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Baby Shower Theme – Which Do You Like?

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mod monkey baby shower

I’m co-hosting a baby shower for a friend next month and having a hard time deciding which way to go with the theme, so I thought would be fun to see which theme YOU guys would most like to see all done up & photographed for future inspiration.

Ginny is having a boy (Max) – so my first thought was to do some sort of “We’re Going Monkeys for Max!” theme. The first 2 inspiration boards below are variations of a monkey theme: Mod Monkey and (traditional) Sock Monkey. The third concept – Woodland Forest – is inspired by an adorable Colorbok scrapbook collection called “Friendly Forest“, which I’ve been antsy to use in a party setting for a while.

Anyways, here are my 3 “starter inspiration boards” – which theme do YOU like best?


mod monkey baby shower


sock monkey baby shower


woodland forest baby shower

Once the theme is chosen, I’ll work on a more extensive idea board with all the little details. I’m open to any suggestions you guys have as well. Thanks so much for your help!

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180 responses to “Baby Shower Theme – Which Do You Like?”

  1. My first thought was mod monkey but after seeing the inspiration boards I’m loving the woodland creatures theme. Its super cute and new. It seems like monkeys have been done a lot as of late although it is a cute theme.

  2. ljcadv says:

    i love all of them, but the traditional sock monkey one is my favorite.

  3. Emily Ley says:

    LOVE Mod Monkey!

  4. Danitza says:

    I absolutely adore the Sock Monkey theme!! Classic, traditional but with a updated vibe. Love it!

  5. Tori says:

    I see your dilemma- they are all adorable! I do like the Woodland Forest however, I am loving the “We’re Going Monkeys for Max” so, my vote is for the mod monkeys.

  6. Shannon says:

    #3 Woodland Forest caught my eye right away, the squirrel is adorable! #2 is runner up solely because of the colors, not big on the monkey

  7. Totally without question the sock monkey!!!!

  8. Kerrie says:

    I love them all but I especially love the woodland creatures!!!

  9. Lourdes says:

    Traditional Sock Monkey :)
    but i do love them all!

  10. Melissa says:

    *LOVE* the sock monkeys! Torn between mod and traditional, though. (They’re the inspiration for our upcoming shopping portal, — we paid major homage to sock monkeys in our gift guide in December, too: ;)

  11. jenn s. says:

    I’m absolutely loving all this feedback – thanks everyone!

  12. All fab, but my fave is MOD MONKEY! I love the yellow/blue/brown combo. It would also be great for a 1st birthday party! (my son’s was monkey themed! ;)

  13. michelle says:

    woodland forest for sure!

  14. Vanessa says:

    Either sock monkey or woodland forest.
    I really like woodland forest – but sock monkey is really whimsical and unique.

  15. Kim O. says:

    I’m thinking Mod Monkey, but I love them all!!!:)

  16. Kiki says:

    Definitely the sock monkey.

  17. amy d. says:

    it’s between mod monkey and woodland forest – but i think woodland forest wins. there is so much you can do with this theme! plus, what a wonderful color palette to work with!

  18. Kristi says:

    I love the Mod Monkey! It’s original and who wouldn’t love a shower all about their “Max?”

  19. Ani says:

    i would definitley have to say Woodland Forest. I love the variety of animals.

  20. Mary says:

    Love all of them but 1 & 3 are my fav!

  21. Liz Dyer says:

    I think the woodland forest one is absolutely adorable. I am planning a shower now too and love the inspiration! Thanks!

  22. My first instinct was Mod Monkey – love it! But then the Woodland Creatures i-board really caught my eye.

    So, here’s my cop out. If the shower is over the summer, I like Mod Monkey. Bright colors, really fun.

    If the shower is in the fall, then I prefer Woodland Creatures for that time of year.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t choose!

  23. Sharon - Cupcakes and Cutlery says:

    I love the mod sock monkey theme. That could be adorable. We did the Woodland Creatures papers for a 2nd bday party/ camping theme. It turned out super cute and the snacks were really fun. My sis in law came up with a recipe for a smore’s cookie that was to DIE for!!!!

  24. MC says:

    the monkey theme is cute but it has been done a lot of times already… the woodland forest is something new and unique… would really like to see what you do with it.

  25. Lori Foote says:

    LOVE Mod Monkey, but I would use this tableware and switch out the colors a bit. They all look awesome!

  26. Amy says:

    #3 Woodland Forest is the most unexpected and has potential for some really neat ideas. For instance, I’ve been dying to make these super cute toadstools for something from MS, but also think of what you could do with reclaimed wood. I might have to steal your inspiration ;) Toadstools:

  27. chelsea a says:

    I love the mod monkey theme but I like the invitations and thank you cards from the sock monkey mood board better. Maybe do combination of the two?

