct tape is the easiest method – and  it usually produces the best results.

The final tip in this category – and perhaps the most important – after your linen has been hung, be sure to get out your trusty iron and steam out all the wrinkles….yup, you can do it right there on the wall.  Wrinkles in the background can be distracting in a photograph. Trust me, if you don’t follow this step, you may be disappointed with your final product.

party and wedding photo booth tips


2. Engage Your Subject

If you want to encourage your guests to act silly, consider playing the part of  “Director”. Shout ideas to your subjects like, “Choke Your Partner!”, “Blow a Kiss” or “ Everybody, make a funny face!”.

Think about it, every Hollywood Actor relies on a “Director” to produce the winning shot. Why not turn your booth into a mini version of Tinsel Town. You could even give an award for ‘Best Picture’ at the end of the night.

party and wedding photo booth tips

Another important element in pulling the “Zany” out of a picture is to include props. People tend to feel more comfortable when they have a something to pose with.

Sometimes the best props can be found right in your own home. Raid your closet for old hats, glasses, jackets and random frills….(these are the more obvious props).

party and wedding photo booth tips

If you’re looking for something more, enter the kitchen to gather bowls, whisks and food. With a little creativity, all of these things can be turned into great accessories.

Feeling extra adventurous? Take a step into the garage and incorporate boxes, shipping materials or power tools into your shots. There is really no end to how outrageous you can get! Your imagination is the only limitation inside the Photo Booth.


3. Frame Your Subject, Snap!

You don’t need a fancy camera to take a successful photo booth image, any point-and-shoot camera will do. The real secret comes in framing your subject.

party and wedding photo booth tips

The formula for creating an engaging and artful exposure is to fill the screen with your subject. So take a step closer when composing your shot. Ask your guests to lean in further, this creates a fun interaction with the camera.

Don’t be afraid to cut off parts of a person’s face – or the whole face altogether! Zooming in for a heavily cropped image can give the picture a more whimsical feel.


party and wedding photo booth tips

4. Too Busy Playing Hostess to Run the Booth?

Sure, you could appoint another camera person to take charge, but why not turn your guests into the photographer? Set your laptop on a table and arrange a sitting bench just in front of the backdrop on the opposite side.

Run Apple’s Photo Booth Application alongside a small set of printed instructions. Watch your guests entertain themselves for hours as they create their own images with a simple webcam….almost like an old-school photo booth…but in a completely new school way!

party and wedding photo booth tips


For more Zany Booth inspiration, or to find out more about Jillian’s Modern Photography Studio please visit her Modern Photography Blog and websites: Jillian Modern and Zany Photo Booth.

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POSTED BY:jenn s.JENNIFER SBRANTI is the Founder and Creative Director of Hostess with the Mostess®, a hip and modern party planning resource.

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    WOW – these are fabulous tips!! Can’t wait to try this out at our party!

  2. Love it! Great article, Jill! You guys really are pros at this. I can’t wait to see more!

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    GREAT TIPS!!!!!! Thank you! :)

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    Great tips! I’ll be sure to use them when planning my wedding photo booth! Thanks a million!


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    Love your site. Very informative and professional!

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    Love the tips!!! I want to try this now!!!

  7. down pillow says:

    Such a fun idea :)

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    Just used your tips for my holiday party this past weekend… it was a HIT! Everyone had so much fun posing!

  9. Thanks for posting it!

  10. Vicky says:

    Thanks for sharing. What great tips. We just recently did a party video booth that was a lot of fun as well!

  11. Not for minors, of course, but alcohol creates better pics.

  12. ju says:

    oooooh i loved it, my next pajama party we’ll spend the whole night having fun with that!! thanks :)

  13. Jackie says:

    this is awesome… I have been trying to build a photo-on-wheel for years.

    I don’t favor the event photography anymore because most of the parties I handled, start late and finish late….

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  15. Nice photos! I also have very creative thinking but unfortunately I don’t have a camera good enough to make such photos. Maybe this year I’ll buy something appropriate.

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    What kind of lighting setup do you suggest for both an indoor wedding and an outdoor wedding?

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    I love the ideas, I have a party coming and this will come in very handy for my project.

  19. Jayma Hollister says:

    I'm throwing a Girls Night Out Pink Party at my house tomorrow complete with a photobooth, because I know some of the ladies might be a bit shy I am making a small basket with pre-written silly pose ideas and they will draw one out of the basket and do the pose, and then of coarse make up their own!

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