C is for…Cookie Monster Party!

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Cookie Monster party ideas

Is this Cookie Monster cupcake by Nick^D & his friend Abby the cutest thing ever, or what?! I’ve been inspired to throw a Cookie Monster themed party every since stumbling upon it earlier this summer. This would be such a fun theme for a kids birthday party – or even a baby shower for a fun-loving mom-to-be!

I hope to have an excuse to host a party like this soon and really go all out with it… but until then here are a few ideas to kick things off:

Cookie Monster party ideas

Pictured above:

• Make cute CM-themed cups using blue paper party cups, “googly eyes” (available at most craft stores), and half of a small chocolate chip cookie or cookie sticker.

Use fuzzy turquoise blue marabou feather boa to dress up centerpieces, party favors, vases, etc. (For a baby shower or girl’s birthday party  it would even be fun to get blue chandel feather boas for the guest of honor and/or for guest photo opps!

Place Settings: Go for a fun mix of chocolate brown, blue, and white. Yes, it’s true that zebras have nothing to do with Cookie Monster, but I still thing the Brown Serengeti Plates (zebra-print) look adorable in this setting! Top them with Candy Dots Blue Lunch Napkins, folded in half. Wrap each napkin with a band of fabric ribbon or strip of white card stock + a small chocolate chip cookie to act a the “napkin ring”! (Something like Chips Ahoy would work great.) Turquoise blue or brown plastic cutlery will compliment the look as well.

Of course Cookie Monster himself definitely needs to make an appearance! This tall “Soft and Shaggy Cookie Monster Doll” by Gund would make for an adorable table centerpiece or dessert table addition!

If you’re hosting a baby shower with this theme, try serving up individual servings of ice-cold milk in tall shot glasses for a fun, adult-friendly presentation!

Cookie Monster party ideas

{shot glass image by: Rhee Bevere / via The Flirty Guide}

Individual milk cartons are a more kid-friendly way to go (several of which are available in bulk on Amazon)…although there are also some great packaging designs available that would work well for all ages, like these stylish Ronnybrook Farms bottles.

Cookie Monster party ideas

{Ronnybrook Farms image via Design Muse}

More ideas:

Set up a creative cookie buffet.

Line the edges of white serving trays or decorative blue charger plates with extra-large chocolate chips or unwrapped Hershey’s Kisses. (Use a tacky craft glue to secure.) Similar to this idea, but with chocolates instead of vase gems:

Cookie Monster party ideas

Create “cookie vases”. Wrap flower vases (cylinder or rectangular/cube shapes) with blue cardstock or gift wrap paper, then glue store-bought chocolate chip cookies in neat rows all the way around the vase. You could just to one row to create a “banded” look – or cover the entire thing! Fill the vase with pretty white flowers like mums or daisies.

If you have any more fun ideas for this theme, please share them with us in the comments!

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46 responses to “C is for…Cookie Monster Party!”

  1. Julie Wendell says:

    This is absolutely adorable!! I want to do this for my birthday, and I’m turning 28!

  2. HipMamaB says:

    oh my. I may need to quick change the theme of my daughter’s upcoming bday party.

  3. Nicola Horton says:

    I have loved cookie monster since the age of 2. he is my mascot1 I’ll be using this theme for my next birthday party when I turn 32! I’ll replace the milk shooters with kahlua and creme shots!

  4. Aaron Greenwood says:

    I love this! I was already in the process of planning a cookies and milk bash for my daughters 1st birthday since its going to be in dec. I figured this would be a great idea. Babies can gum on some cookies and I plan to have a cookie bar/exchange and recipe exchange as well. I would love to send you photos of it after!

  5. Andrea says:

    That totally reminds me of the milk and cookies party that that was posted on another site. I’ve bookmarked the link


  6. Jessie says:

    love it.

  7. Hänni says:

    I love this idea! I can’t wait to see how you’ve done it (when you get an opportunity to throw this type of party)

  8. Lisa says:

    This would be a cute theme for an annual Cookie Exchange around the holidays. The cupcakes could be put in cute boxes or little cookie jars as favors.

  9. Danitza says:

    I swear. Obsessed. Obsessed with everything you guys do!!!! This is adorable. Especially coming from a mother of 2 girls under 3 years old who love Sesame Street.

  10. This is ADORABLE! I wish I had someone to throw it for!

  11. How cute! What a great idea.

  12. Kristine says:

    This is too crazy. I just signed up for the “c” snack for preschool…what could be more perfect than those Cookie Monster Cupcakes??? Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  13. Beth says:

    That may be the cutest cupcake I have ever seen!

  14. Leslie Swan says:

    That would be a great shower idea for a fun loving mommy to be I know…especially if she is having a boy. Cookies and cupcakes, that is all a shower really needs anyway! (Well, maybe some skittles, too!)

  15. Down Pillow says:

    Very cute idea :) Cookie Monster was my favorite Sesame Street character as a child.

  16. Shelley says:

    I absolutely love this!! The milk shots are great…I was going to do that at a shower I am hosting!

  17. Jolaine says:

    I’m loving this idea for my son’s first birthday!!!

  18. Lori Foote says:

    Totally love it, great ideas here!

  19. MC says:

    such a good idea. my daughter loves sesame street… but i am tired of elmo. i could make her birthday a cookie momster theme party and we would both be happy. any more ideas… please=)

  20. Becky says:

    i am hungry now! me want cookie!

    but this is great – i wish i knew if my friend were having a boy, this would totally be my theme!