  28. Lisapn76 says:

    I vote for #3

  29. MildlyCrazy says:

    Sock Monkey! Sock Monkey!

  30. Marisa says:

    Love the woodland forest – so many fun colors

  31. Lisa says:

    I love the Sock Monkey idea, the colours are warm and bright and work very well together.

  32. Jennifer says:

    I love the Woodland Forest theme!

  33. Ruth says:

    Definitely #3 Woodland Forest. I think it definitely has that out-the-box quality and limitless creative possibilities!

  34. Audra Blair says:

    Woodland Forest would be an amazing shower!

  35. mod monkey. definitely.

  36. TLC says:

    You know I love monkeys but the woodland forest is my fav!

  37. Rose says:


  38. Lauren says:

    I LOVE the Woodland Forest theme. So sweet!

  39. Kendra says:

    I’ve always loved the sock monkey idea! So cute, vintage, graphic, and homemade all in one!

    Of course, I’m sure you would make the other two super cute, as well.

  40. Sam says:

    I am LOVING the Mod Monkey!

  41. audra Garcia says:

    At first I was loving the squirrel!! SO CUTE! But after seeing the traditional sock monkey theme put together…I LOVE THAT!! Go for the sock monkey!! :)

  42. Erin says:

    I’m in love with the Mod Monkey theme!

  43. Jules @ cep says:

    love the monkey but I’m drawn to the woodland creatures – so cute.

  44. Margot says:

    Woodland Forrest! It reminds me of the old-time Disney movies :-)

  45. Jessica says:

    My favorite is the woodland forest theme. I would have so much fun using this as a theme. . .you have so many more directions to go with this theme.

  46. cyndi says:

    I like Mod Monkey and Woodland Forest the best. Mod Monkey because it fits your “Mad for Max” theme perfectly and I love the idea of using a modern take on monkeys. Woodland Forest because it’s so unique and incredibly adorable!

  47. Kendra says:

    I just remembered, we did a jungle-themed shower for my sister-in-law, and I made a 3D monkey cake from a teddy bear pan. Here is the link if you (or someone you know) wants to give it a go.

  48. Kristin says:

    I love the Mod Monkey one!!

  49. It’s a Toughie, but I really like the woodland forest one…
    Can’t wait to see the final regardless of your choice.. they are all great contenders!!

  50. Meghan E says:

    LOVE the woodland forrest creatures. I have been eyeing that scrapbook collection for ages now. I think it would be super cute to use.

  51. Kristy says:

    LOL! I was just working on uploading monkey shower goods pics to my site!
    Anything monkey is always adorable and I am wild for woodland animals!

  52. Kim says:

    Definitely Woodland Forest! I’ve have eyed that sample paper collection many times myself so I’d love to see you use it!

  53. Bethany says:

    woodland forest! woodland forest! woodland forest!

  54. Vanessa says:

    I love the woodland creatures one- too adorable! Perfect for a baby shower!

  55. myra says:

    mod monkey!!! my coworker agrees with me… does that count for 2 votes? ;)

  56. Linsay C says:

    Woodland Forrest hands down! Not to mention I keep seeing all the paper etc on clearance at Michael’s

  57. Sara says:

    Absolutely must go with the Woodland animal theme. You just have to. Focus on the cute little hedgie trend!!!

  58. Sarah says:

    I love love love the woodland forest! They are all so cute though, I can’t wait to see what you do with the winning theme.


  59. Lesley says:

    I love #3. The woodland theme is adorable.

  60. Buckeye05 says:

    Sock Monkey…you can’t go wrong with that one, its classic!

  61. Amanda says:

    Sock Monkey! Great shower theme and Im a sucker for some nostalgic appeal

  62. heather says:

    the woodland forrest is super cute and less ‘done’ in my opinion!
    love them, but the woodland forrest gets my vote

  63. Gretta says:

    Love the MOD Monkey Theme

  64. Dacia says:

    I love them all, but I like the woodland creatures the best.

  65. Kate says:

    All are super cute but the sock monkey idea is my fav! Love the traditional colors!

  66. Marissa says:

    yeah I loving the traditional sock monkey too. It’s adorable

  67. Kalea says:

    Although it was a close decision between the two monkey themes, I think I like the sock monkey theme the best. Its classic, yet very cute…perfect!

  68. Tami says:

    I love the Woodland theme, go with that one!

  69. Mo says:

    Love the sock monkey!

  70. Nikki says:

    I love LOVE with the woodland creature theme! So adorable!

