Gorgeous Pucci-Inspired Dessert Bar

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Pucci Dessert Buffet by Amy Atlas

Check out the latest amazing creation from the talented Amy Atlas! This fashionable Pucci-inspired dessert bar features gorgeous details like a custom cupcake tower, custom popcorn cone bar (so cute!) and custom cotton candy sticks.

{6/5 Update: Here’s what Amy said about the popcorn how-to: “I cut styrofoam to fit in the tray and then placed wooden skewers into the styrofoam. The popcorn cones had a small hole at the bottom so that they could be placed into the skewers.”}

Pucci Dessert Buffet by Amy Atlas

You can take cues from Amy for your own celebrations – such as wrapping different boxes with fabulous gift wrap & ribbon to create your own themed cupcake towers and custom bases/stands for jars of candy.

Pucci Dessert Buffet by Amy Atlas

These caramel marshmallows (adorned with tulip sticks) look especially yummy. Wish I could grab this one right outta the screen!

Pucci Dessert Buffet by Amy Atlas

Pucci Dessert Buffet by Amy Atlas

I’m working on a Cirque du Soleil/French Circus-inspired baby shower right now and will definitely be channeling Amy for some creative inspiration in the dessert department! How about you?

Be sure to check out the “eye candy gallery” on her website for even more ideas!

{Photography Credit: Karen Mordechai}

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21 responses to “Gorgeous Pucci-Inspired Dessert Bar”

  1. Jenny says:

    Looks delicious! I especially love the caramel covered marshmallows.


  2. So beautiful. The color palette is incredible!

  3. Diana H. says:

    How do those popcorn cones stand up? Looks like magic!

  4. tara gibson says:

    love love the popcorn cones!I I am using that for my sister’s shower

  5. Cheryl Wants the Recipe! says:

    Wait! Wait! Wait! Are those marshmallows just dipped in caramel? Or is there a recipe? Gotta have!

  6. Amy Atlas is amazing! I wish she would do a weekend away and share her secrets :)

  7. cpulliam says:

    Love the popcorn cones! Please share how you got them to stand up like that.

  8. LV says:

    Amy is abolutely amazing and those marshmallows look yummy!

  9. wow they are absolutely stunning! i adore the cupcake stand!!

  10. lml says:

    i love anything amy atlas does!

  11. Brenda says:

    On the Martha Stewart site, it shows the cones being placed over two skewers stuck into styrofoam, which is then covered with candy or whatever…

  12. Sandra@ribbonsandfavors says:

    Wow….Amy has made such a great visual impact with a roll of wrapping paper and a few yards of great ribbon. Really nice.

  13. candis says:

    very cool! always such great ideas from amy.

  14. Jones - Keeping Up With Mom says:

    OMGosh! I love this display! How fun! I think we need to use something like this for our outside movie parties. (popcorn and cotton candy, how fun!) K bye.

  15. What a great-looking display! Everything looks so yummy :)

  16. I would love one of those marshmallows!

  17. Lilly says:

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  18. Lynn says:

    Stumbled upon your blog–beautiful–and the dessert bar…. AMAZING! I will definitely be back for another visit soon :>).