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REAL PARTIES: B is for Baby Shower

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bee baby shower ideas

Alchemy Fine Events and Canvas and Canopy dreamed up this gorgeous “B”-inspired baby shower that’s just overflowing with creativity… and serious STYLE! Read on for tons of gorgeous pics and all the party details…

bee baby shower ideas

bee baby shower ideas

Baby is for Baby Shower …and Baby Boy Baron. We took the Birds & the Bees to a whole other level with this retro inspired baby shower featuring a warm yellow, white and gray color palette. We started off by finding adorable yellow and grey floral patterned fabric on Etsy and designed custom linens trimmed with bright yellow burlap.

bee baby shower ideas

We also created placemats by simply cutting out circles of the burlap for a super easy DIY! The table was set underneath a series of frames we had built then covered with a white cotton for a delicate shade. (We can’t wait to reuse these for a night event and cover them with lights!)

bee baby shower ideas

For the floral chandeliers, we started with two sizes of embroidery loops and attached tons of various shades of yellow and white ribbons and yarn through each of them. Then we covered the smaller loop with a thick ribbon to give it some form and hand sewed white carnations around the large top loop. White yarn and wire was used to attach the chandelier to a smaller top circular frame and then to the roof of the frame itself. The more the wind blew and the yarn unraveled at its ends the more charming it became!

To make each place setting special we baked 40 individual coconut cakes topped with mini-handmade marzipan bees set on vintage doilies! We found the DIY for the marzipan bees over at

bee baby shower ideas

Baby bottles served as the glasses for the Baby Bottle Bellinis (triple B word!) and proudly wore ‘B’ flags of their own.

Vintage vases and vessels were filled with bright, energetic mums, daisies and exotic sunflowers accented with craspedia balls. We actually found a lot of the retro vases at our local thrift stores for eco-chic entertaining!

bee baby shower ideas

bee baby shower ideas

The candy buffet was nestled under a four-poster cabana we also had made for this event (which can be reassembled for many uses!) and was covered with cotton fabric and had its own gorgeous ribbon chandelier swaying from it. Strands of butterflies were draped around the posts for the fanciful effect sure to lure.

bee baby shower ideas

Tons of various height apothecary jars were filled with sugarlicious yellow candies and had custom tags (available for purchase) draped with yellow ribbons calling out what their delicious bellies held.

bee baby shower ideas

bee baby shower ideas

We also made goody bags and asked to take home as many delectable goodies as they could hold.

bee baby shower ideas

We played Badmitton, Bocce Ball, had accents of Birds, Bees, Butterflies, Balloons and even served up a cute bowl of bright yellow Bananas! Each guest took home a Bag of candy… The ‘B’s were never ending and would also work fabulously for a ‘B’ridal Shower!

bee baby shower ideas

Last but not least, here’s a peek at the {fabulous} invitation that started it all…

bee baby shower ideas

Thanks so much to Alchemy Fine Events for the wonderful inspiration!

P.S. You can order the same invitations and candy labels pictured here in the Alchemy etsy shop!

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60 responses to “REAL PARTIES: B is for Baby Shower”

  1. Mrs. gloria says:

    I loved, but where I can find the marshmallows?
    Please tell me
    God Bless You!

  2. saleem says:

    could you give an estimate as to how much it cost for materials to create the canopy? i would love to do something similar. was it time consuming to build?

  3. Hi Mrs. Gloria! We did the marshmallows ourselves. We sprinkled water on them and dipped them in yellow sugar! We have a whole DIY post on the shower, including the marshmallows on our blog –

    Saleem- we spent about $150 on materials and had a contractor build it for us. He offered his services for free, so I am not sure how much it would cost, however he said it was very simple construction so I would guess that it would not be too expensive. He constructed in in a way that we could easily take apart and put back together to use for many events to come. Hope this helps!!!! Thank you!!!

  4. Nancy says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous and so unique. Great ideas!

  5. Thanks for posting this!! I used it as inspiration for my daughter’s 1st Birthday.

  6. thanks for the inspiration. i used this idea as a springboard for a party i just did for my husband.[email protected]/sets/72157622478116322/

  7. Liz says:

    Hi ladies!

    Could you tell me where you got the yellow baby bottles? I have looked everywhere and I can’t find anything that looks close!


  8. wedding packages says:

    This absolutely fabulous i love the table preparation wonderful .:)


  9. wedding packages philippines says:

    This must be a perfect wedding in a history the set up so fabulous,i like it obvious on the post that they do this with full of effort. Congratulation!


  10. Jennifer says:

    This is such an amazing shower! I was wondering where the invitations were made? Great job!

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  15. Doc P says:

    Where did you get the yellow baby bottles?

  16. Alex says:

    I love love love this idea for a baby shower! Great job! Where did you find the yellow baby bottles? I would like to do that but I am not sure where I can buy all yellow plastic baby bottles.

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  18. Gail Ormsby Lopez says:

    wow how do people come up with such cute ideas

  19. backsplash ideas says:

    I love Yellow and Honey Bee

  20. My baby shower rocked!