  71. Christy says:

    I love woodland creatures!!!! i LOVE THE SQUIRREL TOO!! its so nice and cute!!!!

  72. I say Woodland Creatures. I think there is enough mod monkey out there. Would love to see what you come up with!

  73. Carolina says:

    I love them all! but i vote for option #3, it’s different and super cute! have to agree that the squirrel got my attention right away :)

  74. go for the woodland, all of that stuff is on sale at michael’s!

  75. Donna says:

    I love the woodland creatures but also fell in love with this invitation for the mod monkey theme.

  76. Janie says:

    I like Theme C: Woodland forest

  77. Jessica says:

    Woodland creatures for sure!

  78. amber spencer says:

    sock monkey!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Michelle says:

    Mod monkey for sure!

  80. Erin says:

    I love #3 Woodland Forest…so cute! And hey you have been wanting to use it, what better time than now :)

  81. Jae says:

    Mod Monkey!

  82. Tiffany says:

    I have to say the monkey theme. I just finished a monkey themed baby shower for a friend of mine who was having her 5th! It was a lot of fun to put together and I didn’t even fit every thing in I wanted to. I really wanted to incorporate Curious George but the colors I chose just didn’t fit with the red and yellow. If you’d like to see what it looked like you can check it out at
    I can’t wait to see what you decide!

  83. Wendy says:

    I LOVE the original sock monkey! The colors seem to POP more and just scream boy!

  84. tara gibson says:

    Mod Monkey! love it!

  85. Jackie Fisher says:

    Love the Woodland Forest theme.

  86. Zahava says:

    My favorite one is the sock monkey

  87. Dio says:

    I love them all, but I’d have to say Woodland Creatures. It’s more of a unique theme, which will probably inspire more fun and creative ways to piece together.

  88. Laura says:

    +1 for Woodland Forrest!

  89. Bre says:

    Definitely the Woodland Forest one. It’s so adorable! Also, I’m not big on monkeys.

  90. Gina says:

    Oooh, very tough choice. I think B. I think the sock monkey is recognizable as an icon that will work well for your theme.

    I also love your boards. Would love to know how you put it together. Where do you get your images, products, etc.

  91. Kat says:

    I vote woodland creatures but no matter what, mom is a lucky party animal!

  92. Chris@Celebrations At Home says:

    A vote for “C” here. I love the colors of the Woodland theme and how modern it looks.

  93. Abigayl says:

    They are ALL adorable- but the Woodland Creatures is just great… the color scheme and the possibilities are endless! :)

  94. They’re all sooo cute! But, as much as I love the Woodland Forest, I think my favorite is the classic sock monkey – you really can’t go wrong with any of them :)

  95. melissa says:

    the monkeys are sweet but I would pick the woodland forest the colors are great !

  96. Laura says:

    SOCK Monkey – the Traditional one!!

  97. Kelly says:

    Agree #1 or #3 – LOVE the Mod Monkey….but then I saw someone’s post with the Toadstools and think if you do this with the Woodland Forest…it would be soooo cute!

  98. Lynn W says:

    definitely the mod monkey :=)

  99. DebbieKL says:

    I’m a nature person, so I love the woodland creatures. Good luck!

  100. Ashley BB says:

    My vote is for A. Mod Monkey. All are precious!

  101. Brittney says:

    Oh please do the Woodland Forest. I really want to do our nursery in this kind of theme as well. Owls, and Hedgehogs, and Deer, Oh my! It lends itself well to a vintage feel.

  102. Ashlee C. says:

    The Mod Monkey is my favorite. Have fun planning.
    By the way I co-hosted a baby shower last month using your bedtime story theme. It was a hit!

  103. Rachel Purcell says:

    i love monkeys but i bet you would do the best stuff with the woodland forest…especially with all the cute owl stuff out too right now!!! have fun!

  104. Gift This! says:

    Definitely the Woodland Forest! it is so unexpected and so now! I love this idea…can’t wait to see what you decide! It will be fabulous either way of course!

  105. amy says:

    the forest one got me with the adorable mini acorns and the animal mobile!!! great ideas!

  106. Stephanie says:

    I love, love, love the woodland forest theme! That is so adorable!!

  107. Kristi says:

    I vote the woodland forest theme…SOOO cute!! :)

  108. Stephanie says:

    I love the Mod Monkey theme and colors. My second choice would be woodland forest…

  109. Lindsey says:

    I am for the woodland monkey! I love the paper! I have been trying to find a reason to use it!

  110. Paige says:

    I LOVE the Mod Monkey theme! It is adorable for the baby shower, and yet still very stylish for the women attending. Too cute!

  111. Lauren says:

    I love Theme B. Sock monkeys are a classic toy, and this would be such a cute take on them!

  112. Mirielle says:

    Woodland Forest! I want to see something new, monkeys have been done already.

  113. Melanie says:

    Well, I don’t find the Sock Monkey theme that Im extremely turn between the Woodland Forest, and the Mod Monkey theme.

  114. Jessica says:

    Love Mod Monkey! I think the colors are so fun. Runner up is the woodland creatures – also cute!

    Good luck!

  115. Jennifer says:

    i have to say #2. I love the colors!

  116. Sarah says:

    I love the Woodland Forest theme. It’s so vintage feeling, but also colorful, and there’s much more of an option to switch around colors and animals throughout the years!

  117. Shai says:

    I vote for Woodland. Not only because it is sooo cute, but it is fresh and new. The monkey theme is cute too but we’ve seen them before =D. I think you’ll do a fabulous job with the woodland. BTW I love the moss balls in the idea board. Can’t wait!!! =D

  118. Kate says:

    Let’s be honest. You obviously want the monkey theme in some capacity, else you wouldn’t have 2 of the 3 options be monkey-related. Of those 2, the mod monkey is hands down the better. Speaking of which, where did that banana leaf come from? I want to do a “Columbian Coffee” theme and those would work well!

  119. Mrs YuMMie says:

    I like them all but if I have to choose- the sock monkey!

  120. Kimberly B. says:

    I am co-hosting a babyshower with Mod Monkey theme and the colors are the same as your inspiration board so I’m baised. I love your Mod Monkey board so classic and adorable. Thanks for sharing. You are the BEST party hostess.

  121. elana n. says:

    love the mod monkey!

  122. MelissaF says:

    Love the mod monkey. So cute!

  123. kitchen doughdough says:

    Of course my pick is the sock monkeys…check out my sock monkey nursery and sock monkey cupcakes…for my son Max! How funny!

    Both of these were featured on…you’ve gotta see their site for adorable ideas!!!

  124. Amy says:

    I LOVE the Mod Monkey. Sooo cute!

  125. Alison says:

    sock monkey!!!

  126. Patty H says:

    Love them all but would choose mod monkey for my party!

  127. Maggie says:

    I love the traditional sock monkey!

  128. katie says:

    woodland forest!

  129. Sandra@ribbonsandfavors says:

    I cast my vote for Monkey Theme #2. I think the classic looking monkey (the one my grandma used to make…really she did…and I still have one) is perfect for a boy. Now if it was a girl I think Monkey Theme #1 would be my choice for a very cute twist on the classic monkey.

  130. Jennifer says:

    I would love to see the woodland animals in action. I too have seen those papers and would love to see them put to use.

  131. Susana says:

    I love the Mod Monkey, is my favorite color combination and that blue for the monkey is outrageous!

  132. carrie says:

    Mod Monkey!!

  133. Lesli Richards says:

    I vote for the woodland theme….I’m working on the same theme for a shower for July 12th….I’d love to share ideas.

  134. I love both the monkey themes but i think i would go with mod monkey

  135. Karyl says:

    Sock monkey!

    It comes with a tested-and-true (and the key to successful parenting: replaceable!) keepsake for Max that he can play with later even if he throws his first one from his stroller onto a busy and muddy street. For example…

  136. Andee says:

    I would go with Mod Monkey. The other two are great, but this seems more unique and special.

  137. Shannon says:

    Sock monkey’s are scary. Friendly Forest is adorable!

  138. Granny Jan says:

    I vote traditional sock monkey!

    Of course, I’m partial to the traditional red heel sock monkey since I am the resident grandma at Sock Monkey Ranch and have made over 100 of them.

    Drop by if you need some inspiration…

  139. I would love to see them all! Funny, b/c we posted a sock monkey nursery and woodland mobiles just week. I am going to vote woodland! I would just love to see it b/c of all the unique ideas you are going to come up with. I also think it makes a great eco-friendly nursery theme!

  140. Alicia says:

    Mod monkey is my favorite. It’s so cute!

  141. Would love to see them all eventually! But my vote is Woodland theme. Funny, as we happened to post sock monkeys and woodland mobiles this week! Can’t wait to see the results.

  142. Amy says:

    Granny Jan has me wanting to change my vote. The Sock Monkey Ranch is worth the visit – too funny!

  143. Mandie says:

    Definitely the Mod Monkey theme. Can’t wait to see all the great things you come up with.

  144. mahrya says:

    They are all adorable, but my vote goes to the “Woodland Creature” theme. Great colors to work with, endless possibilities… you could also go with the Max and the Wild Things slant. :)
    looking forward to whatever you do, it’s always fab!

  145. JGO says:

    Mod Monkey is such a fresh, and fun theme to go with!

  146. Gina Cleminson says:

    woodland forest all the way! I’m so monkeyed out!!! forest animals are fresh! You could even add a little BLIK hedgehog action to the mix!

  147. definitely sock monkey!

  148. Emily says:

    Love the traditional sock monkey, but they’re all great themes.

  149. Chantal says:

    Definitely the sock monkey theme. I love it!

  150. Diana says:

    i vote mod monkey, but then i love everything mod!

  151. says:

    I love the sock monkeys and I especially love the Hello! Lucky cards. Ours just went on sale and I think this one’s great for a post shower greeting:

  152. Kimberly says:

    I guess I am a little biased since my baby shower was a safari theme and so I am continuing the theme into my sons 1st birthday party this weekend, so I have to go with the Mod Monkey theme.
    However, the Woodland Forest is just as precious!

  153. Lacey says:

    Woodland Creatures :) SO cute & original!

  154. Michelle T. says:

    I would have to say Mod Monkey or Sock Monkey, both super cute. I think Mod is more orginal.

  155. sarah says:

    sock monkey is classic.

  156. i love the sock monkey!!! i just did my three year old a monkeying around birthday and we used sock monkeys for the party favor and my kids and lots of friends wore sock monkey shirts from target that were so cute!! it was so classic and fun!! good luck with the planning!!

  157. Rose says:

    At first glance the Mod Monkey caught my eye but I must say the woodland creatures has all the qualities for a sweet and memorable baby shower. Lovable creatures, great combo colors and the theme lends itself to many “surprises” via the nut concept. Also lends itself beautifully to whichever season the shower will be with slight modifications. And most importantly, have never seen it done.

  158. Mariko says:

    Sock Money. Hands down!

  159. jessica says:

    mod monkey………so cute and where did you get the invites….i am planning a shower for my sis i would love some help

  160. jenn s. says:

    Hi Jessica –
    Those monkey cards are actually greeting cards (as opposed to invites) that I’m planning to frame at the party and use as decorations. They’re from

    But has some really cute Monkey invites! Here’s a link:

    You might also want to check out the monkey themed “Real Party” that we just posted TODAY for some more inspiration for your sister’s shower :)

  161. Joyce says:

    Woodland Forest!!! Too cute!

  162. As the creator of the Red Heel sock monkey, I’m partial to the traditional sock monkey set. Too cute! I also believe that every child should have a sock monkey… and that sometimes they’re NOT scary :)

  163. Hello! I can’t wait to see which theme “WON”. They are all too cute! I love the traditional sock monkey, however “MOD MONKEY” is soo MODERN, the most fun and colorful!



  164. Samantha says:

    I am having the same issue, so I can relate! I really like your 3rd choice and now I am even inspired to possibly do the same thing. Have fun, that’s the most important part!

  165. Ashley says:

    Hi, I have been looking at your website for an idea for my daughters first birthday and I really love the enchanted forest but I was also tossing around the idea of doing monkeys. I was wondering if you knew where I may be able to find monkeys like the mod monkey that you have on here but in pink instead of blue. I love all of your ideas by the way and thanks for any help that you maybe able to give me.

  166. Candice says:

    Where can I find that Woodland Forest mobile??!

  167. jenn s. says:

    Candice – you can find the Woodland forest mobile here:

    (It’s actually called “Home Sweet Home” on this site!)


    Ashley –
    To find the sock monkeys – go to and search for “sock monkey” in the search box. You’ll find tons of options – and a lot of the sellers will do custom orders if you message them. Good luck! :)

  168. Kate says:

    Hi! I am LOVING the woodland creatures theme! My son is turning 1 in November and I would love to use this theme. Any suggestions on decorating, favors or invites?

  169. lisa says:

    where did the cute monkey onesie come from? i love it and can’t find it.

  170. mandy says:

    easy,….mod monkey. Love it

  171. tuyen says:

    could you please tell me where i can find that adorable turquoise and grey striped monkey? i love it! thank you so much!
    p.s. glad you went with the woodland forest theme! soooo cute! =)

  172. Amber says:

    I love the red pirate monkey card from theme B. Where did you find those? I would love to use them for my sister’s shower.


  173. Lj Shackelford says:

    Love the Monkeys!

  174. Lj Shackelford says:

    Love the Monkeys!

  175. […] weekend. I was in charge of the decor & desserts (my 2 favorite parts!), and you might remember this post where I asked for your help deciding on the shower […]